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John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze Choc/Espresso

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Brand: John Frieda / Type: Hair Colour

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    7 Reviews
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      30.03.2010 05:54
      Very helpful



      Not worth it's such high price tag but it does work a bit!

      Many of you who read my reviews will know me as black haired chick. Well all through December to now (March) I haven't had time to dye my hair and I've let it go back to brunette. I keep meaning to dye it but every time I plan to something happens so when I spotted this in Boots costing £6.99 I thought the least I could do with my hair is treat it from time to time lol.

      The Packaging:

      The bottle comes in a clear and dark brown outer plastic casing with a clear lid you simply pull on off and on. On the front of said case I'm told that it is John Frieda Collection, London, Paris, New York and at the bottom I'm told that it is 'Easy to use salon inspired treatment reawakens lacklustre hair with multi-dimensional shine and a hint of rich brown colour and that it is for chocolate to espresso hair colours. On the back I'm told plenty about the product and how to use it (and what to expect from it), the size is stated which is 190ml and contact details for Kayo Brands (the manufacturer of the product) are given. The bottle inside is a beigy slightly shimmery coloured plastic one with a matching lid and on the front of that again I'm told what it is and who it's by and again on the back of that bottle I'm told a bit about what it is and how to use it, this time cautions are given along with the ingredients and size and contact details are once again given. Nice enough packaging and it's all certainly very informative and easy to understand.

      What It Is And How To Use It:

      Well according to the packaging this is a colour glaze. You use it after using shampoo and conditioner and then gently massage it through your hair and leave it to penetrate for 3 minutes or more. It's meant to add vibrancy and shine by glazing the hair in a professional manner...at home.

      After using it once we are told it should be visibly more shiny, after 3-5 washes hair should have increased shine, a touch of colour and a satiny, luxurious texture and then after 6-8 uses hair should then have a multi-dimensional shine along with increased richness of colour and again a satiny, luxurious texture and yes you can use this every time you wash your hair if desired.

      Me Using It:

      Well I have used this every day now for the past couple of weeks! I shampoo and condition my hair then take about the size of a 50 pence piece and massage it all through my hair. It is a very rich and soft brown colour and is rather runny liquid and it has a fruity sort of aroma to it that is fresh and light and not at all in your face so in my opinion this is a very unisex product and once you've used this the aroma does stay on the hair for hours.

      The only really problem with this I have experienced is that when I'm massaging it into my hair that if I drop a blob I panic because it does contain hair colour and I find I have to clean it of my bath before continuing using it and cos I bite my skin and nails the colour does embed itself into me so I have to be quick or my fingers get stained like I have been picking my bottom! lol.

      It doesn't lather up when I'm applying it and I find I have to smooth it over my hair opposed to rubbing it in because it seems to dry my hair whilst using it but when it is on I leave it for a few minutes.

      It rinses out with total ease and you can see the colour coming out and that's that really, when rinsed out of course your left to style you hair as usual.


      It took me a few washes with this to start to see results. Once I have rinsed it out my hair feels dry and under moisturised until I really dry it and then it's absolutely fine. I now have hair that not only looks a rich colour but it really is super shiny and glossy! Hair feels like strands of hair that are not weighed down and I have noticed that I have less frizz full stop since I started to use this!

      All round I like this product for gentle and every day shine that looks really natural, I just wish it was a wee bit easier to distribute through my hair, other than that it's a really great product in my opinion it just takes time to reap the benefits and get used to using it!

      Expect to pay about £6.99 a bottle for this in all good supermarkets and chemists (such as Boots where I got mine from!).

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        13.03.2010 12:49
        Very helpful



        A quick and easy way to brighten up tired highlights, but don't expect major colour change.

        I have naturally dark brown hair, which I have coloured and highlighted professionally. I visit the salon every 6 weeks to have my roots coloured, but I only have the highlights done every 3 months. Unfortunately I find that my colour tends to fade over time, particularly in the summer when my highlights can become brassy blonde. This is not a good look on me, so I was keen to find a product that helped. I read a reviw about John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze, and bought a bottle from Boots for £6.99.

        John Frieda claims that this glaze is an "easy to use salon inspired treatment [that] reawakens lacklusture brunette hair with multi-dimensional shine and a hint of rich brown colour." The glaze is certainly easy to apply. After shampooing and conditioning, you squeeze out any excess water and apply the glaze to your hair. The glaze is quite gel like and dark brown in colour. You need to make sure that you apply it evenly, so I usually comb it through my hair. You then just leave it for 3 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly. Easy!

        This glaze can stain, so make sure you wash your hands after application. I usually find that I need to scrub my hands slightly to make sure that all of the colour is removed. You also need to be careful that you don't leave any of the product around your hair line.

        If you are looking for dramatic colour changes, this is not the product for you. I don't usually notice any major difference after the first time I use this glaze. However, the intensity of the colour does increase over time, but again do not expect any radical changes. I find that after 2 or 3 uses my highlights are back to their original salon shade. I can't say that I have noticed that my hair is any shinier, but I use this glaze for the colour and it works perfectly for me.


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          28.10.2009 15:24
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth a try if you want to give your hair a bit of oomph

          I have mid-brown hair which I feel is quite a boring shade and can look dull due to heat styling etc.

          I had just grown out a few highlights and did not have the time nor money to get back into the routine of salon appointments for colouring and touch ups, but I was fed up with my hair. Whilst browsing the shelves in Boots for inspiration, I spotted this which seemed like it might solve my problem.

          The bottle states 'easy-to-use salon inspired treatment reawakens laklustre brunette hair with multi-dimensional shine and a shot of rich brown colour', which seemed to fit the bill for me so it went in my basket. Since using I would say this a pretty accurate description.

          The product is a thick dark brown, thicker than a shampoo, and slightly jellified. This sounds odd but it the consistency helps avert any messy drips whilst pouring into your hand.

          You use the glaze after shampoo and conditioner. As is common the packaging recommends you use the shampoo and conditioner in the same range which I do not. I dare say if you did you would get more build up of colour and therefore a more dramatic effect. Styling products are also available in the same range.

          I have thick almost shoulder length hair and use a blob the size of a walnut. To avoid any stains around the hairline I tend to spread the product through the lengths and ends of my hair, avoiding the front roots.

          The packaging warns of staining and I can tell you from experience it does, but at least that proves you are getting a good quality colour in the product. For this reason make sure you wash your hands directly after use and keep an eye on the shower area for any splashes and wash them down straight away. If you need to put a towel on your head during application, use a dark one.

          It is recommended the product be left on for at least 3 minutes, which I find I can fit in easily with my shower routine.

          After first use I did not notice any difference in colour, but my hair was definitely softer and looked healthier. The effects of the product build up over time so you can use it is often or sparsely as you like. I tend to use it every other wash and after only two or three uses had a very slightly deeper shade of hair which is glossy and healthy looking. I wouldn't say there has been a drastic change in colour, but more it has given my own colour a bit of 'oomph'. I am very happy with the result and will stick with the product, at least until I get bored! When I run out of shampoo/condition I might give the ones in this range a try to see if it intensifies the effect.

          The normal price is £4-£5 and I have seen it available in Boots, Superdrug and Morrisons, though I am sure it will be widely available through other stockists. It is quite often part of an offer within Boots.

          I would say the price is excellent value for money when you compare it to colours and treatments available at a salon. For that reason I would definitely recommend you give it a go if you are bored with your hair.

          I would however stress that you are not going to get a very dramatic look from using this product. More a natural boost that will enhance what you already have.


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            19.08.2009 15:13
            Very helpful



            Give your lacklustre hair a treat.

            Luminous Colour Glaze, Chocolate to Espresso, is part of the Brilliant Brunette range of products developed by John Frieda.
            I am quite a fan of the Brilliant Brunettes range since discovering them quite some time ago, and regularly use the shampoo, conditioner, shine shock glosser, fixing spray and conditioning treatments, so I was intrigued when I discovered this colour glaze on the shelf in my local Morrisons supermarket.

            I have never used a colour glaze before, nor had I heard of them, so I carefully read the packaging to find out what exactly it is.
            The packaging claims that this Luminous Colour Glaze is a shine booster and colour glosser, which is an easy-to-use salon inspired treatment to reawaken lacklustre brunette hair with a multi-dimensional shine, and provides a shot of rich brown colour.

            Now I am naturally, a brunette. However, I do dye my hair dark brown shades every time I spot some grey hairs peaking through! I find that sometimes the punishing regimes of dying, drying and sometimes straightening can leave my hair looking a little dull, so I regularly use the brilliant brunette treatments and shine shock glosser to give my hair a boost and some added shine.
            I am always pleased with the results, so I had no reason to doubt that this colour glaze treatment would not provide me with pleasing results also, and so I bought some.

            The directions for use are simple :- After washing and conditioning your hair, squeeze out the excess water, and smooth the colour glaze through your wet hair, distributing it evenly from root to tip.
            I have fairly long hair, and squeezed a palm full of glaze onto my hands and smoothed it through my roots, working down to the ends. I found I needed to do this twice to cover my hair, although I still did not need to use a lot of the product. A little goes quite a long way.
            The glaze is a brown liquid, the consisitency the same as a shampoo, and is easily applied without making a mess. It was not running through my fingers.

            You are advised to wash your hands, and leave the glaze on your hair for three minutes before rinsing.
            The glaze rinses off easily, and I was wondering if I would notice any difference to the colour of my hair, as the water was brown whilst rinsing off the glaze, reminding me of when I colour my hair.

            I styled my hair as usual, and my hair felt soft and most certainly had a shine to it, however I can't say I noticed any difference in the colour of my hair after the first time I used it.
            I must point out though it does state that the colour results intensify over time, which I have found to be true.

            After the second time I used the colour glaze which was three days later, I noticed a definite darkening to the colour of my hair, and also my daughter asked if I had coloured my hair!
            I was really pleased with the result, and have found by using this, not only do I not have to dye my hair as often, it also gives the condition of my hair a boost, just as it claims to do. My hair feels great after using it, and it adds depth and shine to my colour.

            I use this colour glaze a couple of times a week and find that one bottle ( 190ml) lasts me 4-6 weeks which is not bad.
            I normally pay between £4 - £5 for a bottle, but it sometimes does appear on promotion in supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug etc.

            I recommended this product to a friend who after trying it, said it produces the same results she has had when getting treatments done at the hairdressers, but is a lot cheaper!

            I give this product 5 stars, as I love the results I get whilst using this, I do not have to colour my hair as often, and it is a great and cheaper alternative to having a treatment done at the hairdressers. So if you're looking to save yourself some money, then give Luminous Colour Glaze a try!


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              14.07.2009 18:18
              Very helpful



              Recommend as a salon alternative.


              I have been a hairdresser for many years and always swore that the professional in salon treatments were the best, until a few weeks ago when I purchased some John Frieda color glaze.

              Yes this was an impulse buy but I was heading out for a night out with the girls and my hair was a mess, after going chocolate brown a few months ago I started to notice a vast change in my hairs condition, it was looking really dull and drab so I needed something to improve the overall look of it.

              I didn't have the time to colour it all so I opted for a John Frieda colour glaze, to brighten up and lift my dull looking hair. Not only did this revive my colour but it gave it a spectacular shine, something that it has been lacking for a few years, until this color glaze came to my rescue.

              WHO IS JOHN FRIEDA

              John Frieda is one of the United Kingdoms leading celebrity hair stylist, he started out with a small hairdressing salon and has since become a household name throughout the world.

              Since his success he has since gone on to produce his own products which are classed as professional hair products, these products can now be purchased for at home use and boast that they give you a professional finish in the comfort of your own home, but at a fraction of the price.

              WHAT IS COLOUR GLAZE

              Color glaze is basically a color enhancer that can be applied at home, it is the first of its kind to be made available to the general public as a colour glaze is typically known for only being available as an in salon treatment.

              This color glaze it used to enhance the look of dull lifeless hair, prolong hair colour and to add a rich glossy shine making your hair look and feel luxuriously silky soft.

              The best thing about this product it the fact that it does not contain any ammonia or peroxide, which are the main ingredients within hair colour and therefore can be harmful to stressed or over coloured hair. So this can be used on any hair type, dry, damaged, coloured hair you name it this product can be used as it will not harm it in anyway.

              As this contains not peroxide it will not lighten of colour over lighter hair, it is designed to enhance exsisting colour, so if you already colour your hair you will need to continue with the colour treatments, as this will not cover grey hairs.

              The color glaze itself is very easy to apply, as it is applied after your hair has been washed, the product itself is similar to a shampoo bottle and the product is a thick gel also similar to a shampoo, which makes it very easy to apply and to store afterwards.


              I thought I would add the application process to this review, so you can actually see how simple it is to get outstanding results. As a hairdresser I know many people are reluctant to apply this type of product to their own hair as they fear that they will get it wrong, but it is so simple even a five year old could use it.

              STEP ONE: Firstly you should shampoo and condition your hair as normal, once this has been done you comb through your hair and squeeze out any excess water, this is to ensure that the color glaze penetrates your hair correctly.

              STEP TWO: Next you just squeeze the color glaze out of the bottle and smooth it through your hair, starting at the roots and working down to the ends. Basically it is the same process you would use if you were conditioning your hair.

              Now you may be best clipping you hair up on top of your head, as the color glaze can stain your skin, so if you are in the shower of the bath while you are doing this I strongly advise you clip you hair out of the way to avoid getting stained shoulders, ears of neck.

              After you have applied this, remember to wash you hands as you will end up with and orange tinge to them.

              STEP 3: After this has been applied, leave the glaze for three minutes before rinsing it out. You can then style it as normal.

              To be perfectly honest you may not notice a drastic change the first time you apply this, but if you apply it every time you wash your hair the glaze will intensify and brighten up your hair and add a fantastic shine.

              I only applied this twice to get the shine my hair needed, now I only apply it once a week to once a fortnight to keep the shine and glaze on my hair.

              As this is in a shampoo form you do get many applications from a single bottle, I have treated my hair roughly eight times now and I still have plenty left. So you will get many applications out of it especially if you have medium to short hair.

              COLOR GLAZE SHADES

              You can get these in various shades to suit your own colour, so if you are blonde, brown or red in colour you can get a shade to suit you.

              If you are happy with you overall colour, but you just need that extra shine boost then you can buy this in a clear shade. The clear shade is the newest one available and only adds a pure shine, without adding in extra colour. This also has all of the benefits that the color glaze offers.

              PRICE / AVAILABILITY

              Now here is the section many of you have been waiting for, I am sure many of you are expecting this fabulous glaze to be expensive, well its not.

              A 190ml bottle costs £4.89 from many retailers, such as Boots, Morrisons, Asda and Superdrug.

              As I have stated you will get at least eight applications from this bottle so it is a very small price to pay for hair that looks amazing.

              MY OPINION

              I have tried a few of the John Frieda products and nothing really compares to salon treatments, but with this I have been amazed as it has delivered far beyond my expectations.

              If you feel that you need that extra boost give this a try as you will certainly get a brilliant shine and prolonged hair colour, giving your hair a glow with newfound vibrancy and added shine.

              This is very simple to apply, although it can be very messy and stain your skin, but if you remember to pin your hair up away from your skin and wash your hands after the application you will be fine.

              As a hairdresser I should not really be recommending this product, but it really is very good and delivers everything it promises, so it therefore gets my vote and I recommend it to everyone, even my clients.

              Some dooyooers have rated this badly with only one star, but in my experience I have found it to work wonders.


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                08.12.2008 18:26
                Very helpful
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                Don't use if you have fine hair

                I have been using John Frieda products for some time now, and have always thought them to work for my hair type, fine, flyaway, frizzy, basically any word beginning with 'f' thats my hair!
                I was seduced on the 3 for 2 at Boots when buying my usual shampoo and conditioner and thought I would give it a go - the packaging and claims entice you, making you believe in 'Salon Beautiful Hair'
                As directed, I shampooed and Conditioned as normal then applied the Glaze, it felt slightly greasy, but looked shiny, and stained my hands something awful! I think because it was such a dark colour. I had to actually use exfoliator on my hands to remove colour. I reckon all of the colour was on my hands cos there was no visible difference to my hair, colour wise - to be fair it does say it only enhances your colour, not change it.
                It took a while to rinse out and after drying my hair it looked lank and greasy, not nice at all, infact I actually rewashed my hair to remove the glaze altogether.
                I did write John Frieda for advice on this and they asked me to return the product for checking. After a few days I received a lovely box and letter through the post, reimbursing me for the glaze itself and some products that they felt would be more beneficial to my hair type, they explained that I possibly would have been better without the conditioning stage.
                Great customer service but, for me at least, poor product


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                  30.01.2008 12:59
                  Very helpful



                  At least it makes you combine your house cleaning and hair cleaning routine

                  "What varnish is to your nails...what gloss is to your lips..." - the very time I heard this advert I was absolutely hooked in! An actual gloss for your hair - amazing! I couldn't wait to try it and had visions of the most shiny amazing hair.

                  So excited I was that I decided to buy the shampoo, the conditioner and the gloss as to get 'best results' although since then I have tried this with other shampoos and conditioners.

                  So what exactly is this product that got me worked into such a frenzy. Well apparently 'glazing' is something that has been offered in salons for year (though I've never been offered it in any salon) and now you can do it yourself at home (should have been an instant warning of inferior results). John Frieda says it "optimize[s] the look of dull, faded, lifeless hair". It is supposed to add a hint of colour (in this case, boost dark brown hair) whilst also adding multi dimensional shine and gloss and leave hair feeling silky, soft and luxurious. On top of all this it can apparently blend away greys.

                  Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well in this case you would be right to think that. Despite continued useage (as advised in the instructions) it left my hair dull, lank, with no visible boost to the colour, and with no grey coverage (yes, unfortunately I do already have some greys, tragic I know).

                  It is recommended that you shampoo and condition your hair (preferably with the matching Brilliant Brunette range from John Frieda for 'best' results) and then squeeze the water out of your hair and distribute evenly from root to tip, leave on for at least three minutes, rinse and style as usual and for the best results to use three times a week as the colour intensifies over time. I really did this all to the letter, and persevered, tried to keep faith and hope that maybe in time the results would improve. They didn't. Things didn't get worse (like they could!) but they definitely didn't get any better.

                  The product itself is very dark brown in colour and looks shimmery. It has a watery consistency so make sure to cup the hand you are pouring it onto. After applying this to your hair you palms will look like you've forgotten to wash them after applying fake tan and will definitely stain if you don't wash it all off as soon as possible. Not only will your hands be covered in this product but so will your shower curtains, bath and any other surrounding area. This product will definitely stain so mid shower you need to start cleaning up. If you want to look for a positive it's that at least you won't be tempted to rinse off before the three minutes as you'll be scrubbing away at your bath, shower curtains and hands, whilst all the while being very aware of your head/hair so as to not get any more product anywhere. Even when trying to rinse it off things as soon as possible, staining isn't always avoided, usually it's pretty likely you will get brown stains on the shower curtains at the very least. If I had my own bathroom, I don't think this would particularly bother me (I like to think when I have my own bath/shower I will want to use whatever products I like and I won't be too bothered about the stains) but as I live with my mum still, it's not my bathroom to stain so this is quite a stress. I dread to think if it got on the grout bits of the tiles if it would come off whatsoever.

                  So whilst I'm waiting my three minutes or more and on a frantic mid shower cleaning spree, I'm also feeling quite stressed (every time, despite now knowing better) that this will surely be staining my head/ears/any part of my body my hair touches while this is on. Luckily, I have to say, I've never noticed any staining from this after using it.

                  The product smells fine, it smells sort of chocolately but (now this may sound silly) it smells like something chocolate scented, rather than if you actually smelt chocolate. I do realise that probably doesn't sound right but I'm sure some of you know what I mean. The smell is fine; it smells similar to the rest of the range so if anyone has smelt any of the other Brilliant Brunette products you will know what it smells like. I don't absolutely lovely the smell but I don't dislike it either.

                  After rinsing my hair, (thoroughly I might add) of this product it felt awful, it felt like it had an awful product on, it was knotty, tangly and almost heavy. After drying and styling as usual my hair looked drab, dull and not at all shiny, if anything less shiny than if I didn't use any shine enhancing product. It also was really hard to style, and throughout the day got really knotty a lot.

                  I tried this product using the recommended shampoos, and even tried it using the same range of styling products, determined to make it work but nothing made it okay. I've also tried it with other products and it worked exactly the same either way.

                  It comes packaged in an outer plastic casing in the shop, which as I can see only serves the purpose of making it look more 'special' and worthy of a higher price tag. The packaging is quite pointless and tricky to open. After that is disposed of it is in a normal cream bottle with the product description and instructions wrote on it - nothing to write home about.

                  I really can't describe how much I dislike this product. It doesn't live up to even one of it's claims, it is a risk of staining and a major clean up effort to both your hands and your bathroom and it actually makes your hair worse than before.

                  At £6.99 for a bottle, which you can expect to last as long as any shampoo/conditioner that you were using three times a week would last, it is quite expensive although not as high as some products. That said, it is completely not worth this price as it gives only negative effects. Steer clear of this one.


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                • Product Details

                  Hair Colour / This product boosts shine and adds a hint of glossy colour, add three minutes to your shower / For darker shades of natural, colour treated or highlighted brown hair /

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