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John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer

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Brand: John Frieda / Type: Hairdryer

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2012 19:53
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      A smooth operating hairdryer

      I received this hairdryer for Christmas, after mentioning to my parents that my old one was starting to smell like it was about to blow up. I knew my dad would put in a fair amount of research before buying it, as he has quite an interest in electrical items and getting the best deal.

      **Cost and availability**

      As stated, I received this hairdryer as a gift. A quick bit of research on the internet tells me that this is currently on offer in Boots having been reduced from £59.99 to £29.99 which is a grand old saving of £30!

      **What's in the box?**

      The hairdryer came in a very stylish grey box, and I saw immediately that it was a John Frieda hairdryer which had Frizz Ease technology claiming to make your hair smooth and shiny. The box contained the hairdryer (obviously!), a concentrator nozzle attachment, and the instruction leaflet. No frills, no gadgets, no attachments which get stored away and never used.

      **What features does it have?**

      Reading through the leaflet, I learned that this hairdryer has advanced ionic technology which gives a salon shiny finish. I have no idea what "ionic technology" is, but I liked the sound of it. Apparently, the hairdryer releases a stream of ions to surround and condition each strand of hair, neutralising static, smoothing the outer layer of the hair cuticle and controlling frizz. This all helps to leave your hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny.

      The hairdryer is 2200W with a powerful salon AC motor for ultra fast drying.

      It has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, and a cold shot button for setting and finishing your style
      The concentrator nozzle directs the airflow exactly where you want it, allowing you to create an ultra-smooth finish

      The hairdryer contains a 3m cord for convenience

      It comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee for peace of mind

      **What do I like about this hairdryer?**

      The first thing I noticed about the hairdryer is that it looks very stylish. I know this doesn't really matter because there's only me using it and that tends to be on my own in my bedroom, but it just looks classy yet sturdy. It is grey in colour and looks modern and sleek. It's also nice and light to hold which is good if you're a fan of precision styling which can take a while, although I wouldn't say it's particularly suitable for anyone with arthritis or other issues with arm strength for reasons I'll talk about later.

      The second thing I noticed which is probably my favourite feature, is the length of the cord. The cord is 3 metres long (yes, THREE METRES), which means that I don't have to stand on top of a socket next to a radiator getting all hot whilst drying my hair. I can use this at my dressing table, sit on the end of the bed reading a magazine, and I have also been known to wander around the bedroom having a tidy up whilst drying my hair. The long cord has made those evenings I spend washing my hair a bit less of a waste, because rather than standing there mindlessly drying my hair, I can now multi-task and get other things done.

      Now onto the drying time. This hairdryer is a lot more powerful than my previous hairdryer, which means it takes hardly any time to dry my hair. This is my partner's favourite feature because he usually has to wait for me to finish drying my hair before I can get into bed and the noise of the hairdryer keeps him awake. I would say this hairdryer has shaved a good ten minutes off my drying time. This only works if you blast your hair without the attachment, though. The attachment is for precision styling which I don't have much time for at the moment.

      As for performance, I was a bit doubtful that a hairdryer could give smoother hair to be honest. But, after using this I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had fewer flyaway hairs than usual. This could be because with my old hairdryer it took so long to dry my hair that I'd leave it a bit damp which meant it got frizzy really easily, but whatever it is I can assure you that this hairdryer definitely gives a smoother finish to other hairdryers I've used.

      The hairdryer doesn't get really hot like some can, which means you can pack it away nice and neatly rather than waiting for ages for it to cool down first.

      The five year guarantee gives me peace of mind that this product will last a while, and if not I will be entitled to a replacement. I'd say five years is a pretty good life span for something which gets used almost daily by us women.

      **What don't I like about this hairdryer?**

      The hairdryer is quite noisy, but this doesn't really bother me because I don't use it late at night and it doesn't take long to dry my hair so it's not really an issue. It's probably no noisier than most hairdryers, but I think because it's more powerful the noise is more noticeable.

      The main issue I've had with the hairdryer is that it takes a little while to get used to the positioning of the heat and speed buttons. These buttons are on the side of the handle, and so it's easy to knock them when you're drying your hair. Also, it doesn't make holding the hairdryer very comfortable, but this is compensated by the fact it doesn't take as long to dry your hair. For this reason though, I wouldn't recommend this hairdryer to anyone with arthritis or pain in their arm, because you have to keep quite a tight grip and it is a little uncomfortable.

      I also found at first that this hairdryer does tangle my hair a bit more than my old one, I think this is due to the speed of the airflow and the fact I blast my hair rather than actually styling it with the attachment. I've been making an effort to try to use the hairdryer with it pointing downwards so that it's working in the same direction as the hair cuticles and not causing damage to my hair, and this seems to have worked.


      The leaflet gives some guidance on maintenance, although some of this is very obvious stuff like don't immerse your hairdryer in a bath full of water (?!). It does give some guidance on cleaning the filter to get the best performance from your hairdryer, and how to get longer out of your hairdryer by doing things like not wrapping the coil round the hairdryer but storing it with the coil loosely wrapped.


      I've not had this hairdryer long, but I'm really impressed with it so felt I was in a good position to spread the word about how good this hairdryer is. It's super speedy, it gives a smooth finish, and it has an extra long cord making it very convenient. Although there are a couple of niggles with the handle not being very comfortable, I can overlook these as the performance of the hairdryer is superb, and with a little practise I am now getting used to holding the hairdryer without knocking the speed and heat buttons out of position. If I do experience any issues I have a five year guarantee, which makes it a win-win in my eyes.

      All in all, a solid four stars for this product. Good choice mum & dad!


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