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John Masters Organics Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo

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2 Reviews
  • no parabens
  • cleans my hair
  • Expensive
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    2 Reviews
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      28.07.2015 20:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "no parabens"
      • "cleans my hair "
      • "smells nice"
      • "good ethics"
      • natural


      • Expensive

      Natural, gentle and effective shampoo from John Masters

      This shampoo smells great, the rosemary stronger than the lavender but really fresh and natural like the herbs in my garden do when picked.
      The shampoo not only has lavender and rosemary extracts but also has organic ingredients as well as soy protein which are all there as they are supposed to “leave hair healthy, shiny and manageable”
      I like rosemary in shampoo as it is really good at adding shine to hair and that is something I always am trying to get in my hair. Rosemary also aids hair growth and adds volume but again not something I lack.I often use rosemary water made from my own rosemary to rinse my hair with The lavender balances and calms the skin and scalp and apparently slows hair loss but that is something I don’t think will ever bother me.
      They state that all their products meets high standards to fit with their ethics and all of their stuff is made with at least 70-100% organic ingredients. They never use ant sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs and none of their ingredients are genetically modified and none are tested on animals.

      They use no artificial colors, fragrances or fillers and the plant extracts and essential oils must be certified organic whenever possible .

      They steam distil the essential oils so that the benefits remain and cold press the plant oils. The ingredients the products must be beneficial to hair or skin and not just there a fillers. The products are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner and must be as biodegradable as possible.

      The surfactant is not a chemical one it doesn’t create volumes of lather however I found that the sachet lathered fine and that presumably was one dose. I used around the same amount when using the small bottle too. I didn’t have mounds of white foam but enough to make my hair feel as though it was being washed and it was easy to rinse out too.

      I liked the scent as it was natural and herb like and was obvious in the shower but once rinsed out it didn’t linger in my hair much. My hair smelled clean but not of anything much.

      I used my usual conditioner with this on some occasions and the John Masters neroli detangler conditioner on other occasions. It didn’t seem to matter which conditioner I use afterwards my hair still felt clean and light and not at all weighed down.

      This costs £16 for 236 ml of the stuff while in the USA it would cost $16 so much cheaper there than here but it is an American company.


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        07.01.2010 13:20
        Very helpful



        Definitely one to avoid!

        At Christmas I received a gift set of John Masters Organics bath products. It is not a brand I had heard of but the giver of the gift often spoils me with really expensive pampering toiletries. Sure enough when I looked it up for the purposes of this review, it is really expensive, which made me a) surprised that I hadn't heard of it at all and b) appalled at how badly the product I'm now reviewing worked!

        The lavender and rosemary shampoo claims to help hair resist damage by pollution, colouring and styling. This is does, supposedly, by using a blend of natural ingredients such as sage, burdock root, and chamomile.

        When you read that list, it doesn't sound, well, exactly fragrant, doest it? And if you consider the fact that it's also called lavender and rosemary shampoo, you have a pretty awful-smelling concotion, in my humble opinion. Lavender just smells like old ladies to me, and I am 24 and do not need to go down that road just yet!

        So pushing the scent to the back of my mind, I tested the shampoo on my hair. It runs out of the bottle easily, and is a brown sludge, also not containing any artificial colours. I must say it looks somewhat like treacle, which is funny because that is exactly how it feels on the hair! Try as I might, I couldn't seem to get any kind of lather despite using significantly more than I would usually of any other shampoo, and my hair is not overly long. The only way I could get any sort of lather was to pour water over my head repeatedly and rub the suds into it, which made me feel as though I wasn't really getting the full benefit of the shampoo in the first place as I was using a watered-down version. I do appreciate that not all soaps need to get a good lather to work affectively, but shampoo is another story I think as it does need some method of getting to every part of your head!

        Once in my hair, the shampoo then worked some kind of magic - it disappeared! No joke, it was just gone. I didn't feel as though I had put anything into my hair at all. I did manage to rinse some suds out but it was very peculiar and my hair didn't really feel all that clean.

        I have now used this shampoo twice. The first time I gave up getting a lather and washed my hair in a different shampoo. The second I perservered and using the wet-lather-repeat method about five times was able to get the shampoo through my hair, but I didn't feel any benefit at all. Even when dried it didn't feel clean, I literally felt as though I had just wet my hair and let it air dry. My hair is extremely well-behaved and I frequently wash it in shower gel or shampoos for other hair types, so this must be bad! I am pleased to report that the grandma scent was replaced by the more favourable smell of the bubbles of my bathwater which I rinsed my hair with.

        And what can you expect to pay for such a disappointing hairwashing experience? Brace yourselves...this shampoo rings up at a staggering £16 for 237ml. You can find it on fancypants expensive beauty websites, just do a Google search. The miniature 50ml version I used works out at about a fiver, and considering I had to use about a third of the bottle to make any suds whatsoever, that's a serious pricetag. I could probably buy two bottles of my favourite Alberto Balsam raspberry shampoo for that, which lasts AGES anyway.

        I'm sorry but for £16 I want a full-on Herbal Essences ad experience from my shampoo and this is sorely lacking. I'm sorry that someone spent a lot of money on a gift set for me which was of such disappointing quality, but at least I've been able to warn any Dooyooers reading off this ridiculously pricey brand!


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      • Product Details

        Lavender and rosemary extracts are combined with 13 other certified-organic ingredients plus soy protein and wheat amino acids to leave hair healthy, shiny and manageable. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Safe for colour-treated hair. Key ingredients: Lavender - normalizes scalp conditions; slows hair loss Rosemary - stimulates hair growth; adds volume and shine Soy protein - strengthens hair follicles; makes hair look thicker and fuller, improves shine Wheat amino acids - help with comb-through and shine Decyl glucoside - natural surfactant certified for its eco-clean production values To use: Wet hair, lather, rinse.

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