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Johnson's Junior Shampoo Easy Rinse Foam

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5 Reviews

Brand: Johnsons / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    5 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 23:26
      Very helpful



      Something that makes hair wash time a bit more bearable.

      I used to have a nightmare of a time with my youngest getting him to lie in the water. I have never done anything to scare him, and always been very gentle but it has always been a real chore to get any shampoo onto his hair and then get it washed back off again.

      I was chatting to my sister about this as she had the same problem with my nephew, and she recommended this product to me as she has been using it on her son. The product is in a dispenser bottle, and the bottle is small enough for me to be able to hold the bottle in one hand and operate the pump with the same hand. I find that the foam has a slightly fruity smell, but is also quite a chemical smell. It certainly smells completely different to the baby shampoo by this brand, but has a similar soapy smell at the same time which I can sort of taste in my mouth when I smell it.

      The foam is quite light, but dense enough to not run down my son's face into his eyes. I find even if I have only managed to wet his hair a little bit that I can rub it well into his hair leaving it feeling clean and smelling fresh. It also only requires a little bit of rinsing to get it all out again.

      I find this works well on short hair. I haven't tried it on my own, as I suspect it will be less good on coarser adult hair, and longer hair.

      I do not tend to use conditioners on my son's hair, and his hair is quite soft afterwards.

      Overall, I find it is a well thought out product and a well designed bottle that just works so well. It says it is a no more tears formula, and I cannot comment on that as it works so well we have never got it into his eyes to smart. My other son uses this too sometimes, and he throws himself about into the water and never complains about it hurting. It is also good enough to deal with muck/sand in hair from digging outside, and from food like yoghurt and spaghetti bolognaise sauce which I cannot explain how it gets in their short hair but it somehow does.

      This can be a bit tricky to get hold of. The only place I can still find it to buy online is ebay. Here is is about £3 for the product including delivery.


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      13.07.2010 01:01
      Very helpful



      A good shampoo for kids who hate hair washing

      Johnson Junior easy Rinse Shampoo....

      Jack hates having his hair washed and anything that makes the experience easier and quicker is worth trying in my opinion. I saw this a few months back in Poundland and thought that I would give it a try.

      We had already tried out the foam hand soap which is in the same sort of bottle and that soap is a big hit with both Jack and myself. The Easy Rinse Shampoo obviously cost me £1 but I have seen it in other retailers for around 30 pence more.

      The bottle of the shampoo is a good design as there is a great pump action spout which means that the shampoo is easily dispensed and comes out in a lighter foam form rather than a gel type liquid. This does make it helpful when trying to hold down a small wet child and get some shampoo out at the same time.

      The bright yellow bottle is fun and attractive and made Jack want to try and wash his own hair for once although I can't say it looks very attractive in my colour coordinated bathroom.

      The smell of the shampoo is very nice as well. This has a slightly similar whiff to it as the hand soap but slightly more flowery. The foam is light and glides through even lightly wet hair easily and makes a good amount of bubbles without them being dense. One pump is really all you need to make the hair covered in a nice amount of froth which cleans the hair well and makes for a good smell too.

      The claim that this shampoo is easy rinse is well founded as indeed it is a very easy to rinse formula which is simply removed from the hair in just a few cups of water over the head. The foam disperses quickly and makes for a lot less fuss than compared to using the standard Johnson's shampoo.

      This Johnson's shampoo also has the "No More Tears" slogan which even though Jack never gets it in his eyes there are still plenty of tears! But encase it did get in his eyes it is always good to know that it wouldn't sting.

      All in all I have found this little bottle of 250 ml does last a long time too as you only need one squirt t do a good job so it really does make it good value for money. Jack's hair seems soft and clean after use and the quality with this Johnon's product is really very good.

      I think this is a great little product and when we do finally run out I think I will see if I can get a bottle cheaply again. I like the smell of it, the fact that it gets the job done quickly and easily and the condition it leaves Jack's hair in after use.

      I am awarding a 5 out of 5 star rating and giving it an exceptionally high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanskf for taking the time to read.


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      08.06.2009 19:51
      Very helpful



      No tears formula that makes life just a little bit easier.

      I used Johnson's products when my children were young and now I am watching my daughter use some of the very same products for my grandchildren.
      The smell of Johnson's baby powder is unforgettable, smell that talcum powder and you instinctively think of babies and I still buy the odd Johnson's baby powder to use myself.

      Any Mum will tell you that bath times can be a nightmare, the children either take to the water like ducks to a pond or they are terrified of it. We use all sorts of tactics to try and coax them into the warm bath but when it comes to hair wash time that is another story completely.
      At the moment one of my grandchildren is going through that difficult stage, he doesn't mind getting into the bath but mention washing his hair and he screams the place down.
      We have tried distracting him using toys, singing nursery rhymes, you name it we have tried it but more often than not we have to resort to using a firm hand.
      Given a few more months he will soon realise that washing his hair isn't so painful after all.

      Johnson's have two Junior shampoos on the market, one is an easy rinse formula and the other is an easy comb shampoo.
      Seeing as both of her children have been blessed with lovely blond curly locks she always buys the easy comb formula. After handling a screaming toddler and then fighting with a bath towel she can hardly muster up the energy to comb those curly locks.

      The bottle definitely has child appeal, bright banana yellow plastic with a cartoon character sitting on the front smiling at you. The 250 ml bottle costs around the £2 mark but one bottle goes a very long way.
      More often than not I am about at the children's bath time and although it may be a bit of an endurance test I like to help out if I can.
      The bottle has a pump action dispenser, so if little hands happen to knock the bottle over then the contents aren't wasted.
      I always laugh because my daughter tries to catch her two unaware, once they have had a wash she slides the shampoo bottle out and quickly squirts a drop onto each of their heads! Sometimes there is an almighty yell and other times the whole process goes far smoothly.

      I must admit that I quite like the sweet fruity smell myself ! Johnson's have created a `No Tears` formula, this means that the children don't get soap in their eyes but it still doesn't stop them from crying !
      The shampoo only stays on their hair for a few seconds, rub it in , lather it up and then shower it off using the spray. It is generous on the bubble front and once the children see those bubbles they do seem to have a few giggles.

      I am not for one minute saying that we have a peaceful bath time, I am only too happy to gather up those wet little bodies and wrap them in a bath towel. But the shampoo does have a mild formula and as it is being rinsed away there is no rubbing smarting eyes.
      So very different from when my Mum used to get the Vosene bottle out and give our hair a scrub.
      Johnson's Junior shampoo is soft and gentle, it does lather well and it doesn't sting those little eyes.
      So it does the job that it promises to do, but I think it will take far more than a bottle of Johnson's shampoo to make my grandchildren's hair washing session a bit more peaceful !

      Most leading chemists and supermarkets stock Johnson's products.


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        25.02.2009 11:27
        Very helpful



        good shampoo that does what it says on the bottle

        Johnson's junior easy rinse shampoo claims to make shampooing hair easier. I think it definitely does. My daughter hates having her hair washed and there has been times she has tried to climb out the bath before the stubborn shampoos have been thoroughly rinsed. This shampoo is actually in a foam form, you press the top to dispense the foam and rub on the hair. I feel a lot is needed to get a good lather, but it does rinse off in seconds.

        The packaging:

        The bottle is bright yellow in colour with the details on the front and back. It advertises Johnson's special no more tears formula. This makes the shampoo as kind to eyes pure water. The bottle size is 250ml and it has a pump action dispenser to release the shampoo easily.

        The product:

        This shampoo is kind of like runny foam. The scent is very fruity and enjoyable.

        The results:

        I didn't use any other products on my Daughters hair while testing this shampoo. I found that after the bath my Daughters hair was quite tangled. I would recommend that a conditioner or a 2 in 1 variety be used. I left her hair to dry naturally and the next morning I was happy to see it looked very shiny and manageable. It wasn't frizzy or heavy looking as other shampoos made it appear.

        Wether it is body washes to shampoo, I have always trusted the Johnson's range. Their junior range is bright and funky to appeal to younger children and this product doesn't disappoint. The product was purchased for about £1.70.

        Overall I would recommend trying the easy rinse shampoo especially if you do have children who don't like having their hair washed. It does make the process a lot quicker.


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        15.07.2007 16:05
        Very helpful




        Johnsons Junior Shampoo

        Having already tried out the Johnsons Junior shampoo for tangled hair, and found it easy to use and effective, when I saw this one for sale at £1, it was definitely time to give it a try. It claims to be easy rinse, so I reckoned it would be handy after Little Miss had been swimming; she does tend to insist on washing her own hair, and often the rinsing part of the proceedings leaves a lot to be desired.

        Like all the Johnsons Junior products, this has been heavily advertised, so ever the sucker for the power of advertising, I bought a bottle to see how it went, and was suitably impressed, although Liking as I do the Johnsons products, I was ready to be happy with it.

        ~~Product and Packaging~~

        The product comes in a rather snazzy 250ml yellow bottle with some little creature on the front washing his hair in a mass of suds- sure to appeal to children.

        It tells me that it is one of the no more tears Johnsons products, so all good things, because should any shampoo sting her eyes, I soon know about it! The shampoo itself is supposed to rinse clean with less water which is great news when I am standing waiting for her at the showers, and no, she WON’T have any help.

        The applicator is one of those push down nozzles so even that is easy to use. Press down, remembering that one press is enough, and out comes the foam…yes, it’s foam so even that is a good idea because it’s less likely to run out of a small person’s hand and end up down the plug. The foam is white with a very very faint pink tinge to it, and has a very pleasant fruity whiff!

        ~~Using it~~

        Really easy, as shampoo for children should be. Press down the applicator nozzle, remembering to keep hand at the ready, and massage gently into the hair, rinsing after full massage has been completed.

        I will impress that only a small amount is needed, because a little bit really does go a long way, and makes a very satisfying amount of bubbles. Fine for adults but for children in the shower post swimming, it can be a bit of a nightmare. I usually squirt only the required amount into her hand because she likes the smell and the feel of the foam so left to her, this would so not be easy rinse, but would be nightmare rinse!

        ~~Who is it for?~~

        The shampoo is marketed for children, and the picture on the bottle suggests it is for young children. However, I don't think there is any reason why adults shouldn't use it. It is, after all, a nice gentle shampoo; himself suffers from a dry scalp, and when he commandeers it, informs me that he suffers no adverse reaction.

        ~~Price and Availability~~

        Widely available from chemists and supermarkets, this costs about £1.99 from boots for 250ml.

        ~~Other Bits of information…~~

        Also available is the Easy Comb shampoo which I have also used and found to be very good.

        Made by Johnson and Johnson

        ~~What we Think of it~~

        It was bound to be a hit. Very rarely does Little Miss ever ask for a specific shampoo; this, however, was carefully marketed. Each time we switched on Nick Jnr, we had this on the screen (or so it seemed) along with a very catchy shampoo song. Being a teacher, I did notice that lots of children were singing what they called the shampoo song. Oh the powers of marketing and a clever little song.

        From my point of view, I do like the product. I have used Johnson products on the children for years, and so was happy to buy something which I was certain I could trust.

        The shampoo is easy to use and comes in an appealing bottle- just right for carrying to the showers. It has a nice but not overpowering fruity smell and produces lots of bubbles (an essential for children). It does leave her hair soft and very clean, and really is easy to rinse out of her hair.

        For a handy, reasonably priced, easy to use shampoo which will appeal to children and do the job for mum, I would recommend this one. And yes, your little one will probably sing as they wash!

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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        The fun and handy range has been specially designed to tempt even the most stubborn toddlers into the bathroom! Gentle, easy to use products make bathtime as quick and easy as possible /

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