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Kerastase Exclusive Age Premium Travel Set

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Brand: Kerastase / Set / Type: Anti-Ageing / What it does: Repairs, Rejuvenates, Protects

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2012 19:31
      Very helpful



      Delivers super shiny hair and adds volume

      Kerastase is one of my favourite brands for hair products. Made by L'Oreal it is their premium brand with prices to match. However the products do deliver exceptional results and I can really see an improvement in my hair after using them.

      I bought this set , primarily to try out the Age Premium range , but it is also a useful size for travelling and the white leather look case is a really nice quality.

      The Products
      One irritating thing about Kerastase is it isn't always possible to tell what the products are unless you are fluent in French. Age Premium Bain Substantif - quite a mouthful is a shampoo aimed at mature hair. The other product in this set is a hair mask.

      The range is aimed at ageing hair and they claim it also helps improve thinning hair, protect the scalp and provide essential nutrients to revitalise the roots fibre and cuticle. It also has a UV filter to protect against the sun.
      Like most brands Kerastase colour code the different ranges and this one comes in a purply pink colour.

      The Shampoo
      I thought they had made a mistake and put a conditioner in the set as the shampoo is quite thick white and creamy, whereas most shampoos are clear.
      In my opinion the only thing that disappoints with Kerastase products is the fragrance. For a premium brand I think they should make more effort and deliver a fabulous scent that matches the results, whereas this is just average. There isn't anything bad about the scent , it is nice, slightly soapy and floral.

      Apply as you would any shampoo to wet hair and gently massage , rinse thoroughly and then repeat if you wish.
      I have short hair and use about a 50p size blob and only shampoo once, as I wash my hair every other day.
      My hair always feels good after using this shampoo and most times I don't use a conditioner as it feels like I have already used one.

      The results
      I have fine mature colour treated hair that can feel coarse and flyaway. I like to vary the shampoo I use and I chose this one primarily because it claimed to add volume and nourish the scalp and it certainly delivers on both fronts.
      My hair was in quite bad condition after a holiday in September and I stocked up on a variety of Kerastase products to try and improve the condition as my hair felt and looked iike straw.
      This made a dramatic difference as soon as I used it and continues to do so. It adds volume without the need for finishing products and I find I don't need to use a conditioner to achieve silky soft hair. I do generally use other products after washing my hair, but when I am in a rush I know I will still have manageable shiny hair if I only have time to shampoo.
      I have scalp psoriasis and my scalp generally feels itchy and tight, but this particular shampoo eases the tightness and for a few hours I have some relief from the itchiness.
      I find that I need to change shampoos as after a while I feel my hair gets used to them , so I use this in combination with another Kerastase shampoo designed for colour treated hair.

      The Mask
      The instructions say to apply 1 to 2 hazelnut-sized amounts of product into the hair section by section after shampooing and massage into the root and down the length of the hair. Leave for 5 minutes and then add water to create a lather , then rinse thoroughly. I generally simply apply a small amount and massage into my hair making sure I cover all the hair,rather than sectioning. I also leave on for longer than 5 minutes normally as I apply and then watch TV . I find I get better results if I leave on for longer.

      The results
      This is a lovely mask and really makes my hair even more super soft, shiny and healthy looking. It also looks fuller after using this more so than the shampoo on its own. My hair feels as though I have just had a professional treatment, just like the results you get after having your hair done at a salon.
      The scent is nice but not a wow scent, but don't let that put you off, it may be just me who expects a more spectacular scent from a premium range.

      Would I recommend
      I took a break from Kerastase as I could not justify the cost, but since returning to their range ,even my hairdresser has commented on how much the condition and texture of my hair has improved.
      I am particularly impressed with the volume you get with this shampoo as since having my hair cut short. I like to add volume without weighing my hair down with too many products. The other bonus is this makes my hair less flyaway and my hair feels really silky and looks much smoother.
      I personally don't feel good if my hair is not looking its best and this shampoo makes my hair look shiny and nourished without too much effort.
      The mask is superb and I get even better looking hair after using this. My hair is fuller and shinier and the results last a good few shampoos.
      I don't have thinning hair but I know this is a common problem and it really knocks confidence. I would recommend this range to those of any age who want to add volume . I don't know whether it stimulates hair growth but the products do contain Vitamin F which stimulates cell renewal and calcium to strengthen the hair shaft.

      If you have healthy looking hair and don't need volume then this may not be necessary. Similarly I think this may not be suitable for greasy hair as it may add to the problem.

      Price and Availability
      The only downside to Kerastase is the price, however this set is a great way to try out two of the products in the range. Having short hair the shampoo will probably last me at least a month and the mask several months as you need to apply so little. Obviously that will vary depending on how long your hair is.

      The shampoo is 80ml so around a third of full size ( 250ml) and the mask at 75ml is more than a third of full size(200ml).

      I stocked up and bought online from Feel Unique who had a 40% off full price offer on, plus I got a further 20% off for spending £60 which included some Christmas gifts.

      Full price is around £14.50 but there are always deals to be had and I never pay full price and usually spend time sourcing the best price . I stocked up and got mine for less than half price.

      I think it is worth it as it did deliver exceptional results and I hardly need to use conditioner or any volumising products when I use the shampoo. I use this once a week as a change from the other shampoo I use which is for colour treated hair. I use the mask once a week and it really improves the condtion of my hair.

      I think this is a great set and I have bought one for my mum for Christmas.

      Full size the shampoo costs around £15 and the mask is £26.

      I buy Kerastase because I haven't come across another brand that delivers results as good and my bathroom cabinet is full of partly used shampoo and conditioner that just deliver average results. So in my case it is worth paying the extra as my hair obviously needs more than most brands can deliver.

      I would happily volunteer to be a tester of their products as they are so good.


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    • Product Details

      The first rejuvenating programme for mature hair from Kerastase - combined in a travel friendly set / Packaged in a white faux leather pouch, this duo is perfect for travel and contains: - Kerastase Age Premium Bain Substanif Rejuvenating Shampoo 80ml This rejuvenating shampoo for mature hair is enriched with an anti-oxidant ingredient / Kerastase Age Premium Bain Substantif combats the signs of mature hair ageing by hydrating your scalp and supplementing your hair, whilst protecting it / Using the Systeme Pro-Supplenium technology, ceramide helps to repair the cuticle, calcium derivative offers the support of a mineral essential and vitamin F derivative provides much needed energy to the root and substance / Vitamin E acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and a UV filter to protect against harmful sun rays / Hair is left looking rejuvenated with body and suppleness / Kerastase Age Premium Masque Substantif Rejuvenating Masque 75ml This rejuvenating masque for mature scalp and hair is enriched with an anti-oxidant and hydrating hyaluronique acid / Hair is left looking rejuvenated with body and suppleness and feels denser / Kerastase Age Premium Masque Substantif combats the signs of mature hair ageing by hydrating your scalp and protecting & supplementing your hair / Using Systeme Pro-Supplenium and hyaluronic acid technology, ceramide helps to repair the cuticle, calcium derivative offers the support of a mineral essential and vitamin F derivative provides much needed energy to the root and substance to the fibre / With a UV filter to protect against the suns rays, pomegranate extract acting as an anti-oxidant and hyaluronic acid to rebalance and hydrate, your hair and scalp feel thoroughly revitalised /

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