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Kerastase Reflection Thick Coloured Hair Duo

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Brand: Kerastase / Type: Hair Colour / Subcategory: Hair Treatment

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2010 13:56
      Very helpful



      A shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair from Kerastase.

      I really got spoilt at Christmas and received a big bag full of beauty and hair care products from Father Christmas that I've still not finished reviewing. One thing's for certain though and that's the fact that Father Christmas has got really good taste when it comes to beauty and hair care products! I finally got around to using my Kerastase gift set a couple of weeks ago, it had been relegated to my bathroom cupboard while I tried all the other products I'd been given. Kerastase is quite an expensive brand and has been around since 1964. They pride themselves on using some of the most advanced formulas to produce products that are used in many salons throughout the UK and around the world. They advertise themselves as "Kerastase offers consumers a brand that is classic and modern, audacious yet not provocative, aspirational without being inaccessible."

      I received the Kerastase Thick Coloured Hair Duo which, as the title suggests, contains two products aimed at thick hair which has been coloured. One product is the Kerastase Bain Miroir and the second is the Kerastase Masque Chroma Relect. The names confused me a bit at first but all will be revealed later in this review don't worry! The two products came in a small black gift box which looked quite posh and has since taken pride of place on a bathroom shelf and is used for storing all my bobbles and Kirby grips. The products themselves come in bright pink containers; it's a real hot pink colour that stands out on any bathroom shelf. Both products have the brand name written on the front of them along with the product name and some other basic information while the back of the containers holds information regarding how to use them and their ingredients.

      The first product is the Kerastase Bain Miroir which comes in a bottle with a screw on lid. It's a pearl white in colour and is very much like your average shampoo in terms of consistency. It's got a delicious and rich salon smell to it that smells a little of apples. It's basically advertised as a hair bath for medium to thick hair which should be used to reveal shine and to enrich your hair leaving it smooth and soft after use. Despite the name not making it overly obvious what it is this product is basically a shampoo that has been enriched with ingredients such as ceramide, candelilla wax and cationic polymer which all work to enrich your hair and restore coloured hair to its full potential. It basically smooths out each hair fibre which leads to boosting the colour's radiance and shine, it also eliminates build up that often makes colour treated hair look quite dull.

      The directions suggest that you apply a small amount to your hair and massage it through. Something I did notice was that you really don't need to use as much of this as you do with a normal shampoo, I found using about half the amount was enough to produce a sufficient lather and cover my entire head of hair. While washing I noticed the shampoo changed colour very slightly and had a slight pink tint to it when I was washing it off my hair. The lovely apple smell was also intensified in the shower and my bathroom did smell like quite a posh hair salon after I'd used it. I then proceeded to wash it out as normal which wasn't any different to using any shampoo. Before applying the conditioning product I did notice that my usually curly and thick hair appeared to be almost tangle free, normally it's a bit of a mess after I've shampooed it and quite tangled.

      The second product is the Kerastase Masque Chroma Reflect which comes in a bright pink pot with a screw on lid. It's a pearl white colour again and is thicker than the shampoo was, it's more like a cream than a conditioner and you need to scoop it out to remove it from the pot. Again it has a lovely rich salon smell to it that is truly yummy and could be smelt even after I'd dried my hair, in fact it left my pillow smelling lovely too! This is basically a conditioning mask, with a very fancy name, which serves as an intensive conditioner for your hair. It's enriched with similar ingredients to the shampoo including a silk based ingredient which should leave your hair feeling silky soft. It's formulated with an aqua-ionic system which means it will be boosted with essential elements while filling your hair fibres with UV filters and vitamin E too as well as multiple other ingredients too.

      The directions suggest that apply one to two teaspoons onto clean, towel dried hair. Now I always tend to apply my conditioner straight after I've rinsed the shampoo out while it's still soaking wet but apparently it will penetrate deeper if you remove excess water. I still simply squeeze my hair out and turn the shower off rather than drying it with a towel though! I tend to use just under a ping pong ball sized amount and make sure it's dispensed evenly throughout my hair. I always comb it through as well to make sure of this. The directions suggest you leave it for five to ten minutes before washing it off as normal. Now as it's a thick mask it does take quite a while to wash it out so make sure you're thorough. It left my hair detangled, quite soft even when wet and smelling lovely.

      I then proceeded to dry my hair and straighten it as normal, adding in only my usual GHD heat protector spray before doing this. My hair was left feeling really smooth and soft and my colour certainly looked brighter and more vivacious than normal. I wouldn't say it changed the colour at all as it's not meant to but the red tones in my hair certainly appeared to sparkle much more than they normally did. Apparently this is all due to the fibronic system which uses ionized micro-polymers to weave a "micro mesh" around your hair fibres which will not only protect them and leave them feeling smooth but it'll also create a "mirror like surface" on your hair which will allow the light to reflect off it more easily, therefore making the colour appear much brighter and healthier than with other products. The science always baffles me but here it clearly works well!

      I think these products are brilliant, they've certainly produced great results with my hair and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. However I probably won't be buying them again, purely because of their rather high price tag. Father Christmas paid £35 for these two products in a gift set from a local salon which to me is very expensive for a shampoo and a conditioner... I normally pay that to get my hair coloured! I've since found them online on Look Fantastic for £32.45 but that's the cheapest I've been able to find them for. The Kerastase Bain Miroir retails on Look Fantastic at £11.90 for 250ml and the Kerastase Masque Chroma Reflect retails at £21.00 for 200ml. The shampoo I received was for thick hair but it's also available for fine or normal hair. So in conclusion they're brilliant products... but it's still rather a lot of pay for a shampoo and conditioner!

      Thanks for reading.


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