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L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss 100 Liquorice

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    85 Reviews
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      30.07.2013 20:58
      Very helpful



      A good air dye that left my hair in good condition

      I have naturally blonde hair which I tend to have highlighted, however after years of highlighting I faniced a change so I decided to go light brown. My salon used a semi permanent brown which gave my hair a lovely colour and shine. However in light of the heatwave and all the sunshine after 3 weeks I could see my highlights poking through and my hair was a dark blonde. I didn't have the money for another trip to the hairdressers so I decided to try a home colour.I have only ever coloured my hair at home twice both times blonde which went horrendously wrong and left me with a load of short FlyAway's and snapped hair.

      I read a few reviews and decided to give this particular colourant a try. It was on offer in Tesco for just £4 I think it is normally around £5-£6. There are a lot of colours to choose from 18 in total. I picked light brown which is the lightest shade of brown that Loreal make.

      When I got home I read the instructions several times as I didn't want to end up with green hair. Inside the box was the colourant, developer cream, gloves and a bottle of conditioner. On the box the colour is described as ammonia free and designed to give shimmering tones, glossy colour and to blend away greys. The box advises you to do a patch test for 48 hours before you use the dye.

      Following the instructions I mixed the colourant and the developing cream together. You then have to wet your hair and towel dry. There are two options on the instructions one for if you haven't coloured your hair in the last few months ands one if you have. I followed the latter. This advised me to apply at the roots firstly using the precision applicator and then massage in leaving for 5 minutes first then massaging the rest of the mixture in before leaving for another 15 minutes. You are recommended not to leave the dye for longer than 20 minutes. You need to use the gloves when applying this dye and also take care around your hairline to avoid brown stains. I also managed to get it all over the bathroom sink but that was easily removed with bathroom cleaner.

      The one thing I noticed about this dye was the smell, it was completely different to any other colourants I have tried. It had a berry smell to it. The cream was also non drip and easy to apply. It has a creamy golden colour and after it had been on about 10 minutes I could see the colour developing.

      After leaving my hair the recommended time I rinsed thoroughly until the water run clear then applied a generous amount of the conditioner that came in the box. The conditioner is enriched with royal jelly. I noticed before I applied the conditioner my hair felt a little dry. I left the conditioner in longer than the bottle recommended and then rinsed my hair thoroughly.

      After colouring and condiitoning I was impressed with the results. My hair once it was dry was a lovely light shade of brown and very shiny. The conditioner left my hair in good condition and doesn't make it feel greasy or heavy. I also had enough conditioner to use another couple of times.

      The dye is semi permanent so it will last up to 28 washed. 3 weeks in and I have noticed my hair is still a nice colour, it has fdaded slightly but it still looks good. I would definitely buy this to top up my hair in between colours at the salon I was impressed with the results.


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        22.05.2013 18:34
        Very helpful



        Seems like a quality product but didn't agree with me

        ***My Hair***

        My hair is very long at the moment, nearly waist length. I've always loved long hair and for most of my life it has been in very good condition. Over the last couple of years the grey strands have crept in especially at the sides and I haven't been enamoured to them. I am a natural sort of girl who doesn't wear much make up and the thought of dyeing my hair has always freaked me out. Unfortunately, I didn't want to carry on wearing my hair long with lots of grey in it so I decided to take the plunge and dye it. The first time I used a dye with ammonia in, this worked well although the damn smell made my eyes water and I found the whole procedure tiresome. Last year, I decided to change the dye to one that didn't contain ammonia and came across L'Oreal's Casting Crème Gloss series in my local Carrefour. The price was the equivalent of £5.

        ***Why L'Oreal?***

        I know there are hundreds of different hair products on the market and before I purchased the above mentioned dye I had done some homework by asking asked my daughter in law for some advice. She also has very long blonde hair and has used hair colouring for most of her life. She suggested L'Oreal because she thought it was a reputable make and she had used their products several times with success. I took her word for it and also liked the idea that this product, Casting Crème Gloss was ammonia free. No more runny eyes and stinky bathrooms! According to their marketing blurb this product 'provides shimmering, full shades of colour and optimal grey coverage.' It is also nourishes the hair. Sounds good to me - let's take a closer look.

        ***Packaging & Choice of Colour***

        The packaging is like most other hair colouring packages, a box with a model advertising the colour you have chosen and a colour chart on the back except there is a perforated cut out section in the box that you tear away to fit the bottle of developer crème in, this is a good idea as it stops spillage.

        I went with Dark Chocolate, No 323 and not any of the black shades. My hair was originally jet black but with living in the sun for many years in Portugal and ageing, the black has changed to a very dark brown with auburn highlights. My husband always says that our cat, Harvey has the same coloured coat. To dye my hair jet black at my age would be madness, it would make me look washed out all the time so I thought Dark Chocolate would have a softer effect on my skin colouring.

        ***Inside the box***

        A pair of gloves tightly rolled up, when unrolled you will see that they are usually too big and made for the hands of a giant.

        White plastic bottle of developer crème

        Purple tin tube of colour - Dark Chocolate

        Plastic applicator to fit on top of the Crème bottle after colour has been added

        Useful Information Sheet

        Except in this case it wasn't useful as it was all in Polish. If bought in the UK I assume the instructions will be in English. No worries, I could understand the step by step drawings and with my still only limited knowledge of the Polish language I got there in the end.

        Small white plastic bottle of conditioner


        Warning: Before you apply the dye do the recommended patch test just in case of an allergic reaction!

        Once the two parts (crème and colour) have been mixed together I applied with the nozzle applicator to dry hair as the pictures suggested. On the side bits I tended to add more of the colour as this is where the grey culprits were. I also hung my head over the bath so all my hair hung down over my head (like you do when playing air guitar) so I could colour the underside grey parts. I then left the colour on for 20 minutes.

        After 20 minutes I added extra colour and left it for another 10 minutes.

        I rinsed and then applied the conditioner, rinsed again and hey presto; I had a new warm dark chocolate colour which was the same colour as on the box.


        The first time I used this product was last June. I was very pleased with the colour, it covered the grey up and my daughter-in-law said that my hair looked natural and very shiny. As this is a semi-permanent colour I knew the colour would fade with every wash so I was prepared for this. My hair seemed to keep a good colour for ages so the statement about lasting for 28 washes is about right. At this stage I had no doubts about this product.

        ***Now for the Bad news***

        June was a hectic month for me last year, I did lots of travelling and the publishing was beginning to take off, and not long afterwards my husband was ill with his heart condition and I had a few health problems myself. I became concerned because my hair started to fall out at the sides. I went to the doc's and she thought it was a thyroid problem. After having all the tests there was no sign of a thyroid problem so I put the hair loss down to stress. Eventually, it grew back and all was well except that my husband and a few other people suggested that it could have been the hair colouring causing the loss. I wasn't convinced about this theory but now I am not so sure because 3 weeks after colouring my hair again using the same product my hair at the sides and front is depleting and every time I wash it a small handful of hair falls out.

        My husband noticed it the other day and said, 'Your hair is going thin again - it must be the hair dye.' You know, I think he is right and I am not very happy about it but it's too late now, the damage has been done. I only hope it grows back quickly like before. In future I will use a vegetable dye or even let the grey shine forth and have my hair cut short. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this product, I am too scared to use it again in case I go bald! I realise that this may not happen to everyone using the same product but as far as I am concerned it is worrying and I am wary. It certainly seems ironic that the hair dye I very first used which contained ammonia didn't cause a hair loss problem.


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          04.05.2013 22:14
          Very helpful
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          Great product with good colour range, simple to use and little mess

          I am a frequent user of L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss (for several years) due to the selection of colours and ease of use and as I have the 'Dark Chocolate' Crème Gloss developing on my hair at the moment thought I could give a really honest review.

          SO IN THE BOX...
          I tend to always use the Loreal brand and part of that is the ease of use. Inside the box is a very clear instruction leaflet with pictures of everything you need in the box. The instructions are written down in easy to understand steps and are also accompanied by small diagrams. The components are 1) tube of colourant, 2) tube of developer crème, 3) applicator tip, 4) conditioner for after the dye is washed off and 5) a handy pair of gloves to keep your hands mess free!

          HOW TO ASSEMBLE...
          This is the fun bit. The box contains a perforated hole which is used to hold the hair dye whilst you are getting ready to apply it. Firstly identify the developer crème, unscrew the top and place it upright in the box. Next unscrew the tube of colourant and screw it into the developer tube. Now squeeze out all of the contents of the colour into the developer and watch the colour change. Unscrew the colour and attach the applicator tip. Give it all a good old shake and you are ready to go.

          The instructions warn to snap the top off the tube straight away to prevent the bottle from bursting.

          This is probably the only messy bit so make sure you wear the gloves! My advice is to apply the colour over the bath. I have just done so and ended up with quite a bit of brown hair dye in the bath which is fine but you wouldn't want it all over your floor or carpets!!! The instructions suggest to apply the dye in sections by parting the hair with the applicator. I have quite long hair and find it easier to apply to the top of my hair first and then with my head upside down over the bath squeeze it into my left hand and apply to the ends that way. It is personal choice and you will find your own way of doing it.

          Then the slightly dull part......waiting 20 minutes
          When the time is up simply rinse off until the water runs clear and use the shine enhancing conditioner.

          I have used a number of different colours including browns, reds and plum. I love the selection of vibrant rich colours and this was one of the reasons I first chose this brand. Personally I think plum is my favourite. The other great thing is the minimal mess in the preparation stage and the lack of ammonia which makes my eyes water! Probably the one thing I don't like about it is the shine enhancing conditioner which is too strong smelling for me. In terms of longevity of the colour it is supposed to last 28 shampoos (or more accurately up to). I would say this probably differs depending on hair type but doesn't last that long on mine. I can definitely see a difference in colour after about 2-3 weeks.


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            05.04.2013 21:16
            Very helpful



            Give it a go if you fancy changing your hair colour but find permanent dyes too drastic

            I'm one of those people who gets really bored with their hair, but is too scared to do anything drastic, like use permanent dye on it.

            A couple of years back, I was doing some research on the internet into non-permanent dyes. I found that L'Oreal produced one, and, as it was a brand I trusted, I decided to give it a go. I was a bit nervous as I had never dyed my hair myself before, but had helped my Mum, so thought I'd give it a whirl...

            WHAT'S IN THE BOX?
            In the box, you get a tube of dye, a squeezy bottle of setting agent stuff, a pair of plastic gloves, instructions, and special conditioner.

            Couldn't be simpler. You add the dye to the setting agent, shake it up, then apply in sections to damp hair (don't wash it, the dye won't take!). You then just leave it to set for 20-25 minutes, before applying the conditioner, then rinsing until the water runs clear.

            While the bathroom can look like a bit of a disaster after dyeing (it gets everywhere somehow...), the beauty of this dye is that, because it isn't permanent, it washes out of everything, including white towels and skin!

            HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?
            According to the packet, 12 washes, but I would say the colour lasts a bit longer, up to two months.

            The conditioner smells very very strong and is very overpowering. Always do a patch test 48 hours before use. I have sensitive skin however, and it does not irritate my skin.

            If you fancy a quick change, and don't want to risk permanently dyeing your hair, this is a great option. There are a range of colours that are quite subtle. I have dark brown hair and use a shade called 'Black Cherry'. It adds a nice reddish tint without being too overpowering. I would definitely recommend giving it a go!


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            16.02.2013 15:38
            Very helpful



            A great product, easy to use with long lasting results

            This is my fave hair colour product. Here is what i think:

            The Packaging: Not one of those boxes that a huge with teeny tiny things inside, so you know you are subtly doing your part for the rainforest. Plus, it flat packs to nothing so wont take up too much room in your bathroom bin. you can shove everything back in there so you wont get dye in places in your bathroom that you cannot remove. Unlike other hair colour boxes, it has a nifty little perforated section that means you can stand up the applicator bottle whilst you pour in the colour = no spills, no mess.

            The smell: almost not there, so you wont be choking on the fumes whilst applying this to your hair. of course you can smell the colour on your hair the first night you wash it, but you dont get that 'starched' look and it softens up so fast. So you can colour it the same day you go out and no one will be able to tell.

            The Finish: leaves a lovely, rich, glossy colour. you know the adverts show that un-realistic shine with the help of a 1000watt bulb, well its not quite like that but 100% looks healthy and shiny and very nearly 'salon'.

            The Application: It really is sooo easy, squeeze bottle A in to bottle B. I used to get someone to help my dye my hair, but with this, it doesn't drip. gone are the days of a lovely mahogany neck! Its think cream, apply in front of the mirror and you don't need to worry about missing any streaks because you lather it up just like shampoo so you know that you'll get 100% coverage.

            The Price: Generally, these are on a two for £10 at boots, so you really cannot go wrong.

            The Colours: I always go for the browns through to the reds. Have you ever used a colour that looks like Chocolate Brownie on the pack but turns out to be more like bad Wood Stain, or gone for a nice dramatic red and instead got a rather unsavoury orange? Not the case with this ladies! Does what it says on the tin, always a plus in my book. The colours are strong, rich and very closely mated to the packet, so you really can plan the look before the application. They also (don't ask me how) come out multi-tonal. In the sun your hair looks naturally multifaceted and shows off a very believably natural hue.

            Overall, this product is great, you cannot go wrong - obv make sure you do the skin test in case you are very sensitive to manufactured products. Once you have done this once all you need is 20 minutes for every other use.


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            19.10.2012 15:14
            Very helpful



            good value, glossy sleek finish. good variation of colours. easy to apply

            I often use L'oreal casting creme gloss because it gives me a nice dramatic colour without the bad effects of ammonia on your hair. It lasts around 24 washes, although to be fair, it you really want to maintain the could and your roots I would recommend dying you hair every 3-4 weeks. It's a great product because it is only semi-permanent and therefore has no ammonia in it or any products that will strip and ruin your hair.

            I use the Black Cherry colour, which is a deep red... it is much darker than it appears on the box but it's really different and not too bold. However, after I seen the Cheryl Cole advert on TV, I decided that I liked the brighter Mahogany shade that she has on her hair in the advert.. I tried this but my colour looked nowhere near as red as Cheryl's... it made my hair look dull and lost the shine so I immediately went back to the Black Cherry colour.

            It's easy to apply and you have gloves so that you don't get it on your hands. The developing time is 20 minutes but I leave it on 25 minutes to get the maximum effect from it. It's good value for money as you can now find it most places for a fiver when it used to be £6.79. I know Home Bargains sells it two boxes for £10. There is a choice of around 30 shades... bound to be a colour you like and the best part of it is, even if you try it and hate it... it's only semi permanent so you aren't going to be stuck with it! Leaves a shiny glossy finish. BE CAREFUL not to get it everywhere, it dyes everything! The tiles in my bathroom are pink now!


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            25.09.2012 14:11
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            An excellent hair colourant

            Since the ages of 13 to about verging on 17 I regularly dyed my hair. I'd grown up with a pretty adventurous Mum who's always had her hair styled in various pixie crops and dyed her hair bright reds and a million shades of brown. So when I reached 12 she let me pick up this box of pink hair dye and due to my school's very strict regulations I bleached a strip of my hair on the underside and then applied the pink dye to what would become a kind of light mahogany colour mostly because I was inexperienced in dying and hadn't left the bleach on long enough (I was worried it'd fry my hair). It was a nice way to start out as it was completely hidden until I tied my hair up and people would be shocked I'd randomly grown a pink strip (some actually asked if it was natural..) and thus begun my love of hair dyes and the shade mahogany in particular.

            The :
            There are 37 shades in the Casting Creme Gloss variety and they all come ammonia free. They vary in lightness and colour from ice blond to rich blacks. Despite being a brunette myself I only ever dye my hair colours that are similar to my natural one, mostly to give myself a little more shine when it reflects in the light, and you'd be surprised to learn how many different distinct shades of brown you can buy as well as ones that verge on red.

            I've used this particular of hair dye for quite a few years now as its always produced nice quality results and I'm not a regular at my hairdressers enough (or rich enough) to receive hair dying treatments there constantly to touch up. The colour lasts for I'd say anywhere between 5-8 weeks and I haven't noticed it lose any vibrancy. The only issue I have (which I'm sure all people have) is when there natural roots come through and that's usually when I'd opt to buy another hair dye (always in another shade too as I like to experiment).

            Mahogany is listed as number 550 and comes out a very nice brown/red colour. Compared with other colours in their range such as "Berry Red" it isn't strikingly red but this happy medium is what I'd prefer. For me whenever I dye my hair I tend to experience a strange phenomenon where it either is completely coloured or it looks my natural colour in dark lighting and then suddenly morphs into a very obvious red in the light. I think this just tends to be how my hair colours as sometimes people are different (such as how the dye tackles grey, which from family experience I must say not very well - it makes them come out pink in red shades).

            When I use hair dyes one thing that reassures me is how you feel as though you're getting a real hair treatment. The conditioners it comes with is very good at conditioning my hair and once I've rinsed out all the dye it feels very soft and looks glossy. This lasts for the first few weeks in my experience and I'm sure if I maintained it with expensive shampoo/condition combos it would continue to do so, but because I'm ever on the lookout for a bargain I change which product I use very frequently - making this difficult.

            The dye isn't harsh on skin and so long as you wipe off the areas that have accidentally found their way onto your ears or forehead for example, you get a very nice almost salon quality look. I haven't ever had an experience where the dye has reacted poorly but it does suggest you test part of the product on a part of invisible skin to ensure you don't have a bad reaction, which I would definitely advise (at least on your first use of the product).

            Overall this is a very good product that gives excellent quality and looks great for weeks. Despite being considered quite expensive I find its actually usually right in the middle of the market and you can pick it up for a fiver in Wilkinson's at the mo as its been reduced from £5.60. The look is often very natural (unless you pick a particular shade that isn't and that's the look you're going for of course!) and I've always received lots of compliments. This is definitely a great product and I will definitely consider buying it again in future if I decide I want to regularly dye my hair again.


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              16.06.2012 22:14
              Very helpful



              Definitely a good buy!

              It took me 19 years to get the guts to dye my hair. I have very thick, very curly hair so for a hair type that is naturally more coarse and dry than others I was very nervous about the effects of hair dye. I had heard the horror stories believe you me!

              However because curly hair is quite limiting in terms of hair cuts I was getting restless and wanted a change, a semi permanent change. There is a shocking amount of decent semi permanent hair colours on the market at the moment so I'm gonna lie, I was drawn to Casting Creme because of its wide variety of shades rather than its average reputation. It's definitely not something I regret though.

              I'm a performer so have a naturally creative personality and so wanted a hair colour that would reflect my personality. The first time I used it I decided to go for the Mahogany shade, nicely advertised by Ms Cole. Now I can't really tell you how easy it is to apply because I had my friend, a pro at home colouring, do it for me but from her comments she said it was very easy to do. As she explained it to me, it did seem pretty easy.

              Firstly, quickly stick your head under the shower and towel dry your hair as it has to be wet/ damp when you apply the dye. Next, you open the dye and squeeze it into the bottle of gloss. My friend had to work at getting all the dye out of the tube but putting getting it into the bottle of gloss didn't seem to be a problem. You then put the lid back on the gloss and shake the mix until the dye looks like its mixed together with the gloss. Don't get freaked up by the colour of it like did. Seeing a bottle of bright red dye seems pretty daunting but its fine, its meant to look like that. Then you snap off the thing that covers the nozzle (technical terms), put on the gloves included and then get dying. I have no idea how my friend did the dying so I can't help you on that part but my friend did speak very highly of it and said it was very simple to use.

              Nothing to do with product but if your a novice like me, put some vaseline around your hairline so it wont dye your skin or tiny hairs.

              I had to wait around 20 minutes for the dye to work and then a few more minutes after I applied the gloss but I found that fine.

              The effects: The gloss made me hair incredibly soft, softer than I have ever felt it which shocked me since the only reason which stopped me dying my hair was for the health of my hair. The new shine really enhanced my new colour too which is nice to show off. The colour that I ended up with looked very close to the colour identified on the box cover. After a few washes I found the colour enhanced even more and it lasted me approximately which I found just about the right length of time. The mahogany was really rich but not an overpowering colour which I appreciated as a first time user. I have also used the Plum shade and this is my ultimate favourite shade, then that is just my opinion. My second experience was not much different to my first and the colour lasted as long.

              Maybe there is a reason why Casting Creme is the brand leader for semi permanent hair colour, because they've nailed it down to fine art. My hair felt and looked awesome and I've bought my next load to do in the next few weeks.


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              19.05.2012 20:56
              Very helpful



              A good all rounder, not perfect but it's pretty fool proof and gives a good result.

              I have been dyeing my hair for years, verging from the natural to the not so natural.
              After an ill advised dalliance with permanent black dye and an unfortunate genetic predisposition to a premature grey streak, I have been looking for something that will cover up the now mostly faded black dye patchiness and the greys.
              I am loathe to use a permanent dye as I don't need that level of coverage any more and I can't stand the regrowth.

              As most dyes are now permanent, casting is one of the few semi-permanent dyes out there and it comes in a huge range of shades, is reasonably priced and does the job well.

              I have very thick hair, which is just past my shoulders and I find one pack sufficient but as I am using colours close to my natural hair colour this is probably less of an issue than if I was going for something a bit different. I essentially want to blend in the greys and makes the small bits of left over patchiness for bad dye jobs past blend away, which casting does very well.

              It is a non permanent dye and tends to fade out subtly rather than leaving a dramatic re-growth line which is great if, like me, you find yourself dying your hair far more often than the guidelines suggest due to it growing fast. As this makes regrowth less obvious I find I am dyeing my hair less, especially as my grey bits are thankfully on the underside of my hair and not that noticeable!

              Using casting is a lot more pleasant than using a permanent dye, it still pongs a bit but it does not have the powerful, eye watering chemical fumes of some permanent dyes and I find it fine to use in my small, windowless bathroom.

              Application is easy, although the pack suggests just wetting hair I would recommend combing through with conditioner to de-tangle first. The pack contains the dye, developing lotion, gloves and a little bottle of conditioner.

              The dye is easy to mix, with the bottles designed to screw together to form a seal and avoid drips, and I find the gloves much better than other brands; they are actually gloves and less like hand shaped carrier bags. The dye is easy to apply and work through the hair and the enclosed leaflet offers good instructions. However I have used some of the newer mouse formulas which I have found much better, easier to use and less messy but have yet to find a semi-permanent one.

              This will dye your skin so be careful with application and wipe off any spills ASAP!

              The colour results tend to be quite subtle, as with any semi-permanent dye this wont give you a dramatic change and it is not recommended for going dramatically lighter, or darker. It covers my few greys well, but it is not designed for predominantly grey hair. If you have stubborn greys or want a bolder colour result, you can safely leave the dye on for a bit longer than the recommended time, but obviously if you suffer any irritation or burning wash it out!

              The conditioner with the dye leaves hair soft and shiny however I find it contains enough for only one or two applications at most much less than advertised! Hair can feel a bit dry after dying but this is common with all dyes and nothing a good conditioner won't sort.

              The colour on the box is not always the best guide, but with so many variables at play, hair colour, texture etc it can only ever be a rough guide. I have found some of the browns to be a bit too reddish and not too natural looking especially under bright light, but overall I am happy with the results and have used this dye many times!


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              26.02.2012 05:42



              Would defo recommend to a friend and will continue using this product again

              I recently dyed my hair using loreal casting creme gloss the colour 550 Mahogany and i am overally impressed with the results. At first i was quite nervous as i have previously dyed my hair and it hasnt worked out how i expected (i have dark brown hair) but i was getting bored of my hair and wanted a change.

              After looking on the internet i really like cheryl coles reddish hair that she had a few years ago and was happy when i found out she used this colour. The dye smells really nice when you first put it on and started to go a pink colour which at first had me worried but when i washe dit out and blow dryed my hair i couldnt have been anymore happier. The royal jelly conditioner has also made my hair more healthy looking.

              My hair now has multi tones of red and purple and have had many compliments about my hair colour and how healthy and shiny it makes it look. Also i have quite thin hair and the colour makes it look more fuller and volumised. The only bad thing is i do admit the colour on the packet looks different as it doesnt have the same tones in as it should and i believed if you just look at what colour cheryl's was then that will give you a betetr idea of what colour it will go.

              The colour it has gone is the same as cheryl coles and im very happy as this was the colour i wanted to achieve. I read other reviews from people saying it turned a different colour but on dark brown hair it turns the same as cheryl coles. If you have blonde hair i wouldnt recommend the dye as any dye that has red on it doesnt work well with blonde hair and it states on the hair dye packet that the colour works especially well on people with light brown to dark brown hair.

              I will be continuing to use this hair dye, its a pity that it is semi-permanent but many reviews say that the dye doesnt wash out so thats a plus for me as im in love with the colour.


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              24.02.2012 21:54
              Very helpful



              A great temporary hair colour, that lasts longer than 28 washes

              My natural hair colour used to be a lovely golden blonde which lasted until I was about 20 then suddenly started to go a more mousy shade especially in the winter, so I tend to swap over the years between dying it darker or highlighting it depending on my mood. I am careful with the swapping of hair colour as I know it can damage your hair and go very wrong. When looking at dyes I never wanted a dramatic change to my natural tone, but just a boost to make it look fuller and glossier.

              When drying it darker I tried a couple of different dyes until I stumbled upon Casting Creme Gloss in Tesco for 50% off. I chose the Praline shade as this was a light brown, that I knew wouldn't be too draining on my complexion but would be an improvement on the dull mousy shade I had now. As mentioned it was on a half price offer at just over £3.30 (full price at the moment is around £6.49).

              The Loreal Casting Creme Gloss comes in a shiny cardboard box, with a image of hair on the front in the chosen shade. Inside you get a small squeezy tube of colorant, a larger tub of developer, rubber gloves and a 'double dose' of Nutri-Shine conditioner.

              You have to mix the two liquids together in the larger tub which has a nozzle for easy application on the lid. You then apply to damp hair and massage in and leave on for 15-20 minutes. After the desired time you have to wash the dye out of your hair till the water runs clear and apply the conditioner. I tend to leave this conditioner on for around 5 minutes to really reap the benefit then wash this out.

              L'Oreal claims the dye to give hair "a glossy and natural look, full of visible shimmering tones. It's as if your colour comes alive". The dye is said to contain a 'conditioning complex' that give exceptional softness. The conditioner then contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea to give shine.

              The dye smells a like chemicals when you apply it and while you wait for it to develop which I wasn't keen on. Also you hair still smells of this even when the dye has been washed out. The Nutri-Shine conditioner has a more natural smell which may come form the Aloe Vera and Green Tea. This smells much nicer and does go someway to mask the hair dye chemical smell.

              Both the dye and conditioner apply easily over the hair. The dye lathers up just enough to make it easy to massage in and cover your full head, and the conditioner is a thicker consistency to really coat the hair while it absorbs the essential moisture.

              The results are a rich colour and I found that I had a few tones which made the colour look more natural and deeper. Whether this is due to my natural hair colour I don't know but I liked it! My hair felt silky soft and highly conditioned, the colour was glossy and rich and my hair had a brilliant shine!

              The dye is supposed to last 28 washes, which would be roughly a month as I have to wash my hair nearly every day. But I found it lasted much much longer than this. The Praline shade lasted around 4 months before it had completely washed out, so value for money wise this was great. It also gradually wears off so there's no sudden dramatic change

              The dye comes in a amazing 14 shades and I have since used a few of them including Iced Chocolate, Dark Brown and Chocolate and had the same great result, all the shade I have used have been brunette based with the lightest being Praline.

              The other shades are:-
              Lightest Brown
              Medium Brown
              Dark Brown
              Ebony Black
              Darkest Brown
              Chestnut Honey

              I would highly recommend the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss to anyone who wanted to give their natural colour a boost or go a shade lighter or darker for a change. Your hair will not feel damaged by the colorant, but will in fact feel in even better condition!


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              21.01.2012 22:05
              Very helpful



              Great hair dye if you don't want to go entirely permanent!

              For years now I've been contemplating changing the colour of my hair. Every time I saw my old stylist before moving I'd have this conversation before we started cutting - it became like a routine where we knew we were wasting five minutes because it never happened, but we still did it! It usually went like this:

              ME: "Seriously, I know we always do this, but what colour would you dye it IF you were going to dye it?"
              HER: "Well, reds would be nice, or some high- and low-lights. But...are you sure you want to?"
              ME: "Well....." (makes confused face).
              HER: "But it's a really nice colour. People pay me money to dye theirs the colour yours already is! And there's the upkeep..."
              ME: "I know. Everyone says it's nice as it is."
              HER: "Are you sure you're not just bored / been dumped / having a bad week?" (Delete as appropriate).
              ME: "Yeah. You're right. Let's just leave it."

              Seriously. EVERY time - I chickened out. Thing is, my natural hair colour is a slightly dark brown which fires up with some natural red hints when it gets the sun on it, and it is pretty nice. Also, I never change the style as I've found what suits me and I take a lot of my self confidence (fragile at the best of times!) from knowing that it looks good. Great, I hear you say. Lucky you. But....after looking more or less the same for ages, and seeing some of my braver friends chop, change and revolutionise their style, I have to admit...I was BORED!

              Having now moved and tried a few new stylists I never forgot two bits of advice from my old one; never resort to an off-the-shelf hair dye and never change your hair colour because of being upset by a man. Now, in the last few years I did at one point have a very unhealthy relationship which caused me a great deal of emotional distress and I did see her logic and frequently that was one reason by I didn't change my hair colour for fear of being rash and regretting it. But in the last 8 months I've been able to get out of that scenario and redevelop my strength of character and emotional health. My life has moved on a lot and with that my self confidence and self assertion has come back to what it used to be. I also have a wonderful new job with great colleagues and, with the party season with them looming I started thinking about a bit of an image change to make the most of it. I also still kept thinking that if I don't enjoy experimenting with my image a bit more while I'm still (relatively!) young, I would regret it. So when out shopping with my lovely mum three days before my Christmas party, I found myself looking at hair dye and mum sensibly looked me square in the eye and said "You've been talking about this for two years. Just do it!".

              I love my mum....

              I played it safe as I don't want to destroy my natural colour and as I've put in so much work growing my hair it would be torture trying to grow a permanent colour out of my locks. Typically, most high street outlets stock very few semi-permanent hair dyes you can "DIY" your image with, and very often I've noticed that the ones that are available are very dull, natural tones. If I was going to do this, I was going to have some fun with it.

              The product range that saved my sudden revolution from being derailed at the shelves of Morrisons was L'Oreal's Casting Crème Gloss. This is a range of semi-permanent conditioning colour treatments - semi-permanent colours are, my old stylist explained, great for the hair as they can offer a temporary high conditioning treatment as the particles fill the cuticles of the hair, making it feel richer and thicker and not stripping the hair as some permanent colours can.

              I noticed straight away that this range offered more variety and some bolder, more obviously fabricated colours that were still based on fairly natural tones but had that slightly bolder, more experimental level to which the colour saturation went.

              The range are available for between £6 - 7 and I paid somewhere between the two for a box of their Black Cherry treatment - an enticing looking purply-red, not a pillar-box red but still likely to provide that clearly fake, glossy look that I really do like when I'm not "doing the natural look".

              The dyes come in a box with plenty of illustration of the colour, a guide to how your current hair tone should react with the dye and what colour it would produce, and the claims that the product offers shimmering colour and rich glossy shine, blends away grey and is intensely conditioning. The effect is meant to last for up to 28 washes.

              Pleased but apprehensive, I went home finally knowing I was going to take the plunge!

              MY EXPERIENCE

              First of all when dying your hair - PLEASE DO A SKIN TEST. There is information in the box on how to do this.

              In the box you get: two individual components that you have to mix together before application, a comprehensive instructions list, a pair of plastic gloves and a tube of conditioner.

              You have to add the contents of one of the colour formula bottles to a squeezy plastic bottle holding the other ingredients, and shake this thoroughly. The lid you put on this squeezy bottle has a shaped nozzle so you can work the product through sections of the hair to the roots. At first this product is colourless - so do be careful to remove it from your skin and hairline even if you're not sure it's there! After a short time exposed to the air, you can see when this product has gotten on to surfaces and towels so the colour develops over time. You apply this thoroughly through wet, towel-dried hair and have to pay attention to the roots to ensure full, correct coverage and as with all products like this, there is a chemical scent.

              I'll be honest, if you're trying not to ruin your clothes or towel, this is a difficult product to apply - for the love of toast use towels you don't like! I ended up being a coward and asking my poor mother to help me apply it as I was so paranoid about missing sections and looking terrible! So you do have to be thorough and ideally it's a two-person job, but in theory achievable if you're on your own and don't mind getting very messy!

              The cardboard box this product comes in also has a few perforated seams on the back, the intention behind which is that you can pop these open and have somewhere to rest the bottle when you need both hands to work the product through your hair - however this does mean that the remaining product will sink back and you have to be careful when encouraging it back towards the nozzle - shaking it robustly will plaster your bathroom with hair dye!

              I left my product in for 20 minutes as advised and then rinsed. This took FOREVER. But it is worth being thorough as you need to get as much of the residue out as possible - I for one would be worried about dying pillow cases etc otherwise!

              You then apply the provided conditioner - I found there was enough to leave some for the next day in the small white bottle too.

              THE RESULTS?

              Scared but hopeful, I started to dry my hair. Wet, it looks almost black anyway so I had no idea what to expect. As my hair became more dry, I realised that I had a beautiful, rich, clearly false but very pretty plum / red colour to my hair. The coverage was comprehensive and not patchy and I have to say I instantly loved it. My hair felt soft, the ends didn't look dry and I was delighted with the finish.

              My colleagues saw me tweeting that my hair would be red and had expected telephone-box red but did say my hair looked nice when I saw them at the party - but this was indoors in low-light when the effect wasn't so bold. When I walked into the office two days later and the sun was beaming through the window, people really reacted and everyone was extremely complimentary about my new look.

              I make sure my hair is kept in good condition so I think that I can attribute to that the fact that this colour seems to last, if anything, longer than 28 washes for me. I did start to see my original colour through the treatment after about a fortnight but then I have to wash my hair every day so to get a full month's performance out of this product before having to consider either letting it fade completely or re-colour is pretty good in my book. I do notice that it fades quicker when the hair is dry - so ends tend to show their original colour through first - but I don't think it looks patchy.

              I have since tried another product from the range, which was Berry Red, and more bright, red-head type red which I saw on offer in Asda for £5. If anything I love this colour more as it is a bit brighter and bolder and I think that it really lifts my look - a colleague said the other day that it really brings out my eyes and I also like that, having a bolder, fake colour on my hair, I can get away with wearing a lot more strong eye make up and this completes the look.

              IN CONCLUSION

              I'm loving experimenting with my look using this product and the colours are really lovely, rich and conditioning. I will probably stick to the reds and have another one or two I could try before reverting to one I've used before. They're a pain in the neck to apply unless you have someone around to help but they are worth the effort if you are not prepared to risk a permanent colour but fancy a fun change.


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                31.12.2011 20:19



                Don't buy if you aren't looking for a permanent hair colour/dye.

                I have recently coloured my hair with L'Oreal 550 Mahogany Casting Crème Gloss.
                I have been informed by a professional hairdresser that it may say it is a "semi- permanent" colour on the box but it is not! If you mix two bottles together it is not a true semi-permanent colour. By mixing two bottles together, it means it is mixed with a colorant and peroxide.

                A true semi-permanent colour is a direct dye and not mixed with any thing else.
                On the box of the Casting Crème Gloss, it says it will last up to twenty eight washes. It may fade out of your hair but might not wash out completely. Where as most true semi-permanent colours, it should last up to about ten washes.

                Overall, the L'Oreal Casting Crème Gloss has easy instructions to apply on to your hair and once it is finished, the colour looks nice. The Mahogany comes out as a purply, reddy brown. I have dark brown hair and the hair dye shows up fairly well but shines more purple in the light. But I was only dying my hair to see how it would look. I had never died my hair, at home or at hairdressers, so I decided to die my hair with the Casting Crème Gloss at home for a bit of fun. I was hoping it was going to start fading fairly quickly bit by bit. So I wouldn't trust what the box says because it won't wash out in twenty eight washes, it will take longer.

                The Casting Crème Gloss is definitely not a "Semi "Permanent" hair dye, it is more of a permanent hair dye and won't wash out in twenty eight washes. If you are looking for a long lasting colour which refuses to wash out, this is the one for you! But for those of you who are just looking for a hair dye to stay for a little while, I would advise that you don't buy the L'Oreal Casting Crème Gloss because it doesn't come out as it is a Permanent hair colour.


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                17.10.2011 11:49
                Very helpful



                A reasonable hair colorant that provides a hign shine

                I have been an avid fan of dying my hair for as long as I can remember and having naturally medium/ dark brown hair I have tried every colour from peroxide blonde to bright red. I am therefore well acquainted with the hair dye section at my local Boots. Due to the amount of dye that my hair had experienced over the years I was drawn to this product as it gives a semi-permanent colour without ammonia, thus I thought shouldn't be too damaging.

                The Product ~

                The product is packaged in a standard sized cardboard box, which shows a glossy model on the front with perfect hair and illustrates the colour that you can expect to achieve with your current hair colour on the back of the box. Having spent time growing out my hair I selected the mahogany colour 550 option to give a glossy red finish, however this product does come in a variety of options which range from light blonde tints to dark brown and black shades which provide a semi-permanent colour and lasts up to 28 washes depending on how often you wash your hair.

                The Price ~

                Being priced at around the £5.99 price tag means that this hair dye does not fall into the cheap hair dyes on the market and is therefore a middle of the range product.

                Application ~

                Upon opening the box you are presented with two bottles of formula the crème colorant and the developer crème, a bottle of conditioner, a pair of flimsy latex gloves and a rather lengthy instruction leaflet. It is advised that you do read this leaflet and do perform the strand test and sensitivity test behind your ear 48 hours before applying the hair colour to your head. However this is made difficult by two factors, one that you have to open and mix the two bottles of formula together so that you can perform the strand and sensitivity test and two, that the leaflet advises that upon mixing the formulas should be used as soon as possible and should not be left to sit. Therefore you have to try and put a drip of both and mix in a separate mixing bowl to do your early tests, why they haven't though of providing a small tester bottle in the kit is beyond my limited scope as a hairdresser novice.

                Once satisfied that you are not allergic to the formula and are happy with the colour, the two formula bottles should be mixed together in the larger of the two bottles the developer crème. The crème colorant should literally be poured in and then the combined contents shaken to ensure that the two mix well together. On the top of the developer crème bottle is a nozzle which can then be unscrewed to apply the formula to your head. Once mixed the formula is of a medium consistency, the benefit of which being that it will not drip of your head and neither is it too gloopy. It also has a pleasant fragrance which is slightly fruity although not as nice as some of the other hair dye products on the market.

                From experience, it is best to divide the hair into sections to ensure that you can totally cover every strand of hair and to wear the gloves to prevent dying your hands. The bottle is usually more than enough for my medium length hair and therefore could stretch to long hair if needed. The hair should be wet and towel dried and from experience it is usually best to use on hair that has been washed a day before application.

                Upon leaving on for 20 minutes (or as the box says depending on desired colour) the product should be thoroughly rinsed from the hair, towel dried and then conditioner applied before a final rinse.

                My Experience ~

                As previously mentioned I bought this dye to add a touch of flare to my hair which had been left to grow out for several months. I found the entire application process relatively straightforward and not dissimilar to any other hair dye kit on the DIY market. The colour did take quite a while to rinse out and took several minutes of showering for the water to turn a very light pink, and afterwards my hair did feel slightly starchy. However the conditioner which I left on for one minute let my hair soft and very shiny.

                I was quite dissatisfied with the colour results however. The colour on the box promised a deep red result and upon blow drying my hair I was left with a very dark brown. This took several days of washing to reach the intended shade.

                Unfortunately being semi-permanent, I found that by the time I reached my desired shade I was already about 6 washes in and therefore could not expect to keep this colour for the 28 washes intended. Additionally, although this hair dye does not have any ammonia and promises to condition the hair, upon washing for 28 washes I was left with hair that was slightly lighter in colour to my natural hair colour, so it obviously did some damage.

                I am therefore scoring this hair dye 3 stars out of 5 as it failed to impress with the overall results.

                Thank-you for taking the time to read my review.

                This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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                06.10.2011 01:49
                Very helpful



                Excellent product I will continue to use over and over!

                I have been using this product off and on now for around 1-2 years, the semi-permanent nature of it sold me because I can't seem to decide about being a brunette or a red head.


                # Easy to Use - The kit is easy to mix up and I like the ergonomic shape and ability to handle the applicator bottle. As it states on the box "non-drip creme formula" I would certainly have to agree I have less mess on the floor and myself at the end of my dyeing experience if done myself. You apply this formula to wet, towel dried hair unlike many other dry application formulas.

                # Coverage - I have rather long hair and in the past 2 boxes were an absolute must for full coverage. I can't remember how I got into the situation were I only had one box (possibly an imminent party) but one box certainly covers my hair fully and I haven't looked back.

                # The Conditioner - I absolutely love the smell of the included conditioner and how moisturising it is (must be the royal jelly it claims to contain). I wish it was sold separately as a consumer product as it would be my ideal conditioner, but I guess that's just another reason for L'Oreal to keep me purchasing their product ^.^

                # Fade Out with Brown Shades - As with all semi-permanent dyes the colour doesn't last but for brown shades in this range I would certainly say the colour remains vibrant in my hair well beyond 28 shampoos.

                # No Ammonia - which for me and hopefully everyone else means shine and moisturised looking hair right until your next re-dye.


                # The Smell - My mum and I have been dyeing each others hair for a long time to avoid salon costs and it has to be the one dye so far she detests having to put in the smell would honestly knock you out. Box statement "The delicate fragrance makes colouring a luxurious treat" ... whoever came up with that clearly hadn't used the product...

                # The Gloves - I hate the cheap paper thin and poorly fitting gloves that come with most dye kits but these certainly are the worst ones I've used and so contradictory to the description on the packet "1 pair of professional quality gloves".

                # Rinsing - Do not expect the water to be clear at the end of rinsing, I kept going and going with rinsing because I was wearing a white shirt that evening, needless to say I had to decide on a new outfit... In addition it takes around 7-8 washes for the dye to stop coming out in the shower (worse with red than brown shades).

                # Fade Out with Red- Followed on from above, fade out with the red shades is particularly fast compared to other semi-permanent brands.


                # Price - I generally buy this particular dye from my local chemist so it costs me £5.50 which I find reasonable since I dye my hair roughly every 3 months. If I was paying the RRP of £6+ I would probably not be so happy with the value for money, but in any case much much cheaper than a salon!


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              L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss is a no-ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair visible bold colour, shimmering tones, and an unbeatably glossy shine, lasting up to 28 shampoos / '