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L'Oréal Elnett Satin Heat Protection Styling Spray Straight

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4 Reviews
  • Leaves hair soft
  • Nice smelling product
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    4 Reviews
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      29.04.2015 18:37
      Very helpful



      L’Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Intense Straight

      The L’Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Intense Straight is available for GBP 5.99.

      The styling spray is described as follows. "Beat the heat. NEW Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray Intense Straight; ideal for use with Hair Straighteners, protects against heat damage up to 230⁰c and locks in a straight, sleek look for up to 4 days."

      I use the spray after washing my hair. Then I spray the spray on. I comb the hair so that by means of the brush again to distribute the spray everywhere and on all hair. The spraying is very easy and the spray spreads very well by means of the spray head. The smell, which spread during spraying is a little more intense. And I can not describe the smell though. It smells a little, as we know well from the hair salon, it is a fresh, artificial odors. He is not flowery, fruity or sweet yet. The smell will stick longer in your hair. Even after blow drying, I can still hear him. I do not mind, but the scent could still be a bit better. So after spraying I blow dry my hair. The hair should be protected, then if you use a flat iron, corrugated iron and / or crimpers. I use only a flat iron and once the hair is completely dry. I can not say whether the spray really protects my hair, but I can not find that it is attacked by the many smoothing. My hair look healthy, neat, shiny and are not broken or particularly splissig. Therefore, I assume that this spray protects me as well as it has already done my gel and the other spray. However, I have found that my hair look a little dry when I used the spray.


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      21.07.2014 18:32
      Very helpful


      • "Nice smelling product"
      • "Leaves hair soft"


      Great heat protector that''s always on offer!

      Because my hair is so long and thick, there are not a lot of products I actually use in it however heat defence spray is one thing I do use constantly. I have tried many many different heat defence sprays and because it''''s preventing heat damage and so something you can''''t really judge too well I wouldn''''t say there are any heat defence sprays I don''''t like. I am usually drawn to the smells of a heat defence spray and the bottle. When I first saw Elnett had bought out a heat protection spray I was certainly intrigued to try it out as I know they are a top styling brand. I like the bottle and I also liked the dispenser of this product.

      I used to straighten or curl my hair everyday however nowadays I tend to leave it natural and only straighten it a couple of times a week if that. When I am going to use any heat product on my hair I will always spray my whole head with a light layer of this product and then go on to use my hair dryer, straighteners or curlers. I will occasionally spray my hair throughout once it''''s been washed however I will usually only use this before I''''m about to apply heat to my hair. This product leaves my hair smelling nice, as well as lovely and soft. I also think my bottle has lasted quite a good length of time, and I will be purchasing this again once this one runs out. I will however only buy this when it''''s on half price offer as I think the original RRP of £5.99 is a bit much. It is often on offer in Boots, Superdrug, Asda etc.

      I wouldn''''t say that in my hair this product keeps it straight for longer than one day however my hair is very long and thick, and these are probably some of the best results I have seen, so in shorter hair it may work better. I still rate this product highly.

      Definitely recommend for those looking for a good heat protection spray that you can find for a reasonable price and leaves hair looking and feeling great.


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      13.08.2013 19:35
      Very helpful



      Va-va-voom hair!

      Whenever I go to the hairdressers, she asks me if I use heat protection spray and I say yes (I don't) I've recently bought a hot air brush, and decided that between that, my hairdryer and my straighteners I should do something to protect my hair for the long term.

      ~My hair~
      I have long hair which falls just past my shoulders with layers. It is very thick and naturally kind of crazy-wavy, I have to straighten it to get it to do anything.

      A bottle of Elnett Styling Spray is at £5.99 in Boots which I think is fairly expensive, however it was similar in price to other brands and I bought on a 3 for 2 offer. The bottle I am reviewing is the 3 day volume, but it also comes in 'straight' or 'curls', both of which also claim to last for three days.

      ~The bottle~
      The bottle is fairly lengthy at 7 inches/18cm (not including pump). There is a gold coloured inner and a clear plastic layer to the outside, which means that the bottle doesn't actually contain as much product as it might seem. However it does make the bottle look nice and expensive.

      There is a black pump to the top which is very comfortable to use and has a 'lock' function. It feels like a high quality pump and I've had no problems with sticking etc.

      The front of the bottle shows the Elnett woman showing a fantastic golden quiff. It tells me that this product is new and made my L'oreal Paris. It also promises 'Heat protection technology locks-out flyaways and humidity".

      The back of the bottle gives similar info in more detail, it's quite small though and the curve of the bottle makes it difficult to read. But I have persevered for you dear reader. It says that the product has been specially adapted for use with heated appliances, and that it has a triple formula to ensure heat protection, a bouncy blowdry without flyaways and leaves a voluminous style which lasts for three days.

      It also says that the spray is used by top stylists and give tips for usage which is pretty standard - spray on damp hair and blow dry.

      ~The product~
      The product sprays really easily and I find a few sprays adequately covers my thick hair. The smell is kind of standard hair product - a little bit fruity but neither nice or offensive. It sinks into wet/damp hair and doesn't feel in any way sticky, tacky or dry. In fact you can't even tell it's there.

      I usually part blow dry my hair and part allow it to dry naturally, and then use straighteners. I've found that my hair has much more volume with this product, and I'm left with a big bouncy hair style. Both my grandma and my fiance have commented that they can tell the difference.

      As I wash my hair every other day, I can't say whether the volume lasts for three days. But I can vouch for the volume, I am really happy with the results and I do find that I have less flyaways and my hair feels overall smooth and shiny. I got caught in the rain two weeks ago, and when I checked on my hair it had gone curly but not in a crazy way, in quite a nice wavy way which has never happened before (my hair usually goes for the mane like look if I let it do it's own thing.)

      I've had this spray for about a month and I've used about a third of the bottle, using this every time I wash my hair.

      ~Top tips~
      I also use Tres Semme Root Boost spray, I tend to dry my hair upside down a bit and I don't straighten from the roots to get some volume into my hair

      Whilst pricey, I love this product and I will keep using it in the future. I really have seen a difference to the volume I can achieve with my hair. I also feel that my hair has less static and is smoother. It's also good to know I'm protecting it from heat in the long term. Overall I'm impressed!


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        22.04.2013 04:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Keeps hair straight, shiny and in brillaint condition - 5 Gold stars!!!

        L'Oreal Elnett Satin - 3 days straight

        Product Overview

        The Elnett Satin Heat Protection sprays are available in three different types, while the bottles almost look identical for all three they have slightly different protection properties. Each bottle has a small coloured square in the bottom right had side of the container that is used to identify the difference between the products.

        The three sprays are as follows :-

        Blue Square - 3 Days Straight - A heat protection spray designed to protect your hair while straightening and to help smooth hair and lock out fizz and humidity

        Red Square - 3 Day Waves - A heat protection spray designed to protect your hair while curling that also helps gives definition and lock out flyaways and humidity.

        Pink Square - 3 Day Volume - A heat protection spray designed to protect your hair while drying that helps create a voluptuous bouncy blow-dry and lock out flyaways and humidity.

        All three of these sprays are designed to protect your hair from any heated device up to 230 degrees centigrade.

        This review is about the 3 day straight spray.

        I have always suffered with very thick frizzy hair, it refuses to curl naturally and although it is happy to straighten fairly easily it re fluffs and frizzes the moment it feels any humidity. I have lost track over the years how many serums and sprays I have tried so I was very sceptical when I saw an advert for this spray in one of my magazines. However as a user of their hairspray, which I adore, I thought I would have a look in boot's the next time I was in town. I may have tried 10001 other products that have not worked but that does not stop me buying the next one with that little bit of hope no matter how sceptical I have become over the years, I am that desperate to have lovely soft glossy straight hair, that I am willing to keep trying for that "perfect product"!

        When I got to boots I was a little put off by the price, at £5.99 it is a lot of money for a protection spray, however I had a voucher to use up so thought I would treat myself. I admit I spent a good amount of time looking at it and placed it back on the shelf twice. It was actually the quality container that gave me hope that this product was not just something else to use once and throw into my make up box. The product is inside a soft plastic bottle that has been incased in a hard perspex case, this is topped by a really nice trigger spray, that is pump activated but the best part is the spray has a safety on and off button on it. This means it can safely be packed for travelling without worry that something is going to set the trigger off.

        The spray directions say to apply to damp hair, spraying evenly around 15cm away from your hair. I am yet to find out how much is suggested to spray but with my thick long hair I am currently spraying around 15 sprays onto towel dried hair.

        The spray is milky in colour and is non sticky, it has a really nice fruity scent which leaves a nice smell in my hair, with no residue. When applied I have found that the spray actually helps with the knots and tangles associated with curly hair, which is a real bonus!

        One I have sprayed my hair I like to give it a good brush through with my Tangle Teezer, just to make sure that it has covered my hair evenly and that all the knots are out, then I blow dray and straighten with my GHD's.

        I have found that even after simple blow drying this product is improving the straightness of my hair and by the time the GHD's have worked their magic I really am having a Good Hair Day!

        The first test for this spray was around 2 weeks after I started using it, I got caught in town without a brolly and it started raining. Although I pulled my scarf up over my head, the dampness and humidity normally would have caused my hair to start curling and at worst frizzing. I headed to the nearest toilets to assess the damage and expected to have to resort to plat or bun to minimise the damage. I almost hit the floor!!! My hair was poker straight and looked perfect. I do not kidd, this has never ever happened before. I was sure it was a fluke! However, it has happened over and over, to the point a few weeks back I left a friend lost for words when I did not carry out my legendary run for cover at the slightest spot of rain.

        Now I am not saying this product is life changing! However it has given me so much more freedom and confidence and it has also helped speeding up straightening time for my hair which anyone with wild long hair like mine knows is a godsend.

        Spray Size

        The spray comes in a 170 ML bottle


        A hefty retail price of £5.99 but worth every penny. The product is available in most boot's and superdrug stores.


        I adore this product, if I ever hear of this being discontinued I will be the mad woman grabbing them off the shelves snarling at anyone who got to close! This spray really does leave my hair poker straight, silky soft and really shiny. I no longer have bed head! Even after a night out, I wake up to a straight silky smooth hair do. All bow down to the Elnett gods! I would not be without this now and I would give it 10 stars out of 5 if I could. However since it's a maximum of 5 stars this will have to do however they are Gold Stars!!!!


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      • Product Details

        Elnett Heat Protect Styling Sprays from L'Oreal Paris contains heat protection that features Xylose, a thermo-protective ingredient that shields the hair fibre from excessive heat and most importantly prevents the hair from drying out / 230 degree hair protection, locks out frizz for a satin smooth finish, by spritzing through damp hair, rough drying and running straighteners through the lengths and ends.