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L'Oréal Elvive Anti Frizz Creme

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Styling Cream / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2008 16:10
      Very helpful



      Not worth it's price tag

      Frizz is the biggest bain of my life. It doesn't matter how well I style my hair it threatens my evenings out with regularity! I can spend a long time primping and priming my hair within an inch of it's life using time and patience, expensive products and I straighten usually with straightening irons and then leave the house say for an evening out at the pub and between the time it takes to leave my house and travel there I usually look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards and sadly the pub in a car only takes 5 minutes to get there! It's awful!

      The problem is that my hair can't decide what it wants to be like! When wet my hair goes into loose ringlets. However I loosely towel dry my barnet and my hair immediately gets covered in frizz and the curls drop out. Use no products and leave it to dry naturally I'm left with very wavy hair with the odd curl and it's unruly and you just couldn't be seen in that state believe me!

      Styling my hair curly with bendy rollers, heated rollers or tongs (all of which I own) is time consuming and difficult and even when it looks ok either my fine hair stops holding the curls that I've achieved or the frizz takes over (or both things happen lol). I do find styling it curly and getting it to stay curly is just way to difficult for me and a waste of my time so I rarely bother.

      So me... I'm a straightening addict. I find it less time consuming and just easier all round although I do struggle to get some bits straight and I do find always (even with ghds at the moment) that one bit of my hair in particular defies them and goes into a curl almost immediately! The rest of my hair though goes straight but as I said it does take work for me and a lot of products as well. Now even though I can get relatively ok results in achieving straight hair, still the frizz for me is a huge problem particulary with humidity about.

      My hair is a bit of everything and I hate it. For real. It drives me nuts. My hair is fine but frizzy. I have greasy roots that go far too shiny within an hour of drying it but my mid section is as dry as a bone. My ends split all the time and my ends are always straggly. My hair can one minute be bouncy and the next appear dead as a dodo and if I use the wrong product on my hair my hair falls out with me for days on end. I'm malting a lot of hair at the moment as well and went to the hairdressers yesterday for a cut and I was worried I was over styling my hair with heated appliances etc but she thinks it's to do with my diet (which is poor) and I'm not going bald after all lol

      Recently due to the fact I started losing lots of hair I decided that I can't possibly put a halt onto using heated hair appliances. It's simply not an option for me because it's hard enough to get my hair looking nice with all the methods I've mentioned without doing nothing to it at all and I have a social life and ladies I'm sure you'd agree with me it's no good going out dressed up to the nines and with your slap on to have a buzzbee hair do! I'd rather not go out at all! So I purchased a few products on a shopping trip percifically to help me so that I could maybe cut down on the timing it takes to style with heat and to try to stop frying my hair so much!

      This product being an anti-frizz cream stood out to me for obvious reasons!

      The Packaging....

      Shimmery orange, plastic 200ml recyclable bottle that's round at the base you stand it on and is tall with like an easy to hold dented rim towards the top of it. The dispenser is at the top and is a brown colour which you pull or push to open and close to reveal a little hole that you squeeze the bottle and the liquid comes out of. On the front of the bottle in gold writing I'm told it's Loreal, Paris then in brown capital letters I'm told it Elvive. Then I'm told it's Stylist, Anti-frizz Creme, Smooth-Intense. Then I'm told it's Leave-In and that it de crinkles, and nourishes the hair. Controls frizz and is for rebellious, difficult to smooth hair. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use including two small drawn diagrams of a lady using the product, ingredients, contact details for Loreal, size is stated (as I've listed already), there it the recycle symbol on there and finally a white bar- code. It's quite a nice sturdy bottle with all the info on it you need and looks quite classy.

      About The Product....

      'New daily beauty essential to style your hair and provide long-lasting smoothing and anti-frizz protection. Its extremely light non-greasy texture melts instantly onto the hair'.

      Directions For Use....

      On Towel Dried Hair...

      Spread evenly along the full length of the hair. 1 small nut size amount of creme for short to mid-length hair, 2 small nut size amounts for long hair. For optimal smoothing, blow-dry your hair using a round brush.

      On Dry Hair....

      Ideal to redefine a strand of hair and control stray frizzes. Dispense a very small amount on the tip of your fingers and work the creme into the hair by running fingertips along each strand to smooth the hair.

      Using It....

      Well lets talk about using it on damp hair first shall we? I use this on freshly washed shampooed and conditioned hair. I towel dry it lightly and give my hair a comb or brush through first. Nut sized? Well how big are the nuts? Small nuts? I think of hazelnuts so I use that sort of amount and for me I use two as I have quite long hair. I gently, as directed smooth it down from my root to the ends and I find that it is a little greasy feeling and for that reason I can feel where I have covered with the liquid and where I haven't which I do like because I can add more if I need to. It's really easily absorbed and easy to apply and my hair seems to drink it in.

      The white liquid is actually rather thin and makes me think of a lotion rather than a creme/cream. When you first dispense it on to you hand ready to apply I gently rub it first so my palms are coated and at first I thought this product was really greasy but it isn't at all when you take a good look at it. It's not creamy consistency either. It's watery and if your not careful it will drip off you hands although it does feel quite moisturising. Smell wise it's very pleasant and suitable for men or women in my view. It simply smells like a decent leave-in conditioner that I guess is fruity based but it really isn't an in your face smell and once dried into the hair stays smelling light, fresh and fragrant but you have to sniff for it!

      I always blow dry my hair and it doesn't matter with this whether I smooth it with a comb or brush as I go or rough dry it the results are the same for me.

      Hair feels a little softer but I mean a little bit softer but I warn you that's my opinion and I went to my hairdressers and she felt through my hair and insisted on washing it before cutting it as she felt my hair was drier than usual and she said she could feel the product on her fingers so our opinions do differ however I felt it was a little more hydrated with using this product than it was before I had used it.

      Hair though isn't frizz free after using this, in fact it's quite the opposite. In no shape or form did I have less frizz! Before I combed it as I was straightening it with straighteners after my hair-drying I had tugs and knots which I don't normally have and there is no way I could have simply tied my hair back as my hair felt and looked more flyaway and bouncy. Yes I did have a bit of life in my hair for once but far too much so obviously this creme isn't heavy (on my hair).

      Styling it with 220c hair straighteners put it right and I managed to get rid of the frizz with some effort and hair did feel as I said more bouncy but this is indeed a tricky product to use and to get the hang of and me... I don't have the patience for it.

      Using it on dry hair as directed to put a few strands in their place is a nightmare! The cream defined my problems rather than helped them and I had kiss curls although frizz was helped with this method so maybe would be great for people with curly hair!

      In Conclusion....

      Hair isn't made as soft as I'd like it to be. Frizz isn't helped one bit. My hair smells nice and to be fair I can't feel the product and it does give a nice, healthy shine. I don't hate this product I just don't see the point in using it because frizz free.... I'm really not and it's debatable if it actually makes it worse rather than better in my case!

      I purchased mine in Boots for £3.99 and it can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists and online! Not recommended by me due to it not fulfilling it's promises.


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