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L'Oréal Elvive Nutri Repair Anti Breakage Conditioner

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Repairs, Nourishes,

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    3 Reviews
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      26.12.2009 17:33
      Very helpful



      Fantastic product at great price, hair saviour!

      I bleached my hair last year in the quest to attain pink hair and then last week I stupidly coloured my hair again to a horrible red colour. Unfortunately for my hair, it can't take anymore chemicals and has started to snap in half, fall out and has become really knotted. It is so badly damaged that I cannot even get the brush through my hair. It is dry and feels like straw. Fortunately for me I came across this product and now I am a happy bunny and am concocting my next wild colour to try. My hair has been saved after using this conditioner for just one day. My hair is now shiny, smooth and I can comb it without any knots being there. The Elvive products are currently on offer at Tesco and so probably other supermarkets too. The conditioner is specifically for dry, damaged hair. The conditioner is intense and you leave it on wet hair for 1-2 minutes. I don't think it is to be used daily as it may make your hair greasy. In my case I am using it every day to try and get my hair healthy again but my hair is very dry. The consistency is good, you can apply it to your hair without having to use too much. I used this product last year when I bleached my hair. My hair was dry and stiff from the chemicals and felt awful. Again I couldn't get the brush through it without my hair snapping away and knotting on the ends. This product is fantastic, it has made my hair soft even though I have had a bad hair disaster. I am using this in conjunction with the Elvive dry and damaged shampoo, both seem to compliment one another well. A great conditioner, it really does the job I recommend this fully.


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        02.07.2009 20:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        When I was young I always blamed my mother for 'ruining my life' because I inherited her curly hair. Now I just accepted it but it just needs a lot of care to look good and healthy. It is really a disaster, so curly and thick that it is a nightmare for every hairdresser. I have to wash it every day and accordingly blow dry it every single morning. My hair tends to get dry quite easily and unfortunately it is also in desperate need of a 'hair repair cure'.

        The L'Oreal Elvive range was always one of my favourites and after experimenting with a cheaper product and failing I'll only buy the Elvive products from now on.

        Normally I buy the 'Damage Care/ Anti Breakage' range which sounds perfect with the promise that it 'fills in cracks and helps to repair hair'.

        The intensive conditioner is great and my hair just feels very soft and looks a lot healthier and smoother since I started using it again. I have to add that I use it in combination with the shampoo and conditioner of the same range so the smoothing effect gets intensified.

        Look & Smell

        The tub is rather small and shiny yellow with red and silver writing. Don't ask me what 'Ceramide Cement' is but apparently it 'fills in cracks, seals the cuticle, helps repair hair and gives you a silky feel'. Sounds almost too good to be true!

        Oh wait, the label on the back just informed me that 'Ceramide Cement' is a 'replica of the natural cement found in hair'.

        Furthermore the label promises hair that will be 'deeply replenished and nourished from rot to tip - rediscover silky, supple hair'. That's something I absolutely agree with, my hair is a lot easier to brush and is not so frizzy anymore; you can definitely see a positive difference.

        The conditioner is shiny white and has a very creamy texture which makes it easy to apply it on your hair and work it through the whole length.
        The smell is lovely; there's no label like 'smells of coconut' on it or anything but I try to describe it to you. It smells a bit of citrus fruits mixed with a low-key flowery scent - similar to ripe pineapple or peaches. Overall it is lovely, quite refreshing and not 'heavy'.

        The scent stays in your hair for several hours and gives you this lovely freshly showered feeling for the whole day.

        Using it

        I normally use quite a lot of conditioner but I have long hair so it depends how your hair is. A blob the size of a 2 pound coin should be sufficient and I don't think that you will need any more than that
        After shampooing your hair just work the conditioner in your wet hair and your hair instantly feels a lot smoother. Wait a few minutes (the label says 1 or 2) and rinse thoroughly. The conditioner doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling in your hair as others do.

        I normally use the standard conditioner of this range everyday and twice a week the intense conditioner.

        Drying and combing is a lot easier as my hair is not interloped at all anymore. I do have to say that drying seems to take a bit longer compared to when I don't use conditioner - but that effect occurs with every conditioner and not just the Elvive one. I have to say that there is not a big difference between the normal and the intensive conditioner. The only advantage is that I can use it as a hair mask as well.

        After styling my hair feels softer and my curls look more natural and smooth.
        The effects are of course even stronger if you use it in combination with the 'damage care' shampoo but that is not a must.

        I sometimes use the conditioner as an overnight hair mask as well. Just work it in your dry hair before going to sleep and wash the next morning. My hair is always incredibly soft and smooth after doing that.

        Price & Value

        L'Oreal products are not very cheap but definitely worth the price! A 200ml tub of intensive conditioner will normally set you back with 2.75, but I was lucky and found it reduced at Tesco's for 99p.

        The 400ml bottles of the shampoo and conditioner of the same Elvive range will cost you around 3.30 each - but believe me, they are worth the money.

        The Elvive range is one of the best hair care ranges I've ever tried and I'm normally very loyal to this brand. However, I'm on a big saving money trip at the moment so I tried some cheaper alternatives with a disastrous ending, my hair was even drier than before and it took me over two weeks using tons of the Elvive shampoo and conditioner to repair the damage.

        My hair just feels lovely now and I can highly recommend the 'Anti Breaking' range for everyone with dry or damaged hair. It is especially good for curly hair; the curls just look softer and more natural.

        If you have smooth hair I would say that a normal conditioner is enough.


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          12.04.2007 21:45
          Very helpful



          Won't be buying the bottle!

          It has to be noted that I only tried this product due to a free sample.

          -L'Oreal Conditioners-

          L'Oreal Elvive have a large number of conditioners and hair care products available, some of which I have listed:
          * Multi-Vitamins Conditioner
          * Smooth-Intense Conditioner
          * Colour Protect Conditioner
          * Age-Defying Conditioner
          * Nutri-Gloss Conditioner

          All of the afore mentioned conditioners have L'Oreal shampoos that the company advises / promotes you to use alongside the conditioners for the best effect.

          - Nutri-Repair / Anti-Breakage Conditioner -

          As already stated I received this as a free sample and it lasted 5 washes so I am reviewing the short-term effects of the product.

          - What it is said to do -

          * Reduce damage caused by daily brushing and blow drying.
          * The Ceramide-R it contains helps repair microsplits and protects against further damage.
          * Transforms hair from being fragile, dry and damaged to soft, shiny and vibrant.
          * Targets damaged areas to help restore the surface of the hair, leaving it stronger, smoother and softer.
          * Instantly detangles.
          * Gives your hair a new lease of life.
          * Protects the hair without weighing it down.

          - Price & Packaging -

          This is currently 2.98 for a 400ml bottle and there's also a BOGOF offer on at Boots for this product.

          The plastic container is a golden yellow with a flip top lid on which it sits, not the tub / pot shown by dooyoo.

          - Smell -

          This is pleasant enough and reminds me somewhat of very ripe peaches. I can bear the smell but I asked my friend to take a sniff of it as smells are so subjective and he went 'urgh! Too sickly and sweet' although I did wonder whether his comments were aimed at me!!

          - My experience -

          The conditioner itself is pale cream in colour and not quite as thick as conditioners that I have used in the past.
          As with most conditioners it is very easy to apply, just make sure that you don't put too much on the roots of your hair, try to apply the majority to the ends which tend to be the areas that need it most.

          I always tend to leave conditioners on for a good few minutes, forever in the hope that this gives them longer to work their magic!!

          Once applied and left on for a few minutes, it's time to rinse it off. Again always ensure that you get every last bit of it off as conditioners that aren't properly washed out can leave your hair looking dull and a little greasy.

          I do have very frizzy, coarse hair and I did notice that when rinsing this off, my hair was feeling a lot more tangled than it does with other conditioners I have used.

          I persevered, not being one to give up and went to blow dry my hair. What can I say except for a bit of a mess. As already stated, my hair is frizzy and by no means the easiest hair to dry but this just made it seem even more unruly and wild, which believe me isn't a good look.

          I like to give things a second or even third chance, after all, it may have been my hair's mood of the day that made it even wilder than usual but on Wednesday I used this conditioner again and it really didn't feel properly conditioned and I ended up using a Charles Worthington conditioner (review to follow) after using this L'Oreal one and what a difference.

          - My Verdict -

          I'll try and be succinct with this section.
          I was whole-heartedly disappointed with this product and am so pleased that I tried it due to a freebie and hadn't parted with any money and been left with a bottle of it.
          In my short-lived experience of the product it doesn't appear to do anything that it proclaims to do.
          In it's defence it may require long-term use to fight against breakage of hair but so disappointed was I with it that I have even thrown the rest of the freebie away!

          I shan't be ever buying this as it just didn't do anything for my dry hair, if anything it made it more tangled whilst washing.


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