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L'Oréal Elvive Repair Anti Breakage Tube

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Brand: L'Oréal / Hair treatment. / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2009 04:07
      Very helpful



      Not buying this again!

      So, I saw this product a while ago and wanted to try it. It was on offer in Tesco where it had been £4.99 reduced to half price (£2.49); I thought I'd give it a go.

      It's a sort of leave in conditioner which you leave on overnight and don't need to rinse in the morning. Its designed to help stop the breakage in your hair which can be caused by everything from heated hair appliances (straighteners, curling tongs, hairdryers...) to what foods you eat (not enough of certain foods like protein (meat, cheese, nuts, Quorn, beans) to even feeling stressed a lot can all take their toll on your hair and leave it weakened.

      I have tried Elvive products before- my mum uses the shampoo and conditioners which I have used and although not mind blowing, found them OK. Useable and also noticed that they are by L'Oreal, the very same company who make Kerastase, Redken and Matrix. All luxury salon priced lines which I am a big fan of. I wondered if by some chance, they had used similar ingredients in the Elvive lines.

      Now, I am under no illusion. Hair is dead. It's dead once it gets outside your scalp. It cannot be brought back to life by you drinking more water or taking excess vitamin pills. That will only affect the hair which is growing at the time and about a millimetre or so around your actual scalp. But what I do know is that I tried Kerastase leave in Nectar Thermique which really transformed my hair. I know how it works- it coats my hair, it does not "fix" my hair, the problem is still there, but a product has made it appear all better again and feeling fantastic. Now, I am not able to afford the £17.50 new bottle so after it's gone, it's gone. My hair will do its best imitation of Cinderella, drop a few last stunning Kerastase affected strands onto my pillow before resuming its broken state once more. What I was hoping was that the Elvive line of leave in conditioner for anti-breakage would have some affinity with the Kerastase line- and maybe fix the brittle condition my hair was in.

      The product comes in a small-ish tube of size 125mls (which is only 25mls smaller then the Kerastase one- and also boosted my suspicions). It's sold in a box which the tube is inside. The labels read its X10 concentrated, made with "ceramide-cement" (I wish brands would stop using random chemical names when we normal people have not a clue on what it really is or does!) and says it "Helps repair hair nourishes and retextures". My hopes where high on this- not even the Kerastase product claims to do all of that!

      So, on use: very easy to open, you wind the grilled spout to open, squeeze the required amount out, and wind to click to close. Very easy to apply, the white gel like formula I spread over my finders and palms and began to distribute though my hair playing special attention to the very damaged parts and the front.
      The product smells OK. Not amazing, but clean, fresh. I would go as far to say it's a unisex type of scent.
      I left my hair to dry and have tried both leaving my hair to dry naturally and also tried with a hair drier. The results are slightly softer with a drier, but nothing big in terms of softness. My hair with this product on was not very soft, in fact it felt very much like there was something on it that should not be there- too much product, my hair felt slightly crunchy and heavy. Yes it felt stronger, but in terms of wire like, it did not feel healthier. Now, I had applied this the same night as I wash my hair. My hair has issues; it's dry, too dry- and frizzy. I can't wash it every day or it gets even worse, it gets washed every other day. I wish I had not applied this the same day as I washed my hair- it meant I had the whole next day and a half with my hair feeling rough and harsh. One thing I have not tried is to rinse it out the following morning (mainly as the box reads "no need to rinse") but maybe it's worth a try. (One day when I don't mind having a bad hair day). Also, to do that, I'd still need to use hair conditioner, thus rinsing out all of the hair treatment, meaning the results from the treatment would be no longer anyway.

      So, you'd think that rinsing my hair would maybe transform it- after all, if it's just the product on my hair leaving it feeling like wire, once the product had been rinsed out, it would maybe be left with a nice residue which helps to prevent breakage, right?
      Well, nope, 'fraid not. In retrospect it would be pretty ambitious anyway, wouldn't it? A product that managed to outlast not just a shampoo rinse, but a following conditioner and warm water plus scrub. I think if a product did manage to stay in my hair after all that, it really would have prevented the breakage for good and scientists would be up in arms about life after death! (Remembering that hair itself is dead).

      So, to summarise, this leave in treatment which claims to prevent breakage, may work in terms of turning my hair to feel like actual cement, gritty, wire like, sort of strong but not as nice as it does naturally and nowhere near as soft as other leave in conditioners I use have done. I want my money back!


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