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L'Oréal EverPure Moisture Conditioner

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4 Reviews

Brand: L'Oréal / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      16.09.2015 01:28
      Very helpful



      A Better Experience Than With The Shampoo

      Recently I was sorting out stacks of samples that I have and I found this L’Oreal Ever Pure conditioner along with the shampoo. I had a few sachets of each which I think I had acquired from magazines so decided to use them up.

      The sachets have a picture of the packaging on the front. The conditioner comes in a metallic purple coloured tube which sits on its flip cap lid. The tube looks very similar to the matching shampoo.

      ~ Price ~
      A fullsize 250ml tube of this conditioner costs £6.20 and is available from Boots as well as larger supermarkets.

      ~ In Use ~
      The conditioner is aimed at people who have coloured hair.

      ~ Positives ~
      I was surprised to find that the shampoo had left my hair feeling dry and rough. I gave it a few more chances without my hair feeling any more hydrated.
      I used the conditioner on my hair after each wash with the shampoo and found that it helped a lot to make my hair feel soft and nourished again.
      The conditioner is white in colour and it feels quite thin. It has a strong scent which reminds me of Cif bathroom cleaner. It is citrusy and quite harsh, with a hint of something that reminds me of lavender; quite a sharp plant-like scent. The scent has grown on me, but at first I wasn’t too keen on it. It is not a universally appealing scent and I think a lot of people will find it a bit harsh.
      The conditioner is easily applied and rinses out easily as well. It makes my hair feel soft and nourished rescuing it from the dehydrating effect of the matching shampoo. I am a lot happier with this conditioner than I am the shampoo. It works well and the scent lingers in my hair for a while after I have used it. I think it makes my hair more manageable and a lot easier to brush through.

      ~ Negatives ~
      I wouldn’t say it was the best conditioner I have ever used. I was just happy that it actually worked and revived my hair after the shampoo dried it out. I think it is quite expensive for a relatively small tube of conditioner. I have found that some conditioners a lot cheaper than this one work just as well.
      As it smells a bit like Cif bathroom cleaner and because the shampoo dried my hair out, I can’t help but feeling that there are ingredients in this product that are damaging to my hair. Even though this conditioner has worked well I would still never buy a fullsize bottle and would prefer to go for something that I feel is kinder to my hair. I also think £6.20 for a 250ml bottle of conditioner is too expensive, especially as it is not what I would consider to be a premium brand.


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      13.04.2013 17:35
      Very helpful



      I wont buy it again

      I love getting freebies and recently was lucky enough to receive through the post a sample of L'Oreal Ever Pure Colour Care and Moisture Conditioner. Its always nice to try something before shelling out hard earned cash and then not liking it particularly when this  conditioner costs £5.99. 

      My sample was in the form of a sachet which shows a picture of the product in a pink coloured tube.  The front of the tube has the L'Oreal logo at the top and informs the customer that this is Ever Pure Conditioner. The back of my sachet gives a small statement about the conditioner stating that is contains botanical oils and offers a "non sulphate cleansing system", it has been designed to keep coloured and weakened hair looking shiny and nourished. 

      On opening the sachet the conditioner is white in colour and a nice consistency, not too thick but at the same time not runny so it runs straight off my hair. I wasn't too keen on the smell of the shampoo in this range but the conditioner smells lovely, it has a lovely mild herbal smell which is fresh and clean. 

      I washed my hair as usual with the sample of the Ever Pure shampoo I received along with the conditioner and then applied the conditioner to my hair, after massaging the conditioner into my hair I combed it through from root to tip as I always do then rinsed my hair. 

      I found the conditioner washed easily and cleanly from my hair leaving it totally tangle free and smooth, my hair felt lovely. The herbal fragrance didn't linger in my hair but I wasn't bothered about this, I like to wear nice perfume and hate anything to interfere with it. 

      After drying my hair I was pleased with the results, my hair was shiny and felt lovely, it smelt fresh and clean and very soft. I found it easy to brush through my hair and loved how it felt. 

      Despite being pleased with how my hair looked and felt after using the Ever Pure Conditioner I am unlikely to buy a full sized tube, I used it along with the Ever Pure Shampoo and found my hair, which I usually wash every 2 to 3 days, needed washing the very next day, it felt greasy and horrible. I'm not sure if it was the shampoo or conditioner or a combination of them both that made my hair feel greasy but costing £5.99 for 250ml's I really don't feel inclined to buy a full size tube to find out. 


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      20.05.2012 22:26
      Very helpful



      A great conditioner, but out of my price league

      I am not one to buy expensive shampoos or conditioners whatever they claim to do, I am quite happy with a shampoo or conditioner that is a reasonable price that leaves my hair feeling and looking in good condition. However, recently I was sent a sample of this L'oreal Everpure Colour Care Moisture conditioner, which as it is usually priced at £5.99 is way out of my price league for a conditioner, despite me being a fan of l'oreal in general.

      This Everpure range of shampoos and conditioners promote themselves on being sulphate free. There are other shampoos and conditioners in the range, but this particular one 'Colour Care and moisture' conditioner has been designed with those who have overprocessed coloured or dry hair in mind. I have highlights in my hair, and although I wouldn';t class my hair as dry in texture, I am sure it gets very damaged by the daily blow drying and straightening.

      As well as having a non sulphate content, this conditioner also contains botanical rosemary and mint oils to leave hair feeling nourished.

      As I said at the beginning, I received a free sample of this conditioner. After washing my hair, I decided to give it a go and let it linger on my hair for a couple of minutes before washing it out. I cannot say at any time that I noticed any fragrance with this conditioner, either as I put it on my hair or that remained on my hair afterwards, despite it containing mint and rosemary, which I thought you might have got a scent of.

      This conditioner washed out of my hair, and after blow drying my hair and straightening, I could see first of all a difference in the volume of my hair, which with fine limp hair, this is a big advantage in my eyes, especially since it didn't claim to give volume (this was exactly the same as when I used my sample EverPure shampoo!). My hair looked full of life and body, and feel so soft to touch. The highlights seemed a lit brighter, but it could have been my imagination, but most of all, my hair looked in great condition, and seemed to stay looking volumised and soft all day long.

      All in all, just like the Everpure shampoo sample that I tried, this conditioner gave my fine hair much needed volume, which it doesn't ever claim to do. It left my hair feeling soft to touch, and looking very heatlhy and shiny. Although I wouldn't pay £5.99 for any conditioner, if this is the kind of money you usually spend on a conditioner, well this is definitely worth a try.


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      12.02.2012 22:21
      Very helpful



      A really nice conditioner with no SLS or nasty chemicals to protect coloured hair

      L'oreal Ever pure Moisture conditioner

      I am always looking out for products that are kinder to the environment and to me. I was quite delighted to see that that a large company like L'Oreal was producing a sulphate free product. I have only recently discovered that L'Oreal actually own Body shop so maybe that philosophy is carrying over to the mother company.

      This range promises:
      "EverPure Colour Care Products are 100% vegan with no sulfates, harsh salts, or colour-stripping ingredients. An exclusive Anti-Fade System features UV Filters for long-lasting colour purity"

      I do dye my hair as I have a few grey hairs at the front and I really cannot allow thenm to show through. My hair is also slightly darker than I really like it so I try to get it a bit lighter too. This and the fact that I use a hair dryer and straighteners and my hair is already quite dry does mean that I try to 'feed' some moisture back into my hair when I shampoo and condition it.

      I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive these free from the site when I completed a survey about my hair needs. I was quite delighted to get two full sized tubes, one of shampoo and the other conditioner specially created for colour treated hair needing a bit of tender loving care. Looking on Amazon I see these tubes of conditioner are £9.79 so I am even more delighted with my freebie.

      There are three different options in the Everpure range, mine is 'Ever moist' but they also have 'Ever sleek' and 'Ever strong ' presumably for curly/frizzy hair and thin wispy hair.

      They come in large tubes like big toothpaste tubes with the lid on the bottom so the product is ready to be squeezed out. My tube is a sort of grey colour with pink writing. I really struggle to read the writing on the tube so just as well I don't need to read instructions on the side as there is no way i would be able to. I struggle to tell which is the shampoo and which the conditioner when I am in the shower.

      A sulfate is a chemical cleaning agent or detergent and that can remove oils from the hair and skin. The most normally used sulfate is sodium lauryl sulfate, and sadly this is found n products such as toothpastes, shaving foams and shampoos. These have been found to cause skin allergies and may be linked to cancer.

      Most products that have a lather contain surfactants. They are in there because they disrupt the hydrogen bonding in water and then the sulfate is able to penetrate clothes or hair or whatever allowing it to spread evenly and lather up well.

      SLS can cause eye irritation, scalp irritation, tangled hair, swelling of the hands, face and arms and split and fuzzy hair. There are more alarming reactions from prolonged use of products with SLS but if you are concerned then I suggest you look this up yourself. Suffice to say that this is NOT a nice ingredient and is only used in these products as it is cheap.


      When you colour your hair you are already exposing it to chemicals and so it needs a bit of TLC to maintain the colour. Shampoos and conditioners with SLS strip the colour from your hair so if a shampoo or conditioner has a lot of alcohol it will strip the colour from your hair leaving it dry and brittle.

      This shampoo and conditioner has been created without SLS or alcohol and is very gently on the hair. It is made with natural rosemary and mint which helps leave the hair soft and well conditioned. It also smells really lovely, more minty than rosemary in my view.

      If you do have coloured hair they suggest you should wash your hair in tepid water rather than very hot water. Don't rub your hair dry with the towel, you should gently squeeze your hair in the towel and pat it dry so that you don't damage the hair strands.

      I use the shampoo that goes with this first then afterwards use this conditioner. I only use just over an inch long worm of the product squeezed out of the tube. It is pretty thick in consistency and spreads easily through my wet hair. My hair is pretty short at the moment so obviously if you have longer hair you will need to use more.

      I leave the conditioner in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. My hair always feels quite silky and this takes a bit of rinsing out. I do make an effort to follow the advice and use tepid water and running water so that my hair is really clean.

      I then towel my hair dry a bit before drying with my hair dryer. I only use the straighteners to smooth some bits that don't go where Ii want them so I don't over use the straighteners as I really don't want to damage my hair more than I need to.

      I love the smell of the mint in the conditioner, the rosemary I can't really smell which is strange as rosemary is quite a strong aroma. I do know that washing your hair in rosemary infused water is supposed to be good for it so that is why it is there. The smell of the conditioner is refreshing and does linger in my hair once dried. It also feels nice and cool on my head as I leave the conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing off and I quite like that.

      Once my hair is dry it feels nice and clean as well as quite soft. My hair is never very soft but it does feel nice. I coloured my hair a month ago and so far no grey showing so that is a good sign. I find that my hair lasts just as long between washes and only needs the one shampooing so it is not really dirty or greasy.
      Another great thing about this conditioner is that it has a special UV protect formula and this stops the sun damaging my hair. By protecting my hair from the sun this also helps to keep the colour of my hair from fading. This is obviously more important if you live somewhere with a lot of sun but even in our winter the damaging UV rays can slip through.


      Bearing in mind the price I am not sure than I would spend £10 on a conditioner but it has lasted me ages so maybe it is worth it for the lack of nasty ingredients in this one.

      It smells lovely but not false at all, the minty smell smells like real mint and leaves my head nice and cool feeling.

      This is a really great conditioner with a lovely feel to it when using it and it also leaves my hair nice and felling soft and clean without feeling heavy.

      I would say yes I will have to save my Amazon vouchers for this one when it runs out and buy myself this again.

      Well done L'oreal for creating a great product free of nasty SLS, alcohol or salts that will damage hair and strip the colour from my dyed hair. Hopefully more companies will follow your example. LUSH take note!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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