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L'Oreal EverPure Moisturising Conditioner

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Brand: L'Oreal / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Hair type: coloured hair / What it does: Cleanses, Moisturises, Nourishes / Product line: L'Oreal EverPure

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2013 21:37
      Very helpful



      An amazing conditioner which suits my hair beautifully

      I have hair that ranges from being long to ultra-long so need to use conditioner on a daily basis to keep my locks smooth and manageable, the problem for me being that my hair isn't very thick so unless I'm careful when it comes to choosing my conditioner I can find my hair is quite severely weighed down by it. After using a few sample sachets I've recently started buying L'Oreal Everpure shampoo and conditioner, this review will focus on the conditioner. Costing £5 from Boots it's more than I'll usually spend on 250ml on conditioner, but for reasons explained below this is fast becoming a regular purchase!

      Everpure is a newish product from L'Oreal, designed to be sulphate free it will care for and bring back to life coloured hair. I've been colouring my hair for too many years and this has had a reasonably big impact in the health and appearance of it, something I'm now trying to counter with hair care products that promise to inject *something* into my hair - hopefully a big blob of vitality or at the very least a small dose of shine!

      The conditioner is extremely creamy; it's supplied in a lilac-silver tube rather than a bottle and is easy to squeeze out, you really only need a very small amount to condition your hair so don't be tempted to be heavy handed while dispensing the conditioner. As I said, I have very long hair and still need only a small blob to run through my hair so if you have a shorter style a single tube should last you for ages - mine lasted for almost two weeks and that was with myself and two of my daughters both using it regularly (me daily, the girls' every other day). I have found that once I've shampooed my hair it's best to wring as much water out as possible rather than apply it while it's dripping wet, this seems to help the conditioner spread better and also ensures it penetrates deeper into my hair. On the tube it simply says to apply and rinse off but I like to leave it on my hair for a few minutes to allow it to get right into the hair and work it's magic, I do this with all conditioners and find it does make a difference to how Everpure performs so try to allow a little time for it to sit on my hair for the best results possible.

      I don't like the smell of this conditioner at all as it's a strange mix of creamy and medicinal, I find it really unpleasant actually to the point where when I had a stomach upset recently I couldn't use Everpure due to the smell making me feel sick! I can detect a certain level of menthol in there which seems to intensify as I'm rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, this is a horrible smell and lingers a while longer than I'd like - the thing is this is such a fabulous conditioner that I've learned to ignore this strange odour! Mind over matter...

      Everpure conditioner rinses out easily and doesn't leave any residue at all on my hair, as I'm rinsing it out my hair feels softer and smoother - I can even feel that there are no knots or tangles while I'm rinsing, which is a minor miracle for me as my hair has the tendency to knot badly at the slightest hint of moisture! I towel dry my hair as it's so long that using a hairdryer takes too much time, and when my hair is still semi-wet I give it a good brush. I've been amazed that since using the L'Oreal Everpure conditioner there isn't a single knot in my hair and I can get it brushed straight in literally seconds! It's amazing!

      My hair has an intense shine and feels so soft and smooth after using Everpure for the past couple of months, it's incredible really as my hair is so heavily coloured that I never thought I'd ever be able to attain such healthy looking locks again! I'm extremely impressed with both the appearance and feel of my hair since I began using this conditioner (and also the matching shampoo), it's already become my favourite ever conditioner - which is very impressive really considering I've used hundreds of them in the past!


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        29.09.2012 09:13
        Very helpful



        It worked quite well, but didn't feel worth the price tag..

        I received several free samples of a shampoo and matching conditioner product recently, mostly obtained from magazines that were giving away sachets of the products. I had accumulated enough to use the product for several washes, and this review outlines my experience of using the "L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverPure Colour Care & Moisture Conditioner."

        I cannot comment too much on the packaging of course, as I only had sachets available, but I have seen the product for sale both online and in-store and feel that the packaging has quite a sleek, modern edge to it which gives it a fairly sophisticated look.

        Having a look online, it appears the conditioner is only available to buy in one size as far as I can tell, which is 250ml.

        As @ the time of writing (September 2012), the bottle is available to buy in branches of Boots, or online at www.boots.com, where it will cost you £5.99. This is a higher price than I would normally pay for a colour protection conditioner product, so I was keen to see how it fared in comparison to other products I use regularly.

        The conditioner is described by L'Oreal in the following statement... "Colour Care System with botanical oils. Respects the hair fibre. Non sulphate cleansing system. Specially designed to leave coloured, weakened hair looking shiny and nourished..." I confess that I thought this statement felt rather 'flowery' and quite indulgent and I couldn't help feeling as though the manufacturer was attempting to 'flannel' me a little which really wasn't necessary. My hair is coloured (professionally, most of the time) and so I do like to use specially-formulated products that are aimed at protecting my colour without stripping the hair of it's protective oils which is a fairly common occurrence where some other 'colour care' products are concerned, giving disappointing results despite their claims. I was keen to find out how the L'Oreal Hair Expertise product would compare to these results.

        I thought that the L'Oreal conditioner looked rather 'generic' and certainly there was nothing about the product's appearance that stood out to me as being premium or even that of a higher-than-average quality. Certainly, it looked to be of a good, thick consistency and didn't spill or run from my hand easily, although I do find this is the case with most brands of conditioner that I use regularly, and most 'mainstream' brands certainly have this trait.

        Although there was a pleasant fragrance present whilst the product was being dispensed into my hand, I didn't find that this was particularly attractive, nor did it offer anything 'different' and in actual fact the aroma of the product smelled quite generic too. Feeling slightly 'false', the scent had a surprisingly 'chemical' tone to it and I confess that the scent really did nothing for me. To be fair, this alone would never deter me from re-purchasing a particular product, but if you are a fan of pleasantly fragranced fruity or floral hair care products then the scent of the L'Oreal Ever Pure Conditioner probably wouldn't appeal to you in the slightest.

        I quite like using matching products on my hair as I find the results are often more impressive when products that compliment each other are used. So, for these reasons, I chose to use the L'Oreal Conditioner after I had washed my hair using the matching shampoo.

        I simply shampooed my shoulder- length hair, wrung out the excess moisture, and then applied the conditioner, paying particular attention to the ends. I found that a generous 'blob' (perhaps the size of two ten pence coins) of the conditioner was ample to coat my hair, but this will depend on the length and thickness of your hair of course. I don't tend to apply conditioner too near my roots as I find it can make them quite greasy. I chose instead to 'slick' the conditioner over my wet hair and took a few moments to lightly 'massage' a little into the very ends of the hair shaft, which are more prone to split ends and can often feel dry.

        There were no specific instructions provided with the conditioner about whether it should be left on the hair for a short while before rinsing off, but this is what I usually do with conditioner products and so I left the L'Oreal conditioner on for a few minutes, as per my normal routine. I found that there were no problems with rinsing the product from my hair, and this wasn't difficult to do. I found too that the conditioner hadn't made the lengths of my hair feel at all 'heavy' or overly 'slicked' which is always a good point as I find this feeling to be rather unpleasant and quite uncomfortable. Instead, my hair felt quite pleasant, certainly free from any knots and tangles and slightly smooth to the touch.

        The results thus far were good, yes, but again I have to be honest and say that these are the kind of results that I will achieve quite easily with most 'mainstream' hair conditioners that cost around the £2 mark, so thus far, I was impressed enough - but not overly so, as I had noticed nothing 'extra' with this product at this stage.

        I styled my hair as normal, combing it into shape before using the hair dryer. I found that the comb glided through the lengths of my hair with ease due to no knots or tables being present and the condition of the hair being treated with the L'Oreal product was certainly good.

        After drying, I thought my hair looked nice enough, with a pleasant 'sheen' noticeable, but nothing overly impressive or innovative; I can easily achieve an attractive sheen on my dark hair with just about any conditioner that I use regularly and I did feel a wave of disappointment at the results achieved from the L'Oreal product as a result, particularly as the cost of the full-sized product here is in the region of £6 and I was hoping it was going to give an impressive result. To be fair, my hair looked healthy enough and was tangle-free and rather smooth, so there was nothing wrong with the results as such... they just didn't blow me away.

        In addition, I was pleased to note nothing in the way of dryness - particularly towards the ends of my hair, which is a problem I will face from time to time. This led me to conclude that the conditioner had quite a gentle formula and hadn't overly 'stripped' my hair of its natural oils and moisture. Similarly, I was impressed to note that my expensive hair colouring (carried out in a local salon) had been completely protected by the product, and noticed nothing in the way of fading, or the colour being 'stripped' from the hair shafts. Other than these plus points however, I did feel that the results achieved from using the L'Oreal Hair Expertise Conditioner were rather average.

        In summary then, I felt that the product performed well enough, and certainly it conditioned my hair to my satisfaction. I did feel that the full price of the conditioner is a bit steep, particularly as the results achieved felt very 'average' to me and offered nothing new or different. There was nothing about this product - or the results achieved - that made me think that it offered something a bit new or different to any other good quality conditioner that I buy regularly. For these reasons, I do feel the conditioner is really only deserving of a couple of stars in the product rating score

        I admit that I will probably never seek out the product to purchase it for myself, nor do I find the rather high price tag is particularly justified. It worked well enough, but then, so do most conditioners....


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      • Product Details

        Specifically designed for coloured and dry hair EverPure Colour Care and Moisture is a Colour Care System with non sulphate cleansing and gentle moisturising care / The formulae are enriched with botanical rosemary and mint oils and leave hair feeling nourished / For extra care use conditioner with EverPure Colour Care and Moisture Shampoo and EverPure Intensives /