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L'Oréal Kids Smoothie 2 in 1 Shampoo

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Smoothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2009 14:28
      Very helpful
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      See review!

      My daughter although only three has thick loose ringlets down to her bum and its a nightmare to keep in check food debris, mud, sand you name it gets mangled in and I often have to wash it daily. I found that children's products mainly the Johnsons baby range were not strong enough for her hair because it is a lot thicker than the average baby hair and therefore the product did not clean her hair properly.

      Just recently I have been using my own shampoo and conditioner to wash her hair which has cost me greatly as she insists on washing her hair herself and so ends up filling the bottle with water in the bath or wasting huge amounts in making bubbles! So I decided it was time for a trip to boots to get a shampoo especially for her to save rows and my bank balance!

      We decided on Loreal Kids Cherry-Almond 2 in 1 shampoo it states it has a no tears formula and eliminates knots and leaves hair manageable and the bottle is shaped to look like a red fish with a flip top orange cap.

      Bath time that night and the battle commences she wants to wash her own hair, I am not allowed to squeeze out the shampoo or lather her hair but, she has her own shampoo now so fine! On her opening the bottle (I am not allowed) a waft of bake well tarts fills the bathroom very overpowering and yummy! The shampoo is a clear orange colour. When I do finally manage to do a bit of massaging into her scalp it lathers up well and creates a thick foam.

      After washing and drying her hair comes combing which to be honest is another war the first site of a hairbrush and my daughter is out of the room like a whippet. So the ever faithful pretending to be a hairdresser and pulling her up a stall a magazine and a plastic tea cup from her tea set comes in to play and whilst chatting about the awful weather and her holiday to the caravan, I notice that her hair is, pretty much tangle free and easy to comb.

      Her hair still smelt of bake well tarts the following morning.

      Its priced at £1.85 in boots so not a bad price at all considering she was using my expensive shampoo like water.


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        21.02.2009 20:40
        Very helpful



        Does What It Says On The Tin!

        Straight after the gym, I use a 2-in-1 to clean my hair before I start on my more intense conditioning shampoos and conditioners. I recently tried the Sainsbury's version of Kids 2-in-1 and the L'Oreal version is a far superior version.

        L'Oreal Kids is available in the following versions in the UK:

        - Tropical Mango
        - Strawberry
        - Swim/Sport
        - Soothie Smoothie (Lavender)
        - Burst of Cherry

        My variety of L'Oreal Kids was the Mango version. The packaging for each of the varieties is bright and eye-catching. The mango version is a bright orange bottle. The shape of the bottle is flat and wide with a flip-top cap at the top and to the side of the bottle. The shape of the bottle makes it very easy to hold and dispense shampoo as it fits flat in the palm of your hand. The rear of the bottle gives you information on how to use the product, ingredient information and the packaging tells you that the bottle is recyclable.

        My only gripe with the packaging is the way the way the flip-top cap works. When you are holding the bottle in your hand, you have to use the other hand to open the cap and sometimes it can be too secure, so you have to use force to open the cap. When your hands are wet, as they are in a shower, you tend to exert too much force and this means the cap can break. I've had occasion when it has broken off but held on slightly so you can still close it. Another time, I dropped the bottle and the cap broke completely, so I wondered how on earth I could seal the bottle. Fortunately, the plug was just about ok, but I worried every time I opened my bag that I would find kids 2-in-1 all over my clothes!

        The product claims that there will be no tears, knots or split ends. I can definitely say that the product does not irritate the eyes and when I have used this product on its own, it provides enough moisturise and hydration for my hair to prevent any tangling. After washing with this product only it is easy to run my comb through my hair without it dragging.

        The product lathers up really really well and without too much effort. It is certainly a soapy sudsy (if that is a word) shampoo but it doesn't lather too much. I find a 10p sized piece of shampoo is enough with this to make it effective. Now, the smell is one of the best things about this shampoo. When you open the cap, you can smell the aroma straightaway and it does linger. The smell is absolutely delightful and not offensive or too strong at all. It really is a lovely tropical smell and smells delicious, but that is not to say one can eat it and the packaging warns you not to do so :O).

        A couple of months ago I managed to get this from Boots at £1.76 and I was astonished very recently to say that I had to pay £2.06. What a leap in price. the bottle is 250ml and I have found that with 3 hair washes a week and using the product twice each wash, this bottle lasts about 3 months, so on average 66p per month is not bad going.

        Ok I have been using a kids product on myself, technically a big kid, but also an adult. I have tried it on my niece who stole my strawberry version because it smelt so good and it was a big thumbs up from her. I like the idea of being able to use this product, so when we go swimming I only need to take one type of shampoo that is suitable for everyone.

        Highly recommended. Thank you for reading. This review might be posted on other sites by me.

        © jupiter28 2009


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          25.02.2006 17:02
          Very helpful



          Lathers well and has great smell.

          NO TEARS!
          NO KNOTS!

          These are the products I tend to use for Little Miss; I don’t know whether they are better than other products, or if I use them because of ease of availability.

          The one we are using at the moment is smoothie 2 in 1 shampoo for normal hair and it’s Strawberry (flavour?)

          ~*~THE PROMISE~*~

          • Enriched with conditioners to stop fly away hair
          • So gentle it’s tear free
          • Tested under ophthalmologist control
          • Boosts softness


          • Do not swallow ( not so silly as it smells so good!)
          • Keep out of reach of infants (see above)
          • If it goes in eyes, rinse immediately

          ~*~ PACKAGING~*~

          A pink 250ml bottle with a red flip up and down lid and all instructions, ingredients clearly listed.
          The bottle is soft so it’s easy for little hands to hold, but fortunately, the flip lid isn’t easy for little hands to open.


          The shampoo itself is clear and a good consistency, with a strawberry smell . It really does smell as though I have a bowl of strawberries…a fruit bowl on her head! Anyone for cream?

          ~*~USING IT~*~

          • apply shampoo
          • lather up
          • rinse clean

          How simple is that?

          ~*~OTHER PRODUCTS~*~

          There are other fruity products to try…

          Fast Dry Shampoo in Cool Melon and Pineapple Flash-not surprisingly in a green bottle
          Smoothie 2 –in 1 Shampoos in Orange Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry; all in appropriately coloured bottles
          Splash of Orange swim shampoo- great stuff if your little one goes swimming, as it seems to get rid of that dreaded chlorine smell
          Fruity Apricot Shampoo for Normal Hair
          Banana- Melon Shampoo for fine Hair
          Watermelon Shampoo for thick, curly or wavy hair.



          Very colourful website with product information and games.

          ~*~MADE BY~*~


          ~*~FOR ADVICE~*~

          In the UK, call 08453991939
          In the ROI, call 1850 399939


          This latest bottle was on special offer at my local chemist, reduced from£2.49 to £1.49.

          The products are widely available in chemists and supermarkets.


          I really like these products, and have written about the most recent, although we do use a lot of them; I find they work.

          The products smell great and the bottles can actually be left floating around in the bath, so double up as a toy.

          The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner means that I can get little miss’s hair really clean and then the conditioning qualities kick in and her hair doesn’t seem to tangle. For bad hair days, I give her hair a quick spritz with the tangle tamer, which can be used on wet or dry hair. So, even for those very worst morning moments, her hair is not a nightmare to comb into submission; again, it smells really good.

          The shampoo lathers up really easily and stands up to the unicorn test! If it does this we know we have a nice thick and creamy shampoo. It is easy to rinse away and really doesn’t seem to sting if it goes into her eyes. We do try very hard not to get it into her eyes but if a rogue bit of shampoo gets there, we are not left with a hysterical child but rather one who can be convinced that it was only a bit of water

          Final verdict is that these products are good value for money, last for ages and because they come in bright bottles and smell yummy, really are designed to appeal to children.

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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