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L'Oreal Luo P02 Toner

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L'Oreal Luo is a hair toner that can be used at home. It gives amazing, consistent colour and leaves hair looking and feeling great. A much cheaper alternative to the hairdressers, it is certainly worth a try.

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    2 Reviews
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      25.01.2013 17:36
      Very helpful
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      It's okay but did not achieve the look I wanted. Not impressed with the roots.

      When I had my hair done in Toni and Guy last November, my hair was so lovely and blonde I really loved it to bits....but after a few weeks obviously my roots were coming through and the dreaded bleachy yellow/orange colour came seeping through again since the toner was now fading.
      I really needed to get my roots done and blonde again...but there was no way I could afford Toni and Guy again, it cost £110 and to be honest I couldn't really afford any Hairdresser's at all! So I got bleach (stupidly thinking that's all I needed) and what do you know...my roots were orange...mmm lovely! I may aswell have just rubbed a pack of Wotsits on my head!

      So I brought some purple shampoo and left it on for around half hour, washed my hair...went purple and did not wash out no matter how many times I tried! (which just added to the great look I was already rocking :-/) Bare in my mind this is the first time I have ever been blonde so I am learning and don't really have a know all the tricks of the trade on how to maintain and get the platinum/white look.

      I then started looking around to see what the best thing to get was, and this same product kept popping up; Loreal Luo in P02... So I just thought why not! My hair already looked like I had a purple Rinse I may aswell add to it! So ordered it off of Ebay and with postage and packaging cost me around £12 which I thought was a little bit steep for a little tube, and obviously had to buy Peroxide also to mix with colour. I purchased Truzone peroxide 20vol and that together with postage and packing cost around £6 off of Ebay which I didn't think was bad.

      I used this product last night and here is how it went..

      I used 40 vol peroxide and blue bleach powder. I only applied to my roots because it is so so damaging to your hair, so you really should just apply to roots and not apply to hair that is already bleached (believe me I learnt that lesson!) I used a plastic bowl and tinting brush for easy application, well it was easy until I got to the back and realised I actually do not have eyes in the back of my head and it becomes a head ache....I would definitely suggest that if you do bleach your own hair, then if you can, get a friend or family member to do the back...it will save ALOT of time!
      I left the bleach on my head for around 40 minutes and then rinsed it out. I applied shampoo and washed two times and then applied conditioner, left on for around 3 minutes and rinsed out.
      Then the fun started as I noticed in the mirror, I had missed some....when I say some I mean I pretty much looked like a leopard on the back of my head....so ended up drying my hair and making my partner bleach the parts I had missed...and did the whole process all over again!

      After I had finally done this I just wrapped a towel on my head then got straight to mixing up the Toner... It comes in a tube like a normal at home dye, so you unscrew lid turn around and pierce the top. I then squeezed the whole tube into clean plastic bowl, and added 75ml of 20 vol creme peroxide. I managed to find an old baby bottle to measure out 75ml exactly which was handy.

      I mixed it up and applied with tinting brush to all my roots and then the whole of my hair, I lathered it everywhere and really rubbed to try and get every last piece of hair...as I have really really thick hair!

      After I had applied the whole mixture, I then left it for around 40 minutes, and in that time watched it turn into a light pink and then purple which got darker, and darker...but don't panic too much it does wash out!
      I rinsed it out and applied shampoo and conditioner etc, but to be honest I was there for a while because unfortunately it really is quite a bugger to wash out! I thought I was going to be there all night rinsing.

      I finished the rinse, applied some hair products and split end products and then blow dried my hair, before looking in the mirror.

      The final look...well it made alot of my hair icey white which is beautiful, my side fringe especially looks lovely,and actually feels in good condition.. Salon quality for sure....but there is STILL brassy/yellow bits, and I know it isn't from me missing parts because I made double sure I applied to every hair on my head. Also considering it's best to apply to freshly bleached/lightened hair...the most yellow parts im left with, are my freshly bleached roots! So all in all to be honest i'm not very pleased and seems I am still on the quest to finding a toner that actually gives you all over white hair! Hopefully I will find it very soon....and when I do you'll be first to know!!

      Thankyou for reading :-) x


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        25.10.2012 16:47
        Very helpful



        best toner which gives you white/grey results at home

        If you read my previous reviews you will see in recent months I have started bleaching my own hair at home rather than spending a small fortune for the same thing at my hairdressers. To me, to bleach you can't just use bleach powder and the cream peroxide to achieve a salon look at home. You always need a toner to get rid of the brassy yellow colour that makes it look like something you did at home (I do but I don't want others to know that!)...

        Enter the L'oreal Luo range - I know from watching my hairdressers over the years that this is the toner they used to use on me in the salon - there is a range of shades to choose from with P01 & P02 giving your hair the whitest/greyest shade possible as opposed to the others. Sometimes my stylist used to mix the two shades together giving a hair a more toned shade but I always personally thought my colour looked better as a pastel white colour using the P02 shade only - hense this is the reason I colour using only this now.

        To those who don't know a toner is simply a colour which can be used on light / bleached hair. It comes packaged in a grey cardboard box which is grey in colour and has parts of other bright electric colours and gives you the brand name across the front.

        I must stress like in my powder bleach review this is in no way advice on how to bleach your hair / similar at home yourself, I have some knowledge on bleaching due to doing some hairdressing when I was younger. I would never recommend you do this yourself at home unless you know what you are doing or seek professional advice whilst doing so.


        To those who use normal hair dye products at home will feel a bit more at ease with the tube that comes inside - it looks like a normal tube that holds colour in a home hair dye kit. You simply twist off the lid, turn upside down and pierce the entrance to the tube.

        For use you then squeeze out all the contents into a plastic bowl - never use a metal bowl when doing anything bleach related as the colours don't react very well. You then need to mix in cream peroxide, which is also used to mix into powder bleach. L'Oreal Luo also sell a 25vol cream peroxide which it suggests works better with the Luo range but I use a TruLite 20v cream peroxide and the results are great so I don't see the need in spending more money on something that does the same job.

        On the L'oreal Luo packaging it doesn't give you instructions for use generally other than development time and precautions you should take. The reason being its for salon use and you should know how to use it anyway! In complicated terms the ratio you use for this colour is 1:5 - in other words you squeeze the full contents of the tube out (50ml) and mix in 75ml of cream peroxide - the best way to do this is find an unused bottle in your household which holds 75ml and use this to pour in your cream peroxide to mix with the tube contents... after a couple of times you then get a fair idea just by looking into the bowl how much you need to mix in future. Its very hard to work it out by eye in my opinion because the tube contents are a paste-like substance and the cream peroxide is slightly thicker than water.


        In use

        As if you were doing a full head bleach / normal colour you just use your brush to apply on to your full head - I normally start at the roots and spread to the tips using my hands - PRECAUTION : ALWAYS USE GLOVES FOR THIS BIT AS YOU ARE USING CREAM PEROXIDE ... Once your head is covered in the substance its quite thick to look at and doesn't drip like a lot of other colours. I simply roll my hair up into a clip when its in and I can still get on with other jobs around the house not being worried it will stain anything.

        The packaging states you will see results after just 30 minutes - this is true you do notice a drastic colour change but for best full on results I tend to leave this on for 45 minutes - using just a 20vol peroxide I don't see the harm in this. The colour changes to a pink/purple/grey/brown colour (whilst on your head) and you do get worried when you first see this, and tends to stick to a similar colour until its fully washed off. However when you wash the product completely out of your hair and dry it does tone itself down. Although a couple of times I have been left with pinkish coloured roots but I blame myself for this, for leaving the stuff on too long! Also when left on your hair for the 45 minutes it hardens quite a lot in comparrison to normal hair colours I have used at home and this means harder work to get the product off your hair!


        My thoughts?

        Overall I love the results it brings to your newly bleached hair and does actually give you the salon look at home. Generally across all health and beauty products from L'Oreal it really is a brand you can trust and this toner is no exception.

        For those trying to achieve the really bright white/grey colour at home after bleach this is the toner to use - I am yet to come across a toner which delivers the same results at any price. As previously mentioned L'Oreal Luo do many other shades which give different colours in the range but the actual colour is not noted on the packaging which can be a bit annoying if you don't know what you are looking for, however a simple google search will bring up a list of product names and shades which they achieve.

        Another snag for me on this toner is how its a bit more difficult to wash out and get the strange colour you achieve out of your hair after use - but with this in mind I feel more confident in a way because it shows the toner is really gripping on to your hair... and this shows in the final result! ... And my final snag is how it can be a little uncomfortable on your hair especially when in use straight after a bleach - bleach makes your head itch when in use and a toner can give you a bit of a cold burning sensation - its a bit uncomfortable but after doing it for years I am used to it!

        Like other toners as well as changing the actual colour of your hair, many other people use it as a conditioning treatment after such a harsh bleach - the packaging does confirm its enriched with a grape product and does make / feels like your hair is in much better condition after use.

        In terms of the colour lasting, after a few weeks your hair can start looking a bit yellowy again but I always sort this out by using a silver shampoo and leaving on for sometimes up to two hours (even though if you do this sometimes you can be left with purple hair!) or you can just re-bleach and put another tube of toner and peroxide back on - lets face it even if you repeat this every third week it still works out a hell of a lot cheaper than a salon!

        Really recommend this particular shade to everyone who wants to achieve this colour at home - I cant comment on the other shades/colours in the range as I have no experiance but seeing the results of P02 I would recommend to all!



        For me, the cheapest place I can get this is in my local salon supplies shop which can sometimes be a bit tricky as they can be funny at selling this type of product to people who aren't hairdressers. I pay just under £8 for one tube of this - however if you don't have a salon supply shop near you, it can be bought on Amazon for £9.89 + £2.14 UK delivery.


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