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L'Oréal Majicontrast Hair Dye

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Brand: L'Oreal

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2012 23:04
      Very helpful



      Vivid hair!

      First of all, the effect of this product can be seen in my profile picture!

      I started dying my hair red last year using Schwarzkopf XXL Live Hair Dye in the brightest shade and after a few months of this I decided I wanted something a lot more vivid. I decided to try this Majicontrast after doing some research on red hair and found some really helpful videos on youtube.

      I chose the colour 'Red' and the other available colours include Pure Copper, Copper, Copper Red and Magenta Red. This product is aimed at people with dark hair who want red hair as you need the help of peroxide to lighten your hair to make the red really show. I use a 30 vol/ 9% cream peroxide with mine as I like the brightness it achieves, you can use 40 vol/12% to get an even more intense look or 20 vol/6% for a richer look.

      The dye is priced at about £7-£10 depending where you buy it, I get mine on ebay as it is cheapest here. This price is for a 50ml tube and if you have long hair you will need two tubes. The tube is made of metal and reminds me of toothpaste with a black lid which needs to be turned upside down to pierce the foil opening, the tube comes in a red box with instructions inside.

      The first time I used this I didn't have a tinting brush but since I was using it all over it didn't matter too much. I mixed the dye in a bowl with my peroxide, all 50ml of the dye and 20ml of peroxide (although 25ml is the recommended amount) and put all over my hair (make sure you wear gloves as it is peroxide and does stain). I waited 30-40 minutes and rinsed out. It took a while to rinse out as red always does and made the bath very, very pink but doesn't stain if you wash it straight away. Already you can see the brightness of your hair! I blow dried my hair and was a bit scared as it was SO bright, my hair I have to say felt awful because of the use of peroxide but the colour was amazing. I had a trim a few days later and after another washed the feeling of my hair improved.

      The colour is very vivid and washes out with every wash, a good tip is to use cold water as it keeps the colour a little longer. I wash my hair almost everyday so the colour doesn't last as long as it should. The red starts to go dull after the first week and a little patchy over the next few weeks after and then I look like I have orange hair that I've dip dyed yellow (it doesn't look as bad it sounds though). It takes about 3-4 weeks for the colour to actually look orange and I need to dye it again. When dying again, I only use half of the tube to cover my hair without the peroxide and then when my roots need doing I use a tint brush to apply the dye mixed with peroxide otherwise the colour won't show up as obviously my roots are still dark brown!

      This is my favourite red dye to use on my hair as the colour is so bright and lasts longer any other I have used and I think it's a fair price for how long it lasts. The dye is quite messy and I recommend washing you hair and body separately as the red dye will run out and stain the rest of you a pink shade otherwise. I would definitely recommend this dye to people looking for an intense red colour hair dye, the colour in my profile picture shows how good it is!


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