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L'Oréal Expert Balance Pure Resource Shampoo

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2 Reviews
  • I get alot of bubbles from this shampoo
  • It makes my hair clean
  • There is no smell
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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2015 18:15
      Very helpful



      A bit bland for L'oreal :(

      This is a product aimed at removing dirt, impurities, product build up and balance oily hair.
      This product comes as a gel that once lathered up is very bubbly and spreads evenly through your hair. You really don't need much f this product to make an impact.
      I would say that this, used on a regular basis, is very good at removing product build up and cleansing your scalp.
      However, it really lacks in boosting your hair's roots and obviously that results in average looking hair, personally didn't see a difference in the way my hair looked or felt as I do with other brands. Whether it helped lift impurities I failed to notice and was a bit concerned that it might be doing a good job so I stopped, simply because I use a lot of products. With other products, there is that familiar and reassuring scent of mint or menthol but this product seemed almost odourless even though it is marketed as invigourating.
      Anther of its claims is that it leaves hair soft and shiny. It may appear shiny, but I didn't feel this was a long lasting feel and certainly my hair didn't feel any softer.
      Concerning the 'balancing oil hair' part, I don't have a lot of oil hair but just wanted to maintain a healthy look and thought this might help. Over two weeks I really didn't feel any benefit.
      Overall I was slightly disappointed in this product especially from the 'SERIE EXPERT' range.
      It hasn't put me off trying others as this is a popular brand with me.
      Best to try other brands first I think as it can retail as much as £10 x


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      22.01.2015 20:05
      Very helpful


      • "I get alot of bubbles from this shampoo"
      • "It makes my hair clean"


      • "There is no smell"

      L'Oreal Serie Balance shampoo

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is shampoo that is made by L'Oreal. Is it for people who have got hair that goes greasy and it will balance the oil in your hair to make it so that it is less of a problem for you.


      I like to use this shampoo because I think it is very good for my hair and it makes it very clean. I have greasy hair only occasionally because I use bleach regular on my hair and that makes it go dry instead of greasy.

      I think it does not smell very good because there is not very much fragrance. I do not care very much about that but I would like the shampoo if it had got a nicer perfume smell.

      You get quite alot of bubbles when you use this shampoo and I am happy about that because I think bubbles make it feel like your hair is been cleaned better than if you use shampoo that does not give you so many bubbles.

      My hair feels very clean when I have used this shampoo. I am happy that it rinses out of my hair very easy and it does not leave any residue in my hair or on my scalp.

      I use this only when my hair is greasy and I think it makes a difference to how it looks and I do not have to wash it so regular when I am using this shampoo.

      I have recommended this to quite alot of people and they have all thought the same as me about it.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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    Contents: 500ml

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