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L'Oréal Sublime Mousse Hair Colour

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8 Reviews
  • easy to apply
  • true to the swatches
  • bad packaging
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    8 Reviews
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      19.06.2015 16:05


      • "true to the swatches"
      • "long lasting color"
      • "easy to apply"
      • "easy to rinse"
      • "even coverage"


      • "bad packaging"

      Amazing dye, but they need to work on the bottle.

      This is one of my favorite L'Oreal products ever. As I had been dying my hair dark brown for a good 4 years, I had tried a lot of box dyes, professional dyes, I even mixed 2 colors together once. I have to say that this foam dye is the only one I have tried and I am really happy with it. There is only one drawback which I will explain later on.

      As a teenager, I always had my mom help me with dying my hair. I always find it very hard to reach the back sections of my hair, especially the roots, and I worry about getting uneven patches. So when I moved away for college one of my problems was, how would I dye my hair without having to spend money on a salon visit? I decided to do some research and buy this dye in shade 41 Delicate Iced Chocolate. The swatches on the box seemed to have beautiful red undertones, almost purple, and I really liked it.

      In the box you get a pair of gloves, leaflet, a bigger container with the liquid developer, a small container with the liquid color, a pump, and a hair treatment conditioner. You just pour the liquid color into the developer bottle, screw the pump on it, and gently turn the bottle upside down a few times (NO SHAKING). Then you press the pump and the foam comes out.

      Application is really easy, you get a handful of foam and massage it into your roots. Once all of the roots are covered, you move on to the rest of the hair until you reach the ends. I was surprised by the fact that just one box was enough for my super long hair. After waiting for the recommended amount of time, I rinsed it off, and let me tell you that it's a piece of cake to rinse out, unlike cream colors which take days to completely rinse out. Then I used the treatment that came with it.

      The result was silky smooth hair, the color was very true to the box, it was a beautiful reddish dark brown. I also noticed that it did not fade into something completely different, as this happens often with traditional dyes.

      However, I had a bad experience when I purchased and used this for the 3rd time. After having my roots covered, the pump suddenly stopped working, it would just not deliver any foam no matter what. I tried everything: I unscrewed it and got it back on, I ensured that the "straw" was into the liquid, nothing helped, which left me no choice but to give up. So more than half of the product was wasted and my hair was not colored below the roots.

      I would give this a 5, but I won't, since they really need to work on the bottle and a defective pump is just horrible.


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      27.06.2013 13:07
      Very helpful



      sublime hair dye

      I've been dying my hair myself for nearly 20 years now, ever since I was a teenager, so I'm no novice with hair dyes, and I've had very few hair dye disasters over the years. The few disasters that I have had were primarily when I was still a teenager and experimenting, and occasionally if I've used a new hair dye that doesn't really work for me. I did have a bad, actually I'll correct that to be 'a very very bad' experience with the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Shake It Up Colour Foam about a year ago, and that totally put me off using the foam or mousse type hair dyes.

      I do always glance at the foam/mousse type dyes when I'm shopping for hair dye, and I always wonder whether I should try a different brand as I did like the foam/mousse style as I felt that it made for a much quicker and easier application over the traditional type hair dyes. So when I was looking to dye my hair again a couple of weeks ago I decided to give a mousse style dye another try. I chose the L'Oreal Sublime Mousse hair dye.

      The colour that I chose was the Luscious Hot Chocolate, which according to the guide on the side of the box should turn my mid to dark brown hair a deep warm chocolate brown colour. I never pay too much attention to these as I find that my hair never normally turns out to be as bright or as deep as the colour guide on the side claims that it will. I was just kind of hoping for a darker brown and I'd be happy with that. There were around a dozen or maybe even more colours to choose from in the range; ranging from blondes, through light to mid to dark browns, to reds and blacks. Something for everyone basically. The L'Oreal Sublime Mousse range of hair dyes are permanent hair colours.

      Inside the box you get an instruction leaflet, plastic gloves, a small bottle of coloured dye, a larger bottle of developing lotion, a pump applicator, and a tube of conditioner. As with all hair dyes you are advised to do a skin test 48 hours beforehand, even if you've used the hair dye before as you can suddenly become allergic to any of the ingredients in the hair dye. I have to admit that I didn't do a skin test, and I never do to be honest. I know that I should, especially as I have a friend who did have an allergic reaction to a hair dye.

      To mix the hair dye and create the mousse you basically just pour the small bottle of coloured dye into the larger bottle of developing lotion then attach the pump applicator, you then just gently invert the bottle a couple of times, the instructions are very specific that you must not shake the bottle just to gently turn it over a few times. The mousse it now ready to use. Quick and easy. The mousse very easily pumps out of the bottle, and the bottle is very stable sat on the sink, even when you're depressing the pump with mousse covered gloved hands. I was depressing the pump 4 times to get a big handful of the mousse to apply to my hair each time. The mousse is white when it first comes out of the bottle, and as you massage it into your hair it turns to a reddish brown colour (well the Luscious Hot Chocolate colour does).

      Now comes my only gripe with the bottle, it's a white opaque bottle and it's impossible to see how much mousse is left inside. As with all hair dyes you concentrate on your roots first and do the ends last, I always apply 80% of a hair dye to my roots and mid sections, and just the remaining 20% to the ends of my hair. I have quite long hair, slightly longer than my bra strap, and I always like to do the ends right at the very end so that they're not hanging down and covering my back in hair dye, I can just coat them in the dye and then quickly sweep them up on top of my head out of the way into a bulldog clip. Because I couldn't tell how much hair dye was left I struggled to judge how much to apply to my roots and mid sections before starting on the ends, I didn't want to apply too much and run out of mousse for the ends, and I also didn't want to start the ends too early. I decided to go with maybe a bit too much on the roots and mids as I figured I could always massage the ends into my roots on the top of my head if needs be.

      I didn't do too badly actually because as the mousse is obviously starting to run out it seems to cough and splutter a bit as you depress the pump, once I noticed this change I switched to my ends and there was the perfect amount of mousse left. There was plenty of mousse in the bottle to adequately coat all of my hair, in fact there felt like ever so slightly too much in total, and that's on my long hair. It was quick and easy to apply, you just massage it in like a shampoo, it foams up quite a lot and it just seems to spread out and expand and easily coat all of your hair. The mousse was quite a thick and substantial mousse, and all my hair piled up and stayed on the top of my head without the need for a bulldog clip - the thick mousse just kept it all sitting there.

      Once you've applied the mousse you then leave it on for 30 minutes to work. This was really quite a pleasant smelling hair dye, sometimes they can smell quite nasty and quite chemically, this one didn't it just smelt like a really pleasant fruity shampoo. As always I ended up with some hair dye on my skin; around my hair line, on my ears, neck, shoulders etc. I just used a face wipe to gently wipe over the dye marks on my skin and I had no problem at all removing all traces of it from my skin.

      After the 30 minutes were up I rinsed this out over the bath with the shower head. It was easy and actually very quick to rinse out, in fact I would say that it was the quickest hair dye I've ever used to rinse out of my hair, the water ran clear in next to no time. The tube of conditioner that came in the box was a really good size and probably would have lasted me for 2 applications, however it was one of those snap off tops that won't seal again and so I used the whole tube of conditioner in one go. I always leave the the conditioner on my hair for a good hour or so after dying my hair before rinsing it off whilst in the shower. The conditioner itself also rinsed out really easily in the shower too.

      I was very nervous as my hair was drying as to what the finished results would be, the big problem I had with the previous foam dye was that the end result was patchy and huge chunks of my hair were just not dyed at all. I needn't have worried though as the final colour is perfect, every single hair has been perfectly coloured right up the the roots, and it's a gorgeous vibrant colour, a very glossy deep reddish chocolate brown, much more red than I expected it to be, but it is a lovely colour and I do really like it. The dye has covered my roots and my few grey hairs perfectly, and my hair is lovely and glossy and shiny and super silky soft. It's quite a natural looking colour, there's still highlighted bits in my hair it's not created a solid block of colour. I used this just over 2 weeks ago now and the colour is still very glossy and vibrant.

      So I really want to give this 5 stars as I love the finished results, and it was so easy to use and apply, and to rinse out. However I would like it come in a bottle whereby you can see how much of the mousse is left as you're applying it, so I'd probably downgrade it because it doesn't. It does seem harsh to knock a whole star off for that so in an ideal world it would get 4.5 stars from me. I'll certainly be buying it again anyway, and I'd certainly recommend it.


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        26.02.2013 08:37
        Very helpful



        Great product

        Ever since I was about 12 I have been desperate to have light blonde hair. My sisters best friend had the most gorgeous blonde hair so I suppose I wanted to be just like Kelly! Therefore since about the age of 15 I have spent the vast amount of my time being blonde and it does definitely seem to be my preferred colour choice.

        When chatting with a friend the other night I was saying about how I preferred to be blonde. They said they thought my hair looked nice brown which initially I shrugged off but within 24 hours I had made the change from blonde to brown! I fancied a change!

        I looked at various hair dyes before choosing the loreal sublime mousse. I knew that ideally I would be buying a mousse type dye because after reading some consumer reviews online I discovered this seemed to be much easier to apply than regular dye and of course going from blonde to brunette it was essential I didn't miss any!

        I bought my dye from Boots where it is currently on a 2 for £9 deal. I thought this was a really reasonable price for 2 packs of hair dye and as I was going to buy 2 anyway to ensure I got all of my hair I snapped up the deal. In all honesty I was a bit disappointed with the range of colours my large local Boots store had to offer - there were only 5 or 6 which were one blonde, a red and 3 or 4 browns. However looking on the loreal site there are actually 20 shades. I wanted quite a dark brown so I opted for the shade. 53 radiant golden brown.  

        I applied the hair dye later that evening. I was pleased with how easy to mix the dye it was. It was a simple case of pouring one bottle into another, applying a pump lid and rocking the bottle back and forth 5 times - do not shake it! The colour mixed well and it went a brown colour.

        You are of course provided with gloves and it is essential you wear these to protect your skin. To use the dye you simply press down on the pump where you are then distributed a small amount of foam. I decided to do the whole steam in approach and usually pumped about 4 or 5 lots into my hand before applying to get a decent amount. One pump usually distributes a piece about the size of a 50p piece which is good for the more difficult areas like the hair line, behind the ears etc.

        I found the foam soft and easy to work with. It was really easy to massage it through my hair and the two bottles were more than enough for my thick hair which goes about 10cm past my shoulders. If I wasn't going for quite such a dramatic colour change I think one bottle would have been plenty.

        By the time I had finished applying the dye the first sections were already beginning to go quite dark. You are told to leave the dye to develop for 30 minutes so I went off and did a few other things. The foam formula means it doesn't drip which is great as I wasn't left sitting still for half an hour. About 20 minutes in I went to check on my progress and realised I had a huge patch of blonde I had missed! Of course panic set in but I smoothed some dye over it and within the final ten minutes miraculously it managed to catch up with the rest of my hair!  The dye does have a smell but it is nowhere near as strong as some dyes and I didn't feel like I needed to open a window or anything.

        After 30 minutes you need to rinse your hair. This was simple and you are given a special conditioner to apply. This had a nice fruity scent.

        I am really pleased with the results. My hair is a lovely shiny brunette colour and the foam really helped me to get even coverage. I love the shine my hair has and the colour is strong and intense. Who knows how long I will remain a brunette but I will definitely be buying this hair dye again as you can get salon style results for a fraction of the price!


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        03.10.2012 22:59
        Very helpful



        Good long-lasting colour, no ammonia smell and good coverage

        I am a home hair-dye fanatic...so have used most brands of colour at some point in my lifetime! Luckily that means I have LOADS of useful home dying experience. I usually colour my hair a deep chocolate brown but have decided to go for a more copper, autumnal colour this year. I can't remember the exact shade I used but it is a fiery, extreme orange-looking on the box!

        Sadly I am prone to some pesky white hairs so was looking for a vibrant, glossy hair colour, with good white and grey coverage. I also have a BIG problem with the smell of home hair-dye...in the past I have used colourants where the smell of ammonia was so strong it made my eyes water! The use of a mousse rather than a liquid was new to me aswell.

        The box contains gloves, dye, developer, instruction leaflet and conditioner.

        From the start, the process and instructions were easy to understand. The pictures on the guide were a good additional extra for first-time dyers rather than seasoned oldies like myself! I started to apply the foam (which, to be honest was a little too watery, leading me to worry that I may not have shaken the product up enough), which was easy enough to apply.

        After it was fully applied I began to wait the stated 30 mins. After about 15, I could see that the hair on my temples had completely changed colour so I panicked and washed the product off. I have since been told that this is a SERIOUSLY BAD IDEA as the colour may not have developed properly, leaving me with patchy, uneven colour. Lucky for me it was a beautiful shade, just exactly what I had been looking for! Whites and greys were all covered evenly.

        Another reason that I may have panicked and washed it off early was that I am used to using a 10 minute colours which are very popular now. 30 minutes seemed a very long time compared to that!

        The dye itself did not smell like awful ammonia, and the bits of dye I accidentally got on my ears and forehead rubbed off easily.

        All in all, a great, easy to use dye....with plenty of colour choices in the range. The information leaflet was easy to understand, and the colour has been long-lasting so far. The intense conditioner is fantastic too, and my hair really feels much smoother after using it once a week.


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        16.10.2011 22:09
        Very helpful



        A novelty product for home colouring

        WHAT IS IT?

        A permanent hair colour in mousse firm. Designed to be applied in much the same way as a shampoo, it is a much easier method than cream or liquid dyes.

        IS IT ANY GOOD?

        Well, it is after a while.  The shade I chose (5.3 - Golden Brown) developed into a much darker colour than I had been expecting, my hair is a similar colour to the representative shade on the box anyway so I was just looking for something to brighten it up rather than going for a big colour change. The colour was initially very dark and it took a week of daily washing for the tones to settle into a more natural blend. It left my hair incredibly soft and manageable, a fact helped by the wonderfully rich intensive conditioner supplied by L'Oreal.

        The application of the dye is mess free and easy thanks to a thick foam that spreads so beautifully across and through the hair. It doesn't stain the skin as much as other dyes I've used and has a smell that is far less chemically than others. It rinses fairly quickly but I've noticed even after thoroughly rinsing this dye will continue to mark the towels and clothing for a few days afterwards, not ideal and a problem L'Oreal shouldn't allow in my opinion.


        Sublime Mousse is available in a variety of shades from blondes through to dark browns and even black. I've noticed red shades are not well represented, which is a shame as I'm thinking red next time and I'd have liked to have sampled it in this excellent mousse form. It claims to be able to cover greys, judging from the intensity of the colour I don't doubt this for a minute but the shade does fade quite quickly so I'm not sure it would keep greys covered for as long as you'd like.


        L'Oreal Sublime Mousse costs £6.99 in Superdrug making it one of the most expensive colours on the shelf. This is obviously due to the fact that mousse and foam colorants are still a novelty, I personally think it needs to come down in price to be in line with other formats of hair dye for it to take off. I wasn't completely impressed by the end result but did enjoy using the product, next time I'm due a change I will look elsewhere though as the difference in shades was far too erratic for me to trust the colour example shown on the box.

        3 Dooyoo Stars.


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        11.10.2011 20:01
        Very helpful



        recommended - as long as you choose the colour carefully

        I have my hair coloured every few weeks because it grows so quickly and before I know it those pesky white roots are showing making look and feel old. Ideally I would like to pamper myself by visiting my hairdresser but at nearly £60 a time it is an expense i cannot justify these days.

        I have been loyal to l"Oreal hair products for a few years now because I have had good results and their prices are pretty competitive so I feel it is brand I can trust.

        A few weeks ago I was browsing in Savers and happened to see a couple of boxes reduced because they were damaged. The mousse usually retails at around £6.99 (in Boots) and these were just £4 so I decided to buy the 2 x Golden Blonde which looked suitable. Having a look at the undamaged ones I saw the colours vary from Pure Light Blonde through to Sensual Black so I am guessing there is a colour for most women.

        I find it tricky to find an exact match for my colour as I have light auburn hair with a few highlights of blonde and darker auburn, so I was pleased that this mousse blended with my natural colours and skin tone, even though it was slightly darker than it appeared on the picture shown on the box.

        As with the majority of good hair colourants you are advised to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before applying then it is an easy and non-messy procedure - just follow the simple directions which are explained in both words and pictures on the enclosed leaflet.

        Also included are the following
        - a pair of good sized( but not oversized) quality gloves
        - the colourant
        - the developer
        - the pump
        - the conditioner

        All you need to do is wrap a towel around your neck (not strictly necessary, but just in case...), add the colourant and developer, pop the pump top on and rotate the contents together. It is tempting but do not shake the bottle!

        Then you are ready to pump the mousse onto your gloved palms and start the spreading and massage process onto dry hair which only takes a few minutes (obviously depending on the length of your hair). I start by doing my white bits first then ensuring the sides, fringe, sides and back are fully covered. Then it is just a matter of picking up a book or having a potter around for half an hour waiting for the mousse to work its magic. I tend to give my hair a gentle massage for a couple of minutes during this time to ensure I have not missed any areas.

        After 30 minutes it is time to rinse off the colour until the water runs clear. The conditioner is good too although not as effective as some I have tried.

        my opinion
        - I like this mousse and will definitely buy it again because it is just so easy. It is quicker to use than other hair colourants I have used because there is no need to faff about parting/ sectioning my hair even though it is quite long.
        - it does not drip
        - any mousse that may settle on your skin can easily be removed
        - it does not smell as strong as some hair colourants
        - the colour was fine for me even though it was actually darker than I had expected
        - it rinsed out very easily and, surprisingly I could comb it very easily because it was not tangled.
        - I think the conditioner could have been better but hey, guess what, I use l'Oreal's hairspray conditioner!

        I am awarding 4 stars for this product - just knocking off a star for the conditioner.


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          10.10.2011 21:56
          Very helpful



          Would have been decent if it had went the colour it was supposed to

          I have been dying my hair for years as I have natural light hair but dye it darker. I have been using the same L'oreal excellence dye since I was a teenager but I have been known to use a different brand if it is on offer. The last time I used a dye which wasn't Excellence was the sublime mousse as it was on discount. It is usually £6.99 but was on offer for £4.99. I had seen the adverts and was curious to try it out.

          The sublime mousse comes in a range of different colours but the one that I went for was pure dark brown.
          Inside the box you get a bottle of developer cream and colourant, a pump for the bottle, gloves, conditioner and instructions.
          You need to mix up the mousse by adding the coularant to the developer cream and then attach the pump to the bottle and shake gently.

          Once you have mixed the developer and colourant you then just pump some mousse into your hands and apply to your hair.
          I have tried some foam type hair colourant before which I think was from calirol and I absolutely hated it. I found it to be runny and the mousse wasn't thick like it was in the adverts and just run through my fingers. I'm not sure what possessed me (other than the cheap price) to try another mousse dye but luckily it wasn't quite as bad as the other one.

          Although not as bad as the other foam dye I tried I still wasn't as keen on this as I am with a traditional colourant. The mousse in this dye actually came out as a mousse and although it wasn't as thick as a proper mousse I was able to put some on my hand and hold it upside down just like in the adverts.
          Your hair is supposed to be dye when you put on the mousse and you just leave it on for 30 minutes for the colour to develop.

          The colour started developing really quickly whilst on my hair and I noticed it started going dark really quickly. I did notice that the colour started running down my skin after only a few minutes and stained my skin even though I wiped it off as soon as I noticed.
          I left the mousse on for the 30 minutes and rinsed it off.

          I found that the mousse was quite easy to wash off and the water came away clear without me having to shampoo. I used the conditioner that came with the dye and left it on for a couple of minutes.
          When I washed the conditioner off I blow dried my hair and was shocked to see just how dark the colour came out. I wanted my hair to be dark brown but it actually came out almost jet black which is not the colour the box said it would be.

          I am used to dyes going a little darker than expected as most do but this was a completely different colour to what it was supposed to be.
          It did fade a little after a few days but for the first couple of days it did have a witchy tone to it.
          The colour did cover all my roots and there wasn't a grey to be found on my head. My hair was also left looking really shiny and healthy with a good bounce to it.

          The other good thing about this mousse was the gloves that come with it. I really like the fact that L'oreal give good quality gloves that are powdered so that they are easy to get on and off. I won't be buying the dye again because the colour wasn't what was expected and to be honest I just don't really like the fact it is a mousse and much prefer a cream colourant.


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          20.05.2011 14:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Highly recommended by me, a winner from L'Oreal!

          My last hair dye experience was with the Clairol Nice n Easy Colour Blend foam, and was a total disaster. I ended up with more of it up the walls than on my hair, and I wasn't impressed that the dye soaked into my hair rather than being the thick foam shown on the advert. I also had to get someone to help me apply it, when usually I can manage on my own. I wasn't keen on using another foam hair dye after this, but when I spotted L'Oreal's sublime mousse hair colour, I was sucked in by its claims and the fact it was new. Seriously, they must see me coming.

          Although this one calls itself a mousse rather than a foam, I felt essentially it was the same thing. It markets itself as being 'as easy to apply as a shampoo' and claims that you will be seduced by its simplicity. Twelve colours are available in the range, from black through to blonde with many brunette shades in between. The shade I chose was shade 41 - 'Delicate Iced Chocolate'.

          My hair is naturally a fair shade which is a mix of dark blonde and mousy brown and I've dyed it darker for several years now. When I used this dye it had been about three months since I last dyed it and my roots were showing through quite badly. I have also started to notice loads of grey hairs (well OK, not loads but maybe 5 or 6) even though I'm only 26. This dye says that it will give 'perfect grey coverage' and give 'satin soft' hair full of vitality.

          ~The Box~

          I wouldn't normally comment on the box, but I felt I should here. There are several bottles and bits and pieces contained in the box and from my personal experience I think L'Oreal should think about making the boxes from stronger cardboard. Several of the boxes on the shelves were falling apart, as the base of the box just wasn't strong enough to hold its contents. I picked one up and the contents promptly fell through the base onto the floor. Very embarrassing in the middle of Boots! I put everything back into the box and picked up a box in another shade, and the same thing happened, although I managed to catch the contents this time! So, should anyone from L'Oreal happen to be reading, I suggest you reinforce your boxes!

          ~The Contents~

          Contained in the box are as follows:

          * One pair of gloves - these were of decent size and good quality, although they had no edging to them, which meant they rolled back on themselves slightly.
          * Instruction leaflet - This was in both English and French, with the French instructions first. I must admit the layout of the leaflet was not great and I found it was quite confusing at times.
          * Bottle of developer crème
          * Bottle of colourant
          * Bottle of conditioner
          * Pump - I was very pleased that this contained a proper pump. The Clairol Nice N Easy foam looks like it comes in a pump bottle, but is actually just a bottle which has to be squeezed, resulting in a lot of mess. I much prefer the proper pump, and think this is a huge advantage of the product.

          ~Making the dye up~

          Making the dye is an incredibly simple process. You simply pour the bottle of colourant into the bottle of developer, screw on the pump and then gently rock the bottle from side to side to mix (it tells you not to shake it). It's as easy as pie and something I feel pretty much anyone could do.


          The dye should be applied to dry hair. Due to the fact that this is applied like a shampoo it is most suited to all over application rather than root touch up, and the instruction sheet deems this to be 'perfect for all-over application whether you are a first time or frequent colourer.'

          To use the dye, you simply pump it out onto a gloved hand and rub through the hair in a shampooing motion, starting with the roots, then the back of the head, before applying to the lengths of the hair.

          When I pressed the pump down, I was pleased to see a thick, mousse-like foam. With the Clairol Nice n Easy I had a thin foam which soaked into my hair. This one in contrast went onto my hair in a thick, white lather, which was incredibly easy to smooth through the hair. I'd estimate that it took me a maximum of five minutes to cover all of my long hair.

          One problem I had with the last bottle of dye is that with damp hands it became very slippery, hence why I ended up with dye all over my walls. This one was much easier to handle. Although the bottle was still slightly on the slippery side, I found the pump easier to control, and the whole application process was remarkably mess free.

          On the subject of mess, or lack of it, one thing I absolutely loved about this product is that it doesn't drip. Usually after dying my hair I end up scrubbing marks off my shoulders and arms afterwards, but there was absolutely no dripping with this. The dye also has no noticeable scent.

          One thing I wasn't so keen on with this dye, is the fact that it has to be left on for 30 minutes. Given that there are a lot of 10 minute dyes on the market at the moment, 30 minutes did seem like a very long wait to me, but I spent it having a soak in the bath - taking care to avoid getting my hair wet of course.

          After rinsing the dye I found that my hair felt very coarse and knotty. I applied the small bottle of conditioner and left it to work for two minutes. It smells very fruity and is quite a thick consistency. When I rinsed it I noticed an immediate improvement to the texture of my hair, and it seemed to transform it back to its normal state.


          As I often find happens when I dye my hair, the colour looked a lot darker than the shade it was intended to be on the box. It also looked quite a solid colour which I felt looked unnatural as un-dyed hair is multi-tonal. I found that it took 3-4 washes before the colour 'settled down' and started to look how it should. After this initial period, my hair looked a pretty similar shade to the girl on the box (who looks the spitting image of Catherine Zeta-Jones - I can't work out if it is actually her?) and looked much more natural.

          The few noticeable grey hairs at the front of my head have been covered and whereas they stood out quite a bit against my dark hair before, you can't tell they are there at all now.

          I've had the dye in my hair for approximately three weeks now and the colour still looks fresh and glossy. This is a permanent dye so should grow out rather than wash out.

          ~Price and Availability~

          I bought this from Boots where it cost £6.99, and it can also be bought from Superdrug for the same price. £6.99 is about average for a hair dye I think, so price-wise I have no complaints.

          ~Final Word~

          Overall I have been very impressed by this dye and it is everything I hoped the Nice n Easy foam dye would be, but wasn't. Undoubtedly the best thing about this product was the mess free, drip free formula. Coupled with the fact it is a mousse rather than a liquid application, it by far wins the prize for easiest to apply hair dye I have ever used.

          On a more negative note, the colour needs a few washes to settle down, and that flipping box needs to be made stronger, but these factors are not enough to deter me from buying another box.

          If you are looking for an easy to use, mess free dye that will cover greys and give a shade accurate to the one shown on the box, then I would fully recommend L'Oreal Sublime Mousse dye.


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