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L'Oreal Wild Ombres

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Brand: L'Oreal / Type: Colour

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    2 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 11:22



      Would use in another colour

      Unfofrtunately this product has ruined my hair.
      It changed colour alright but its a chestnut/orange and this is after i left the product on for the longest time.
      The effect it gives is correct from the picture off the box (long outgrown roots) which is what i was after, but its no where near blonde and my hair is frasled, i can barely get a brush through it when wet and my hair is long, my hair was dark brown to start with and i now am in the process of dying it back and in need of a good cut
      in my opinion i think this would work best on shorter hair, i could have done with more mixture
      When the mixture was on it dried my hair straight away and i could not see any development happening

      The comb however and the application process was great i would use this technique again but maybe not with blonde as its to harsh on my hair


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      25.10.2012 02:35
      Very helpful
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      A great cheap way of achieving fashionable hair without the salon price tag.

      ~*~*~ L'Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit ~*~*~

      ~ Ombre hair? ~

      I am not sure if everyone is aware as to what an Ombre hairstyle is so before I talk about the product I will give you a low down on what it is.
      This is a style that can be carried out on various lengths of hair and also can consist of many different colour ways.

      I am sure most people will have seen the celebrities with two tonal colour effects in their hair lately, Caroline Flack, Drew Barrymore, Jessie J etc have all jumped on this trend and it is really quite big now.

      With blonde hair you need to have a darker blonde top section and lighter tips, so basically it may seem like you want to look like you are growing out a bleach! But don't panic it doesn't look like this, the mid sections of the hair are blended more so that the colour blends from a darker root and lightens gradually down the hair before having the lightest blonde at the tips.

      With dark hair you can have the darker tops that gradually lighten to a lighter brown.

      You can even use bright colours and have two contrasting colours through the hair.

      I really like this look and it really is great for growing out bleached hair without it looking like it!

      ~ What's in the kit? ~

      I mistakenly thought the kit would contain the two contrasting colours, I just assumed that there would be a bleach as well as a darker blonde shade but I was wrong. The kit only contains the bleach.

      All together in the kit you get ~

      Lightening Powder
      Developer Creme & Applicator Cap
      Lightening Creme
      Conditioning Shampoo
      Colouring Gloves
      Instruction Leaflet

      The instruction leaflet is quite short compared to some hair dye kits and this I was surprised about as you would think it would need a bit of explaining, but it's quite easy when you read it properly!
      The one side of the leaflet has Christophe's Tips For Wild Ombres and this helps a lot as it shows where to start your Ombreing from and how to apply it.

      The gloves are of good quality too which makes a nice change from the carrier bag like gloves usually included in hair dye kits!

      The reason I thought the kit contained both colours is because the model on the box has her hair coloured in the Ombre style and there are three different kits available which show different colours.

      ~ The Range ~

      There are three colour options to choose from ~

      Ombre No 1 for Light Brown to Dark Brown hair
      Ombre No 2 for Dark Blonde to Medium Brown hair
      Ombre No 3 for Blonde to Dark Blonde hair.

      I bought Ombre No 3 so my review will be based on that.

      ~ How do you use it? ~

      I had to first dye my hair from the light ash blonde shade it was to a darker blonde shade. I chose to use a medium ash blonde shade as I didn't want to darken my hair too much. As I knew I would be re-bleaching the ends of my hair I only took the dye 3/4 of the way down my hair and I left the ends the blonde colour they were.

      I did this as the whole of my hair was very light and adding the bleach from the Ombre kit would have made no difference.

      I would recommend either using this on natural medium blonde hair or coloured darker blonde shades for added convenience, it just made it a bit longer for me as I really needed to get my hair that bit darker first.

      After doing that I was half way there as I now needed to add the Ombre hair colourant to my hair, I have watched You Tube videos on this in the past as it is something I have wanted to do to my for a while and was the initial reason I went back to blonde in the first place. From watching the videos online I had some sort of idea of what I was doing so I mixed the colourants in the one bottle and set to work.

      You are required to split your hair into two sections right down the center of your head, and bring the both sections over your shoulders to keep them separate. Squeeze some of the mixture onto the brush until it is evenly covered ( you should be wearing your gloves now ) and then you can start the application.

      The length of your hair will determine where you want to start applying the mixture, this is all set out on the leaflet provided but here is a quick briefing for you ~

      For shoulder length hair start your Wild Ombre at ear level.
      For long hair start at chin level.

      It works with straight hair, wavy hair, layered hair, curly hair etc.

      So as my hair is just below my shoulders I started it at the around the middle of my ear.

      I started by brushing the mixture onto the tips of my hair as I wanted these to be the lightest, I brought my hair around and brushed the mixture onto the lengths and tips of my hair at the back, I then brushed it on to the tips at the front of my hair and then lastly added it to the lengths, completely avoiding the top parts of my hair. I wanted it on the ends first as I wanted these to be the lightest shade of blonde.

      As the leaflet recommends I left the mixture on my hair for between 25 and 45 minutes, I checked my hair after 25 minutes and whilst it had lightend up I wanted it a bit lighter so over the next 10 minutes I checked my hair again and was happy with the colour after 35 minutes so I went upstairs to rinse it off. I then applied the conditioning shampoo, rinsed again and then added some conditioner just for good measure as my hair is overprocessed and damaged anyway.

      ~ The Results ~

      Well I have to say I found this very impressive. I think the brush really helped with the application to get the colour neatly brushed into the hair without adding a definite line, the brush softened the look and I am very pleased with the end result.

      My hair does look like it has been professionly done in a salon rather than a diy job and it really does look fantastic. The Wild Ombre colour has brought my hair to a bright blonde shade which is what I wanted.

      As you can tell I am very happy.

      The only downside to this is that the ends of my hair are frazzled but I don't think it is mainly down to this dye as they were frazzled before this just hasn't helped. But it's nothing a quick trim won't sort out. That and a deep conditioning treatment.

      ~ Price and Availibility ~

      I bought this kit in Asda. I was browsing at the colours to see what was on offer and having seen this on the Boots website the other day I was so pleased when I saw it was on offer for a mere £2.50, No 1 and No 3 were on offer at this price but No 2 was priced at £6.79 ... Not sure why!
      It is also available in Boots and Superdrug priced at around £6 - £7.

      It is quite easy to identify on the shelf due to its quirky leopard print square on the front of the box, that and the fact the models all have the Ombre/dip dyed hair style!

      ~ Overall Opinion ~

      As you may have already noticed I am impressed with this dye. I bought two boxes due to it being on offer but I think as long as you get the one pack with the brush you can use other hair colours to create the same effect. The brush does help get the correct effect and it is a fashonable trendy look.

      *** You will need a darker base to start off with, this is an important factor to using this particular colourant, you can if you so wish change the way you do it and have lighter tops with darker bottoms but this isn't something I have done so can't comment on how well this would work. ***

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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