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Label M Sea Salt Spray

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Brand: Label M / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Sprays / Gender: Unisex Haircare

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    2 Reviews
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      29.07.2013 17:39
      Very helpful



      label.m Sea Salt Spray creates wearably tousled styles with an edgy matte finish

      Ever since I heard the term 'Sea Salt Spray' for your hair I wanted to try it. I love products with sea salt in them, my skin and hair react really well to them. When I found out that label.m had their very own version of a Sea Salt Spray I couldn't wait to try it.

      label.m is one of my favourite hair care brands. over the years I have used quite a few of their products and I personally think my hair is now in the best condition it has been for years. I have no dry scalp, no split ends, no frizz, my hair is easy to style and I am finding I can now wash every two days instead of every other day, my hair that is.

      If you haven't got a clue who label.m are, never used an of their products or even seen them around, label.m, who have been around since 2005, have many award winning fashion-inspired haircare products and their range is developed by professional stylists under the creative eye Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. The history behind the company can be found on the label.m website if you wish to read more about them. For me, their hair care range is fantastic and I have used quite a lot of products from it. Whether you want a shampoo, conditioner, a treatment or a product to create a particular style or such as a mousse, spray or cream you can find something from label.m. All of the products are separated out into four different categories which are known as 'The 4 C's' and they stand for:

      * Cleanse,
      * Condition,
      * Create and
      * Complete

      Under each category will find further products, for example - if you go to condition you will see 13 different options of conditioning products to choose from, all of which are designed for one issue or another. If you are unsure which one is right for you, then go to the consultation page which is clearly visible on the home page and complete the short online hair consultation tool to find the right products for your hair, literally five questions and there will be three products selected for you to try - a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment, plus their prices and there are also trial sizes for most of the products. This Sea Salt spray can be found under 'Create'.

      What they say:

      "label.m Sea Salt Spray creates wearably tousled styles with an edgy matte finish. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, protects hair against heat styling and UV rays".

      The Sea Salt spray arrives in a bright white packaged can with the label.m logo and the name of the product. I have now tried a few products from the label.m range and I have absolutely loved everything that I have tried so far and have no problem recommending them as a brand to try. More so, a lot of their products have trial sizes that cost around the £3 and for me, I am a huge trial size fan when it comes to hair care because I find it one of my most expensive items that I spend money on.

      The Sea Salt spray is really easy to use and if you are ever in doubt there is a useful video on the label.m website as well as instructions on how to use it on the can itself which state:

      "Spray into damp or dry hair and blow dry for a thicker, matt effect".

      When I use it, I towel dry my hair, spritz this all over my hair and then complete the drying process with my hairdryer unless I am not going anywhere or styling my hair, in which case I leave it to dry on its own.

      The one thing I have noticed when using this product is the huge reduction in static with my hair. One of my main problems having washed my hair, dried it and then straightening it with my GHDs is the static that I get at the front and on the top of my head and no amount of serum sorts the issue out and by the time have finished faffing about, I feel like washing my hair all over again because I look like Medusa.

      Also what it does is allow me to create volume from the roots and because I have long layers cut into my hair, they all move and bounce around much more freely, giving my hair movement, rather than being ironed poker straight and sticking to my head. If I don't want lovely straight hair, I can run my fingers through it when tamed and create a tousled look without looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

      This is one product that will remain part of my hair care routine for some time to come, it is simple to use, makes life my life much more straightforward when it comes to styling my hair and you only need to use a small amount to get your desired styled.

      A 200ml can retails for around £12.95 and there is a travel sized 50ml can which can be purchased for £3.50


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        23.01.2012 20:49
        Very helpful



        Smells like the sea is easy to use and creates a great style.

        Label M is a product that is part of the Toni and Guy hair care range. Toni and Guy hair salons have been around since the early 1960's and they now have franchised hair salons worldwide. They are at the forefront of the industry and involved with creating hair for leading designer catwalk shows.

        I have my hair cut at one of their salons and over the years they have introduced me to some of my favourite hair products from brands such as Kerastase and Tigi , but now they mainly use Label M and Sea Salt spray was one of the products they used on my hair last time I had it cut.

        To be honest the stylists always run through all the products they use because they want you to buy them , but Sea Salt spray was recommended as I was struggling styling my hair at home as I sometime find holding the hairdryer difficult. I don't always buy everything , but the products they use are generally very good and unlike some things I buy I always use them until they are finshed.

        My hair dresser suggested sea salt spray as this would create volume and texture without spending ages blow-drying my hair. So I decided to give it a try.

        A lot of the styling products in the range come in very simple plain white cans with the brand, product name and instructions in black writing.
        Sea Salt spray generally comes in a 200 ml can and is £12.25 from Toni and Guy salons. If you buy online from Toni and Guy you can buy a much smaller size either to try or as a travel size - 50ml for £3.50 or a larger 500ml version for £18.15.

        The Product
        This is a styling product that you spray in your hair and is designed to create texture or slightly messy styles and it also protects your hair from the heat of hairdryers, other styling tools and UV rays.

        The directions on the can say to spray on damp or dry hair for a thicker matt effect, which doesn't tell you much , but I guess they assume you also go to Toni and Guy and the stylist has explained, which is true in my case.

        I spray this after towel drying and brush through my hair then blast with the hairdryer just running my fingers through my hair until it is nearly dry and then I use a brush to style as I can't style properly at the moment and can only manage a couple of minutes . What I have found using this spray is I get great volume without too much effort , great shine and then I create a little texture by spraying some in my palms and tousle in my dry hair. This gives separation and a texture so my hair looks piecey - sorry I don't know how else to describe the effect.

        I have short fine hair and I normally have to wash every day because when you have short layered hair like mine I wake up with my hair sticking up everywhere and normally wetting certain parts applying smoothing products and attempting a restyle makes it look worse than when I started .

        Since using this spray, I am able to calm down the sticky out bits by spending a minute with the hairdryer and it nearly looks as good as after first washing and styling, plus it retains the volume. For me this is a major selling point as I don't have to wash and style every day and my hair looks great.

        I also love is that my hair does not feel like I have loads of styling product in it , which is something that happens particularly with products that add volume and I end up with sections of hair that feels crunchy and straw like, which I hate. (My hair did go crunchy when I got soaked in the rain)

        This has made such a difference to my hair as it is so quick and easy to style and restyle the day after. This is brilliant for me as I am not a morning person and this product has cut down the time I usually spend faffing with my hair to make myself look presentable for work.

        I love the smell of this spray because it does smell like the sea and the ingredients include sea salt and algae extract.

        The can is fully recyclable

        Label M are against animal testing.

        Would I Recommend
        Absolutely, this is a recent discovery that has made my hair much easier to style, create volume, texture and shine and I wake up with hair that is good to go with a few tweaks, which makes this product invaluable to me. I have short hair so I don't need to use lots so this will last me quite a while even though I use a generous amount . It has a shelf life of 2 years once opened.

        Label M is a professional hair care range sold only in professional salons. Most cities have a Toni and Guy salon but if not you can buy online and you can try this in a 50ml size for £ 3.50 , 200ml £12.25 and 500ml for £18.15.
        It isn't cheap, but I am not using as many products or shampooing my hair as often.

        Creates texture and long lasting volume.
        Smells like the sea is easy to use and creates a great style.


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      • Product Details

        label.m Sea Salt Spray creates wearably tousled styles with an edgy matte finish. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, protects hair against heat styling and UV rays.

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