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Laboratoire Garnier Belle Colour

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29 Reviews
  • Reasonable Price
  • Gave me brown hair :)
  • Annoying conditioner sashay
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    29 Reviews
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      25.06.2015 14:17
      Very helpful


      • "Gave me brown hair :)"
      • "Reasonable Price"


      • "Annoying conditioner sashay"

      The Only Hair Dye that Came out how I Expected

      At the moment (23.06.2015) Belle Color permanent hair dye is for sale in Tesco at £4.99 or 2 boxes for £6.

      £4.99 seems to be around the average for a hair dye so I think this is quite reasonable in comparison to others available.

      I applied the dye just to the roots of my hair for 30 minutes. I did not after 20 minutes apply it to the length of my hair as I only previously dyed my hair 3-4 weeks ago with the same shade of hair dye and I didn't wasn't my hair to get too porous and muddy in colour through over exposure to hair dye.

      For me just reapplying the dye to my roots worked really well. I didn't find that I needed to apply it to the length of my hair and I recommend that if you have a little brush to use this method as I got the best coverage I have ever had using this method.

      So far I have never come across a hair dye that smells nice and Belle Color is no exception. This dye smells chemically and strong, but not so strong that it has ever been overpowering to me of made me cough. But, just bad enough to make you want to open the window.

      Rinsing the dye out is a straightforward process. I have found some dyes in the past hard to rinse out sand they took ages. I had not such problems with this dye and after a few minutes of rinsing my hair through the water ran clear after dying my hair.

      The conditioner that Belle Color provides actually annoys me quite a lot. It comes in a plastic sashay that gives the impression that you would be able to easily tear it open. Unfortunately this is just a ruse though and I find it is just there to irritate me.

      If I actually remember to take the conditioner sashay into the shower with when I wash my hair dye out I must then also try to remember to take scissors also to cut the sashay open. With wet hands from washing the hair dye out I have repeatedly tried but always failed to open the conditioner without scissors.

      I am very pleased with the results after using Belle Color. Using this hair dye my hair has actually come out the colour that I was hoping for and the colour that was advertised on the box. For me this is true with the dark brown hair dye I used and with this natural dark golden brown hair dye.

      I find that this dye generally covers most if not all of my grey but only if left on for the full 30 minutes if not maybe a few minutes longer. Any less than the 30 minutes then I find a few greys that have avoided their fate of being brown.


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      13.01.2015 17:13
      Very helpful



      A Great Hair Colour!

      I initially chose this product because I liked the shade on the box. I wanted a natural looking shade. After looking at the range available I opted for this Belle Colour Shade 5 Natural Brown which looked like it might be a warm, golden brown. After the first use was satisfying I have since used the dye regularly.

      The brand have recently had a slight make-over. Whilst the pictures of the hair models on the front of the boxes remains the same the hair colour is now said to be "multi-tonal" and the after colour conditioner now contains walnut oil as well as jojoba and wheatgerm. After using the most recently released product I can tesify that the shade looks better than ever and my hair catches the light so well. However, the new conditioner is slightly too thick and leaves hair heavy and weighed down after use.

      The product comes boxed with an instruction leaflet, pair of large plastic gloves (slightly too large for most hands I would think!), tube of colourant and bottle of mixing solution as well as a sachet of conditioner. It is very easy to use the dye. You just squeeze the contents of the metal tube into the bottle, shake it up and then apply. With this shade the contents of the bottle don't assume the shade immediately but the solution goes brown during use and after you have applied it to the hair.

      I find this particular hair dye very easy to wash off if it stains around my face, neck or shoulders. It simply washes away with a little bit of soap and water. The dye doesn't have a terrible fragrance although it is rather strong but it isn't intoxicating. It smells a little bit like tropical fruit and you can also smell a bleach-like chemically scent underneath that.

      Unless you are only colouring your roots the development time is 30 minutes. I find this to be acceptable. The solution of the hair dye is such that it doesn't drip from the hair so you can even move around if you please.

      The dye needs to be rinsed off with clean, warm water until the water runs dry. You then apply the conditioner. This is a very thick substance of which enough is provided for even very long hair. It is buttery and has a feminine scent. It smothers the hair and is difficult to rinse off. I find that my hair is initially very thick and heavy after the initial dye job and I assume it's because of this conditioner.

      However, my hair looks great after I use the dye. The colour is just as it is predicted on the box and it actually looks totally natural and slightly sun kissed. I'm very happy with this product and would recommend the range to anyone wanting to colour their hair with a great looking dye. These packs usually cost me around £5.30 a box.

      This review is also on Ciao!


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      09.06.2013 14:27
      Very helpful



      well worth the money

      I am reviewing Garnier Belle color 5.5 natural looking auburn .............

      I have been feeling a little down recently and my daughter suggested I give my hair a little bit of colour to cheer me up.
      Now I do have a few grey hairs, and I had been thinking of covering them up .so, when I got my recent Tesco order I noticed that Garnier hair colourants were reduced to £3.59 so I ordered one

      I chose colour number 5.5 which was a natural light auburn ,because I used to have auburn highlights ,till the grey has changed them.

      THE PRODUCT.............

      Garnier belle color is presented in a cardboard box with the familiar Garnier name embazoned on the front, with a pic of a pretty girl sporting the colour that is inside.
      It also read multi toned colour with up to 100% grey coverage,j ust what I needed.

      On the inside leaflet I read the following
      Garnier Belle Color offers a permanent hair colour with truly natural looking results. It's unique multi-tonal formula, enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oils, recreates your hair's natural tones and highlights, while providing up to 100% grey coverage.

      It is recommended that you follow the intructions in the leaflet and do a skin test before you start,to see if you have a bad reaction

      The secret of Garnier Belle Color is its unique formula which works with the natural variation of tones in your hair while covering your greys. The result is beautifully soft, natural-looking colour and not a grey hair in sight!

      Right,I waited untill yesterday, Saturday ,when my daughter visited and the colouring began

      I hadnt coloured my hair for a few years so was amazed by how simple the instructions are .....

      1............put on the gloves provided,unscrew the bottle,

      2.........pierce the tube of color-ease gel creme with the top of the cap ,squeeze the entire contents into the applicator bottle

      3...........firmly screw on the cap of the applicator bottle shake thoroughly to an even mixture

      4.......... break off the tip of the applicator bottle after mixing to avoid the bottle bursting,I wouldnt want all that colour spread around my kitchen

      You can use the product straight on to dry hair ,my daughter did this whilst I held an old towel around my face ,it felt reall cold going on ,I was glad it was a hot day outside .
      I had to leave the creme on for 20 minutes ,its best to use old towels and to wear an old top when doing this as it does tend to drip if you move about,
      I did feel a little tingling on my scalp ,but my daughter assured me it does this all the time,shes always colouring her hair

      After the 20 mins are up you have to rinse your hair until the water runs clear, then put on the conditioner, which is supplied leave this product in for about 2 mins and then rinse hair .

      Voila ,I have short hair so I dried my hair in the sun sitting in the garden

      THE RESULT ..........

      Lovely ,I wish I had done my hair sooner., t looks much better , the colour is so nearly like my own colour and all my grey is gone ,I sure am the Belle of the ball, many thanks Garnier

      I would reccomend Garnier Belle Color and will certainly buy it again

      I give it 5 stars


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        03.03.2013 01:29
        Very helpful



        This is one of the best permanent dyes available. I've been using it for years and I will continue.

        My hair is quite resistant to some permanent dyes, and well-suited to others. I personally select from Garnier Belle Colour and L'Oreal Preference, and I no longer bother with any other brands. These two brands give a better colour result and last longer than other dyes.

        From the Belle Colour range, I have used Belle Colour Blonde Lightener, Belle Colour Intense Dark Brown 3, and Belle Colour Black 1. I found all of these dyes to be really good. I'll expand a little on each of the shades:

        I used the Belle Colour Blonde Pre-Lightener to remove my natural dark red-brown colour in preparation for applying La Riche Directions Dye over the top (I've also reviewed this product; check it out!). After it had been on for the recommended development time, it was a coppery light ginger colour - so I left it on for longer, about an hour in total, I think. This got my hair looking quite yellowy, but definitely more blonde than ginger. The product worked better on the roots than the lengths of my hair, and when I did my roots every two months or so, I applied it to the lengths also to progressively lighten it some more - this worked quite well.

        I really don't want to alarm you with these images of yellow and coppery-gingery unfinished-ness; I'm writing from the perspective of someone with extremely bleach-resistant hair. The fact that this product did anything at all to get my hair even close to blonde gives it a 10/10 for me. I suppose that if your hair is naturally a lighter colour, you'll get a more natural-looking blonde result.

        Regarding the Black 1, and Intense Dark Brown 3 colours, I use these either over my natural colour to cover up greys and make my hair look darker than it naturally is, or to cover up a previous crazy colouring (after bleaching and using bright Directions coloured dye over the top), and they do the trick nicely. The coverage is even, and masks a multitude of sins, mistakes and premature greying. The colours that I've used are true to the result on the side of the box, even if you've previously bleached your hair or have a lot of grey, and they don't fade very much. If I'm going through a phase of dyeing my hair normal colours (it happens occasionally), I'll use a pack of this dye every 2 or 3 months, and the effects are good - no noticeable fading, and a natural result.

        The only slightly bad thing about this product is the ammonia smell when applying it, but you get this with a lot of permanent dyes.

        It's a really good product and it's only comparable to L'Oreal Preference in terms of performance.


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        02.10.2012 02:52
        Very helpful



        A good hair colour

        I recently bought this hair dye in a local chemist for around £5. This brand is often on offer and can be got a little cheaper but on average will cost just under the £5 mark.

        There are a few shades to choose from, not as many as some brands but as a natural range you should be able to find something to suit you. I have tried two blonde shades and one light brown shade. If you want to go much lighter than your natural colour you can buy a pre-lightening cream.

        The colour comes in a white box that has a picture of a model with perfect looking hair on the front (I never set myself up for disappointment by expecting my hair to look like hers, but a similar shade would be good). The name and number of the shade is also on the front along with some information telling me it is a 20 minute permanent colour, it is a new formula that is enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oils and that the conditioner is enriched with camomile.
        On one side of the box is a long list of dangerous sounding ingredients and some scary safety instructions.
        The other side of the box tells you how long the colour will last, if the colour is right for you, what makes the colour unique (that it is natural looking, multi-tonal, shampoos easily and the conditioner adapts to the colour of your hair) and a list of pack contents.
        On the reverse of the box is a couple of paragraphs telling you how wonderful and amazing the product is, that it is quick and easy to apply with a formula that doesn't drip, and a little colour chart showing you what you can expect the resulting colour to be in comparison with your before colour.
        There is also a circular perforation in the box which the plastic application bottle sits inside the hole that is created.

        Inside the box is:
        - a sheet of instructions and safety precautions
        - a plastic pack containing gloves, the gloves are really big which is good for me as I have got long fingers and quite big hands and the small ones are uncomfortable and you can't move your hands and bend the fingers as easily.
        - a 20ml foil sachet of nutritive conditioner crème which is easily opened pulling at a little cut in the top.
        - a 40ml foil tube of color-ease crème, the lid screws off and you use the top of the lid to puncture a hole in the top of the tube to squeeze the gel out of.
        - a cloudy white mixing bottle containing 60ml of developer milk, the top screws off to enable you to add the color-ease gel and screw the top back on to shake and mix the two. A small tip can be snapped or cut off to reveal a small hole for easy application.

        A FEW RULES
        - As with all hair dyes there can be a reaction to it so an allergy test must be performed 48 hours before use.
        - Not suitable for under 16's
        - Not to be used on sensitive scalps
        - Not to be used if you've had a reaction to a henna tattoo before
        - Don't use on relaxed hair
        - Wait 2 weeks after a perm to use it
        - This will not cover grey or previously coloured hair.

        Application is simple enough, similar to most hair colours. First I put a bit of Vaseline on my face and ears around my hairline to stop the colour staining my skin. I then put an old towel around my shoulders to protect clothing.
        Then simply mix the dye, shake it and put it onto the hair. If you have used the product before they recommend putting it only on the roots for the first 12-20 minutes and the rest of the hair for the last 5 minutes. I was using it all over so I put it on my hair it wasn't runny so didn't drip, I left it to develop for around 20-25 minutes before rinsing off.
        To rinse it out was simple putting a small bit of water on my hair so lather it up and make it easier to rinse out under the shower. It says to rinse it until the water runs clear but the water ran clear very quickly for me even though I could still feel the product in my hair so give it a good rinse and you will feel when it is out. You then use the sachet of conditioner, rubbing it all over your hair, I always concentrate more on the ends of my hair. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then rinse out. I found the conditioner had a pleasant scent and left my hair soft and shiny and knot free, it was very easy to comb out afterwards.

        I have used both a brown and a blonde shade of this hair colour in the past, both times with good results. The colours were definitely the most natural looking I have used, so much so that I found them a little dull and boring. I would prefer a colour with a bit more depth and vibrance but for anyone who does want a really natural colour this is a good option. For those that want something a bit more exciting they make a really good base colour to stick a few high or lowlights through.

        The colour was good, the application was easy and the formula didn't smell as bad as others I have used. The fact that this isn't for previously coloured hair and doesn't cover grey, it wouldn't be suitable for everyone but it did produce the natural look it promised.
        I found both the dark and blonde colours had the natural result and would definitely recommend the product, I wouldn't use it again as I would prefer something a bit more vibrant but would definitely use it for a natural looking result.


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        04.07.2012 17:44
        Very helpful



        Not my favourite, but gives good results.

        As I frequently colour my hair, I think I have tried most of the products on the shelves over the years and whilst I have one or two favourites, there is nearly always a promotional offer on hair dye no matter where you choose to purchase them from and it can really pay to shop around if you can.
        Indeed I check the supermarkets and other stockists such as Boots and Superdrug when I am out shopping and if I spot a bargain price I will purchase a dye and keep it until I need to use it.
        Whilst Clairol is probably my preference when it comes to colouring my hair, there are a number of other dyes I have used which have given me satisfactory results and Belle Color by Garnier is one of these.

        I noticed in my local Asda that Belle Color was on offer priced at just £3.58, which is good for a permanent hair colourant and knowing that it is one I don't mind using, I took advantage of the low price and purchased one. It has been quite a while since I last used Belle Colour, but I was confident it would still give me the satisfactory results I have experienced in the past.

        Belle Color is a permanent hair colour which Garnier state will provide you with truly natural looking results. It's unique multi-tonal formula, enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oils, is said to recreate your hair's natural tones and highlights, whilst providing up to 100% grey coverage.
        I don't personally believe that there is anything 'unique' about this multi-tonal formula as many hair dyes offer this, but it is something I look for in a hair dye.
        Belle Colour is also enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oils, to leave your hair feeling soft.
        Although my hair is naturally dark brown, I do like the vibrancy that colouring my hair provides, as well as covering the grey strands which seem to be increasingly appearing and so the promise of covering all grey is another requirement of mine. I don't always purchase dark brown shades, I often experiment with various red shades too, but on this occasion I opted for the dark brown shade.

        The preparation is simple. Inside the box there is the usual colourant, developing lotion, conditioner and gloves. After putting on the gloves provided, you squeeze the contents of the colour creme into the bottle of developing lotion and give it a good shake. Then just snap off the top and it is ready to apply to your hair.
        Full instructions are provided, as well as information about carrying a strand test first, not only to test the colour but also to test if you are allergic to the product.

        I personally prefer to use a hair dye which you apply to dry hair, as I find it a much easier and quicker process, therefore I am pleased that this dye is to be applied to dry, unwashed hair.
        Starting at the roots, I began squeezing the contents of the developing bottle onto my hair. I prefer the product to have a gel-like consistency as it makes applying hair dye easier, because otherwise you can end up with the product running down your face and neck, which can get quite messy and also stain your skin, so the fact that this is a 'creme' and not a gel is the downside to using Belle Color for me.
        Having said that, Belle Color is not the worst creme I have ever applied to my hair. Whilst it was a little messy applying it to my hair, once it was on it did not drip or run which is a bonus as many of these types of hair dyes do! And so although this wasn't the best consistency I have experienced, it was by no means the worst and also there wasn't a strong peroxide smell as you often get with some hair dyes.

        The creme was a white colour when I began the application and gradually changed to brown during the application. After applying all of the dye to my hair, I then piled my hair on top of my head and left it for 30 minutes as advised for a full head coverage, before rinsing it all off under the shower.
        You then apply the conditioner which is included in the box, to your hair. This is the other thing I am not so keen on when using Belle Color, as I don't really care for the fragrance of the conditioner. Also when I had rinsed it all off, my hair felt as if it still had some product remaining in it and despite another thorough rinse it continued to feel this way. Despite all this however, once I had dried my hair it looked and felt fine. My fingers glided through my hair easily and it felt soft.

        Overall I was very happy with the results. The shade was a shiny dark brown and exactly what I wanted. There was no sign of any grey hairs either. I have long hair and found that one box was enough to colour my hair evenly.
        The colour lasts well and doesn't fade as quickly as one or two others I have used. The only niggles I have is that it is a little messy to apply and I don't personally like the conditioner, but the results outweigh the negatives for me and so I am happy to recommend Belle Color. It's not my favourite, but it gives good results and that's all I want from a hair dye.


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          13.03.2012 11:34



          Better hair colouring kits out there

          I have been diy cap highlighting my hair for many years using permanent hair colour rather than bleach which can be unpredictable. I always use the lightest ash colour in any hair dye brand & judging by the colour on the box & it's extra lightening formula I thought that the Belle colour natural extra light ash blonde would be a good one to try, my previous highlights had also faded & was in need of a refresh.
          My hair is naturally dark blonde with highlights & usually lightens quite easily.
          I used the colourant as directed saturating each strand & left on for the max developing time of 25 minutes (20 is the minimum) then rinsed., used the little satchet of conditioner included, rinsed again then dried.

          The results....
          No change at all, my hair was the exact same colour as it was before using the hair colourant! The only difference was the dryness caused by the dye but this was the only difference. Even the conditioner did not seem to work that well!
          I have since used the Nutrisse hair colourant in ice blonde & this did the job I wanted it too very nicely. I will not be using belle colour again & would definately not recommend.


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          06.03.2012 15:06
          Very helpful



          Well priced hair dye from Garnier.

          My hair started to go grey when I was in my thirties and since then I have been dying my thick, tough hair, The grey hairs have grown in even thicker and have proved more and more troublesome to accept colour. My original colour was a dark brown but, as I have grown older and my complexion has changed, I have chosen lighter shades aiming for a blonder look for the greys and trying to lighten the remaining dark brown which remains around the sides and back This winter i decided to bite the bullet and see what would happen if I just let my hair grow and did not dye it. Well I lasted three months and decided this week that it was back to using the hair dye as although some people have very attractive grey hair, mine was still opting for the white on top and brown at the back and sides look

          I chose Garnier Belle Colour for a few reasons. I have found it effective in the past, it does not smell nearly as much as other brands, and it is a very reasonable price and promises a natural look that covers up to 100% of grey hairs. It contains Jojoba and wheat germ oil and my shade, number 8 light blond also now contains chamomile, extract which is a natural brightener for blond hair in the conditioning cream which you use after rinsing out the dye. On the reverse of the cardboard box which contains the dye kit is a chart which shows the results, before and after, of three varying hair colours so that you get an idea of what to expect your newly dyed hair to look like.

          the kit contains an applicator containing 60ml of colour milk
          a tube of cream colour, 40ml
          a sachet of conditioning cream
          an instruction leaflet.
          a pair of enormous plastic gloves!

          It is imperative that you try the allergy test 48hours before you apply the dye by dabbing a little of the cream colour behind your ear to check if you have an allergic reaction to ingredients. This is stated many times both on the box and on the instruction leaflet.

          Be Brave!

          So wearing an old t-shirt designated for use for hair dying,and wearing the enormous gloves I follow the instructions and pierce the top of the cream colour tube. Then take the top off the applicator container and squeeze the white cream into the bottle and replace the top. I then shake it like crazy for a minute and then snap off the end of the applicator IMMEDIATELY, or else dire things will happen. The resulting,fairly thick liquid is easy to apply to my dry hair and not at all drippy and the smell is much gentler than many dyes I have tried. Now comes the scary bit, the dye becomes darker as you wait! I always wait the 30 minutes recommended for people with a lot of grey hair and by the time 30 minutes is up by hair looks really dark. back on with the huge gloves,( I'd hate to meet the woman that they fit), and add a little water to the hair, a quick massage and then a really thorough rinse. When the water runs clean I rip open the sachet of conditioner which has a lovely smell and massage it all through my hair. Another wait of 2 minutes and rinse again. That's it done!

          My Opinion.

          The resulting colour is on my hair a mixture of light brown and blondy grey. while it is not exactly blond it is a great deal better than my own natural colour and I will use this shade again another bonus is that my hair is nice and soft as well as a better colour. The dye is easy to apply and pleasant to use. the instructions are clear and you can even use the box as a stand for the bottle of dye by pressing out the special perforated circle on the base of the box. My only complaint is please change the gloves! but I will still award it 5 stars as a very well priced hair dye.

          5 stars from me.

          Readily available from around 5.00pounds.

          Thanks for reading my review which may also be posted on Ciao under splishsplash.


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          17.08.2011 15:53
          Very helpful



          See review

          My youngest daughter wanted her hair coloured. She had it dyed black a year or so ago when she was going through her goth phase, then earlier this year we lightened it but it was a bit patchy all over and some of it was looking a bit gingery too. We had a look up the town the other day and found that the Garnier Belle Colour hair dyes were reduced to £3.50 each in Wilkinsons. As her hair is quite long we decided to buy two packs to make sure we had enough to cover it all.

          We had never used this dye before so on Monday we did a skin test behind her ear to make sure she was not allergic to anything in the kit. You had to leave it on the skin for 48 hours so yesterday we decided to go ahead and give it a try.

          The pack we bought is a creme colour, and you got a bottle of liquid in the box. You had to open a tube of colour and squeeze it all into the bottle and then give it a good shake to make sure it was mixed up well. Then you had to remove the little tag on top of the bottle so that the mixture didn't explode.

          The kit came with a pair of plastic gloves which were quite roomy to put on. The instruction sheet was easy to read and to follow with some diagrams showing you what to do. It said to use it on dry hair so we were able to start straight away.

          The liquid came out of the bottle quite easily with the nozzle on the top and we put it on the roots first and then run the nozzle down the hair so that the whole length was covered. We were glad we bought the two packs as one was not going to be enough. Her hair isn't very thick, she has it thinned out at the hair dressers and it is down to just below her shoulders but it was not enough to cover with one bottle. We put the two whole bottles on the hair and made sure it was well covering all over. The hair stayed up on top of her head once it was covered with the stuff so it wasn't dripping down or anything. We also found that we didn't get it all over her skin like we have done using other dyes before, and it didn't go on her clothes either.

          The smell was quite a nice smell, it didn't smell powerful or anything, it was a nice perfumey clean kind of smell.

          The dye had to stay on for 20 minutes although it said if you were trying to cover grey hair you could leave it on a bit longer, but daughter being only 16 this was not an issue.

          Her hair was quite light on the top at first and a bit darker as it went down the hair, we think was because where she had dyed it black before the new hair at the roots was coming lighter all the time and the ends were still a bit darker even though we had lightened it all before. After we rinsed this colour off we found that all her hair was the same colour from root to the tips which was what we were looking for.

          The colour we bought was called natural dark blonde and her hair is now looking a very natural dark blonde. As far as we can remember, this is quite close to what it was like before she put the black dye on her hair years ago. It does not look like it is dyed, it still has different shades to it like natural hair colours do.

          The kit came with some conditioner especially for dyed hair and she used it after she had dyed her hair. It smelled really nice and made her hair feel lovely and soft after drying it. The hair is not at all brittle like you get with some hair dyes and it looks like it is in a good condition and very shiney.

          I would certainly use this make of hair dye again and at the going price it is a very good buy.

          Copied to Ciao under username Harveydog52


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          26.01.2011 18:26



          I've been using Garnier Belle colour number 110 since I was 16 years old, I'm now 26 years, I have used it every 4 to 6 weeks during this time. I've never used another another brand because I have never needed too! It gives me everything I need, a lovely colour in great condition! Its really easy to use just mix the colour and developer in the bottle then shake and apply, it takes about 20 mins to develop. The conditioner you get in the box smells gorgeous and makes your hair really soft. Also its under £5!


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          14.09.2010 23:19
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Overall a good colour and cheap

          For those of you who have read my previous reviews you will know that I have recently braved home dyes for the first time in years. My first attempt went well but I have noticed some blonde patches still hiding so decided to have another go this time with the hand of a friend. So I popped to Asda looking for the same colour I used however they didnt have the same one so I opted for Belle Colour in natural brown instead it looked similar and it only cost £3 on offer so I got 2 and went home to see what would happen this time.

          My Belle colour box tells me it is a permanent color, it has a new formula, and it offers 100% grey coverage I don't need this yet but good to know for the future lol.

          The back of the box shows the colour circles of what your hair should look like depending on what colour it was to start with. So blonde should go to dark blonde, light brown to brown and dark brown to black. My hair was light brown and holding it against the box now it is done the colour is pretty close the brown colour I was trying to achieve.

          Opening the box you find the colour tube and application bottle and also a conditioner sachet and gloves attached to instructions on use.

          You are advised to do a skin allergy test 4 hours before application but having never had problems with hair dye before I skipped this part and went straight onto the application. After mixing the developer and colour I shook the bottles up and was ready to go. I prepared both bottles at the same time so we didn't have to mess during application.

          I then sat back and my friend applied the dye to my hair she did it from the roots first before covering the rest of my hair with the dye it took ! and a half bottles to cover my whole head my hair is just past my shoulders. The remainder of the dye we used to dye my clip in human hair extensions which I use for making my hair look thicker when I go out.

          Once the dye was on my head my head did feel a bit itchy and warm an dI have to admit I did feel worried for a bit that I was going to 'react' to it luckily I didn't though. After 20 minutes I washed the colour out in the shower and applied the conditioner for 3 minutes before washing it out.

          The conditioner made it easy to brush my hair through when wet but I wouldn't say it made my hair feel as good as the conditioner did from the last home dye I used.

          Anyway the final results..........
          After drying my hair I looked in the mirror and found that my hair did look shiny and that my blonde patches have gone hurray.

          Overall this is a good hair dye and I have learnt that it never hurts to have a friend at hand when applying your hair colour!


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            12.12.2009 15:05
            Very helpful



            See review

            What better thing to do than waiting for your hair colour to do than write a review on the stuff??

            Why I wanted to dye my hair=
            Up until the age of about 18 I always did my own, then I wanted more complex hair colourings so did that at the hairdressers. For the last 3/4 years though I have just had a full set of highlights, each time pulling my hair through the cap etc which I can barely stand although leaving me with the perfect blonde shade. However my chain of hairdressers have shut down about a week ago leaving me a bit gutted and wondering what to do?? Normally a cut and colour is almost £70 so I thought stuff this I'm going back to basics, am going to do my own again, I love experimenting anyway and can not afford hairdressing prices for colours so what is the worst that can happen??

            Choosing the dye=
            I went for the best brand and the cheapest price, this was on offer is Asda for £3. A substantial saving on my hairdressed colour.

            The dye=
            I chose shade 111, extra light natural ash blonde, as it had a very slight goldeny yellowy blondeness to it but ash is my natural colour so hopefully this is the right one for me and my pasty complexion.

            In the box=
            Developing milk in a small plastic bottle with a yellow lid that snaps off, tube of colour gel, 20ml of conditioner and instructions and gloves.

            Instructions and ease of use=
            The printed instructions are clear, large and easy to read.
            The bottle and tube mix together, the tube is punctured by inverting the lid back onto it, shook together, then snap off the little tip of the bottle cap and apply.

            The thin plastic gloves were fairly large and fine for the job.

            I found getting the remnants of the cream tube into the bottle a nightmare, trying keep a steady hand whilst squeezing the product out, wanting every last drop, I managed to get what I thought was most of it out.

            There is a perforated circle on the box to pop out which holds the developing milk bottle! Convenient rather than putting it on an unprotected service.

            The gloves stayed on whilst I applied, the lotion was thick gloopy and white, and very easy to apply and massage in throughtout the hair.

            *Takes a break to wash it out!!!!*

            The mixtrure was just enough for my very long hair,

            I had done my skin test, which was fine. It felt painful on my scalp each time I put some on it and massaged it in, once I left it to work it felt fine, this is not a brand specific problem though it's happened before, I'll remember next time to have a no ammonia etc product.

            Also the fumes made me retch and I left the room for air, phew!! Again this has happened before, my bathroom is tiny so I got out and got fresh air.

            Once applied, the hair was whipped up and piled on top of my head where it duly stayed put.

            It works in 20 minutes but says for lighter results leave for 30 minutes.

            To wash out barely takes a minute, and then the conditioner is applied. Once I'd washed it out my hair felt very thickened and I was worried for a bit!!

            The 20ml of conditioner amount is very stingy and would have benefitted from being more of, however it was very thick and peach fragranced, and left my hair slipping through my hands and coated with the conditioner.

            My hair is now drying off, and feels no better off than before, not particularly moisturised, but the colour is fine at least. Going off the colour on my root regrowth from the previous dyeing, ie natural hair, it is not particularly striking or glossy seeing as it is branded as super lightening and the second blondest shade available, although the colour is even.

            I will try a kinder make next time with no ammonia as I can't cope with the fumes also nowhere near enough conditioner with the product.

            Summary four out of ten!


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            12.08.2009 21:00
            Very helpful




            I've been using Garnier Nutrisse Cream to dye my hair for over a year now and I swear by it. The other week I went out with the girls and my usual routine is to dye my hair the week I am due to go out. I dyed my hair as I usually do but rushed through it and missed half of my head. It was a friday night now and I didn't have any spare money so decided to pop to Sainsburys and use my nectar card points instead to buy a dye. I browsed the green and yellow boxes and couldn't find MY colour .. I was devastated! How could I use a completely different dye the night before my girls night - what if my hair turned green mun ?!

            In the corner of my eye though a vibrant orange colour was peeking out at me. I instantly noticed it was a Garnier product so turned my attention to this box. I picked up the box and had a quick look at all the info, I hadn't seen this one before but it was still a Garnier product so was hoping for the best really. It was a dark brown I usually applied to my hair so I checked the colour on top of the box first which in this case was Number 3 Natural Intense Dark Brown. There were other shades to choose from though including light brown and blonde. Garnier, Belle Color it says on the box as well as New Formula - So long as this new formula didn't make my hair fall out I was willing to try anything to cover up my ghastly patches I'd missed on my head.

            The box is quite busy providing us with a few bits of informtion such as;

            Colour-ease creme
            Natural Looking result
            100% Grey coverage
            enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oil

            Multi tonal formula
            Natural result
            plus 33% more conditioner

            The Multi Tonal formula respects the tone differences in your natural hair colour and gives you a natural looking results. It perfectly covers 100% of grey hair.

            It's unique Color-Ease gel creme is designed to easily be shampooed in, doesnt drip and works in only 20 minutes.

            Inside the box you are given instructions with gloves attached, an applicator bottle of developer milk, colour ease gel creme tube sachet of nutritive conditioner creme.

            I slipped my hands comfortably in the gloves, they had a snug fit and were not loose anywhere so I had full control of my hands but with protection from the drasted dye that so easily gets stuck on your skin and can be a nightmare to get rid of.

            I squeezed the colour ease gel creme into the developer milk tightened the lid and shook the bottle vigorously to ensure the developer mixed well with the colour creme. I left it a few minutes and watched as the developer .. well.. developed the colour and it soon turned from a milky white to a dark brown.

            I used the bottle to apply the colour by gently squeezing at my roots first and rubbing it in and gradually working it through my hair from roots to end, combing it through gently to ensure this time that I had covered every strand. I noticed straightaway that this colourant was quite thick and did seem more of a thick gel rather than a runny cream that colours seem to be. Despite it seeming a little thicker I was still able to comb it through my hair with ease and really rub it in with my fingers. It hardly created any mess - I think that's because I took my time with my hair this time as well as the fact that the gel is thicker and clung to my hair rather than dripped off.

            Another thing I was impressed with was the smell - usually with colours there is an overwhelmingly strong chemical dye smell - this doesn't have that instead the smell is very subtle - but do remember that it is on your head mind. Usually the smell and the dye makes me wince a little at first as it feels so close to my eyes but this seemed to have no effect at all. I felt comfortable with it on my head. It didn't burn in fact it was as if I had just applied some deep conditioning treatment.

            I could see my 'lighter' patches darkening immediately, even my fair hairs which are forever driving me nuts around my forehead coloured instantly. I left it on for the 20 minutes it says on the box and thoroughly rinsed it off. This was the only messy bit - which is no different to other dye. It rinsed off quite quickly after the initial thick gunk had gone and I massaged the conditioner provided into my scalp. The smell was divine, fresh, fruity and clean and my hair immediately began to feel soft I could smooth my fingers right through with ease with no worries of tangles. Although the dye rinses off easily when shampooing there is no need to worry about losing the colour as it definitely stays on your hair all you are doing is rinsing off the excess.

            It left my hair looking, as well as feeling, vibrant and healthy. It felt soft and looked brand new in all honesty, my hair looked real radiant.

            I found that this dye has been the tidiest dye I've ever used. I'm usually left with dark patches across my forehead and around the back of my neck, this dye seemed to cling to my hair and my hair only though which was brilliant.

            I have used this dye three times now the last time I used it was 4 weeks ago and my greyish, gingery roots are showing no sign of making an entrance so the longevity of this dye is extremely impressive. It is a strong and dominant dye and would definitely cover greys, especially if it covered my fair hairs which are in effect grey looking. It did cover them naturally too it didn't leave me with an emo gothic look which some dyes have done in the past, it left my hair blending in with my face and looking natural.

            I will definitely be buying this again in the future especially as it costs under £5, I honestly don't think I've seen it anywhere else though other than Sainsburys but then I havn't been anywhere else to purposely look for it either. A brilliant dye!


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              04.07.2009 11:54
              Very helpful



              Will be using this product again

              When my brother and myself were young we had the most beautiful, light blond hair (honest- we have the photos to prove it!). As my brother is four years older than myself I noticed that his hair had started to go dark blond, then mousey then brown. Well I loved my lovely locks and that certainly wasn't going to happen to me so when I was about sixteen and my hair started to darken I had blond highlights which did the trick. Fast forward a few years..okay 17 actually; it was all hunky dory, and up until Christmas last year I was still determined to be blond. However these days my determined darker roots kept coming thick and fast (how dare they??) and my hair was looking 'untidy' so I decided against my will to go the dark side...no I don't mean I turned into a Satan worshipper- I bought a brown hair dye. Please forgive me old blond hair!

              So what is it and how do you use it?~
              After perusing Superdrug's hair colourant isle (yes I do spend a lot of time in there it is only 5 minutes from my house!) I liked the look of Garnier's Belle colour. It's a colour ease -creme and is multi-tonal formula and gives a natural result so it says. I didn't want to go too dark so opted for no 7 which is described on the box as Natural Very Light Brown.
              This cost me £3.98 but there was an offer on for two for £5 though as it was the first time I was using the colour I just bought one.
              The box is an oblong shape and has a picture of a woman with lovely light brown hair on the front, and lots of information (which is also on the information leaflet). The hair kit is made up as follows; said information leaflet with instructions on how to use, one 60ml applicator bottle of developing milk, one 40ml colour ease creme tube, one 20ml sachet of nutritive conditioner and a disposable pair of plastic gloves.

              Using the colour~
              Now I won't lie, I have used home hair dyes before when restoring my hair to it's original blond(*sob*!), but this is the first time I had used the Belle Colour brand. One of the thing that puts me off home hair dyes is the potent smell that always makes my eyes water, so I wondered if this brand would be the same?

              On arriving home I opened the box and put on my pair of plastic gloves (that are provided). Then I mixed the colourant together by squeezing the creme into the applicator bottle. I screw the lid on tightly and shook with all my might.
              Right, once that was done I needed to put an old towel round my shoulders (as the mixture will stain your garments other wise), and I was ready to go!

              I applied evenly all over my hair- *note- dry hair* and used the entire contents of the bottle. I was pleased that there wasn't a strong smell with this brand which instantly scored points with me!
              It says if you have little or no grey hair leave for 20 minutes or 30 minutes if you have over 70% grey hair. Now I do have a few pesky evil grey hairs lurking so thought I would play safe and leave for 25 mins.

              Twenty five minutes later I was ready to rinse!
              Now when you mix the formula it goes onto your hair like a (runny) white colour however when left for the development time it goes a thicker browny red colour..oh dear what would I look like??
              I was excited and nervous to see the results so rinsed my hair till the water was clear. Then I shampooed my hair (though it doesn't mention in the instructions to do this, I just prefer to shampoo as well) and applied the intensive conditioner sachet and left on for a few minutes before rinsing again.

              The results (*drum roll*)~
              I blow dried my hair thinking I was going to be a brunette and was surprised..I wasn't! However my hair was the most beautiful golden brown colour-darker than before yes- but so natural looking I loved it! There are also blond and brown natural looking highlights in my hair now so the multi-tonal formula definitely works!

              A week later~
              My hair still looks healthy, shiny and natural and I have had several compliments from friends asking which hair dresser I went to.
              5 super shiny stars from me!

              It is recommended you do a skin allergy test 48hrs before as well (though I was very silly and didn't)

              This is a permanent colour and contains Hydrogen Peroxide, so won't wash out if you don't like the results!
              For advice or any questions contact Garnier Customer Careline on 08000854375 (UK)


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                20.04.2009 11:12
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                a cheap way to cover your grey hair

                I have never been one to keep colouring my hair ever since when I was a teenager and dyed my hair with a kit that said it comes out after 8 washes. It went wrong and I still after all these years remember washing my hair 18 times over a weekend and it still looked awful and I had to live with it

                But, having some, well okay more than some, grey hairs I with a nudge from my family decided to cover them up. Especially as I had won 10 boxes of Belle Color!

                What is in the pack

                1 mixing tray which has 1 mixing section and 1 brush holding section
                1 pair of gloves
                1 precision colour brush
                1 bottle of developer milk
                1 tube of colourant cream

                To prepare

                With this kit you cannot just open it and dye your hair unless you have used it before and done a test. Even if you have done a previous test I would suggest to be on the safe side you do another with each kit just to be sure.

                48 hours before you dye your hair take a cotton bud and dip a little of the tube cream on it. You only need a little but it could save you a lot of pain later. Dont ignore any itching or spots thinking it doesnt matter it really does.

                Then lock the doors so you arent disturbed in the middle of things, put the gloves on and an old towel round your shoulders.

                To Use

                You empty the developer milk into the largest part of the tray and the tube into the same mixing section of the tray.

                Then using the brush end of the comb blend both products together till nice and creamy. Using the brush end dip in mixture and apply from the root through to the tip.

                Once you have done this leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse in warm water till the water is clear. Wash your hair the usual way with your usual shampoo. Dry your hair and notice all the grey gone.

                I have found that the gloves are very thin, I know they have to be thin but could be a bit better quality. Otherwise all is well and great.


                It really does colour your grey hair and unless anyone knew you had grey hair they would not know that you had dyed your hair, unless you do of course want to change the colour at the same time.

                If you have done this in your bath or sink I have found it does not stain.

                I would definately recommend this to anyone.

                Thank you for reading x


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              • Product Details

                Belle Colour- permanent colorease gel for a natural looking result /

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