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Lakeland Hairdryer & Straighteners Holder

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Brand: Lakeland

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2012 17:42
      Very helpful



      Simple and effective

      Extending my hair care range to include a set of straighteners to go with my hair dryer meant I was suddenly dealing with two well sized electrical items that both decided to go walk-abouts. Since I have an annoying habit of putting things down randomly or worse, unplugging the above items and dumping them unceremoniously in rooms and locations to keep the wires from being chewed by the cats, meant I was forever losing these.

      Following a frantic search for the hairdryer minutes before I was meant to leave for a meeting, I decided something was needed to hold these items.

      I was looking for something that held the two items I had, was not too bulky or intrusive and was not mountable (as I rent I am limited to how often I can drill into the walls!)

      A quick flick through the Lakeland catalogue and I came across this caddie.

      It is 22 x 19 x 13cm h meaning it does not take up a large amount of space and fits neatly onto my dresser.
      The main part of the holder is a sturdy (smooth on the inside, bubbly on the outside) plastic tray that tapers up at the back. In the back half are two short plastic cylindrical sections and screwed inside these are two slightly fluted, chrome plated wire-basket style cups. It is here that the hairdryer & straighteners are stored.

      The whole thing has a nice weighty (but not too heavy) feel and weighs approx 635g which is what I wanted. Too often things can appear flimsy and topple over. This is sturdy and doesn't tip over.

      The "cups" sit at the back leaving a section of plastic tray at the front open where the cables/plugs can go.

      The caddie is designed to hold (cooled) appliances, though I am usually faffing around enough for them to cool before I am dumping... *cough* storing them neatly away. I have rested my hairdryer while still warm in the cup without problems - I would not recommend storing hot straighteners though, thinking of the temperatures they can reach!

      The caddie holds my two appliances well. My straighteners are the long thin variety, so I don't know how well a larger or wider set would fit. However the approximate diameter of the cups at its smallest is just under 7cm.

      The area where the cables/plugs sits is not great as you do need to wind the cables up and maybe tie them with wire-ties to keep them neat and stop them from tangling around each other. This would have been better with something that the cables could have wrapped around.

      However if you do tie/wrap up your cables neat this area does fit both plugs and cables well. What I do though is wrap the cable of the hairdryer around its nozzle and then just slot it into the cup. There is enough space to do this and the plug just pokes out the top. Still looks pretty neat and less chance of the two wires getting tangled.

      I found by doing this it leaves enough space for me to add my hair dryer diffuser.

      If you want something simple and practical for storing your hairdryer and straighteners together when they are cool this is a good option.

      The only draw backs are the area for the cables is not that great as wrapped up cables have a tendency to fling themselves about the instant you let go. Also, you cannot store the appliances in the caddie until cool which I know many people would prefer something that allows hot appliances to be stored. Due to these I am only giving it 3 stars however I am pretty happy with it and it works well for what it is.


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