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Lee Stafford 2nd Day Hair Leave in Conditioner

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Leave-in / Subcategory: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2008 23:09
      Very helpful



      A really easy to use hair conditioner that works better than most rinse out conditioners!

      I recently had a major shopping spree in a shop that was an unlikely place for me to buy anything usually! I tend to walk around shops for the sake of it to be nosy and on this shopping occasion I almost purchased something from Lee Stafford in Boot's for £6.99 with a £2.00 off receipt and at the last minute I decided (for once) I didn't need it! (most unlike me!)

      So I was in this particular shop, wandering around aimlessly and spotted a load of Lee Stafford products hidden at the back of a shelf, and knowing the prices of these items normally I bought one of everything, whether I needed it or not cos the prices were really silly like 59p per item! I didn't know what I'd bought till I got home and was so excited to find out!

      One of the items I bought was this, Lee Stafford, 2nd Day Hair Leave - In Conditioner.

      The Packaging....

      Bright cerise pink see through plastic 200ml recyclable bottle which is spray action with a matching pink safety lid on the top. On the front in white writing I'm told who it is by and what it is and the usual white bar code is on the front and the size is stated. On the back I'm told what to expect, how to use it, the ingredients and contact details for Lee Stafford.

      What To Expect....

      Wheat protein helps to improve gloss and sheen as as conditioning the hair. Betaine which is naturally derived from Sugar Beet helps to maintain moisture levels in hair.

      How To Use..

      Towel dry hair, spray all over and leave to dry naturally or blow dry. Recommended 50 pumps for shoulder length hair. Adjust accordingly for longer, shorter, thicker or messier hair. Works amazingly if you use just before going to bed.


      I love the fact that I can use this in conjunction with any shampoo I have in my bathroom already and that Lee Stafford doesn't try to make you feel like you have to purchase any other products the range for optimum results. I am currently using a Lee Stafford shampoo but also use Toni & Guy from time to time and have seen no difference in the outcome appearance of my hair.

      I always use a rinse out conditioner and twice a week use one you leave on your hair for ten minutes and to be honest the condition of my hair is excellent at the moment. I do find a lot of leave in conditioners however do after a few hours make my ends feel better as they need the moisture but I do suffer from greasy roots if I'm not careful and was concerned about using this for that reason.

      Lee Stafford says to use about 50 pumps on shoulder length hair which mine is. For me though, 50 pumps is far too much. I use about 20 and comb through before drying (and that is quite alot of product). The spray really saturates your hair and the smell (as are all of Lee Stafford's products) smells really gorgeous and is a reason I love the products so much anyway, as well as giving me the best results I can hope for! It's a really girly smell and you can really smell the sweetness from the Sugar Beet along with what reminds me of oriental flowers. I wouldn't think any man in your life would want to pinch these products and if he did you'd know!

      Another thing that is nice about the Lee Stafford range is that you can really layer the scent as the products all smell the same and for me personally I'd use the Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray On Shine and Hairspray with any other range of products I wanted to but I do find the smell very strong and wouldn't want to 'mix and match' fragrances on my head to much for fear of smelling too strong and overpowering!

      So as I said I spray it all over my towel dried hair, comb through and then as always blow dry my hair on a low heat. Occasionally I do use a little of other products but sometimes when I'm not going out I just want clean, tidy, fresh smelling hair. It dries the same as normal and doesn't feel at all gluey or heavy and at the same time doesn't give me fly-aways (again which I suffer with). It just gives me very soft hair. I was worried when this happened the first time that it would make it harder to style, but it doesn't at all. No difference is felt apart from the fact hair is smooth, soft and hydrated. As I've used this product the overall condition of my hair has improved alot and I can't feel any nasty build up and it washes out really easily. If for any reason I haven't got the time to wash my hair the day after I can still smell the product on my hair and it still feels silky soft.


      I love it. It doesn't make my hair over conditioned or weighed down. I get compliments on how my hair smells and my hair looks much glossier and healthier. I find after using this product my hair is so much more shinier and if I use a spray on shine product (Lee Stafford) as well my hair glistens like a diamond!

      I really like this product so much that I would be willing to pay its usual £5.99 price tag in Boot's instead of the the 59p I purchased it for! It's just really very simple to use and as I'm using it before I blow dry and straighten my hair I sort of feel like I'm using a hair styling product and have ditched using so many other things, so alot cheaper in the long run me thinks and hair looks really, really healthy!

      Lovely product. I recommend for any length and any style. Just to add I can also wear my hair curly and this doesn't stop me in any way shape or form as it really is a frizz fighter, none sticky and doesn't weigh down the curls but actually helps to define them.

      5 stars from moi! Well done AGAIN Mr Stafford!


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    • Product Details

      Leave-in conditioner that helps keep the fly aways under control while keeping hair looking and feeling healthy /

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