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Lee Stafford Babe Wave Shampoo

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2008 15:54
      Very helpful



      A base for lovely locks but you have to work for them!

      Usually I wear my hair straight. I can wear it naturally wavy if I choose but to define what I have is hard work. However on a recent shopping trip to town I came across this product for 59p and so I bought it as I'm addicted to Lee Stafford products and when I saw it I knew what a huge saving I was making and more importantly I knew it would probably work!

      The Packaging....

      250ml opaque white recyclable bottle with a bright pink plastic flip top lid. The pink writing on the front clearly tells me it is indeed 'Lee Stafford Babe Wave enriching & defining Shampoo with seaweed & dead sea salt'. Also tells me it 'helps control frizzzzzzzzzzz in naturally curly & wavy hair that's crying to be tamed'. Also on the front of the bottle is the usual bar code that adorns most of Lee's products and the size is stated on the bottom. On the back I'm given directions for use, list of ingredients and contact details for Lee Stafford. The packaging as all Lee Stafford products is fun and funky.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply to wet hair, massage gently into a lather and rinse well. Always wash your hair twice. For best results follow with Lee Stafford Babe Wave conditioner and styling creme.

      Using It....

      Firstly I must tell you about my hair. I have naturally wavy hair with some straight bits, some curls but always full of frizz. My hair is dyed black, shoulder length and if it wasn't full of frizz would be very fine. Now I can wear my hair (with the right products) however I wish. I usually straighten as its easier cos of said frizz but if I can eradicate that then wavy or curly hair can look great on me.

      To me a good place to start with styling is with shampoo and I always purchase a shampoo according to my needs.

      So this shampoo I bought with the intention of using as a base to wavy/curly hair. I've used it several times and have followed with the corresponding condition, other conditioners, intensive conditioners, sometimes used styling products and sometimes gone eau natural. Sometimes I've used a diffusing hairdryer sometimes not.

      So... the shampoo is an opaque white colour and not too thick. It doesn't run out of the bottle but you need to give it a little squeeze. It's gel like in consistency. The smell is simply gorgeous. Very deep and floral and sweet if not oriental. It's a very feminine smell and most suited to women in my opinion. Now I find about the size of a 50p coin is enough. Wet hair first and lather up!

      It lathers up easy and the smell is very intense. Now this drys hair out. It makes my hair knotty and down the back feels really dry, bristly and gritty. It doesn't feel good at this stage and feels like it's took all the natural oils out of my hair. Now in the past I've used a shampoo a couple of times and got out of the shower and thought afterwards ops forgot the conditioner and either got back in and used some conditioner or used a spray on one because the shampoo has been so moisturising I believed I used it! This, you would definitely know that you hadn't used conditioner so no chance of mistakes. It washes out easily enough then repeat, again with about the same amount of shampoo again and rinse out.

      Now as I said I always use conditioner of some kind. I find any decent conditioner is ok with this but would advise something curl/wave activating or very light every day conditioner but if you like the fragrance of this you do either lose the smell of it or it gets lost under other fragrance.

      Conditioner really does put hydration back into hair and it's much needed but it does need to be a light one and nothing too heavy or you wont get waves/curls!

      When I get out the shower hair does have defined ringlets to it. This will only happen if you have some curls! Frizz that I can usually see has gone and the one thing my hair does feel is very clean and my scalp is so white!

      Now as I mentioned earlier you get different results depending on what you do to your hair....

      If I blow dry naturally with a nozzle my hair goes a bit frizzy and flyaway. I don't get curls just a bit of wave under a mass of frizz. If I diffuse I do get some intense curls which drop out within half an hour giving way to frizz. The best way to use this is to use styling products and diffuse. When I do that I get a mass of curls that I can use fixing spray on and make them stay.


      This is not a miracle product. Best used with the recommended conditioner for smell purposes if nothing else. On this the smell alone (to me) is worth the money. If you think your going to wash into world of beautiful waves or curls then no your not. It takes work and to be honest this makes my hair feel limp in places and yes does help frizz but not as well as some other shampoos I have used. I still can see frizz! As I have said this is a base though!

      Now although I stated earlier that this dries out your hair, it does but conditioner is always needed and after I've used some hair is restored easily. I find my hair to be very soft and shiny and very clean and I get comments over the smell of Lee Stafford products.

      I personally wouldn't go out of my way to buy this but am happy with it for the 59p I paid but at £5.99 I wouldn't purchase it when I think you can get much cheaper that offers better or the same results!

      Can be found in Boot's on and on the Internet in discount stores.


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      Designed to control frizz and promote natural movement while nourishing your hair /

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