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Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo

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9 Reviews
  • soft and smooth hair
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • stains surfaces
  • Not the quickest method but gentle
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    9 Reviews
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      18.01.2015 23:30
      Very helpful


      • "soft and smooth hair"
      • "keeps hair looking bright and not yellow"


      • "stains surfaces"

      The best purple shampoo

      Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo is a toning shampoo for occasional use, designed to knock brassy, canary yellow tones out of bleached or partly bleached hair. It's priced at £6.99 for a 250ml tube.

      My thoughts

      I love the Lee Stafford packaging because it's always nice and bright and stands out form all the other ranges. This is a clear tube but it looks purple because of the shampoo inside. It's a squeezable tube with a flip top lid that makes it really easy and convenient to use.

      The shampoo is a very deep purple colour which is awesome! Although you do have to be careful where you get it because it can stain. I've ended up with a few purple marks on my white surfaces, oops! It has quite a thick consistency and it makes a really rich lather that feels amazing to use, it's so luxurious.

      The scent is the same as most Lee Stafford products, kind of a sweet floral scent which is very artificial and chemically, but not too strong or overpowering.

      It can sometimes take a bit of effort to rinse out because the lather is so thick and rich, but it still doesn't take ages, and it rinses perfectly clean. My wet hair is left feeling really smooth and not coated.

      Once my hair is dry it feels lovely and soft and is very smooth. My hair is fine and flyaway but this calms down the flyaways and makes it look a lot more smooth, but without weighing it down or making it too sleek or limp and lifeless.

      Most importantly, the toning aspect of this shampoo works really well. I've used many different purple shampoos in the years I've been bleaching my hair, and this is the only one I can rely on to take my hair from brassy yellow to pure white, and never turning my hair any shade of pink or purple! I use it every other day for the first week or so after I colour my hair, then once or twice a week after that. Using it too often will overtone your hair and you'll end up with lilac tinged hair, so do be aware of that!


      Absolutely. I've been bleaching my hair for years and this is the only brand of toning products I've found to be reliable and really work.


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      06.01.2015 15:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Leaves hair soft and shiny"
      • "Helps remove brassy tones"
      • "Lovely scent"


      • "Not the quickest method but gentle"

      Averting my blonde crisis!

      Before I had my hair highlighted with a full head of blonde highlights last year, my hairdresser did warn me that the bleach might not take completely to my hair. This was due to the fact that I had previously dyed my hair a dark shade of reddish brown and she did say that the red could make the bleach go a shade of light orange rather than blonde. Being a bit of a risk taker when it comes to my hair colour, I didn’t heed her advice but went full steam ahead with a full head of highlights only to realise that she had been right when the bleach had been rinsed from my head. Although the colour was considerably lighter, there were still traces of reddish orange in my newly coloured hair.

      To combat the problem, my hairdresser advised that I purchased a purple based shampoo to remove some of the red pigment from my hair. The shampoo she recommended was quite a costly salon brand coming it at around £15 for a bottle (ouch) so I went out into the good British high-street to find a less costly alternative.

      ~The Product~

      Whilst browsing in my local Boots store, the shampoo I discovered was this Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo. I have been impressed with the products I have used by Lee Stafford in the past and so was confident that this shampoo would be what I was looking for. The product claims to “knock out brassy yellow tones” from bleached or highlighted hair and to “refresh and restore your blonde hair to salon beautiful colour”. Both things that I really needed to correct my slightly ginger head.

      The presentation for this product is quite typical in my opinion of the slightly more upmarket ranges of shampoos and conditioners you can find in the Boots haircare aisle. The bottle stands on its lid and is translucent in colour with two stripes of purple on both the top and bottom of the bottle. These purple accents serve to highlight the colour of the shampoo within the bottle and this is a deep purple colour and certainly eye catching. The shampoo itself has quite a liquid consistency that pours easily out of the cap of the bottle with minimal squeezing. Turning the bottle over we are told that this shampoo contains a complex of panthenol, chamomile and moringa seed extract (anyone??) to encourage natural shine.

      ~Application and Use~

      It is recommended that this shampoo should only be used once a week and I did stick to this advice being that I had previously ignored the advice of my hairdresser. To use it is recommended that the shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaged into a lather and rinsed well. During every use I do just this and apply a good sized dollop to my chin length hair before rubbing well and then rinsing. I find that this shampoo takes a little more encouragement to lather than others and I did leave it on for a minute the first couple of times I used it just to maximise the effects of the purple tint. This shampoo has an interesting smell and one which I attribute to the Lee Stafford range and I must admit to loving it as it is both feminine and fragrant.

      Once rinsed from my hair I did follow with the required conditioner and then blow dried my hair to see the results.


      It is of my opinion that this shampoo helps to gradually remove the brassy tones in my highlights but that this is a gradual process and certainly not one that happens overnight. The areas of highlights which had gone a nice blonde colour were made slightly more ash in tone with this shampoo whilst the more orange areas were slightly toned down. With continued use of this shampoo weekly I have noticed that my hair looks less brassy and more blonde although not incredibly so, it is definitely a slow process. I have since returned to the hairdressers for another full head of highlights and this time around the bleach removed 99% of the reddish tones however this shampoo certainly helped me get over the ginger look the first time around and made it much less noticeable.

      Another positive with this shampoo is its ability to improve my hair condition. Bleach is quite a harsh product to apply to your head and often my hair goes like straw as a result. This shampoo has helped in keeping my hair looking supple with a slight sheen and this is a nice change from having hair which feels course and is prone to split ends.

      ~Price and Availability~

      It is worth shopping around for this shampoo as you can regularly find Lee Stafford products in Boots as part of a three for two deal. However, this shampoo is currently priced at £6.99 in Boots which I consider well worth the money, particularly when you consider the cost of getting a full head of highlights in the first place.


      I would recommend this shampoo based on my experiences. Although it didn’t completely removed the brassy tones from my hair, it certainly helped and this gave me renewed confidence when sporting my newly dyed locks. I would award this shampoo a good four stars and would consider buying it again should I find myself in another crisis of blonde.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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        21.10.2013 10:00
        Very helpful



        I wouldn't recommend

        Lee Stafford

        In the Salon world he's like probably like God to them but who is he? Wellhe's soon to be married to Sarah Jane I think her name is? (The brunette from I'm a celebrity get me out of here). Lee is a hair artist I suppose you could call him and he has his own hair care range which include hair styling products such as curling wands and straightening irons. Lee's range is more than easy to find as it's pink with a touch of black and a mix of capital and lowercase letters e.g. leE StafFoRD which I can't say why he has it like that but he does but with a first look at his products you wouldn't have thought he'd be one to bark up the lady tree. His products aren't specific to certain types of hair they're for all kinds of hair so it's nice to know he isn't all about keeping it straight and he even does gel, putty and products to help tame frizzy hair.

        Lee Staffords Bleach Blonde Shampoo

        So what the Bleach is this shampoo for? Well basically you use this when you have Simpson Yellow hair to help turn it back to that lovely blonde tone you had when the nice hairdresser turned you into a blonde. There are also blonde shots by lee stafford which are combined with hot oil to help treat and tone your hair at the same time. Although this shampoo on it's own is good enough at toning your hair.
        What Lee says his shampoo does - "to lightly tone, refresh and restore your blonde hair to salon beautiful colour. This mega moisturising blonde bombshell leaves hair looking and feeling super charged with moringa seed extract (also known as miracle tree)"

        Now my only question is does it do what he says?

        What does it look like?

        The tube itself is transparent with white writing and colour on the barcode with a flip top lid. I'll admit this isn't very impressive it seems a bit cheap to me (but at least you can see how much is left). There's nothing fancy about the way the product looks really as it is just basic with writing although it does look purple but only because it's transparent and the shampoo itself is purple. However, it definitely stands out as a product belonging to the Lee Stafford range so I'd say that in respect of that it's unique so that gets the thumbs up from me. I did also like the fact that there was no additional unnecessary packaging which could be even more harmful to be harmful so it's nice to know the products greenish... Well it's purple but you know what I mean.

        Testing this product

        So the first time I used it I got in the tub with my pink rubber duck and I shampooed my hair as I would normally do but with Lee Staffords Bleach Blonde Shampoo. I then left the procut on for 5 minutes and washed out before carrying on with my normal routine. This made the water purple similarly to when I Used to dye my hair. Now admittedly I didn't read the instructions so when I was brushing my wet hair I was a little shocked. There were light purple stains!!!! I was racing round like a paranoid kitty asking if they could see what I could see and they all told me "get a grip woman it's not that obvious". Ok it's not and I went back to the bottle and read the instructions or rather "Lee's top tip" (he does love himself) it says: "Apply to wet hair, massage gently into a lather and rinse well. For best results follow Lee Stafford bleach blondes conditioner." Now that's advertising too! So I though to myself to wait til the shades are gone and try it again.

        Attempt two

        I got in the bath again and this time I applied the shampoo to wet hair, lathered and washed out. I was a bit dubious when the water was purple again but didn't panic. So I got out of the bath after my regime and brushed, dried and styled. My hair had light purple stains again but it was that creamy blonde that I left the salon with.

        I really can not decide whether I'm impressed because of how well it's toned my hair or if I'm disapointed because of the light purple shades. I think many will agree that it would be a million times better if this product just didn't stain the hair - especially with how much the products costs to buy in the first place.

        What does it smell like?

        Lifting up the lid and holding the tube upside down I heard a fart like noise - after finishing a childish giggle I had a sniff of the shampoo and my best answer is it smells like fresh out the salon with a hint of chemical essence which smells worrying! So looking at the instructions will be my next move.

        So just how good is this for your hair?

        So looking at the ingredients I noticed; acid, chloride, and silicone and that was in the first couple of lines. This sounds like damage in a bottle to me as acid will corode, chloride will effectly colour green or bleach hair and silicone - well after the french PPI implants there's not much more I'm going to say. This did not comfort me at all and with it being specifically for bleach blonde hair I would have thought they would use better for the hair products - Shame on you Lee Stafford!

        What hair type is it for and how did it make your hair feel?

        As the tube says it's shampoo for bleach blonde hair so it's for blonde hair that was acheived through bleaching to help bannish brassy tones and canary yellow vibes (after all this aint the sixties).

        When I washed the shampoo out of my hair it made it feel quite clean and when I got out and styled it I just couldn't feel any difference in my hair as it did nothing but get rid of the yellow tones so no it didn't make it feel soft an moisturised. Although I'm glad there are moisturising ingredients in the shampoo as I would have probably felt my hair to be drier than usual.

        Why did I buy this product

        Well I'd been to my hairdresser and she recommended I test different purpling shampoos but I needed cream or white based shampoos to help prevent yellow shades so the advise was a little contradictory but purpling shampoo had never actually made my hair purple so I didn't see much harm. So I went to Boots which seems to be the only place that sells the Lee Stafford Range and looking at the price of £6.99 I was a bit dubious and the fact I was told not to used coloured shampoos and conditioners worried me. Although I'd never had stains before from toning shampoo. I have tried other products by Lee Stafford such as the hair growth treatment and miracle oil serum which both got the thumbs up from me.

        Value for money

        NowI paid more or less £7 which is steap for shampoo and you need a good amount really so I wasn't too sure whether it was worth the money. After trying this product I was happy with the clearance of the yellow tones bu I was disapointed with how it had left light purple stains. Had the stains not had been there I would give this product five out of four out of five stars as it's good at helping to get rid of those embarassing yellow tones and lets be honest it's not good to have stained blonde hair. I think therefore this product is well overpriced because I for one didn't want stained hair and I don't want to use daz or vanish to see if they'll remove this stain. I would be much happier with this product if there was more and at the price of £4. To me I can't justify 250ml costing £7 even if it is toning hair.

        Top Tip

        Now this shampoo isn't thick in consistency and I find it to be runny and with it being a tube it could get messy. Now when you buy the product there's a silver foil you need to remove beforehand. My advice is not to remove this and either punch a hole half the size or peel the foil halfway. Personally I peeled it halfway. I did this so it helps to control how much you squeeze out and how quickly it comes out of the tube. The last thing you want is to have squeezed out too much!


        After my initial impression I though the shampoo was slightly cheaper than some other purpling brands but still a bit costly considering it's only there to help keep blonde hair blonde and not yellow. Overall I've rated this product three out of five stars as it is a bit overpriced and the reason I say that is because it stains the hair. Would it not have been for this I would have given a higher rating but unfortunately it just didn't do it for me. I would like to see improvements on this product in the near future as part of me still felt impressed with the lightness and it was the ingredients, price and light purple stains that spoilt this product really - shame!


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        16.08.2013 14:52



        Effectively removes yellow brassy tones in one shampoo

        A few weeks in the sun and my hair has turned a nasty straw yellow colour. This product was recommended by a sales girl in French Connection who had a gorgeous hair colour. I waited til it was on offer at Boots, currently three products for £12 which is a great money saving offer.
        It comes in a 250ml tube with flip top. Caught me out initially because you have to take off the top completely to remove a little seal. Once off you have a thick and rather scary looking dark violet shampoo in your hands. The instructions warn you not to leave it on your hair for long and not to use more than once a week. It's also has a fairly strongly worded caution and suggests you do a patch test. I've not had any reaction, irritation or even tingling, it feels just like an ordinary shampoo. Pleased to discover that no purple colour was transferred to the towel after washing.
        The result after a double lathering, rinse and blowdry is nothing short of amazing. A super classy ash colour and no brass. (I also used the conditioner in the same range) I'll definitely be using this regularly but not too frequently!


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        16.12.2012 15:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good shampoo to keep blonde hair blonde

        My hair is currently blonde and has been for a few months now and it is one hair colour which requires a lot of looking after for it to stay looking healthy. One thing I cannot stand is my hair looking brassy, sometimes if my hair has been styled a lot my hair can look a bit dull and almost looks like it needs cleansing to renew the colour. Therefore, I like to use a toning shampoo once a week just to keep my blonde looking blonde.

        There are quite a few toning shampoos on the market and they do tend to be slightly more expensive than your average shampoo. However, I have found that it is worth researching several before going out and buying one as they can come with mixed reviews. After doing this I ended up buying Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo with the hope it would help keep my hair as blonde as possible without the brassiness.

        == The Shampoo ==

        Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo has been formulated by Lee Stafford a well known (ish) hairdresser. It has been specifically made for bleached or partly bleached (full head or highlights) hair and has a formula to help rid your hair of those brassy or "canary yellow" tones which can occur over time and your once fresh, bright blonde hair can look a little dull and in need of some lifting.

        The shampoo's main goal is to lightly tone your hair to get rid of those brassy tones which are very unwelcome and instead it will refresh your hair back to the once wonderful blonde colour it was when freshly coloured. Lee Stafford has used a "Pro-BlondeTM complex with Miracle Tree" which will cleanse and give a natural shine to your hair whilst helping to reduce colour fade.

        == Packaging ==

        Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo comes in a violet coloured plastic tube which stands up on it's plastic flip top cap. You can clearly see the ultra deep purple liquid contained which is quite nice but the colour isn't unusual to toning shampoos. The front of the tube features a multi-coloured barcode together with Lee Stafford's logo which includes a bulldog together with the product name. On the back of the tube features product information, top tips, ingredients and contact information.

        == In Use ==

        The shampoo has the usual consistency you would expect for a shampoo so you do need to be careful when using it as it can easily slip through your fingers or get flung across the files when applying it to your wet hair! It is a gorgeous deep purple colour and is translucent and of course once you start massaging it in you do get a rich purple lather. It has almost a masculine aroma about it, one that reminds me of aftershave for some reason although not quite as potent but perfectly pleasant and it actually makes a nice change compared to other floral/sweet scented shampoos.

        I only wash my hair once a week with this shampoo as it has been designed to be used less than you would do a normal shampoo so definitely not an everyday shampoo as it is a toning shampoo. It shouldn't be left on your hair for long either as you could possibly experience your hair losing its brassy tones but possibly picking up purple/lilac tones which isn't the look we are obviously wanting!

        As said above I only use it once a week as a top up combined with my other blonde friendly shampoo. I have shoulder length hair and it isn't overly thick so I do use a small amount which I find easily covers my hair. Of course the amount you use all depends on thick and long your hair is. I find that the small amount that I use easily lathers up and manages to get right to the roots of my hair and is easily massaged through my hair leaving it incredibly soft yet soapy.

        I only leave this shampoo on for a few minutes constantly careful as to not leaving it on too long. I find that rinsing it out despite the soapiness that this shampoo rinses out incredibly easily which is great as I hate shampoos that lather up well but take ages to rinse out but this is easily rinsed and I am left with incredibly soft hair which is definitely a plus. I then will follow with a conditioner again suited for blonde hair.

        The only way you will see any result is by drying the hair and once blow dried I do notice a subtle difference in my hair once dry. My hair looks cleaner in terms of my brassy notes that can sometimes appear have been softened and almost renewed back to the original blonde shade that once was which is great. My hair has also been left incredibly soft which has a great sheen to it and definitely no purple highlights either!

        == Overall ==

        I really quite like this shampoo as it manages to nourish and protect my hair whilst helping to get rid of those horrible brassy tones which can build up. As I use it once a week I find that my bottle is lasting for quite some time making it quite economical to use. I like that it manages to leave my hair beautifully soft after being dried and styled as well as looking healthy. I really can't find anything wrong with this shampoo as it really does do what it promises.

        == Product Information ==

        Brand: Lee Stafford
        Price: £6.39 (Boots Dec 12)
        Volume: 250ml
        Availability: Stores such as Boots, online


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          26.06.2011 16:32
          Very helpful



          An excellent toning product to keep bleached blonde hair blonde, not yellow

          The Product

          Lee Stafford products are available exclusively in Boots. The Bleach Blondes Shampoo is part of a range of products designed specifically for bleached hair, and costs £5.49 for 250ml.

          Why I Bought It

          When I decided to go for the white-blonde look back in February last year I was well aware of how hard this colour can be to achieve, and the likelihood of ending up with a shade more akin to canary yellow than icy blonde, so I did a bit of research online before buying a few products to help make the inevitable canary phase shorter and sweeter. The first, and most effective of these products, was this shampoo.

          The Packaging

          The shampoo comes in a large squeezy plastic tube, with a flip-top lid upon which it stands. The flip-top is convenient for use in the shower, is easy to open and fastens securely, though the hinge is not as rigid as it could be and could be fairly easily broken. The tube looks purple on first inspection, but it is actually transparent allowing you to see the gorgeous deep purple hue of the shampoo inside.

          There is a whole host of information on both the front and back of the tube, including general product information, directions, ingredients and 'Lee's top tips'.

          The Claims

          Lee Stafford claims that this shampoo, "With Pro-Blonde complex of panthenol, chamomile and moringa seed extract, otherwise known as Miracle Tree, a multi-tasking ingredient that helps keep hair squeaky clean, whilst encouraging natural shine to truly grow", knocks out brassy, canary yellow tones "to lightly tone, refresh and restore your blonde hair to salon beautiful colour", and "contains 21st century colour protection, that helps to stop that annoying fade caused by styling, sunlight and the damage caused by UV."

          Suitability & Warnings

          This shampoo is suitable for all bleached blonde hair, including partly bleached or highlighted hair.

          As it is a toning shampoo it should not be used every day or left on the hair for too long, as this may cause over-toning (in other words you may end up with purple-tinged hair!).

          Do not apply to damaged or irritated scalps, and stop use if irritation occurs.


          Apply to wet hair, massage gently into a lather and rinse well. For best results follow with Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner.

          In Practise

          The shampoo itself is pretty thick as shampoos go, and has a slightly odd 'gloopy' texture. It's a lovely deep purple in colour, and completely opaque, which perhaps would scare some people a little and put them off using it, as it is very odd for a shampoo to be so heavily coloured.

          I'm still in two minds about whether or not I like the scent; on the one hand I find it quite a soft, flowery, chamomile scent, but on the other it has a strong chemical after-bite which offends my nose.

          The shampoo lathers really well, creating a thick, soft, lilac foam which is easy to massage through the hair. I find only a relatively small amount sufficient to thoroughly clean all of my shoulder-length locks, using about a 10p sized amount each time. It then rinses out just as easily as any other shampoo I've used.

          One important point to mention is that both the shampoo and the lather it creates do stain, so you need to make sure you wipe it off any light surfaces it may come into contact with as soon as possible to avoid staining.

          The Results

          Once my hair is dry after using this shampoo it feels really soft and silky without being weighed down. My hair has always been in good condition anyway, but I do feel this moisturises well and keeps it in as perfect condition as possible, and replaces the shine that was slightly lost through bleaching.

          When I first used the shampoo after dying my hair for the first time I noticed a difference to the colour straight away, but it was only very slight. After 3 or 4 uses it had taken away most of the yellow tones and my colour was looking great. I chose to ignore the warnings about over-toning and used it every day (sometimes even twice a day!) until I was happy with my colour, then decreased use to about 2-3 times a week to maintain the colour. With regular use it keeps my hair icy white with absolutely no signs of yellowness, and looking healthy and shiny. The soft flowery scent stays in my hair all day without any of those awful chemical undertones.

          I now also use this as a kind of hair mask every time I do my roots, smoothing it onto the freshly dyed areas without massaging it in and leaving it on for 10 minutes, and I find this takes away the yellow tones very effectively and negates the few bad hair days I would otherwise have every time I touched up my roots. I'm able to get a colour result much closer to the rest of my hair straight away, rather than having yellow roots and white ends for the few days that it takes for the shampoo to work when used in the normal way.

          I would like to point out that my hair is in extremely good condition, and I would not generally advise anyone else to overuse the product as I do as if your hair is quite porous (which bleached hair generally is) it will be very susceptible to over-toning. It is only the fact that my hair is in such a good , non-porous condition, that allows me to get away with using it so much without turning my hair a very strange colour.

          The Conclusion

          All things considered I think this is an essential product for anyone who bleaches their hair but doesn't want that awful yellow look. At first glance the price may seem quite steep to some people, but the tube really does last ages so I think it's fantastic value for money and I'll continue to happily use it for as long as I continue to bleach my hair.


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            27.02.2011 20:12
            Very helpful



            Nice one Lee!

            I am a natural blonde, however the older I get the darker my hair seems to get! For that reason I have been bleaching my hair for a good few years.

            My shade of choice is light blonde.. really light blonde.. platinum blonde infact! However the problem with this is that you often get brassy/yellow tones. I had been suffering with yellow-hair syndrome for a while and was absolutely sick of it - it's not a good look! I had tried lots of different products but nothing was really that effective, but that all changed when I found Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo!

            ** About Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo **

            Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo comes packaged in a 250ml upside down bottle. It's actually transparent but it looks dark purple due to the colour of the shampoo. The bottle has a nice design - quite young and eyecatching.

            On the front of the bottle the shampoo is described as 'shampoo with pro-blonde complex for bleached or partly bleached highlights or bleached hair'. It's said to 'knock out brassy, canary yellow tones' and 'lightly tone hair, refresh and restore your blonde hair to salon beautiful colour'.

            The pro-blonde complex consists of panthenol, chamomile and Moringa Seed Extract (also known as Miracle Tree) - a multi tasking ingredient that helps keep hair squeaky clean whilst encouraging natural shine to truly glow. The shampoo is also said to contain '21st Century colour protection' that helps to stop that annoying fade caused by styling, sunlight and the damage caused by UV.

            I buy my Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo from Boots for £6.12 (not forgetting Advantage Card points!). I've not actually seen it being sold anywhere else.

            ** My experience **

            When I started using this shampoo the majority of my hair was the colour that I wanted it to be but the thing that ruined it were the streaks of brassy/yellow tones (particularly nearer to the roots, at the back of my head and underneath my hair).

            The shampoo has a thick gloopy consistency so I don't have to worry about squeezing out too much. I find it doesn't lather up too well so usually have to use a little more than I usually would.

            It is a dark purple colour. When it's on my head it turns my hair purple but luckily I don't have a problem washing the shampoo out and it doesn't usually stain my hair. You have to be careful with how long you leave the shampoo on for - if you leave it for too long (more than a few minutes) it will give your hair a purple tint, although this can be fixed by just washing your hair again. I usually end up splatting the shampoo everywhere but it doesn't stain and washes off easily. The bath water turns purple if I wash my hair in the bath but again, it doesn't stain the bath or my skin.

            I was initially surprised at the smell of the shampoo as the packaging is quite youthful but it had a hint of lavender to it, which instantly makes me think of old people! It also smells quite similar to mens shaving gel. Having said that it's not a horrible smell, it's actually quite nice. My hair smells faintly of the shampoo for around 24 hours after use.

            I find that I have to use conditioner afterwards. My hair is already quite dry and feels even dryer after using this shampoo without conditioner, as with most shampoos unfortunately. It also lacks abit of life if I don't use conditioner. There is also a Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner available, although I just use my usual conditioner as I find the shampoo works well enough for me on it's own.

            I actually noticed the difference to my hair after the first wash, although it took a few washes to completely knock out my brassy tones. Not only did it get rid of my yellow streaks but it really brightened up the rest of my hair that I had already considered to be very blonde. My hair is now one colour all over - platinum blonde, at last!

            My hair looks, feels and smells clean after use. It is always soft, smooth and easy to style after use. Despite being a toning shampoo it hasn't left me with any (more) damage to my hair. I really don't have a bad word to say about the results of this shampoo. I've also noticed that since using this shampoo my hair looks a lot glossier after straightning too.

            The shampoo doesn't need to be used at every wash and the back of the bottle informs me that using this shampoo once a week is normally enough to banish brassiness and prevent over toning. I personally use it about twice a week and feel that's about right for me.

            This shampoo is generally more expensive than most shampoos (although it is a toning shampoo which is to be expected) but it's totally worth it and does last a long time as you don't need to use it everytime you wash your hair - I am now nearing the end of my latest bottle which I've been using regularly for a couple of months!

            I recommend this shampoo to all blondes! In the words of Lee Stafford 'Have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful'...


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              06.02.2011 19:24



              Excellent product that is certainly worth buying if you have bleached blonde hair.

              i've tried countless toning products that claim to take yellow tones out of your hair, but none have worked as well as this. The product can be purchased from boots for around £6, which is quite reasonable considering alot of other toning products can be pushing the £10 mark. The bottle is quite large at 250ml, due to it's size it will last you along time due to the fact that you will only have to use it about twice a week, depending on how much you wash your hair. The product states that you should rinse it out straight away, but i find that when putting it on bleached hair you should leave it for around 30 seconds to get all the yellowy tones out! The product is quite a bit thicker than most purple shampoo's and has more of a jelly-like consistency, which is why i think it works better, you simply work it into a purple lather and leave it on for 30 seconds, but no longer as it can leave purple tints if left for a prolonged amount of time! All in all i have found this to be an excellent product and will continue to use it.


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              14.03.2010 21:48
              Very helpful
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              5 stars

              Price: £5.49 for 250ml
              From: Boots
              For: Lightly toning, refreshing and restoring blonde hair to salon beautiful colour

              The packaging is a simple squeezy plastic tube which is transparent so you can see the shampoo through it and you can always easily see how much you have left. It has a flip top lid which is easy to open, and it stands on the lid so even when there's hardly any left in the tube you don't have to spend ages trying to get it out.

              It's a bright purple shampoo, which on seeing it my initial thought was that it would stain the bath or shower really badly! It's a fairly thick consistency for a shampoo and it has a nice subtle scent which I couldn't really place but I guess is the moringa seed extract in the formula.

              It lathers well, but I do find I have to use more of this than I would other shampoos in order to feel my hair is thoroughly clean. It rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. It does leave purple marks on the bath or shower, but fortunately they do wash off and it doesn't leave a permanent stain.

              Once dry my hair feels lovely and soft and silky, but not weighed down or greasy, as it usually does with shampoos that make moisturising claims as this one does. It looks bouncy and shiny, and most importantly bright and not brassy.

              The main purpose of the this shampoo and the reason for it's colour is to rid you of the horrible yellow tones in bleached blonde hair, and after just 2 uses it had made a noticeable difference to mine, and regular use keeps the yellow at bay whilst keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy.

              All in all I think this shampoo does a great job.
              Thumbs up from me.


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