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Lee Stafford Bling Brunettes Glossing Serum

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Gloss

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2012 12:17



      I love this product, it works great on my dry dull hair to complete my style into a glossy shimmering look. It smells good too, probably one of the best products i've used to give my hair a healthy shimmer. I can't believe that Lee Stafford have discontinued it. At £6 it's great value and lasts for ages. Theshine in my hair lasts until the next wash. Lee Stafford - please bring this product back!


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      22.01.2009 17:07
      Very helpful



      A great product, just use it wisely!

      I pride myself on my Lee Stafford collection of products and up until this came on the market I owned the full range of not only the hair products but the perfume, shower gel and body lotion as I simply love the smell! I have got them all sat on my dressing table all pink and looking great and I love the collection lol!

      So when this was launched of course I went straight up to Boots to purchase it to add my ever growing collection of stuff! I am not really a fan of this products sister product the 'Poker Straight Glistening Balm' (similar idea to this and I have written a review on it on here) and to me it's a pretty much a similar idea to this (as I've just said lol) and looks similar in appearance.

      The Packaging....

      75ml clear tube with (pink a pink colour to the top) with clear plastic flip top lid situated at the bottom of it concealing a small hole of which you dispense the product out of of course. On the front (all in white writing) we are told it's Lee Stafford (with the small silver dog branded on it too), 'Bling' 4 Brunettes, Glossing, Glimmer Serum 'Big Up The Brunette And say L8erzzz To Fluffy flyaway Frizzy Hair, Shimmy And Shimmer On The Dancefloor Like A Crazy Dancing Queen Cos Why Should Blondes Have All The Fun!!'. There is a white bar-code displayed to the left hand side of the tube and on the bottom of said tube the size is there (as I've stated already). On the back of the tube I'm told a bit about the product given directions for use, ingredients are listed, contact details for Quantum Beauty Company Ltd are given (the manufacturer of all Lee Stafford products) and finally the recycle symbol is displayed. It's a nice functional and easy to use tube and I like the fact I can see the shimmery serum though it (peachy colour) and I can see how much I have used and got left etc.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Tube....

      'With hazelnut oil that is packed full of vitamins and also contains an enhanced delivery system to give dazzling colour, vitality and shine'.

      Directions For Use....

      Smooth down hair, soften and add shine by applying to wet hair, before blow drying. Use about the size of a walnut. Then when hair is dry rub some serum between between your hands and lightly brush over your hair. You can pick out strands and add lots of serum to highlight specific sections. For more noticeable glitz, glamour and bling follow with bling sparkle spray, instant sparkle in a can. Contains a toner.

      Using It....

      Well as it's a serum you really don't need to use too much of it at all as once you dispense a small amount of the clear like gel which contains gold glitter a little goes a very long way indeed so a walnut size blob is far too much for me (it is quite greasy). Now my hair is just past should length and is dyed jet black (not brunette) but I did think this would be suitable for my dark hair and I wasn't wrong. As long as your hair is dark this does show up in my view the same.

      I use about the size of a 10p piece on damp clean hair. I comb or brush my hair first and then apply after smoothing it between the palms of my hands first and appearance wise it's a not too thick a gel consistency with a heck of a lot of fine particles of a rich gold glitter within it. These are not big chunks of glitter that are going to flake off over time, they are really well integrated into the gel and tiny giving the promised shimmer to the gel.

      Smell wise it's the typical Lee Stafford fragrance. It's floral (slightly Oriental to my nose) and in my opinion very strong (the smell lasts very well for hours until rinsed out) and is very girly indeed. I love it and this is the main reason I buy these products, because they make my hair smell so clean and fresh.

      So it evenly distributes without any issue and as I said a little goes a long way and as it's a serum so when applying it I do miss out my roots as they are prone to getting greasy very quickly. I then comb/brush through again (lightly allowing some to get on to me roots) and then I blow dry my hair just roughly really as I move on to other styling appliances anyway.

      The only issue I have with this is you do need a wipe or something to get residue off hands to hand and when drying some of the serum can get on forehead etc and transfer a little glitter which you do need to gently wipe off (this is simple to do though) and it hasn't flaked off you've probably done it through handling lol.

      Hair dries the same as usual and surprisingly hair is left feeling soft, gently hydrated (though not overly so) and smoother looking. It doesn't straighten hair or define curls it is what it is and that is a glossing serum. Sure it glosses very well indeed and does add a subtle amount of sparkle.

      Now I was expecting it be really glittery once on my hair. It isn't actually.... not really. It does gloss and it does pick hair up and make it a bit more shimmery and healthy looking but I don't think it looks like I have packed my hair up full of product and neither does my hair feel greasy or anything. All in all it's simple to use and hair feels nice with a hint of shimmer to it. Not that I'm ready to party in-particular and I have used this in the day time. However this is only cos I use it to blow dry my hair and not use it as futher recomended for more results.

      Of course after using this I move on to my hair curlers or my hair straighteners and me, well after using this serum I feel my hair is protected enough with a serum to not have to use a separate heat protection spray or anything and I am conscious of not overloading my hair with too many products as my hair doesn't like it and goes limp and lifeless on me.

      Hair is easy to style with this and once dry apart from a feeling of smooth you can't detect you have anything in your hair part from said hint of shimmer. Just use it and forget all about it.

      The Results....

      Hair that has a shimmer to it and is soft and feels renewed somewhat. If you want more shine and shimmer and to be more dazzling sure apply this instead of hairspray or finishing spray as you last product and smooth it over hair gently. For me though this is a little too much dazzle for me and my hair feels weighed down and a bit limp because as I said earlier I can be prone to greasy roots and this is a somewhat greasy serum so for me less is more and I'm fine to use it and dry it up with a hairdryer!

      My hair stays frizz free, glossy and supple and a little controlled. I don't need any hairspray on my hair to control the style further and the smell stays lovely till I rinse it out (which is simple to do and never am I left with any horrible residue).

      I actually really like this but wouldn't advise it for people with greasy hair. You can make this work for you and if you want to dazzle you can but I personally don't want to end up with a grease ball head and can really see the benefits for a dry, frizzy barnet with this! It's great and I love the way your in control with this product, it doesn't control you!


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