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Lee Stafford Bling4Blondes Glossing Glimmer Serum

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Cremes / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Gloss

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    2 Reviews
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      24.08.2010 22:45
      Very helpful



      I love it still

      I became aware of the Lee Stafford range many years ago when a friend of mine used the heat protection spray, I was attracted to the crackle and the smell of it instantly since then I look out for new products to try.

      Lee Stafford products are only available to buy at Boots and you can identify them by there mainly pink appearance. They are often on 3 for 2 offers which is good because if I had to buy the products without this offer it could prove pricey. On its own this product would cost £5.99 for 75ml it has 12m life. This product is also available brunettes.

      So what is it.....
      It's a serum which is designed to control 'fluffy, flyaway, frizzy hair' it is a 'glimmer serum' which is suppost to make your hair glisten as well as be frizz free.

      The serum contains chamomile and lemon which help to lighten blonde hair.

      So how do you it ........

      Right first off I wash my hair.

      Then I rub a 'walnut' sized amount of serum through my hair especially the ends.

      Then I blow dry my hair in my own way which involves blasting hot air and brushing!

      Then I straighten my hair using heat protection spray.

      Then once my hair is dry I rub some more serum over my hair using both my hands to spread it evenly and get those last stray bits.

      Then if I am going out I use my glitz sparkle spray also Lee Stafford for that extra glow.

      So my verdict........

      As a serum I think this product is great it makes my hair shiny and frizz free and it has that 'Lee Stafford' unique smell which I love. As far as the glitter part goes though sadly it let's me down to look at the serum you would think your hair is going to be really sparkly when you have finished but to be honest this does not happen hence me also using the glitz sparkle spray for my extra night out look. So for this reason I will give it 4 it looses a star for lack of sparkle!

      Thank you for reading I hope you found this useful.


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      15.04.2010 11:42
      Very helpful



      1 star

      Price: £5.49
      From: Boots
      For: Giving blonde hair lustre and brilliance whilst taming flyaways and frizz

      The packaging is a semi-transparent pink-tinted plastic tube, so you can see easily how much you have left, and it stands on it's lid so the product is always ready to dispense. It has a flip top which snaps shut nice and tightly but is easy enough to open.

      The serum is quite odd looking, it looks almost transparent but with a pearlescent shimmer to it that makes it look slightly white and a more solid colour. It has little shimmery bits in it, like tiny bits of glitter, but not as full on sparkly.

      It feels quite nice, not as greasy or slimy as most serums, and it has a really smooth texture to it. It's lightly scented of chamomile and lemon, similar to the scent of the shampoo and conditioner in the same range, so would compliment those products perfectly scent-wise.

      It can be used either by simply smoothing a tiny amount over dry hair to smooth the hair and tame flyaway hairs, or by applying a walnut sized amount to wet hair before blow-drying. I've tried it both ways and was not impressed with the result of either.

      Firstly I used the tiniest amount (and I really do mean the TINIEST amount, as I'm scared to death of my hair looking greasy) on dry hair to try to tame my flyaways. I rubbed the tiny amount of serum between my palms to create a film over my hands then combed my fingers through the lengths of my hair before finally smoothing my palms over the top layer of hair.

      The result? Instant greasiness. Even just using that tiny amount and avoiding my roots completely it just made my hair look as though it needed a good wash. There was not even any noticeable shimmer, which I realised was because all of the shimmery bits from the serum had stayed on my hands and none had transferred to my hair!

      I then (bravely or stupidly?) tried using it on wet hair. A walnut sized amount sounded like far too much for my shoulder-length hair, not to mention the fact that if you used that much the tube would only last about 2 weeks tops, so again I erred on the side of caution and used much less. I smoothed it evenly through my towel-dried hair and blow-dried as I usually would.

      The result this time? Well it was slightly different to before, it didn't just look instantly greasy, which I guess is a plus, but it didn't look good! My hair looked dull and lifeless, it didn't have it's usual lustre and shine, and it felt manky and dirty. It just looked really rough to be honest. It wasn't long before it started to feel and look really greasy and needed a good wash again. and again I was left with shimmer all over my hands, but none in my hair. I found it was really hard to wash off my skin as well.

      I have tried to get my moneys worth out of this product by trying different ways of using it and differing amounts, but I've never had any decent results from it so it's now been resigned to the bin where it belongs.

      All in all I don't rate this product at all.
      Thumbs down from me.


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