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Lee Stafford Heat Protection Straightening Mist

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Hair Mist / What it does: Protects,

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    4 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 21:35
      Very helpful



      Not one to revisit

      I have had a bottle of this Lee Stafford Heat Protection straightening mist in my drawer of hair products for over a year now and have used it on a few occasions. I don't straighten my hair all the time, usually only when I have some event to go to or some spare time on an evening to make an effort in making my hair straight.

      Price and availability
      A 200ml bottle costs £7.39 in Boots but you also get points to. To be honest, I can't remember buying it but I am surprised that I spent this much on it!

      In use
      I washed and dried my hair then sprayed this on to my hair, working in sections as I always do when straightening. One spritz does dispense quite a lot of product so there was a fair bit of sizzle once the GHDs hit my hair. It does promise protection for up to 250 degrees though so I was consoled by this.

      My hair does look nicer when totally straight but I really can't be bothered to do this on a daily basis. The best bit of the Lee Stafford product was the salon smell of the product. The good points end there for me. It made my hair feel really knotty and sticky and when totally dry it really felt like I had hairspray through the lengths of my hair which gives me an urge to wash it out. I was not convinced that the sizzle of the irons on the product on my hair were doing it any good.

      My thoughts
      For the price paid, I have actually used the full bottle of this but was glad to finish it. The product was not great on my hair and didn't make straightening any easier for me. Afterwards my hair was knotty and I even had a funny taste in my mouth from it although I don't chew on my hair or anything!

      Final word
      My hair is coloured and as a result can be a bit knotty at times. This product made it extra knotty and I didn't get the perfectly straight results I had hoped for. If anything my hair snapped a bit more with this product and whilst it smelt nice, I just didn't feel it gave me the results or effects I had hoped for. I won't be buying it again and have got other hair products that protect my hair against heat a lot better. The smooth, sleek and shiny promise on the bottle was not what happened to my hair!


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      29.05.2010 13:34
      Very helpful



      A reliable spray which protects hair whilst styling!

      I purchased a bottle of this Lee Stafford Heat Protection spray from my local boots store.
      Its priced at £6.99 for 100ml, not the cheapest of heat protection sprays but you pay for quality and labels these days!

      Ive used a very wide range of hair heat protection sprays as my mum tends to buy loads!
      I straighten my hair a lot and i've recently started to curl my hair, so using heat protection is a must for me!

      To start with, I went through a phase of not really being bothered about using hair protection when styling my hair as I used to use heat protection and didn't notice any difference! I also used to apply too much of the spray and end up frying my hair as it made my hair damp, thus causing more damage than protection!

      However when purchasing this Lee Stafford, I assumed as its a professional hair product it had to do some good right?
      I also got fed up of my mum lecturing me about not using protection on my hair!

      This product is advertised as being for 'straight' hair, to be used when straightening you hair. However I also using it when curling my hair as i'm still using heat on my hair!
      'Professional Straightening Iron Protection Mist' Is written on the front of the bottle, which is also why I chose to buy this product, as it looks reliable!

      How does it work?; .... The spray protects your hair from the intense heat of straightening irons. With state of the art P2FiFTY complex, proven to protect hair from the heat damaging effects of blow-drying and straightening irons up to 250°c. The product gives a light control to your flyaway hairs, leaving hair smooth, sleek and shiny.

      P2FiFTY complex combines antioxidising vitamin E, a thermal protecting polymer and living desert extracts of Olive Leaf and Cactus Flower for extreme heat protection.
      Lee Stafford products are not tested on animals.

      Application; ... The instructions say to apply from arms length on towel dried hair and then blow dry. Doing this means your hair is protected through blow drying as well as straightening. Although I don't use the product this way! I apply the spray when my hair is dry and leave it for a few minutes before straightening/curling. I do this as its the way my hairdresser does it and I don't like the way it makes my hair feel when I apply it to damp hair.

      The product comes with a spray top, easy to use which sprays out a mist. Ive had this bottle for a few months and the spray top hasn't gone faulty. Ive used other products where the spray has become blocked and started throwing out product in an uneven squirt...I ended up throwing the bottles away as they became un-usable!
      The spray has a strong smell to it, it sort of reminds me of the nail varnish remover smell! Although it also has a perfumed odour to it.

      The product dries quickly meaning it can be applied to dry hair and left a few minutes before straightening, which is the way I use it!

      The spray doesn't effect the way I style my hair, althought it gives me more confidence doing so! Im always cautious when applying heat to my hair, taking caution not to leave the irons on my hair in one place for too long, and to avoid going over the same strand more than once... But using Lee Staffords heat protection gives you extra confidence that your hair is being protected and treated as you style!

      Whenever I use this product, it never fails to leave my hair feeling and looking soft and healthy. It provides a light feather like layer on your hair without weighing it down or making it look sticky or greacy!

      The only point I would make is that, when using this product, be sure to not use too much of it. Spraying too close to your hair in one area leaves a wet and sticky patch which takes longer to dry.
      Spraying from arms length avoids this and also leaves an equal distribution of the product onto your hair.

      The product is pricey compared to other heat protection sprays, although as I said.... you pay for the quality and brand names these days!


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        20.02.2010 14:51
        Very helpful



        Stay away at all costs

        I'm not usually a fan of straightening sprays, or mists as they're sometimes referred to. Generally speaking they seem to be more expensive than shampoos and conditioners themselves, not only that, but I find they do nothing for the protection of my hair, they leave it with a sticky residue... and after drying and straightening my hair I sometimes forget to even use it! Therefore Lee Stafford's Heat Protection Mist wasn't exactly at the top of my list of hair care purchases, however after being relatively impressed by Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range of shampoos, conditioners and treatment creams I decided to branch out into the unknown and pick up the dreaded straightening mist.

        £6.99 for 200ml I would personally say is catastrophic, but as the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover, I tried hard to look passed the extortionate price tag in the hope that the product would be more than worth the money I paid for it in Boots.

        Looks wise I wouldn't say that this is Lee Stafford's most attractive product in his extensive range of hair care. He's become well known for his sharp, overstated, yet girly designs with his trademark hot pink bottles. Yet he's gone for the somewhat understated and minimalist design for the latest product in my ever expanding collection of hair care. Gone is the hot pink design, in favour of an unpretentious white bottle with the trademark pink colour only occupying the top and the writing.

        If you've ever come across Mr Lee Stafford's products before you're likely to be aware of his very bold claims about what his products do. His Poker Straight shampoos and conditioners claim to use P2FiFTY Complex which apparently is the next generation of heat protection and will save your poor locks from the scorching heat of straightening irons. That is exactly what is used in this heat protection spray (I see a pattern emerging). Not only does the heat protection mist claim to protect you from the irreversible damage of straightening irons and hair dryers but it also aids the process of straightening. All sounds great doesn't it?

        My hair is naturally quite straight however I always blow dry and straighten in the morning before work as it's the simplest and quickest method. I do however worry that my hairs condition is going to gradually get worse as I continue to straighten and blow dry at heats reaching 230c, therefore something that claims to protect my hair from the affects of hair styling is always something I'll look favourably upon. Therefore with much trepidation I continued to shampoo and condition my hair before reading the instructions of the back of the bottle.

        You're instructed to spray the mist from arms length over your towel dried hair before blow drying. Subsequently spray onto each section from half an arms length before straightening.

        This all sounds pretty easy right? Wrong. My main concern when using this is that it would make my hair feel sticky and matted which surprise surprise is exactly what it did. When carrying out the first instructions to spray onto towel dried hair from arms length, I found that even at arms length the spray was still way too concentrated on one spot of my head instead of covering a wide area of hair. This in turn meant that I had patches of damp hair scattered all around my hair. Brushing is no good either, I assumed that brushing my hair through after applying the spray would help to circulate it over all my hair, however it had no such effect. The small and concentrated nozzle was becoming a real pain and it was about to get worse...

        After blow drying, my hair seemed in a decent condition, there was no sticky or greasy residue to report therefore by this point I was beginning to come around to the idea that this straightening mist may not turn out to be the nightmare I initially thought it would be. Therefore I was hopeful as I started step two which was to spray onto each section from half an arms length before straightening. As expected, the same thing happened again, the concentrated nozzle had worked against me again, only spraying certain (small) sections of my hair which, if the product does what it says would mean that tiny sections of my hair would be protected from the scorching heat whilst the majority of my tresses would be left to burn.

        Unfortunately that wasn't the only problem though - have you ever straightening your hair when the tips are still a little damp? Well I have and it's not nice, the ends of your hair will end up singed because of course electricity and water doesn't mix but also because it's similar to lighting your hair with a match (which by the way I don't recommend). I tried straightening parts of my hair but the disheartening crackling sound and the smoke-like steam that left my hair when the straightners were released was too much for me to bare. I didn't give up though, my persistence arouse and I thought that I'd try using the spray from arms length instead of half arms length. Suffice to say this made no iota of a difference. I was once again left with wet patches scattered around my head which I imagine if you looked at me from afar it would appear that I had gone berserk with black hair dye and decided that random black circles were the next craze is hair styles. There was nothing much I could do, the next step would be getting someone else to spray this on my hair from the length of a football pitch in the hope the wind would carry it in my direction.

        As I was unable to straighten my hair with the way it was the only thing I could do was to blow dry my hair again and continue to straighten. This all worked fine however when I had finished straightening I was left with... yep you guessed it... a tacky residue. Fortunately you weren't able to see it as my hair looked cleansed and conditioned however to the touch it felt horrible and made brushing my hair a real chore.

        Smell wise the only thing I could liken it to, would be, Lee Stafford! All his hair care range seem to have the exact same aroma which is by no means a bad thing. Infact it's probably the best smelling hair care range I have ever used. This is very similar to the shampoos and conditioners, the only difference being it has that slightly fake smell due to the spray aspect of the product. Unfortunately the smell is the highlight of the this product.

        I have tried this spray on several occasions now and have come away with the exact same result. If this does actually protect my hair then I'd prefer to leave it unprotected. The results are terrible and I don't recommend this to anyone.

        Not recommended.


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          12.01.2010 01:34
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Use Before Straightening Or Blow Drying For Healthy Hair

          My mum brought this Lee Stafford Heat Protection Mist but didn't like it so it ended up in my bedroom. I use my GHDs quite a bit but because I've also used bleach and all sorts in my hair I like to take care of it as I've done enough damage to it already!

          It comes in a 200ml bottle with a spray top so you can spray the mist onto your hair. You can spray it after towel drying your hair and then blow dry it into style or if you're straightening your dry hair you spray it onto each section before using the straighteners.

          It's dead easy to use and the spray goes exactly where you're aiming it, it's very accurate and that comes in especially useful when you're using it on small sections of your hair before straightening. The mist doesn't make your hair soaking wet but gives it a slightly glossy texture that smooths through your hair nice as you use the straighteners.

          It smells quite nice, I'm not mad keen on the smell of Lee Stafford products but this one is a lot lighter and more girly than most of them in the range.

          I think it works good, I know my hair feels a lot softer after I've used my straighteners and is looks smoother and in much better condition. My hair feels loads less dry and has been moisturised good after using this heat mist, I used a Trevor Sorbie protector recently and it was crap..... not only did it do nothing for my hair but it smells rank as well! lol

          I think this is a brill product, straighteners are majorly bad for the condition of your hair but using this will at least protect it as far as possible. It's one of the best I've used and I have brought quite a few different ones in the past.

          The only thing is that when I've used this mist for a few days in a row my hair will suddenly go a bit limp even though I've been washing my hair every day as usual. Then if I leave it off for a couple of days my hair goes back to normal and I can start using the mist again. Weird!

          It costs £6.99 in Boots for a bottle will last for ages so that's better value than it sounds, I reckon I'll get at least a couple of months out of this bottle and maybe more.



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