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Lee Stafford Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Hair spray, hair styling products / 250mL. / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Products / What it does: Firms, Protects

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    6 Reviews
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      09.12.2011 18:37
      Very helpful




      My hair type has changed over the years from being thick and curley, always looked perfect without moose or hair spray however these days it just doesn't want to behave itself I guess that comes with age lol!

      The product~

      Comes in a bright pink spray container with the 'lee Stafford' logo writen in wite letters.
      It tells us that it is firm hod barnet hairspray. It contains 250 ml 8.7 fl.oz of spray. As those of you who don't know 'Lee Stafford' is a very famous hairdresser who has his own salon in Soho in London England, he has been making his own products for a few years now.

      Myself using it~

      My hair is just not behaving itself atall. It's greasy at the root and very fly away and never does as it's told no matter what I do. I discovered this product when I was in my local Boots store and thought I'd give it ago after hearing how good his products are after my best mate Melanie recommended it to me. I have my hair short at present and a horrid fringe with cowslick making it hard to control. You only need to use a small ammount of this spray as it is very strong indeed. It has instantley got rid of my fly away hair and my hair does exactlly what it should do. Thank you Lee your getting a 5 for this.
      Available from boots costing around £3.50.


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      22.05.2010 11:01
      Very helpful



      A really great hairspray!

      I've never been one for expensive hairsprays, and most of the time I still think they are a waste of money (just use less of the cheap ones!), but there are occasions where you need to use a bit more than usual, and have it not go sticky. This hairspray is pretty good for that, you can use a bit more than you normally would, and it won't go sticky!

      The packaging of this product is great, its a hot pink hairspray can, with white writing. It looks really different, and really stands out in the shop.

      I use this when I have a really big night out, so I'll have my hair curly, or maybe in an updo, and it needs to stay like that (which is a feat indeed for my fine, mega straight hair). My hair can't handle too much hairspray because it goes rock hard and sticks together...yuk! With this one however, I can use more than normal, and it doesn't stick, but it does hold my hair where it should be. I thought it was a fluke at first, but I've used it like three times now and it actually does just work really, really well! It doesn't make my hair look dull or anything, as some hairsprays can dull your hair. It also smells great, Lee Stafford's products have a signature scent, it's quite a sweet smell, but I can't really describe it.

      It is, to me, fairly pricey for a hairspray, it's around £5-£6 for a 250ml can from Boots. If you use it sparingly though (you don't need to use a great deal of it), it lasts quite well, I've used mine three times and there's hardly any gone. Overall, I'd highly recommend this product; it holds your style really well without becoming sticky, so it's a great product. It has the added bonus of being funkily packaged and smelling good too. Its great!


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      13.04.2010 09:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The spray itself is nice - but the packaging leaks and breaks a lot!

      Gone to soon

      Today I will review the ,,Hold tight" hairspray by Lee Stafford, my favourite brand for hair care and styling products!

      Shopper's appeal
      My good experiences with Lee Stafford products were my main reason for buying this product.
      I have bought this hairspray couple of times now and was always quite satisfied.
      Lee Stafford creates great products for people who love to try out wicked styles but who also want to take good care of their hair.
      I reckon this brand is perfect for people who love individual hair styles.
      The packaging always appeals to me, too - the bottles and cans are usually pink, have that funky writing on it and Lee Stafford's Logo is a cute terrier dog!

      Who's Lee Stafford?
      Lee Stafford is a celebrity hair dresser hailing from trendy Soho, right in the middle of London. He maintains his own salons and has decide to use his experience to create fabulous products! His trademark hairstyles are innovative, crazy hair cuts who need a lot of styling to stand out and fascinate.

      The can
      The hairspray is inside a funky pink spray can which measures 22cm with the cap on. I really love the design of the bottle - I have never seen anything similar!
      Having this can in your bathroom already makes it look deocrated. ;)
      White writing with capital letters inbetween tells you that this is a "firm hold barnet hairspray". The name "Hold tight" is also given. Next to that you can see a colourful barcode - another Lee Stafford logo! The silver little dog can also be seen above the brand name.
      On the back of the bottle you get information on it's contents in english, german, french and dutch. Safety advice is also given in all language. Of course, the ingredients and manufacturer's address can also be found there.
      The cap is made of pink but see-through plastic.
      The bottle contains 250ml.

      My experiences

      Will it really "hold tight"?
      This hair spray will really hold your weave together! It really helps you to keep your styling fixed in place but your hair will still look flexible and natural. I am absolutely satisfied with how long and how strong it works on my hair! If I was only rating the products regarding that criteria, I would hand out the five stars immediately!

      The scent
      Of course the hairspray has the one and only Lee Stafford scent! It smells somewhat sweet and reminds of play dough. I love this smell - it immediately reminds me of the expensive products hairdresser use on you!

      Can I comb it out again?
      Yes, you can - easily! If you have done something wrong or used to much of it, wait until it has dried. Then you can easily comb it out and start again!

      How long will it last me?
      Sadly, this is the down side of this hairspray - it won't last you too long compared to other hairsprays. The bottle is empty quickly and I have also had problems with the spraying-bit of the can. After a little time, it just breaks inside and it becomes hard to control how much you are putting onto your hair.
      Sometimes you stop pressing down, but the spray will run for another 2 seconds, which can get dangerous for your hair and eyes. This really annoys me - they must have changed something about the spraying-part of the can because it didn't happen before, but the last three or four bottle I had all had this malfunction.

      The Ingredients
      Alcohol Denat, Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Octyacrylamide / Acrylates / Butylaminoetyhl Methyacrylate, Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Parfum, Ethyl Ester of Hydrolized Silk, Panthenol, Benzophenone-4, Butylphenyl, Methypropional, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol.

      You can get this hairspray at Boots and it usually costs you 3.99.

      If the hairspray would last me a bit longer and the spraying-part of the bottle wouldn't keep breaking, I would be absolutely satisfied. Sadly, I do have to take one star off for these problems. But the hairspray itself is awesome - it really will "hold tight"! Perfect for high maintenance hair styles!


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        06.05.2008 22:52
        Very helpful



        A great hairspray that doesn't smell like hairspray!

        Lee Stafford is committed to providing consumers with products which are a cut above the rest. It is for this reason that they are my hair-care range of choice.

        When it comes to choosing a hairspray I generally find there are two problems; either they have no holding power or they have an unattractive smell. Luckily, in keeping with most of their products, Lee Stafford have managed to develop a product which not only smells great, but also carries out the purpose that it is intended for. Great looking hair and great smelling hair - it's what every girl needs. Hold Tight Hairspray is described as "To hold your hair in whatever position you want, just give this little baby a try. Hold tight does exactly what it says on the can, but one thing that it doesn't say is that it also banishes the stiffness you're normally left with from other sprays.
        So use it to get a lasting hold, and leave your hair feeling as good as it looks." So let's find out if it really does deliver!

        *About Lee Stafford
        Lee Stafford is an Essex born hairdresser who first opened a salon in 1996 named The House That Built Hair. In 1997 he earned the coveted "Men's British Hairdresser of the Year" and it was from there that his career blossomed. His hairdressing skills have attained many awards such as:
        ~ National Hairdressing Federation Celebrity Hairdresser Of The Year
        ~ Hair Magazine Hairdresser Of The Year
        ~ Best British Hairdresser of 2004 - Fellowship of Hairdressers Awards
        ~ Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year 2001
        ~ Men's British Hairdresser of the Year 1997

        He opened his second salon in London in 2000 which has also allowed him to achieve:
        ~ BHBA Business & Website Innovation of the year
        ~ The BHBA Salon Design Award 2005 for Brighton salon
        ~ Growing Business of the Year Award 2002
        ~ Training and Development Award 2002
        ~ Investors in People Award 2002
        ~ British Manager of the Year 1999 - 2000 (1 of 6 nominees)
        ~ British Salon of the Year 1999 - 2000 (1 of 6 nominees)

        It was 2001 when the Lee Stafford range was introduced providing consumers with girly products presented with hot pink packaging and the sweetest of smells to cater for all their hair care needs. Lee Stafford states "I never decided to create a range of products, but when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. I mean, to have my own products is a dream come true...
        The products have given me the opportunity to develop what I've always wanted for me and my clients. Since we started, it's incredible the wish-list that we've been able to turn into reality." The wide range of products that are offered by Lee Stafford can be found at www.leestafford.com/uk/products/ and even from the format of the website you gain an insight into the style and creation behind the products. Their vast product range includes hair tools, fake tan, full-size hair care products as well as mini-sized products and also fragrances.

        *What attracted me
        I was first attracted to the Lee Stafford products of their eye-catching packaging and their quirky design as they write their letters in a mixture of capital letters - a BiT LiKe ThIS. It was also in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and I really can't resist a bargain! Upon deciding that the offer would be too good to miss and I first tried their shampoo, conditioner and heat protection spray. After a had such a great experience of these products, when I next needed hair spray, I turned to the range that I loved and trusted.

        Boots currently offer the hairspray at £5.15 for 250 ml/7.4 fl. Oz. I know that this is quite steep for a hairspray - however over the years I have noticed that hair care/make up prices seem to have steadily increased and therefore this is actually in a mid-price range. They are often on 3 for 2 in Boots so I will tend to take advantage of this offer and stock up - which at least brings the price down a bit as most of their products are around the same price.
        As with all Lee Stafford products, you will find Hold Tight Hairspray either from the official Lee Stafford website (http://www.leestafford.com/uk/products/product.php?pi=8), through visiting Lee Stafford salons themselves or it is handily available at Boots stores. The range is exclusive to Boots so unfortunately you won't find it in other high street retailers - meaning that it can be slightly more difficult to find.

        In keeping with the whole Lee Stafford range, this hairspray is packaged in a hot pink pressurised container which is a long circular bottle with an even deeper pink plastic dispenser at the top. There is the signature white writing and over the can explaining the product in a variety of small and capital letters. It is a really funky, innovative little bottle which looks great. When pressed lightly the hairspray will spray from the bottle in a light spray, when pressed down fully you will gain a thicker stream of hair spray which you can then mist around your hair. The great thing about the bottle is that it is lightweight meaning that you can easily make use of it, as I have used bigger Tres Semme hairsprays where the bottles have been really heavy and it has limited my use of the bottle.

        All the Lee Stafford range of products support a similar smell which is something that I love as it causes them to be very distinctive. I would compare their scent to that of Angel by Thierry Mugler as they almost mimic its sweet, musky smell (at a considerably lower price). What I love is that once you have used any of the Lee Stafford products, their smell will linger in your hair for hours meaning that it is not only a pleasant smell when you are using them, but it provides you with a great scent which lasts all day. I have often had people ask what perfume I am wearing and it has instead turned out that they are referring to the smell that my hair has. If you think that their products are expensive then you can substitute your perfume for this and justify your spending!

        Now down to the all important question of whether this is a product which actually works: In my opinion it delivers on its claims well. The hairspray is distributed from the bottle in an even and generous spray meaning that it covers your hair well without leaving patches where your hair seems harder or stickier than the rest which can often be a problem with other hairsprays. It is important that you spray the product at about 30cm away from your hair to insure that you don't spray the hairspray onto your hair too directed and cause it to matte. When I wear my hair in more extreme styles I do need to use quite a lot of the spray to really get a firm hold which I know will last but I find that this is the case with most hairsprays. When I want my hair to stay straight in a natural style I find that it is very effective to spray the hairspray onto a round brush and brush this through my hair. This prevents hair from flicking out and means that you can give your straight style a longer lease of life. The can is lightweight meaning that you can manoeuvre it around easily and you don't find it strains you to use the product. The great thing about this hair spray is that it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy or shiny - instead it gives it long lasting hold with a natural finish and very little sign (other than the gorgeous smell) that you have been using hair spray.

        *Lasting Finish
        An important feature of a hairspray is whether or not it is going to give you a lasting hold. There have been many occasions where I have styled my hair well, then used another hairspray and as soon as it has had to battle with a little bit of wind then it looks as though I have been dragged through a hedge backwards - not what you want out of a hairspray! However with Hold Tight Hairspray I find that I get a good 6 hours life out of it at least before my hair begins to fall and become limp. The benefit of this is that you do not have to carry a big bottle of hairspray where ever you go (and if you feel safer they offer a pocket size that you can fit in your handbag for nights out!) The hairspray does lasts well in your hair; however you do not get too much life out of a bottle. I must admit that I do use hairspray nearly everyday and I do use a lot if I want a particular style to really last so this could be the problem - but other hairsprays that I have used in the past have lasted longer that the Lee Stafford product. This isn't too much of problem since you receive a quality product and instead you can just learn to limit your use to make your bottle really last. If you stop by the website then they have videos of each product being used by Lee Stafford himself and he gives you some handy tips about how to make the best use out of his products.

        This product is one of my hair care must haves. I think that if you appreciate a good product which makes hair smell and look great then you will appreciate this. And yes paying over £5 may be quite steep - but quality always outweighs quantity in my eyes. If you want to give your hair a little treat then I advise you to buy some Lee Stafford Hold Tight loving!

        Love Colleen


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          24.01.2008 16:34
          Very helpful



          Lee Stafford firm hold hairspray

          My hair is quite thick and unruly, so as well as using serum I give it a quick squirt if hairspray to make sure it stays in place. I usually use John Frieda's brilliant brunette hairspray which is excellent, but recently I had a money-off voucher for the Lee Stafford range, and decided to try the Firm Hold Hairspray.


          This comes in a shocking pink aerosol can with the silver lee Stafford dog logo and brightly coloured barcode. The aerosol button is large and seems quite durable - I have been known to drop my John Frieda one, and the button smash into pieces.

          ~Using it~

          Like any other hairspray you simply spray over your finished hairstyle, avoiding the eyes. One thing I like about this spray, is that it doesn't have a strong chemical smell, like some cheaper brands do. In fact it barely has any scent at all which is good and prevents the usual coughing fit you get with stronger-scented ones. After spraying I sometimes run my hands over my hair to smooth flyaway hairs, and find that this spray isn't as sticky as some of the other ones are.


          Unfortunately the results aren't great. For a hairspray with a name like 'Hold tight, firm hold hairspray', you would expect just that - firm hold. I found that this simply isn't strong enough to hold my thick hair - especially if I put it up, the hairspray has virtually no holding effect at all.
          On the plus side it doesn't go all white and flakey or make my hair hard to the touch.


          At full price, this costs £3.99 for a 250ml can, which is average size. While this isn't an extortionate price, I feel that there are cheaper brands that actually do the job much better than this.

          ~My Verdict~

          OK, so the packaging's funky and it doesn't have an overpowering smell, but what use is that if it won't actually hold your hair in place? I won't buy this again, and I'm fairly disappointed that a product from a premium range was so poor in quality.


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            18.01.2008 21:38
            Very helpful



            Save ya pennies, don't bother with this!

            I never use hairspray! I don't know why I don't it's not anything to do with a moral high ground or anything like that, and odd really considering I do go clubbing and stuff. I guess wearing my hair down when I go out I just think I don't need it. However things do change. My hair at the moment is a choppy style. Which means that if I do want to pin it back in a piggy tail there's bits that just wont stay put even with grips and I need something to hold off the cows lick that my fringe naturally has.

            A couple of weeks my life changed lol. I had to go over shops to get something and I ran out the house without shower and stuck me hair back in a band. It was a freezing windy night and my hair went everywhere, falling out the band. My fringy bits flung in my eyes and I thought if only I had some hairspray it would have sorted this out and smoothed my frizzy bits down a bit!

            In my pocket I had another £2.00 off haircare products at Boots. I had loads and bought loads of hair products with amazing results (more reviews to follow lol) So I went into Boots and there was a massive array to choose from.

            My Choice And Why....

            I'd been a couple of days before purchased Lee Staffords Flat iron Protection Mist Spray (please refer to my other review!) with the most amazing results I've ever witnesses on my crazy greasy, dry, curly, split ended, dyed black mop! So I was drawn back to Lee Stafford once again! (I now own almost all his products as I'm converted lol)

            To Use....

            Says simply spray away!

            Who is Lee Stafford?....

            Lee was born in Leigh-on-sea in Essex in 1966. He's a celebrity hairdresser and opened his first salon in 1996. He now has a 3 of them. He makes alot of tv appearances most noted and recent was 'This Morning'. Lee Stafford hair care is exclusive to Boots.

            The Packaging....

            Well this is the reason I was drawn to the product in the first place! Its a 250ml bright pink can! Huge size and will last me ages light pink plastic push on lid and a push down sprayer intergrated into the can also in matching pink. On it, it tells me in white lettering that it is indeed a Lee Stafford product and that it's called 'Hold Tight Firm Hold Barnet Hairspray'. It's a really funky looking can and with all my other Lee Stafford products looks great lol

            The Product Itself And My Experience...

            The smell is fresh and smells like a nice a hairdressing salon. Slightly floral but it's hard to describe it. It's fresh and once on the hair the smell disappears quite a lot. The second thing I remember happening was getting some on my fingers and hand and I thought oh ere we go and was shocked that it wasnt at all sticky so when I was bout to put it on my hair I thought ah oh this really won't work! I mean I'm used to hair sprays of old that stink to high heaven and are sticky like glue so far this isn't what I'm expecting lol

            It sprays out the can in a fine mist. You can feel it coating the hair and it feels 'texturised' but still not sticky and if you run fingers through your hair after using it with out breaking bones!

            Style is perfect, I'm really happy with the result and my pony tail holds nice and my hair stays put without flyaways. Sometimes I will put a band in and worry that its so shiny I cant keep a band in, but this didn't happen.

            Gutted Though...

            I so wanted to work. I love this range. Within half hour of being in the house my usually frizzy bits around my ears pinged into action. So ok I'm at home I run up the stairs and get my spray out and this time I add quite a bit and concentrated on the problem areas of my hair I'm aware of. Fine looks great again, and again my hair looks more shiny and doesn't feel stiff. By now though I'm realising that some stiffness is what I need! An hour later same thing, it was a mess.

            The only thing at this point I will say is it brushed out easily and you couldnt tell I'd had hairspray in my hair and it left a nice smell on my hair and my hair was shiny and when i washed out it was a simple procedure but again I realise this only happened cos it was rubbish!

            Not one to give up I think I need to try it again. You know maybe it's me. I'm not an ardent user so maybe I' not spraying it right or not enough! So again I wash and style my hair, this time wearing it down. I use a lot but this time I'm not using it to achieve control a such but just to blend my split ends and add to the straightness. Again even though I used half a can my hair wasn't sticky or anything and the shine was back.
            I was going out and the wind was horrific! It stood no chance against the drizzly weather as I'm sure most sprays wouldn't to be fair but what I did notice is that even though i had a brolly up and my barnet didn't get wet at all my hair became really really dry and felt caked and the humidity had got to me! Soon as I got in I washed my hair and threw it away.


            Big boo hoo from me.

            Gives a nice shine but then so does the shine spray you can buy from this range.
            As I don't use hairspray often I have nothing to compare the product to. However I did expect more. I cant condone the £4.99 price tag when I'm sure there's better around and it didn't do anything good!

            I would be interested to read any comments you may have on this product, is it me ?? lol
            I did wonder if I'm using too many products on my head all at once or if my hair is in too good a condition or too over conditioned or something lol

            The ingredients for you gals that give a damn what your sticking on ya head....

            Alcohol Denat, Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Octacrylamide, Acrylates, Butylaminoethyl Methyacrylate Copolymer, Aminomethyl Proppanol, parfum, Ethy Ester of Hydrolized Silk, pathenol, Benzophenone-4, Butyphenyl Metthypropional, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol.


            Do not pierce or burn.
            Protect from sunlight.
            Do not spray on naked flame.
            Keep away from sources of ignition- no smoking
            Keep out of the reach of children
            Avoid spraying near eyes. If product does get into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water.

            Cost £4.99 only to be found in Boots. (But don't waste your cash ladies!).

            This review is also published on Ciao under the same username.


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          • Product Details

            With UV protection, firm hold, and no sticky feeling left on your hair, this hair spray does exactly what it says on the tin and leaves hair looking and feeling great /

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