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Lee Stafford Low Fat Cashmere Cushion

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Blow Dry Jelly

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2012 08:42
      Very helpful



      A decent enough product if you're hair is very flat although overpriced in my opinion.

      I'm always on the lookout for new hair care products, particularly those which claim to give my hair more body and volume. My hair is quite fine and without the use of product and/or electrical appliance it looks very limp and flat, the opposite of what I want it to look like really! When I saw this blow dry jelly by Lee Stafford in my local Boots store a few weeks ago I thought I would give it a try.

      I'd never used any Lee Stafford hair care products before mainly because the bright pink typically girly packaging really isn't my cup of tea and has always put me off browsing these products in any detail. I found them on a three for £12 offer though and thought I'd see if there was anything which sounded good to me, I can forgive naff packaging if there is a decent product contained!

      I ended up buying 'My Big Fat Healthy Hair' shampoo and conditioner along with this Low Fat Cashmere Cushion Blow Dry Jelly - all three products promised to give my hair a thicker appearance with added volume which sounded perfect to me. This 100ml tube of blow dry jelly normally costs £10.49 which I would never have paid for a hair product without having heard anything good about it before! With my shampoo and conditioner coming to £12 between them though the offer these products were on technically made this blow dry jelly free so I didn't mind adding it to my basket.

      As with the rest of this range, the blow dry jelly comes in a bright, shocking pink coloured plastic tube with matching plastic flip top lid. There's plenty of information about the product printed in white on the front as well as an ingredients list and directions to use on the back. The product information on the front has, for some strange reason, been written in an unnecessary mixture of upper and lower case letters which frankly annoys me. Still, as long as the product worked...

      This has a very strange consistency and I suppose 'jelly' would be a good description. It is just like a thick gel with a slight pink tinge of colour to it. It has that hair salon type smell to it and is easy to control exactly how much you dispense from the bottle.

      I washed my hair and gave it a quick towel dry before running my comb through it. I then dispensed an olive size blob of this jelly onto my hand and began to work it run it through my hair. I find I need to them use a smaller 5p sized blob just to work through the very ends of my hair too. Obviously how much you use depends on the thickness and length of your hair but for my fine, just past shoulder length hair I don't use very much at all.

      It evenly distributes through my hair and doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or full of product. On wet hair it's easy to tell there is some sort of product there though; it makes the hair look slightly greasy although, thankfully, that look disappears with the blow dry. I find blow drying my hair takes a little longer when I've applied this too although only by about five minutes which isn't really a problem for me as the amount of hair I have means it only takes me about ten minutes to do normally anyway. If you particularly long or thick hair though I imagine this could be a massive pain for you.

      The results after blow drying are good. Not perfect, but still good. This basically gives the appearance of thicker hair. The volume I get from this product is the same as some with much thicker hair get naturally. It's not a massive amount and I wouldn't turn to this to style my hair for a night out or special occasion but it's perfect for everyday body and volume and means I can wear my hair down when not going anywhere special rather than sticking it up in a bobble so it doesn't look quite so lifeless. If you already have a reasonable amount of volume anyway due to having thick hair then this probably wouldn't really give you any results. If your hair is quite flat though then you'll probably achieve a nice 'natural' look.

      It leaves my hair smelling like I've just been to the hairdressers which is lovely and feels quite luxurious. It also leaves my hair feeling really soft and quite bouncy although doesn't cause any frizziness or make it difficult to manage when styling. The effects last a couple of days too so my hair still looks quite bouncy and healthy inbetween washes.

      One thing I don't like about this, however, is that it does take away that just washes shine from my hair and leaves it looking quite dull and not very vibrant at all. I normally find a few squirts of shine spray sorts out this problem in a matter of seconds so it's not the end of the world although I'd still prefer it if I didn't have to do this.

      I think I would buy this again but only if it were on another offer. I can't say this a product I feel is worth over £10 or anything like it. It's nice for particularly fine and flat hair but probably pointless for any other hair type and if you already have a bit of body to your hair then I wouldn't even bother trying this.


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