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Lee Stafford Poker Straight Glistening Balm

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Straightening Balm / Contents: 75ml / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Balm / Subcategory: Balm / Hair Straighteners / Relaxers / Hair type: normal hair / What it does: regenerates,

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2009 22:26
      Very helpful



      If you have curly hair - this is the one to try!

      I have been using this product for a while now but recently tried something similar that wasn't as good so wanted to tell you how good this one was.

      As you can see from my picture I have very curly hair. I have recently had it cut short again which means I have to straighten it almost everyday. As any girl knows the heat can damage hair so it is advisable to use a heat defence cream before blow drying and straightening.

      This product is part of a large range of Lee Stafford hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and styling products. They can be found in Boots and this cost me about £5. It comes in a tube and is 75 ml worth of loveliness!

      So, as I said earlier I have compared this product to a similar one and found that this one worked better. Why, I hear you ask, well I am just about to tell you!

      After you have washed your hair and towel dried it you apply a small walnut size amount of this balm to the hair. It is called a glistening straightening balm and that is because it had glitter in it. I am not sure what advantage this has because I don't have glitter in my hair after application, but anyway, it looks nice.

      It was also very easy to apply. You do only need a small amount and it is absorbed easily and evenly throughout the hair. The other product I found that it was not so easy to distribute and found that it left greasy patches where it had clumped near my scalp - so this is the first advantage.

      The second is that it works! Strange you might say, but the other comparative product didn't work as well. It takes a lot of work to straighten my hair and I am really pleased when it goes (and stays) straight after only 1 or 2 glides of the straighteners. And this is what happened with this straightening balm. My hair was smooth and sleek afterwards, with no frizz and it stayed straight after I had got up and walked around (and gone out in damp weather!).

      The comparative product took a lot more work to get the hair straight and even when I had finally managed it it didn't stay straight for very long.

      The only disadvantage to the Lee Stafford balm is that it doesn't really smell as nice as the comparative product. The smell is quite non descript and just smells quite chemically, so nothing to rave about.

      This product is highly recommended, especially if your hair is as curly as mine. It really does protect and I don't have frizzy, damaged hair or split ends as a result of using the balm before drying and straightening.


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        22.01.2008 19:08
        Very helpful



        Would be great for someone with very dry hair and fairly straight

        Another day and another £2.00 off voucher hair care products from Boots. Having bought some fantastic Lee Stafford hair products of late spying this on the shelf I thought what the heck I'll buy it, it matches the rest of the products I've bought so without much thought of what it is or what it promises I purchased it!

        Lee Stafford...

        Celeb hairdressers to the stars, starred on 'This Morning' helping with make overs, owns a couple of salons and of course designed this hair care range of which is exclusive to Boots.


        75ml recyclable clear and pink tube which opens at the bottom and is a squeezy tube. Exactly the same as on the review photograph at the top of this page. The usual white bar code which is on all the Lee Stafford products and white writing within which I'm clearly told that it is indeed a Lee Stafford product, and that it is part of the 'Poker Straight' range and that is to use 'B4 U blow Glistening Straightening Balm'. On the back it tells me what it is good for and the ingredients.

        What It Is For....

        For shoulder length, frizzy, curly or wavy hair.

        How To Use....

        Use the size of a walnut and apply evenly to wet hair. Adjust according to length of hair.

        The Verdict...

        I was so excited about using this product. It's been years since I've used a gel kind of idea on my head as I remember using 20p green gel from Sainsbury's when I was a kid and of course it was rubbish and sticky and stunk! Since them days I prefer sprays and stuff lol

        However firstly lets address this. It isn't a gel it just kind of looks like one sat in the tube. It comes out like a gel consistency but that's where the similarity completely ends. It's clear and as it states it's a balm. So it's a very soft liquid and you can see the 'glisten'. I've examined the 'glisten' as I originally thought it was glitter particles. Well they could well me but they are so tiny and create a shine in the tube!

        The smell is as all of Lee Staffords products. Totally girly and slightly floral and gorgeous, this is the main reason I was attracted to this range in the first place.

        Applying it is easy and it's easy to distribute a small amount through the hair. Like the instructions say a walnut sized blob is fine. I washed and combed my hair first. I find less is more with this product cos although it makes hair very soft and silky upon application it still contains a fair amount of grease and I don't like the feeling of chip fat on my hair!

        This products claims to be a straightening balm. Well I'm in two minds about that statement. If I dry my hair with my fingers and the hairdryer I do notice that its a little straighter in its appearance but not a lot and it must be a gentle balm as I still have body in my hair and hair has a kind of 'fluffy' appearance. Using this method I wouldn't say my hair is much straighter and I certainly couldn't leave the house like it. However it does give a certain control and definement to the hair and I notice that I have no fly-aways but frizz, particularly around my ears is apparent.

        The best way of using this product is to blow dry roughly. Then whack hair straighteners on. This method works best for me. I've never got the hang of blow drying it straight so my hair straighteners are my only viable option lol

        The Result.... Extremely shiny hair that is like velvet to the touch. Hair is very controlled at the same time and doesn't fly away all over the place. To the touch is isn't greasy and the smell is divine though the smell of this product does fade quicker than any of the other products in the Lee Stafford range which is disapointing. Poker straight as advertised, straight yes. Poker straight, erm not really no.


        I quite like it but it isn't my favourite Lee Stafford product. Over time I find my hair gets a fluffy look and this stuff fails to stop my frizz appearing over time. If your hair is fairly straight I'm sure this would be fine but my hair contains a lot of frizz and not only does it 'ping' back into shape over time but it doesn't completely get rid of it when I've finished styling.

        On the upside of this product it doesn't interfere with greasy roots, it is very hydrated as I stated before and does give an incredible shine and a slight feeling of control to your hair. So me, I've been using it after I've finished styling my hair, as the last product I use just a little tiny bob over the top layers of my hair to create a shiny gloss. However or me although I don't hate the product I do own better ones from the range and I wouldn't go over board on it or buy it again as I have stuff to enhance shine and I bought it for it's straightening abilities which it lacks a little of!

        £4.99 exclusive to Boots.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under the same username.


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      • Product Details

        For poker straight, glistening hair, the Lee Stafford Glistening straightening balm is all that you need / Simply apply evenly and blow dry and straighten as normal /

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