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Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Hair Treatment / What it does: Repairs,

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    5 Reviews
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      05.12.2010 17:40
      Very helpful



      A brilliant treatment to get hair back in shape

      My hair usually keeps itself in pretty good condition but the combination of almost daily straightening and this ridiculously cold weather we've been having started to take it's toll and so I thought it needed a bit of extra care, so I bought this treatment.

      It costs £6.99 for a 200ml tub and as far as I know it can only be bought in Boots. The lid of the tub screws off and you just scoop out the amount you need with your fingers which means it is easy to use but not terribly convenient if you have wet hands from the shower or bath. The packaging looks great though, it's bright pink and very girly but modern and stylish, I wish all packaging looked this good!

      It's a very thick creamy texture which feels really good and is easy to cover your hair with. It says on the tub to use an amount the size of a ping pong ball but this is really not necessary for my hair which is about 4 inches below shoulder length but quite fine and I probably only use about half that amount. You need to leave it on for about 5 minutes to let it work and then rinse it out. It smells nice, kind of flowery but it is a very fake smell not natural at all.

      It takes quite a while to rinse out like most intensive conditioners and treatments do because it is so much thicker than a regular conditioner. As soon as it's rinsed out though I can feel it's had a massive effect on my hair. It feels like the hair has been sealed making it much smoother.

      When my hair is dry it feels almost unbelievably soft and smooth and it looks great. On the tub it says you should use it daily until your hair is brought back to health, but I felt that mine had been brought completely back to health after just the first use so I didn't need to use it daily at all, I just use it once or twice a week. Before using it my hair felt quite dry and had gone a bit frizzy with lots of flyaway strands, but after using it it just looks completely smooth and sleek and feels so soft.

      Usually with treatments I would avoid using it on my roots as they just make them greasy, but this one doesn't at all. I can use it even on my roots without my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. It really has helped my hair a lot and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone whose hair is feeling a bit out of condition!


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        05.04.2010 12:31
        Very helpful



        One of Stafford's better products.

        After trying three Lee Stafford products (dry shampoo, Poker Straight Shampoo, Poker Straight Conditioner) I was relatively impressed with the range as a whole with the exception of the dry shampoo. The only thing that puts me off Lee Stafford products are the price. I'm not tight when it comes to beauty products and I'm willing to spend a little extra in the knowledge that I'm treating myself to a quality product however Lee Stafford, although good products, they're not great products and in my opinion if I'm going to spend £4.99 on 250ml of shampoo when I can get 400ml for £1 I want to know that I'm getting quality for my money and I'm afraid that in my prior experience Lee Stafford products just aren't *that* good.

        When I recently purchased the Poker Straight shampoo and conditioner I also got a third product free with the 3 for 2 offer that Boots is currently promoting. As I already have heat protection sprays in abundance I decided to go for a treatment cream which you use in the shower.

        The packaging is the same design that you'd expect from Lee Stafford if you've ever used or even see his products before. It's an eye catching pink tub, the only problem I have with the packaging is that Lee Stafford treatment creams seem to come in exactly the same packaging and the only thing that distinguishes them is the small writing on the front so be careful and check what you're buying before you buy it.

        This isn't a usual treatment cream that you use after blow drying your hair, it's for use in the shower and you use it after shampooing but before conditioning. You're directed to leave the treatment in for 5 minutes which can be a bit of a nuisance because the majority of people don't have clocks in their bathrooms therefore will have to estimate when 5 minutes is up.

        There are no specific directions on the tub of how much to use, you're simply directed to work it into the palms of your hands before distributing evenly throughout your hair. I personally use about the size of a 50 pence piece and my hair is around shoulder length but of course feel free to use what you feel is necessary.

        The treatment has exactly the same consistency to most conditioners, it's a white cream and is quite thin which sets it apart from the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Conditioner which is of a very thick consistency. The cream is easily rubbed into your hands and glides through your hair excellently. It becomes invisible when it's been worked into your hair properly and this is when you should leave it for 5 minutes.

        The smell is divine and similar yet not the same as the Poker Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. This could cause a problem for some people that are using it in conjunction with this as I am as it may feel like you're adding two different smells to your hair and they will clash. However the smell merely compliments and shampoo and conditioner with it's light fragrance whereas the shampoo and conditioner don't completely overpower it but it's likely that you'll leave the shower smelling of the shampoo and the conditioner more so than of the treatment cream.

        After a 5 minute wait you simply rinse out, the treatment is easily rinsed from your hair and leaves your hair feeling very soft even whilst still wet. Subsequent to this, continue to condition your hair if you so require before lightly towel drying followed with a hairdryer.

        There are no instructions of the best ways to dry your hair after using this but I personally find that if I use a hair brush and hold my hair straight whilst dragging the hairdryer down the length means that I'm left with a relatively straight finish. For this to work you will need to have a hairdryer with a nozzle. Of course this isn't a miracle procedure and you will more than likely still require the use of straightners.

        After blow drying, my hair felt soft and smooth as well as detangled (but that may be down to the conditioner). I wouldn't say that my hair was straighter than it usually is after blow drying but I would however say that the time it takes me to straighten my hair has been reduced dramatically. After straightening, my hair is left soft and shiny and there is no frizz. My hair generally stays straight all day after using GHD's unless it rains but after sleeping on it, it can become a little wavy. After using this treatment balm I noticed that my hair is still 'Poker Straight' as Stafford himself would say however this makes no difference to me as I still proceed to wash and straighten again in the morning.

        The treatment claims to 'provide rigorous repair for your hair and is designed to fight the damaging effects of straightening irons, whilst it refreshes, cleans and revitalises'. It also claims to aid the straightening process which I personally feel that it does.

        The problem with these sorts of treatments is that you simply can't tell whether they're working or not. The tub informs you that you should use with every wash until you notice the condition of your hair improving. Subsequent to this you should use once a week. I've been using the treatment for around 2 or 3 months now and I have reduced using it to just once a week now. I feel the condition of my hair has improved slightly and when using it, it does leave my hair feeling silky smooth and that's the reason I continue to buy it.

        In Boots you'll pay £6.99 for just 200ml of this which is extortionate however I feel as a once a week treatment it pays off as I only end up buying it around once a month. I wouldn't suggest using it everyday as you'll run out so quickly and will end up wasting a lot of money.

        Overall it's a relatively effective treatment cream that leaves you hair feeling incredibly soft and nourished. However due to the intense nourishment it can leave your hair with a greasy residue if you use a lot of it and use it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand. I would recommend it but only as a once a week treatment as using it with every wash, like the shampoo it will go straight down the drain.


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          10.10.2009 09:26
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Lank and greasy hair rather than conditioned and gorgeous hair :(

          My hair takes a battering, almost on a daily basis. I blowdry and style and straighten it on a daily basis. Not to mention that I sit under the air conditioning at work so it gets blasts of cold and hot air regularly. Whilst I am admitting my "hair sins" it is probably also worth mentioning that I have my hair dyed on a monthly basis so as a result my hair does need a bit of tlc. Being a beauty product addict I like to treat my hair to a variety of treatments that I find whilst browsing the aisles of Boots. I decided to give the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment a try and show my hair some love.........

          ***Packaging and Claims***

          The Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment comes in a 200ml sized bright pink tub. The same colour as other products in the Lee Stafford range. The tub has a lid which screws on and off. If you use this in the shower it is important to move away from the shower when you open the tub otherwise you will end up with water inside of the tub. The tub design does allow you to exactly gauge how much product you use rather than having to squeeze the conditioner out of a tube.

          The packaging claims that the product is "Intensive Care for Hair". From the packaging this sounded like exactly the type of product that I needed as I am prone to giving my hair a bit of a hard time, blow drying, styling, straightening and dying it.


          I bought a 200ml pot of this product from Boots and this cost me £5.99. Superdrug also sell this product from Lee Stafford and charge a similar price. Cost wise I would say this is a relatively average to high price for a intensive treatment and other salon brands such as Toni & Guy, and Charles Worthington have similar products which are priced in this price range.

          Although it is worth noting that there are cheaper intensive conditioning treatments available on the market which are more effective than this product from Lee Stafford.


          I was surprised to find after reading the packaging properly that the product should be used in between shampooing and conditioning. This is so hair soaks up the treatment after shampooing but before your normal conditioner is used which seals the treatment back into hair.

          An advantage of this product is that you only have to use a very small amount of this product in one go. Even on my long hair which is relatively thick and is long (more than half way down my back) I only had to use a 50p piece size of product which easily glided and spread through my hair.

          When applying to the hair, like any conditioning treatment I would only recommend that you do not apply this to your roots as in my opinion this makes hair overly greasy. Instead I combed the product through my hair stopping just over an inch away from my roots. After leaving the product on for around 5 minutes hair should be rinsed and ensure that the product is completely rinsed from the hair. Then use your usual conditioner as you usually would.

          If you hair is in particularly bad condition it is advisable to use this (and any conditioning treatment) twice a week until you see an improvement in its condition. After that this product from Lee Stafford should be used once a week.

          What I noticed about the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment was the smell. The product has a very strong scent to it. This was a very spicy, sweet scent reminding me almost of aftershave. Even after applying my usual conditioner I could still smell the Lee Stafford product on my wet hair. Some people may like this strong scent but personally I prefer conditioners and shampoo to have lighter more subtle scents.


          After rinsing my hair and applying conditioner I immediately noticed that my hair felt (and smelt) different to it's usual texture. My wet hair had almost a coating to it and I felt that it felt softer than if I had used shampoo and conditioner alone.

          I blowdried my hair as normal and as mentioned when my hair felt wet it did have a soft feel to it. Once my hair was partially dry I started to notice a difference to my hair. As I ran the brush and my hands through my semi dried hair my hair felt like it had a slightly greasy sticky coating to it, and my hands were left feeling that I had product left on my hair. I knew that I had fully rinsed my hair and when I used the product again I took twice as long to rinse my hair and my hair still had this feeling when drying it.

          Once my hair was fully dry my hair felt soft but not as smooth as it has when I have used particularly effective conditioning treatments. It looked slightly shinier than it did previously but not so much so that I was impressed or thought that the product was fully effective. My hair did not look greasy on the top layer but I felt that the underneath of my hair still had a slightly sticky feel and that when I touched my hair my hands were left feeling sticky.

          I decided to straighten my hair using my GHD's to finish off my style. Straightening my hair was easy as the plates of the straighteners glided through my hair. This removed the sticky feeling my hair had to it so I felt slightly more confident about the Lee Stafford product.

          I washed and styled my hair in the morning and by lunch time I felt my hair looked flatter than usual and quite lank. I like the poker straight look but for my hair to still retain volume and have bounce to it, which was not achieved by the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment. My hair had a slight shine to it but by the evening my hair felt and looked like it needed a good wash! Not the look I was after.

          My hair is long and reasonably thick. However the thickness of my hair is mainly due to the fact that I have lots of hair which is quite fine rather than being coarse and thick textured hair. I think this product from the Lee Stafford range was probably too heavy for my fine textured hair and weighed it down, creating the flat look. For those with coarse textured hair this product might be more effective especially if your hair is particularly dry as this product gives a lot of moister to the hair. My hair is not particularly dry but it is not overly oily either, but after using this treatment from Lee Stafford my hair fell into the overly oily category.


          After using a number of conditioning treatments I was very disappointed by the results of the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment, especially as I have used other products from his range and been very impressed. After using this product my hair had slightly more shine to it, but it did not look noticeably smoother. What I really did not like about this product was that my hair was left lank and feeling that it had a greasy coating to it and had a VERY strong scent to it, which after a while became too overpowering and sickly.

          I understand that the Lee Stafford products aim to give a poker straight look but this was more a lank straight look rather than straight hair that has a bit of volume to it......... A two star product from what I would usually consider a four or five star brand!


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            03.10.2009 20:05
            Very helpful



            Leaves hair soft and shiny

            Lee Stafford Poker Straight Hair Treatment

            £6.99 at Boots for 200ml. However, is always on offer with the hair care vouchers available regularly at boots.

            "Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment is intensive care for hair. The P2FiFTY COMPLEX is the next generation of heat protection. It saves the hair from the scorching heat of professional straightening irons up to 250ºc.

            Lee Stafford Poker Straight Treatment is designed to fight the damaging effects of straightening irons to help moisturise and re-build the hair shaft and leave hair looking amazing and feeling healthy. This intensive conditioning treatment mask contains a combination of materials that help to maintain healthy hair. Panthenol improves elasticity and gives long lasting moisture to the hair and a hydrolysed silk extract helps to prevent breakage and split ends. A conditioning agent replenishes the lipid layer of the cuticle leading to healthier looking hair. Lee Stafford products are not tested on animals." Lee Stafford

            How to Use:

            "Scoop out the equivalent of an XXL egg into the palms of your hands and massage into your hair from roots to ends. A treatment should always be used between your shampoo and conditioner. Leave this treatment in for five minutes every time the hair is washed until the condition has improved, the every other time until finally just once a week is enough to maintain great condition. For best results follow with Poker Straight Shine Serum to leave your hair extra silky and smooth and glowing with health." Lee Stafford

            Lee Stafford poker hair treatment is the best ever hair treatment. It is suggested to use every time you wash your hair until you feel a difference then to use the treatment ever other time. It also suggests to leave the treatment in for 5 mins (but I usually leave it for longer). The treatment makes your hair really soft and shiny. It also smells really good as well. I would definitely recommend this treatment for people like me who use straightners every day to keep hair healthy and protect it for the intense heat.


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              14.05.2008 13:36
              Very helpful



              A hair treatment everyone should have in the cupboard

              I have just realised that this year I've changed my hair colour and style more often than the rest of my life put together! I thought I'd found the perfect hairdresser, who wasn't afraid to experiment, without making me look like a complete idiot at the same time. I was wrong. Well, I never looked like a complete idiot (I hope!) but she didn't seem to know when to stop putting bleach on top of bleach on top of bleach, and not even conditioning it after!! So you can imagine just how dry my hair was at the end of this.

              I'd washed my hair one day after coming home from the hairdressers and put on my usual intensive conditioner to try and improve it's condition, but it didn't even touch it! It still felt like straw. So off I went to Boots to look for an extremely intensive treatment to sort my hair out before it all broke off.

              At the time, I was a massive Toni & Guy and Mark Hill fan. In fact, I still am to a certain extent, but after scouring the shelves I didn't find anything in either range that looked like it would do the job. I'd previously used a treatment from Lee Stafford, when the same hairdresser had turned my hair yellow (why didn't I learn?!) and it was amazing, so I had a look at what he had to offer.

              ~ What The Poker Straight Treatment Does ~

              I came across Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Treatment. On the front of the gorgeously bright pink tub it stated "Intensive care for hair. For flat iron addicts who batter their hair with straightening irons. Put the love back". Not exactly what I was looking for but it sounded pretty good. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that said "For people who let their hairdressers wreck their hair" so this would have to do.

              ~ How To Use ~

              Getting home, I decided to use the product immediately. Now I have to say, the first time I used this product I did not follow the instructions. I did this after speaking to a hairdresser friend of mine who advised me to apply a big scoop to my dry hair, until it was saturated, wrap in a towel and get stuck into the housework while it did its magic. I left it for about an hour before rinsing off, applying conditioner, rinsing again, drying and styling. It had worked a treat so if your hair is in really bad condition I would recommend doing this the first time you use it.

              The way this treatment should actually be used is inbetween a shampoo and conditioner. This makes the treatment work to its maximum effect as a shampoo lifts the hair cuticle and a conditioner smoothes it back down again. Therefore the treatment is soaked up by the hair. Also why it is important girls (and guys with longer hair) to always use a conditioner. Otherwise you are leaving your hair open to all sorts of damage. This IS NOT an intensive conditioner even though it looks and feels like one, so it is important that you use your normal conditioner to smoothe the hair cuticle back down after use, this will also seal the treatment in. The treatment is recommended to be left on for around 5 minutes. The longer you can leave it on, the better it will work.

              You should apply this treatment every shampoo until you see your hair condition improve. Probably a week or so depending on how battered your hair is! I used it like this for a few weeks. Then apply it every other shampoo until eventually you only have to use once a week to keep the condition as beautiful as it will now be. A little goes a long way and one tub will last the average person a couple of months.

              ~ My Thoughts ~

              I have been using this treatment for 3 or 4 months now and my hair is in beautiful condition (after a new hairdresser, a bit of a drastic cut and darker colour!) and I will continue to use it for the forseeable future. I actually have 3 tubs of it left in the house! It smells beautiful too, like all Lee Stafford products. I'm not exactly sure what it smells of but it's a sickly sweet smell. Not to everyones taste but it kind of goes with the packaging I guess! I would advise you to unscrew a lid in your local Boots and have a bit of a smell first.

              ~ Price and Availability ~

              I paid £6.99 in my local Boots, which for 200ml of intensive treatment this strength is a bargain. Especially as it lasts so long. I have such a lot of hair and I have a habit of scooping out way too much as I am not used to hair products going as far as this one does. You can also buy online at www.leestafford.com where you can also find information about all the products in the range. The reason I have so many tubs in the house is that I found some on a shelf in my local Home Bargains the other month for £1 each! I grabbed the 4 that were left but haven't seen them since.

              ~ Would I Recommend? ~

              A huge yes. Don't be put off by the name being Poker Straight Treatment as I think this would be ideal for treating any hair type. It doesn't pull down your hair either so would also be ideal for curly styles. I use my GHD's almost every day and also have my hair coloured, like I said, quite often as I'm easily bored but my hair has remained in fantastic condition since I have used this product. I recommend this product 100% to anyone who's hair needs a bit of TLC.

              Written by me and also posted on Ciao under my user name lizngaz.


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