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Lee Stafford Product Build Up Spray

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  • Build up of products still
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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2015 13:47
      Very helpful



      • "Build up of products still"

      Try other brands first.

      I to like the other reviewer here, cannot remain faithful to one brand where hair care is concerned.
      I love trying the next thing or the latest thing or something could just be better but this is not it.
      Due to all the products I've used in my hair I am constantly aware of the product buld up that can damage regrowth, make hair greasy or itchy and love trying the prodcut build up ranges I find.
      Lee Stafford has a mixed bag I feel of products that work and this is not one of them sadlt.

      The scent is lovely, the spray nozzle perfect and easy to apply when trying to use in sections.This aims to prevent damage and you apply this to your hair before you add a product and during the day if needed.

      I personally didn't see a difference and my scalp clogged up with the gum, spray, waxes I continuously used. This didn't help me as I wash out the product it took more of a vigorous scrub than normal.
      I used the TIGI BED HEAD RECOVERY range to do so and I needed to use the shampoo twice through my hair and leave the conditoner on for extra treamtment.

      Lately the 'LEE STAFFORD' range has seemed to seperat the product sprays by pne for:

      But I really would not recommend you waste your time or money. I fear this is more of a fashion statement or brand to have on your shelf than a hair care product.


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      27.03.2008 00:23
      Very helpful



      I'd buy it on the cheap!

      Another day and yet another review on Lee Stafford! I have written a lot of reviews on this stuff lately and have a few more left in me on products I am using at the moment and I'm sure more will be coming on stuff from this range in the future, as I simply love it!

      I've never been one to be faithful to a range and even though I've found some products in this range better than others I haven't found a bad one yet! So nowadays if I 'need' something off I go to Boot's to buy it (Lee Staffords only stockist). Saying that it is only stocked in Boot's is true. No other supermarket or chemist carries the range. Though if your lucky (like me) you can find the odd item pop up in pound shops, markets and the likes.

      I found a load of Lee Stafford products at about 59p per product in a cheap shop in my town centre and having almost bought something in this range for £6.99 and deciding at last minute I didn't need it and putting it back (well shoving it on any old shelf in Boot's to be more precise) I found this range and bought up one of everything whilst excelling its virtues and usual price tags to any woman who would listen to me at the check out lol

      What Is It....

      Lee Stafford 'Ru Taking Protection From Product Build Up Spray'.

      The Packaging....

      200ml recyclable purple bottle with pink pump action sprayer with little pink safety lid that goes over the top (exactly as depicted in the review photograph). On the front I'm clearly told what it is and who it is by and tells me 'Protection is better than a cure' and that 'build up of products suffocates your hair, making it heavy, grimy boring and sad'. On the back I'm told how to use it, ingredients and contact details for Lee Stafford.

      How To Use....

      Apply to towel dried hair before using styling products. Helps to protect against and remove build up on your hair. A cocktail of materials work to lift build-up from the hair whilst Pro Vitamin B5 strengthens and repairs damaged hair to help prevent build up reoccurring.

      Using It....

      I have 3 reasons I love Lee Stafford products so much. One is the packaging. It's funky and pretty and looks great on my dressing table! Second is the smell. Slightly floral and the products all smell the same (usually), well that was the case till I used this one! I like the fact that even though the smell is strong all the products mix and match and he supplies everything you could possibly need to give you the look your wanting to achieve. Thirdly I like the way the range does as it says it will. I love the 'Shagged Out Wax', Shine Spray and Hair Spray they are the best stuff I could hope for.

      So yes the packaging is great but as I stated the smell of this is different to all the other stuff I own in this range, and I don't like it much. It's lighter smelling than the usual floral smell I get from the range and has a chemical kind of smell to it. Now this doesn't matter to much as this product is designed to use as a first product and then to use others over it so it's like a barrier between styling products and your barnet. I always think condoms when I use this product to be honest lol

      Maybe the smell is different so that you can use it with any other hair products on the market and not just from within the range and certainly male or females could use this and it's designed not to be too strong smelling. It's not an overpowering smell and some people would think that other stuff in the range is. However, me, I found the smell disappointing.

      Now it squirts out fast and is wet liquid. It sinks into the hair quickly and I spray liberally and comb it though well. Now it doesn't state how much to use but on my shoulder length hair I use about 6 full sprays at arms length which isn't much at all really. If you run fingers through your hair it feels no different, not sticky or anything. The spray makes no difference if hair after washing combs through easy it still will, if hair is knotty it still will be.

      I use this spray one of two ways. Tonight I went out and I used this on a cool setting with my hair drier and then used hair straighteners and when all looked great used Lee Stafford Shagged Out Hair Wax to give gloss and make my wild fringe stay in place and it worked well. Washing hair when I got in before bed, product washed out the same as always (as far as I can tell). Or I use this and add other products, coolly dry with my hair drier and then straighten.


      To be honest this product makes no difference to me at all. When I wash out hair products I have used I wash hair twice with good shampoo and always condition anyway. I use decent stuff and have never felt a build up for this reason.

      The days of using cheap, green, wet look gel or a tub of festering gloopy hair wax that has lived in a bathroom covered in dust is far behind me! (thank god those days have now gone). Now maybe if you use rubbish, cheap crap then this would give you noticeable results. However if your willing to pay this products usual price tag of £6.99 in Boot's then you wouldn't be using the cheap crap anyway, surely? You'd just buy semi decent stuff! lol So really I'm not getting why???? Hair is no easier to style it's like using water really. Hair is no shinier or healthier looking with repetitive usage. I notice no difference at all.

      Personally I don't mind using it at 59p a bottle, I mean even for minimal results (even those I possibly can't see or feel) it does no harm at that price but at the £6.99 price tag on it I wouldn't buy it as it does not a lot. It isn't awful don't get me wrong but I expect better, obvious results for that price! If you see it cheap do try!


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    • Product Details

      Help improve the condition of damaged hair by strengthening, repairing and reducing split ends with Pro VitaminB5 and a trio of materials designed to lift hard water minerals and heavy metal salts from the hair, and help to prevent build-up reoccurring /

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