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Lee Stafford RU Taking Protection Oily Roots

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Hair Shampoos / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Oil / What it does: Protects,

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 21:00
      Very helpful



      will keep your hair looking great

      I bought this product because I had one of those Boots £5 off hair care products, and I was on the look out for a dry shampoo anyway, so I thought why not give it a try.

      The reason this one caught my eye on the shelf was it's bright and funky can, this is a range that has clearly been designed to stand out. I was a bit worried that the colour of the spray may be something odd like purple though, but thats just me being weird!

      This is sold as a pressurised spray can and recommends that for the best results, you spray onto your roots from arms length and then massage in.

      This was easy to do however there was something odd to me about the feeling of it on my hands so I find it better to massage in whilst wearing polythene gloves.

      It's a very starchy powdery product and certainly does the job of soaking up the oil and grease on your hair roots. By using this I can get 2 days out of my hair and don't have to wash it every day, which I tended to do before as on the 2nd day it would look a bit greasy and to me there's nothing worse.

      I would recommend this to people who have a problem with oily roots but don't want to wash their hair every day.


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        08.10.2007 18:39
        Very helpful



        Not effective enough for naturally greasy hair, but may be worth trying on other hair types

        The Product

        Lee Stafford RU Taking Protection Oily Roots Spray is part of Lee Stafford’s ‘RU Taking Protection’ range, which provides straightforward solutions to a number of different hair problems. Included in the range are a Split Ends Serum, Humidity Spray, and Growth Treatment, to name a few. The Oily Roots spray is priced at £4.99, and, along with the whole Lee Stafford range, is exclusively sold in Boots.

        Why I Bought It

        My hair is naturally greasy. So much so, in fact, that if I wash my hair on a morning, it is already greasy again by the time I go to bed at night. There’s no way I could EVER go more than a day without washing my hair, I just couldn’t bear it. I always use shampoos designed to stop hair becoming greasy too quickly, and whilst they help a little, they don’t really make a noticeable difference.
        So, picture the scenario; I wash my hair when I get up at around 6:30am, and go about my daily routine, then at around 6:30pm I get a phone call from a mate, “we’re off out for a meal at 7, fancy joining us?”. Well I’d love to go, but it’s been 12 hours since I washed my hair, there’s no way I’m going out looking like this, and I don’t have time to wash it, so I have to say no. I know it sounds kind of pathetic, but that’s just the way it is for me. Spontaneity is kind of impossible when your life is governed by whether or not you’ve washed your hair!
        So, after years of the same old scenario, I finally decided enough is enough, and started searching for a miracle product that would allow me the freedom to do what I want, when I want! After spending the best part of an hour trawling the hair-care aisles in Boots, this was what I came home with.

        The Packaging

        The spray comes in a very distinctive purple aerosol can, with a big pink question mark and the words ‘RU TAKING PROTECTION’, which I assume is the logo of this particular range, and ‘from OILY ROOTS’ written underneath. The back of the can has directions, cautions, and a list of ingredients. The can holds 200ml of product, and is fully recyclable. The spray nozzle and lid are made of bright pink plastic, and both feel pretty sturdy.

        The Claims

        All the back of the can says with regards to what the spray is supposed to do is that it refreshes and revitalises the hair. The explanation on the Boots website is much more informative, and reads, “This revolutionary spray will give your hair a longer life before washing and is fantastic at revitalising your style. Perfect if there's no time to wash. Containing a corn starch derivative this spray will dry up oily roots and leave them as clean and fresh as the rest of the hair. Betaine is produced from sugar beet molasses and is used for it's binding and cell membrane protectant qualities, it strengthens the hair and has detangling properties. Betaine reduces stickiness and increases lubricity and spreading properties. Modified corn starch or DRY-FLO is a hydrophobically modified natural polymer which imparts a smooth, velvety feel.”

        Suitability and Warnings

        As far as I can tell this product is suitable for all hair types, and there are no warnings with regards to who should or shouldn’t use the product, except that it should be kept out of the reach of children.
        The warnings on the back of the can tell us not to spray near the eyes, and to avoid prolonged spraying. It also warns not to use near, or place the container on, painted or polished surfaces, and to keep away from ignition sources and naked flames.


        The directions tell us to shake the can well before use, and spray onto dry hair from about half an arms length away. Spray onto the affected root area, then rub away vigorously with your fingers.

        In Practice

        As I’ve found to be the case with most products, the directions don’t give any suggestion as to how much you should use, so the first time I used the spray there was a lot of guesswork involved. I’d left my hair since the previous morning, so it was looking pretty greasy and lank when I came to use the spray. I shook the can and, attempting to keep it half an arms-length away from my head (it’s harder than it sounds), began to spray the product onto my roots.

        The first thing I noticed as I sprayed it was the strong scent. It reminded me of when my brother sprays too much deodorant and it nearly chokes everyone else in the room, it’s that strong! The scent is similar to Lynx and other men’s deodorants , which I found a little odd for a hair product.

        The spray provides quite a concentrated stream of product, rather than a mist, so it’s quite easy to direct into the right place. I did find I was constantly having to remind myself that my hand was supposed to be half an arms-length from my head as I kept moving it closer without realising, but even spraying from a closer distance than recommended didn’t seem to cause any problems.

        The product is a kind of white powder (not bright white and really obvious - it almost has a kind of transparency to it), which, as I’m blonde, didn’t really show up very well on my hair, making it quite difficult to judge how much I needed to use. I would assume it would show up much better on darker hair and you’d easily be able to see if you’ve missed anywhere. After using it a few times, I’ve now found that spraying for 5 seconds, moving from front to back, along each side of my parting is usually sufficient.

        The powder then sits on top of the hair until you rub it with your fingers. I tend to find the best way to do this is to tip my head upside-down and rub through the roots as if I was blow-drying my hair. I’ve tried doing it with my head up and I find I can’t remove it as effectively and I’m constantly finding bits I haven’t rubbed away properly. Also, if you remove it with your head up, you will find that you end up with the powder all over your clothes. It only takes a few seconds to remove it properly (if you find it takes longer you’ve probably used too much product), and you’re ready to see the finished results.

        The first time I used the spray, I was utterly unimpressed with the results. Yes, it had soaked up some of the grease, but my hair still didn’t look any better. It still looked lank and disgusting, the only difference being that it looked slightly lighter in colour.

        Not being one to give up easily, I tried it a few more times until I had perfected my application method, and I can now achieve better results. When I use it now, my hair doesn’t look greasy, lank, or dark in colour. It does, however, still look flat and lifeless, and somewhat dull. It also still feels quite greasy and dirty, even though it doesn’t look it on the surface. The scent covers up any nasty niffs associated with dirty, greasy hair, but to be perfectly honest it’s not the kind of scent I’d want on my hair, and as mentioned earlier, it is a little strong.

        The results, I’m afraid to say, don’t last very long, I’d say 2-3 hours at the most. And it’s not just a case of taking the spray with you and reapplying when your hair needs it, as using too much just makes the hair look even worse.


        Overall, I can’t say I was either impressed nor unimpressed with this product. It’s certainly no miracle product, but it does leave my hair ‘passable’ enough so that I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen in public. I’d recommend it for anyone who doesn’t have particularly greasy hair to take to festivals and such like, where you can’t wash your hair properly, but for those of us with greasy hair, it’s just not effective enough. The price is probably about right for this type of product, and it does seem like it will last a long time, so if only it worked a little better I would have said it was good value for money.


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          08.10.2007 15:15
          Very helpful



          Oily roots solving product

          It's a bit sad when im walking around Boots writing down everything I'm hoping Santa will be bringing me for Christmas this year isn’t it? Well on my recent trip there I came across lists of things that I am hoping for and a few products that sounded so good I had to buy them.

          I have been a big fan of Lee Stafford products for a while now, Poker Straight has served me well since I began using it a year or so ago and I have since tried other products from this range such as the straightening shampoo and conditioner and I have been equally impressed. More recently however I came across a product called “R U Taking Protection – From Oily Roots” and I was intrigued because yes it is an issue I deal with from time to time when my hair grows tired of a particular shampoo and even more so since I started to use straightening irons, so as it was on a BOGOFF offer so I duly bought it. This product would usually retail for £4.99 and within the bottle you would get 100ml.

          The Lee Stafford ‘R U taking…’ range has slightly different packaging to the Poker Straight range in that the bright fuchsia pink has been replaced by a rather stark looking purple which still clearly displays the Lee Stafford Logo.

          When using this product there are some instructions on the bottle, it is important to note that this is a spray product and as with any products like this, make sure your room is well ventilated when using it. The simply shake the bottle vigorously for a few seconds before you want to use this product and it is suggested that you can use it as often as you feel it is necessary and then:

          • Spray onto dry hair from about half an arm’s length to the affected root area. Please only use it on the roots of your hair where it has been specifically designed for to make sure it works properly and then:
          • Then vigorously rub away with your fingers. So once it has been added to the roots of your hair you will need to rub it with your fingers to spread the products and ensure it works quicker with your roots.

          So what's in this remarkable product? Well on the back of the bottle it says that it contains a corn starch derivative that will lead to the drying up of any oily roots to then leave them feeling clean and fresh. Then we have betaine which is produced from sugar beet molasses and worksto strengthen the hair and reduce the stickiness feel that oily roots can often create as well as increasing the hairs lubricity it contains detangling properties. Another ingredient is modified corn starch is used to mop up the excess oil which your hair creates naturally and some people make more than others which causes the oily roots and the corn starch will leave your hair with a smooth, velvety feel after using.

          So after looking into the properties of the ingredients I decided to give this product a try to see if it does help to control the said problem of oily roots.

          The one notable thing with this product is that you do not have to wash your hair after use, it is designed to be used on dry hair, preferably after it has been washed and dried and I find it works even better between the times when your hair is due to be washed again. If you are like me and use styling products with your hair straighteners, your hair will produce more sebum than it would do if you didn’t use them, so sometimes it is necessary to try and control it with a product such as the one I am reviewing. There's a slight sweet smell which does emanate when you first spray this product but as with all of Lee Stafford products they smell very similar and the smell does not linger after using.

          Since I have been using it I can honestly say that I have noticed a big difference in how my hair looks, feels and is styled. To a degree the oiliness has been controlled, although having only used the product for just over six weeks I am still expecting to see bigger results, but for the time being it does seem to be doing what it promised it would do. The bottle itself lasts quite a long time, I would estimate that I’ve used around a third of my bottle in the time I have been using it and I use it twice possibly three times a week at the most and once I have used it there is no obvious signs that it has been used and there is no product left behind after usage.

          I definitely recommend to anyone that they do try this product if like me they have a problem with oily roots, even if the problem is sporadic because you will see a remarkable improvement. After I have straigtened my hair, I do have soft velvety feeling hair. So the next time you are in Boots grab some.


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        • Product Details

          Oily roots are caused by an increase in sebum production; this can be natural or be caused by the heat of dryers or flat irons / The rest of your hair can be clean and in beautiful condition but oil starts to appear at the roots / You donÒt want to wash, style and start the whole process again but just sort out the affected root area /

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