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Lee Stafford Shine Head Serum Spray

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Hair styling spray. / Type: Hair Spray / Texture: Serum

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 22:05
      Very helpful



      Great for dry dull thick hair!

      I have thick but quite dry hair. It doesn't help that I just had it dyed dip-dye ombre so it's bleached at the ends. I have always used really deep conditioners to try to make it look sleek but I still had that dull slightly frizzy look to my hair styles unless I straightened or curled my hair. I went on the hunt for a shine spray about 10 months ago since I do not like serums which you have to use by putting them in your hands and wiping it on your hair because I'm usually in a hurry and don't want to have any mess.

      I hadn't had any Lee Stafford products before but they are very eye catching in their pink designs and I had definitely noticed them before. The bottle explains that it is a serum spray which I had never come across before. Its consistency is definitely in between a spray and a serum because it's not completely as liquid as water but is applied as a spray. It is a very small bottle but you don't need a lot of the stuff for a nice effect. You just spray it on the lengths of slightly wet hair and then you can style it or just leave it to dry. I have even used it a tiny bit on dry hair which was very whispy and well...dry! Just to make it more tame and shiny. It smells quite nice and my boyfriend has even commented on my 'nice perfume' when its actually been this spray!!

      I really like the look of my hair after using this product. It's definitely shiny but not greasy. It looks really healthy like you see famous people on red carpets! I'm pretty sure this is their secret weapon, or at least some other shine spray!

      You have to be careful though not to put too much or or to put it on the roots because then it will look like grease! I think its best for people with thick hair as then when you brush it through it spreads out a lot whereas with people who have thin hair it would probably just wet it and look greasy! I have run out now and I am going to need to buy some more as it's just a great finishing touch to an every-day or dressed-up style.


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      17.01.2008 22:22
      Very helpful



      Truely amazing results!

      On yet another trip to Boots (yawn lol) I had yet another £2.00 off Hair care products!

      Following a great experience with another product that I'd bought from the range I couldn't resist stocking up on other products from the range as well! I've now got all but one of the products and have been using them daily all due to these money off vouchers!

      Who is Lee Stafford?:

      He is one of Britain's most innovative and in-demand hairdressers. From humble beginnings, cutting friend's and family's hair in his mum's living room, Lee has become an international leader in the hairdressing industry, not only by doing fantastic hair, but also by creating new cutting techniques and beautiful collections, designing state of the art salons and creating award-winning product ranges.

      In the past decade Lee has won a lot of awards, Men's British Hairdresser of the Year 1997 through to Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year 2001. Most recently, in 2006 Lee won the inaugural 'Hairdresser of the Year' award for Hair Magazine as well as the National Hairdressing Federation 'Hairdresser of the Year' Award. So good advertising me thinks! lol

      The Packaging:

      Shine Head Light Serum Spray comes in a 75ml, recyclable plastic bottle which is cerise pink with a pink sprayer and pink matching safety cap that pushes on. In white writing it has a white bar code on the front, Lee stafford's name and what the product is on the front with the words 'Super star shine coz diamonds r a girl's best friend'.
      On the back it tells you how to use the product the line 'have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful' and the ingredients are listed.
      All in all the packaging is so appealing that, that was what attracted me in the first place and I got my range on a shelf dedicated to Lee lol

      How Lee Says To Use This Product:

      Spray moderately from half an arms length onto towel dried hair, try to avoid the roots as much as possible. Adjust the amount according to length an thickness of your hair.

      My Experience Using It:

      I was drawn to this product as I love having shiny black hair though in this weather it's really hard to achieve. I just really want that sleek look with minimal effort.

      As with all of Lee's products the smell is lovely and lasts ages on the hair. It isn't overpowering at all, but definitely with us girly girls in mind. Its floral and smells wonderful! I do give a word of warning at this point! If your using one of his products I'd be careful of using other brands with it or you could end up stinking quite odd lol

      I was wary of using a serum because I remember buying them way back and the consistency on my hair made it feel quite heavy and making my hair lifeless. Then I read it and it said put it on damp hair and I thought if I hadn't of bought it already and read that in shop I wouldn't have purchased it cos there's something about putting a serum on ya head on damp hair that filled me with dread and I'm a fuss pot lol.

      So I needed a day when I wasn't doing anything to try this product cos I was concerned!
      So I washed and conditioned my hair as usual and spritzed what I thought on my hair. It comes out fine therefore doesn't direct itself in any particular place which is good. You can feel it on your hair but cos it's a spray it doesn't feel gunky but your hair feels texturised and I like the fact I can feel it cos then I know where else to spray if I've missed bits!

      When you run your fingers through your hair although you can feel it at this point it isn't at all sticky. I blow dried my hair on a cool setting cos of not using a heat defence spray first and as I'm drying the feeling of the spray disappears like the heat evaporates it. My bedroom smells great and when I've finished i comb my hair and I was amazed! My hair was so shiny it was glowing!!!

      No lie my hair looked shiny as hell, really gorgeous!

      I had to then straighten my hair with straighteners and I never lost the shine and found my hair as easy to style as using straightening products (which this isn't) and I even had my mum ask me 'have you dyed your hair again' my hair looked so shiny, new and refreshed!

      In Conclusion:

      I've been using it most days now and it comes highly recommended from me. It's easy to use, you just cant go wrong. I've never used too much and my hair excepts it every time never going limp and I love it so much cos I don't feel like I have anything in my hair at all!
      Its not greasy, and I am prone to greasy roots but dry ends. There's nothing worse than spraying your fringe with something that is greasy on your face or someone runs fingers through your hair and the stuff coats their fingers! Or going into a hot sweaty nightclub and your hair starts to 'melt'. I don't spray my roots (as suggested) and what happens is the dry bits of my hair match my roots! Also if I don't wash my hair the following day it still smells lovely and my hair is great for a restyle! You only use a couple of peas sized amount (if that) so the product lasts ages so it's economical as well!

      A must have!!!! Perfection in a bottle!

      £5.99 only in Boots!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      This light, non-greasy spray is your first step to dazzling super shiny hair /

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