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Lush Blousey Shampoo

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5 Reviews
  • Has an amazing smell that lingers on the hair
  • Improved the softness of my hair
  • Left a few little brownish black specks in my hair
  • Expensive
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    5 Reviews
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      01.06.2014 16:01
      Very helpful


      • "Has an amazing smell that lingers on the hair"
      • "Improved the softness of my hair"


      • "Left a few little brownish black specks in my hair"
      • Expensive

      A shampoo with a wonderful fragrance and a not so wonderful price

      When Lush first released this moisturising shampoo I admit that I was torn. The price tag is quite high at 18 GBP per 240g pot, but the moment I smelt the tester in my local branch I knew that I had to have one and so just splurged.
      The shampoo is scented with one of Lush's relatively new fragrances, Flower's Barrow. To me Blousey smells like rosewater and decadent flowers (things I'd love my hair to smell of all day, everyday!)
      When using the shampoo, I found that I needed to scoop a fair bit into my hand in order to get a good lather going. For a bit of context, I've got medium length fine hair which has been colour treated in the past, though I have now not dyed my hair in over a year.
      The main beneficial ingredients in this shampoo are organic bananas, cocoa and cupaucu butters which are said to help soften and add moisture to the hair.
      Because of the gorgeous smell of the shampoo, I left it on my head for a few minutes before rinsing it off, hoping this would also give the ingredients a better chance at working on my dry hair. When I then washed the shampoo off, I'll admit my hair felt a bit dry to the touch, though to be honest I will never make my mind up about a shampoo until I've dried my hair and can take a good look at the finished article.
      After drying my hair I was very happy to discover that I could still smell the product on it and that the earlier dryness seemed to have disappeared as my hair felt very soft and looked shiny.
      I'm not sure which ingredient is to blame, but I did find that there were small pieces of something brown/black throughout the pot (possibly banana seeds?) which, because of my fine hair, were able to embed themselves in a few strands, despite my best efforts to wash them out. Looking at my hairbrush after washing with this shampoo, I could find a number of the tiny bits which was a bit annoying as I really didn't want to look like I had strange specks in my hair!
      Apart from the issue above, I thoroughly enjoyed using my pot of Blousey and felt that it did improve the condition of my hair. I can't wait to buy another.


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      05.02.2014 11:28
      Very helpful



      Expensive shampoo

      A while ago, my favourite store, Lush, released several new haircare products. I have dry, coloured hair so I was pleased to see that there was a new shampoo designed to be suitable for hair like mine. Even more pleased to note that it had a rhyme on the tub quoting the Spice Girls!

      "Colours of the world! Spice up your life!
      Yellow hair and purple too
      Colour for both me and you
      Bottle blonde or afro queen
      Natural to damaged and all that's in between"

      This banana-scented shampoo is pricey at £18, and comes in a 240g tube. It is described as a "rich moisturising wash that lets true colours shine through". I loved the smell, which was fresh and appealing. It is suitable for vegans, and uniquely for Lush is preservative-free.

      Fresh banana and cocoa butter add moisture, and help wash the hair without damaging, drying or stripping the colour from it. Cloves, star anise and pimento berry oil help to add shine. The shampoo is fairly thick, but thanks to the tub design, it's possible to get every last scrap out of the packaging. It's brown in colour, with a few little seeds in.

      The shampoo is used like any other. Wet your hair, scoop out a small amount (about the size of a 50p piece) and rub it into your hair before rinsing off. I tried it without conditioner once for reviewing purposes, but in general I prefer to use conditioner because of my dry hair.

      I found that the shampoo washed my hair very well, and didn't dry it out or make it look greasy. The lovely banana scent lasted on my hair when I didn't use conditioner - when I DID use it the smell of the conditioner sadly overpowered that of the shampoo. The shampoo lasted for ages as I only needed to use a small amount, and made my hair look shiny and healthy. It was very gentle and didn't irritate my scalp at all.

      Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the claim of not stripping hair colour. I dye my hair dark brown, and I noticed that much more was coming out than usual, even when I use other Lush shampoos that are not designed for coloured hair. By the time I finished my tub of Blousey I was certain that my colour had faded much more than usual, and that this was down to this shampoo.

      For this reason, I wouldn't buy this again, and I wouldn't recommend it for those who dye their hair. If your hair colour is natural then Blousey is a lovely shampoo to use with many plus points, but to be honest it's no better than many cheaper shampoos.


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      22.01.2013 17:24
      Very helpful



      A natural shampoo which hydrates the hair and leaves it soft and clean

      My hair is really dry and damaged, mainly because it looks like a frizz ball if I don't blow dry and straighten it after each time I have washed it. I also colour my hair which isn't good for it and it leaves me with split ends and hair that is dry and fragile. I love Lush and thought I would give the Blousey shampoo a whirl to see if I could improve its condition.

      What does the product do?
      Obviously as a shampoo, the main intention of the product is to cleanse the hair, leaving it free from grease and hair products. The product is described as being rich and moisturising and it has been designed in order to rescue hair that has been bleached, dyed, damaged or hair that is naturally dry and fragile. It promises to hydrate the hair leaving it stronger and in a better condition. It is also free from preservatives so it won't damage or strip your hair.

      How does it work?
      The shampoo contains free bananas which are very hydrating for the hair and allow the hair to hold onto the moisture. The hair is further hydrating by the addition of Cocoa Butter and Capacu Butter which penetrates the strands deeply. It also contains Cloves, Pimento berries and Star Anaise which help to promote a hair scalp and hair regrowth as well as giving the hair a healthy shine. It fragranced with the roses, blackcurrants, rosemary and juniperberry so it should leave your hair smelling like a bottle of perfume too. As the product is packed full of natural ingredients, it does come with a use by date which will be indicated on the pot.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within the typical black plastic pot that you expect to see in Lush. It doesn't have any detailing on the pot except for some white writing which tells you more about the product. The lid can be pulled on and off so you can easily access the exact amount of the product that you want to. This one doesn't come cheap at all and it will cost you around £18 for 240 grams. It can be bought from your local Lush store and also from its online website.

      Application and Performance
      When you remove the lid of the product, the smell hits you straight away. It smells very strongly of bananas but this aroma is mixed in with all the other fruit, herbs and flowers which have been included. It's quite potent, sickly and not up my street but then I don't like the smell of bananas so it was never going to be my favourite scent in the world. The shampoo looks like a banana smoothie that is tinged with brown and that has little bits in it. It definitely does not look like your average shampoo and at first it does feel a bit weird applying it to the hair.

      It has a thin but gloopy consistency but it does manage to mix well with the hair. It doesn't lather like a normal shampoo would and it is a bit weird to use a shampoo that doesn't foam. Initially, this fact makes it feel like it's not doing a very good job of cleaning the hair. It does feel like it is hydrating my hair well. It does take a little while to get all of the product out of the hair. Once it's all out, you can tell it's done a good job at hydrating the hair because it is tangle free. Once it is dry, it is super soft and in a good condition. It is hydrated and bouncy, and my frizziness is reduced a little bit. My hair is really clean and I can go two days without washing my hair after using it. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy and it doesn't irritate my scalp at all. The smell does linger on the hair a little bit after use which is a good thing if you like the smell but not a good thing in my case.

      All in all, this is a random but hydrating shampoo which leaves the hair feeling soft and looking clean. It moisturises the hair with natural ingredients and goodness leaving it tangle free and healthy looking. This is a good shampoo but it's also an expensive one so I'd probably wait a while because repurchasing another one.


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        28.12.2012 09:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A lovely but expensive shampoo

        Lush has to be my all-time favourite shop and I adore so many of their products. The Blousey shampoo is one of my favourite shampoos ever and it is absolutely wonderful when my hair is left feeling a little fragile and damaged from too much dying/styling with heat etc.

        The shampoo comes in the black recyclable pots so you need to scoop up the shampoo instead of squeezing it out of a bottle. You really need to remember to put the lid back on straight away so that it doesn't get water in it and waste the shampoo.

        The shampoo contains loads of lovely ingredients including fresh bananas, star anise, clove buds, pimiento berries, cocoa butter and cupuacu butter as well as essential oils such as juniper and rosemary. The ingredients are really high quality and this is evident when you use the shampoo in your hair.

        The shampoo is quite thick but not too thick that it resembles a wax instead of a shampoo. The shampoo lathers up nicely and you don't need too much in your hair to get a nice lather going. When I use this I can immediately feel it getting to work at helping to heal my hair and even while lathering my hair I can start to feel it being less brittle and dry.

        I was a little worried initially that this would be too rich for my hair and leave it feeling heavy and looking greasy but the opposite is true. It leaves my hair shiny and full of bounce. When my hair is dry and damaged after using this it is left much softer and looking like it has some vitality and life to it again. It is absolutely amazing that a shampoo can condition my hair so well but it really does and I usually feel that after using this that I don't even need a separate conditioner as this does such a good job of looking after my hair.

        It really does feel luxurious to use and the results speak for themselves but this is also the problem that I have with the shampoo. Luxury comes at a price and this is extremely expensive for a shampoo. It costs £18 a pot which is the reason that I am not using this shampoo on my hair on a daily basis. I would love to use this more often but I just cannot justify spending that much money on a shampoo so I only buy this very rarely as a treat or else if my hair is in such a bad condition that I know this is the only thing that will fix it.

        I really do love this shampoo but I think it is far too expensive. I know it has loads of really high quality ingredients in it but for me personally I just can't afford to spend that much money on a shampoo regularly which is unfortunate as I really would love to buy this more often.


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          05.12.2012 18:30
          Very helpful



          Nice smelling quality shampoo with a hefty price tag


          This is one of the newest of lush's shampoos just released in the last few weeks and I couldn't wait to try it. Whenever I hear of new products I have to restrain myself from rushing straight to Lush to get them.

          Lush only buy ingredients from companies that do not test on animals.
          They invent their own products and fragrances and make everything fresh by hand. They use as little preservative and packing as possible. They put the date made on the product so you can see how fresh they are and they use vegetarian ingredients
          Taken from their website:
          "We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.
          We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.
          We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right.
          *We also believe words like 'Fresh' and 'Organic' have an honest meaning beyond marketing."

          WHAT LUSH SAY
          This shampoo is preservative free and made from "bananas, cocoa butter and cupuacu butter to give a gentle wash that's deeply moisturising for damaged or fragile hair, without stripping colour. "
          "A rich moisturising wash that lets true colours shine through. For damaged, bleached or naturally fragile hair. Colours of the world! Spice up your life! Yellow hair and purple too. Colour for both me and you. Bottle blonde or afro queen. Natural to damaged and all that's in between."


          This comes in one of the recyclable black pots so carefully ash it out after you have finished . bring five clean empty pots back and you will earn a free fresh face mask or hair mask for your efforts.
          The pot is only sold in one size and that is £18.00 for 240g. As you can now see this is not a cheap shampoo so you must really want this to pay that amount for a shampoo.

          I find the shampoos in the black pots really easy to use as I just scoop a very small amount out at a time and the pots are sealed with a screw top lid so water proof and spill proof. I think the only disadvantage might be that you need a shelf or two hands when having a shower but I don't find this a big problem. I prefer the black pots for thick shampoos like this as you would have trouble getting the product out of the clear squeezy bottles as the bottles are quite stiff plastic and difficult to squeeze the stuff out.

          What you get is a rather strangely gloopy brownish shampoo that is pretty thick and the consistency of mashed bananas but doesn't really smell of bananas to me.
          For the vegans amongst you this has no animal products at all and is vegan friendly carrying the Vegan friendly symbol on its bottle label.

          I was really looking forward to using this one as I dye my hair and am constantly aware that I must feed it with moisturising goodies in order to keep it in good condition because of using these rather harsh dyes.
          I scooped only a small amount in my fingers and massaged it into my wet hair. My hair isn't long and I didn't need a lot to get a lovely creamy lather. I would say that about a full teaspoon is ehat i used.The scent is hard to describe and I certainly wouldn't pick banana form the scent unless I knew that it was there as it really isn't obvious.

          I think the smell is slightly spicy then sweet and floral but also a bit earthy, the spicy aroma comes from the cloves and star anise. The cloves, star anise and pimento berries help to add shine to the hair and make the scalp healthy.

          Also in this shampoo you will smell a hint of rose and more than a hint of blackcurrant, rosemary and juniper berries.

          The fresh Bananas are a major ingredient because they are an emolilient and highly moisturising for the hair so really helpful for hair that has been treated or coloured.

          Cloves, Star anise and pimento infusion is added to bring shine to the hair and make for a healthy scalp.

          Cupuacu butter is from a fruit grown in the Amazonian rainforest and is a soft and nourishing emollient and easily absorbs water. The plant polyphenols in cupuacu butter are antioxidants, which help destroy the atoms, or groups of atoms commonly referred to as free radicals which can damage skin and hair.

          Rose oil is great for skin as it helps calm any irritation so probably helps the scalp and of course gives a great scent though I can't say I can smell it in this shampoo.

          Rosemary essential oil is supposed to help shine in hair and is soothing for irritated scalps as well as adding another pleasant aroma.

          Juniper berry oil is known to help with balancing oil so is of benefit for those with greasy hair and also dry hair conditions.

          MY VIEWS

          I found the consistency rather gloopy but got over that very quickly once I felt the lather on my hair. It was thick and creamy and really felt nice while I was shampooing and massaging my hair. I can't say I am thrilled by the smell and if I was choosing a shampoo on scent alone this one would be near the bottom of the pile. It is not that pleasant and I am rather pleased that it isn't a smell that lingers in my hair.

          My hair felt really nice and clean, light and soft and as my hair is thick and quite coarse I was pleased to feel it soft and light. It dried quickly and was easy to style. I didn't use conditioner as I was testing it for this review but usually I do use conditioner and have used it previously with this shampoo.

          My hair felt fine just as though I had used a conditioner but that could be that my hair is in good condition as I frequently give it treatments, hair masks and pre treatments as well as using conditioner but it is good to know that I can use this shampoo without needing a conditioner and still get soft clean silky hair.

          I would use this again but I am not sure I am willing to pay £18 for any shampoo even if it is the most wonderful one. Perhaps they need to think of a half size package as that might be a bit more reasonable. I can't see many buying this at £18 a pot.

          So in short this is a good, quality shampoo with lots of lovely ingredients but it is expensive and not one I will be buying in the near future. I will hopefully get some more samples though.

          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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