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Lush Caca Noir Henna Hair Dye

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Brand: Lush / Type: Hair Colour

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    4 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 21:46
      Very helpful



      have patience and you will have beautiful hair!

      I bought this dye because I had yellow bleached hair and didn't want to damage it any further, and knew that henna being a natural substance would help my hair. I bought caca noir because I wanted the black blue tints in my hair. The sales assistants at lush were friendly and gave helpful advice for use and gave us an instruction sheet and two pairs of gloves.

      The block itself looks awfully confusing to a henna virgin, and thankfully the sales assistants had explained what to do and we had a help sheet. If you were still confused you could look online where many people have made videos on YouTube. The instructions vary from person to person, and you soon find the best way of doing it for yourself, as everyone seems to it the way they prefer. I personally like to pour boiling water over the block (a bit more than enough to cover) and wait for it to soak a little. Then I start mashing it up with a fork. I've tried using plastic forks in the past because but they just snap and leave bits of plastic in the henna so use a normal fork. When I want to start smoothing the lumps, I put my gloves on and work through it with my hands, making sure the mixture is smooth but not too runny that it will dribble. a sort of mashed potato texture is right for me. I would advise buying a box of rubber gloves as you can get through them quite quickly and they're useful to keep around the house too. I would also suggest mixing the henna in a bowl that you don't mind staining much. Use old towels and put newspapers down too!

      To apply I suggest you enlist the help of a friend or relative as it can be quite difficult and messy, plus its a good reason to get together and have a chat! I asked my mom for help and she started applying the henna on my roots in sections. To apply she used a hair dye brush which we bought from Boots rather cheaply, and this can be washed and re used. The paste can be a little bit difficult to apply, but you get used to it. Its not the sort of thing that you can comb through, and it starts to solidify after a while so you have to work quickly.

      When you are confident you have done it all evenly and all of the mixture is out of the bowl and on your head, you can wrap it in clingfilm to help intensify the colour. For the best result I would leave it on for as long as you can, for the whole day if possible. I would not do the henna process if you are planning on going out or have to be somewhere on the same day, as you really want to keep it on for a long time. As the henna hardens, your head will feel a bit heavy, and some small bits of henna may crumble off where the clingfilm could not cover it.

      Washing it off will take a long time too, and you really have to work through your hair to get it all off. It may seem like you have stained the bath but it comes off really easily. The end result if everything is carried out properly is really good, and your hair feels healthy and thick. The colour is really lovely and has blue/green tints which shine through really nicely. I would recommend if you are looking for a natural dye suitable for veggies and vegans, which won't harm your hair! :)


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      12.09.2010 16:47
      Very helpful



      A difficult one to call, but I guess it is just too messy & time consuming to use each time :(

      Lush henna hair dye - caca noir

      I went to lush two days ago and I bought this hair dye, as my hair is a bit of a mess right now with the colour. As I have chemically dyed it quite a bit, including toxic red and it is not in the best shape!

      *About the Henna*
      I have the caca noir, they all come in these blocks which are the divided into six other squares, like a chocolate bar. They have a nice pattern on the bars and on one of the bars it should have printed on it what the colour of the henna is (eg: caca noir, caca brun).

      A good thing about the product and most of lush's products is that they don't have any packaging apart from the yellow bag that they come in (which can be recycled)! They come in blocks which weight about 325g. They look quite strange especially to people like me who have not used henna before but I thought I would give it a go.

      *About caca noir*
      I got this one as it is the darkest of the hennas that lush does and my hair is quite dark anyway and I just wanted to get my hair to one solid uniform colour. All of the ingredients in the henna are completely natural and there are no chemicals too - which makes them a lot better from the hair.

      The caca noir is a mix of pure persian henna with indian indigo, which is supposed to make the hair darker. The ingredients for the henna are the following:

      Indigo Herb, Cocoa Butter, Red Henna, Irish Moss Powder, Clove Bud Oi, *Citral, *Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume
*Occurs naturally in essential oils

      For more information on the specific ingredients you can go to the lush website.

      *Preparing the henna*
      I had not used this before and it was a bit strange thinking that this solid bar that smells of herbs would do anything to my hair colour, but I thought why not, as it is natural so it can't damage my hair like the chemical hair dyed I have been using.

      **I did a strand test before I put it all over my hair and I only used a small corner of the block and then I mixed it as I will describe below and just put it on a small section of my hair and wrapped it in cling film. You should always do a strand test especially if you have chemically dyed hair**

      Firstly I the whole block in half (down the middle) as I have really quite long hair and it is quite thick so I though I would have to use loads, so I got a cheese grater and I used the finest side of the grater and I grated two of the squares into a bowl and then looking at the amount I had in the bowl, it seemed like enough for my hair (as there was a lot of henna there), so I only used two of the squares not three.

      After I grated it and put it in a bowl, I then started boiling water in a deep pan and then put the bowl on top of the pan (a bain marie) like you use to melt chocolate. Then I added a bit of hot water from the kettle a little bit at a time to the henna and stirred continuously. I did this until the henna and water mix was the consistency of unwhipped double cream. Then I let it cool for a couple of minutes - don't let it go cold, you just want it to cool slightly.

      *Application of the henna*
      Then stir it well. I then sectioned my hair until, I had it in half and then I split each half of my hair into three sections, just so it would be easier to get an even coating of the henna on my hair.

      Then put towels or newspaper on the floor, this is really important as it does get EVERYWHERE! It not only goes all over you but it also goes all over the floor and work surface.

      Then after sectioning my hair I put on gloves and started to apply the henna to one section of my hair at a time. I found that it was quite difficult to make the henna evenly coat my hair, which made the whole process more difficult and more time consuming.

      It applied ok to my hair but it was difficult to get an even coating, but rubbing/massaging the henna into my hair made it a bit easier. After doing each half, I then used what was left (even thought half way though I didn't think I would have enough for all of my hair) and I put the remainder on my hair line, back of my neck and around my ears and just made sure that all of my hair was covered.

      By the time I had finished I looked like I had just been swimming in a swamp! It was green on my hair and I had all of the herb smelling green stuff all over my neck, hair line, ears and arms...it was not a very attractive look!

      I then twisted my hair into a bun and the covered all of my hair with cling film, which was not as difficult as I thought and then I put a hair wrap over the cling film (it does not say to do this in the lush times - where other instructions are) and then I left the henna, cling film and hair wrap on over my hair from 11:15 to 3:15 - 5 hours. It does not have specific guide lines for how long to left the henna on as some people put it on for 3 hours and others leave it on all night and then wash it out in the morning.

      After cleaning up the mess in the kitchen (which was not difficult to wash off) I then used the avene gentle cleanser (which I have previously reviewed) on some cotton pad and it just got the dried green henna on my skin so easily! I though it was going to be really difficult to get off but it was so easy with the avene cleaner. It also comes of well with water (but not as well as the cleanser).

      One thing I didn't like while I was waiting for the henna to work, was that even with the cling film and then hair wrap over my hair little bits of the henna from around my hair line, my ears and the back of my neck kept coming off all the time so it ended up all over my shoulder and just everywhere so that was not good but it is easy to get off.

      So after leaving the henna on my hair for about 5 hours, I then have to wash it out of my hair! (this is the bit that I was not looking forward too) and it says on the lush times that you should first rinse the henna out and then shampoo and condition as normal, which I did.

      It was really really horrible to wash out, it was like a mudslide coming from my hair and it just got all over me and the shower it was not very nice at all! It slightly stained my bath too, as it is white.

      It says to wash your hair and then condition as normal, but I had to wash my hair 4 times! to get all of the henna out and then I conditioned my hair. After washing it once I still had so much of the gritty henna in my hair and the water was just like mud, then washing it twice I still had the gritty stuff in my hair and it took four shampoo rinses to get all of the henna out and then by the fourth wash the water was running clear!

      After wards I really like the results (after the mudslide in my shower) my hair is just colour that I wanted - dark ash brown colour and it has gotten rid of the multi colour hair that I had before which is great. And my hair feels soft, really well conditioned and it is smooth (maybe the four times I washed it did that though).

      Overall I think is this good, although it is very unusual. It is not tested on animals like all of the lush products and it does not come with any packaging.

      I got the caca noir, but it comes in three different colour which are:

      Caca marron: for a auburn shine to brunette hair
      Caca Brun: For light brown hair that gives hair a deep coffee/chocolate shade
      Caca Rouge: Blonde and grey hair will go red but it also works on brown hair

      All of the hennas are £7.10 and I used two squares so I still have four squares left which for me is enough for two more full henna dyes. Which I think it is good value for money - if it works for you hair.

      Good points
      *Not tested on animals 

      *No packaging - other than the recyclable yellow bag
      *Does not smell of chemicals like other hair dyes - smells of herbs (but my mum and sister hate the smell
      *Using the fine side of the grater makes the henna very easy to melt and get to the tight consistency
      *When you get it on your skin (which you will) it is very easy to wash off - even just with water
      *No chemicals/ harmful ingredients
      *does not irritate my scalp
      *You don't need to do a skin test like chemical dyes
      *Really nice colour at the end
      *Soft, smooth, shiny hair - and no horrible chemical scent on my hair
      *My hair smells nice like the bar
      *Does not stain my skin or scalp

      Bad points
      *Difficult to apply evenly to the hair - but end result is a nice even colour
      *Really really messy
      *Some people may not like the smell
      *Takes more than 15 minutes to grate the henna into a bowl
      *You have to have cling film over your hair for hours
      *No real guide line for how long to leave it on for
      *Stained my white bath slightly
      *Stains towels
      *Very very difficult to get the gritty henna out of my hair
      *Took four shampoo rinses to get it all out of my hair

      Henna tips
      *Always do a strand test
      *It is gonna be very messy so put towels or newspaper down
      *Put clothes on that you don't mind if they have to be thrown away
      *Get some one to help you as it is much easier that way
      *Make sure you have the instructions and a cloth close to hand

      I gave this product 3 stars but it was difficult to rate, because it has a lot of good points but it also has quite a few bad points. I gave it two stars for the colour that I got as it is really great and it is just the colour I wanted (and my hair seems to be in a better condition) and I gave it one star for the fact that it is made out of 100% natural ingredients (and it is not tested on animals and it does not have a chemical scent)

      Thank you for reading my review

      It has been nearly a week since I have used the lush henna bar and I am very pleased with the results. They say that to get the colour you want you have to use the bar three times in a row (which is a bit much in my opinion and who has the time)!

      The henna is supposed to work into your hair more after you use it. My hair has never been in better condition! My hair is super soft, smooth, manageable (and it must be because of the henna as I have not used anything really different on my hair). So overall it is great! I may try to use it again, although it is very very messy, but the results are worth it in my opinion!


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        07.05.2010 23:58
        Very helpful



        as a hair treatment, it can be good as long as its prepared right; as a dye, its not worth it.

        I read reviews on this hoping for great things, I was very dissapointed.
        I bought it in hopes of ditching chemical dyes for something more natural but still keeping the black dyed hair I love so much.

        It promises blue-black tints with a mix of henna and indigo; Apparently this isn't possible with the two ready mixed. Various people assured me I would get a good black out of it.

        I had two seperate attempts with this product.
        The first I broke it with a knife and followed the instructions and ended up with a mix that looked alot like a cow pat and smelt a little spicy.
        That was put on with no cling film covering for 7 hours and it hardened to a rock!
        It took a long, long time to get it all out; I tried rinsing with conditoner only as several henna-savvy people had advised, I was left with a load of bits that did not come out and my hair felt both horribly greasy and very crispy at the same time. There was absolutly no colour change at all on my dark dyed parts or my blonde roots.

        The second attempt had a thinner mix and as covered with cling film after aplication. This was left for 7 hours again. It was rinsed out using shampoo, it still left bits but my hair felt better.
        It left my hair feeling slighty thicker but it also left my blonde roots a dark green colour after 4 days.
        I sucessfully used chemical semi-permenant dye over the top a week later.

        the preperation process is very time consuming. The block is very hard and cutting it up, let alone grating it. Getting a good mix can be hard, the right proportions are trial and error; the instructions given are not very clear, to the point I ended up seeking prep advice elewhere.
        Application is incredibly messy and difficult. Trying to get it all the hair coated is hard as its not really possible to comb it through. Trying to get it in thin sections didn't work either. I ended up putting it on sections in large dollops and working it through with my fingers.
        The advised developing time is not long enough, Any henna need to be left on for a minimum of about 5 hours, plus it takes 3-4 days for the colour to properly develop.

        It can stain as well, I had green marks over my back for a week after use and there was marks left on the gray carpet. Gloves are neccecery with application.


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        08.08.2008 16:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a waste of time and a lot of mess

        I've read the reviews of the red lush caca henna and may use that in the future because I really do love Lush and all it believes in!

        My experience with this Lush caca Noir (blue-black hair dye) was not a great one.

        I knew it was going to be a bit of a faff to apply but I trusted Lush when they told me it would be worth it!

        *First of all you have to mix the henna block with water till it makes a paste (a lumpy smelly paste)
        First Impressions, The mixture smells disgusting like manure not what you want when you have to leave it on your head for a couple of hours!!

        *I perservered and applied it to my hair, easier said than done! its really thick and lumpy so it doesn't run through your hair like a normal hair dye would it just sits in blobs on parts of your head!
        Got it on as much of my hair as I could, all the while the smell is getting worse, I'm in the kitchen stood on newspaper because it warns its messy! (understatement of the year)lol

        * now the fun bit depending on the colour you want; blue-black or red-black you leave it to process differently; for red-black you wrap your head in clingfilm which would probably keep some of the mess in but I wanted blue-black so had to leave it to air dry!

        And dry it did, so I looked like I had been in a swamp and now had matted mud through my hair. As it dried bits broke off and made a big mess.

        *Left it for the full two hours and tried to rinse it clean, again easier said than done, It just wasnt rinsing and my hair felt very brittle thogh Henna is meant to be good for hair! eventually thought it was rinsed clean so dried my hair after conditioning it so it didn't feel like straw anymore.

        *It really was an intense, shiny colour!!

        *Went to bed and slept on a towel as recommended by the Lush team as some colour may come out but probably not I was told.

        *In the morning the towel was black so decided before I got dressed and ruined my clothes to wash hair again.
        Nearly all the colour came out when I just wet my hair so Thank God I didn't go out in the rain!!

        So thats that, I won't be using it again, I wasted a whole evening of my life messing about thinking I'd look lovely.


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      • Product Details

        Pure Persian henna mixed with Indian indigo for blue-black tints / It is an ancient Indian tradition to mix red henna with powder from the dried, fermented indigo root, to give dark hair deep blue glints / Indigo is not cheap so there are some synthetic 'black hennas' around but don't touch them with a barge-pole, promise? Lush Caca Noir is red henna with indigo powder, with the clove oil scent and Irish moss seaweed for softness / Cover it with Clingfilm and keep it damp for a redder colour or let it air dry for a black/blue tint / (Pick up any bits which fall on the floor or it'll dye the rugs too / )

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