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Lush Forever in Bloom Conditioner

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Brand: Lush / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      02.06.2011 12:46
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      Effective smoothing conditioner

      I made an order from the Lush Retro section recently and decided to sample a number of products from the Haircare range. One of these was the Forever In Bloom conditioner.

      ***What is Lush?***

      Lush is a store that makes toiletries and cosmetics, using natural and organic ingredients where possible and minimising packaging where they can. It started out as a mail order company called Cosmetics to Go, but this failed and the new store, Lush, opened in Poole, Dorset. Later branches of the shop opened in London and beyond, and there are now Lush stores all over the world. As well as in store, you can also buy products from the website, www.lush.co.uk. There are similar websites for many different countries including the USA, Japan and Germany.

      Lush buy ingredients only from companies that do not test on animals. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians and many are suitable for vegans.

      Lush say: "We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.
      "We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again."

      ***What is Retro?***
      The Retro range is only available online or via mail order, as it is made up of products that have been discontinued from stores, but were deemed popular enough not to be discontinued completely. Retro products are often more expensive than the normal range of products, as they are made in smaller quantities, but there is some interesting stuff to be found among the products!

      ***About Forever In Bloom Conditioner***
      This conditioner is Lush's lightest conditioner, designed for hair which is easily weighed down. It is meant to calm, control and add shine to flyaway hair. To be honest my hair tends towards dryness, but it does get a bit flyaway so I hoped the conditioner would help with that. The product contains five different flowers, including chamomile, jasmine, honeysuckle, St John's Wort and marigold, as well as rose and jasmine absolutes. It is not suitable for vegans though as it contains lanolin, made from sheep's wool. Most conditioners do contain this - for a vegan conditioner check out Lush's Veganese.

      The conditioner comes in one of Lush's traditional clear plastic bottles, which means you can see the product inside. The label and lid is white, as with other Retro products. The actual conditioner looks pale pink on the website, but in real life is a sort of light brown colour. The bottle came taped up with sellotape as I ordered it online. When I removed the lid and smelled the conditioner I thought it was lovely. It smelled very floral and slightly old-womanish, but in a good way. It was very fresh and made me think of summer meadows.

      The conditioner is available in two sizes: 100g which costs £4.75 and 500g which is £12.75. I chose the smaller size as I wanted to try it out, but if you know you like it the larger size works out more cost-effective.

      I tried the conditioner with a number of different shampoos so I could fully assess the effect it had. I applied it after rinsing out my shampoo in the shower. The conditioner was quite runny, so I had to be careful it didn't just run through my fingers. Having said that, being so runny it was easy to work through my hair. I usually use conditioner all over except right at the top of my head on the roots. As the conditioner was so thin, I might have worried about whether it would be effective on my hair, but I find most Lush conditioners are thin and this doesn't seem to make a difference. After leaving the conditioner on for a few minutes while I washed, I rinsed it out and my hair didn't feel much different - again, this is common with Lush conditioners which don't artificially coat the hair, and it's not something that worries me now.

      After using this conditioner several times, I'm pleased to see my hair seems soft and sleek after use. I normally suffer from a few split ends and frizzy hair but my hair was much smoother. Sometimes I use serum on my hair when I remember, to improve the smoothness of my hair, but I had to use serum much less often with this conditioner.

      Although my hair looked in very good condition, when I touched it I thought it felt slightly dry. If I was going to use the conditioner on a regular basis I think I'd have to use a conditioning treatment once a week. This didn't seem to affect the look of my hair though.

      I couldn't really smell the conditioner on my hair after use, which is a shame as I liked the smell and would have liked my hair to smell of flowers! The smell was very light though so this was to be expected. I estimate the little bottle of conditioner will last around two weeks depending on how much I use, which is pretty good going.

      Overall, this is a very good conditioner which has made my hair look good despite not being designed for my hair type. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to make their hair look smooth and sleek, particularly if their hair isn't dry.


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        08.09.2010 13:07
        Very helpful



        A great mild strength conditioner

        Recently I have done quite a few reviews on shampoos it seems and I've realised that I haven't actually done one on a conditioner for a while or if at all! For me a conditioner has to soften my hair and leave it tangle free I have tried numerous conditioners over the years and fortunately my hair tends to cope with most products easily, it doesn't react to a lot. For me a good conditioner will leave my hair silky soft once it has been blow dried. As per usual my first stop for a conditioner is Lush (which comes at no surprise to a lot of people!).

        I have tried quite a few conditioners from Lush's range and one conditioner that I always return to is Forever in Bloom which to my disgust was originally discontinued quite a few years ago but Lush fortunately brought it back as a retro item. With Forever in Bloom now a retro item it means that it can only be bought online which makes it slightly more expensive as you have to allow for postage and packaging charges but the conditioner unlike some retro shampoos/ conditioners is available in two different sizes.

        Lush market this conditioner for people with fly away hair and the conditioner is meant to tame and calm. I however have pretty normal hair and the only reason why I originally tried this conditioner was simply down to its floral aroma which is light, airy and refreshing. Forever in Bloom comes in a clear bottle with the white retro label. Each batch can slightly vary in colour, from a light yellow shade to almost a peach colour. Whatever the colour the conditioner it all works the same. Forever in Bloom has quite a watery consistency for a conditioner and it needs to be shaken well before use as failure to do this will mean the conditioner slipping straight through your fingers and down your plughole.

        Forever in Bloom is a vegetarian conditioner and not vegan friendly as it contains lanolin which is also known as wool fat. Lanolin is a great emollient and an effective moisturiser for both hair and skin giving some wonderful protective qualities. Lush use St Johns Wort infusion as it works well with lanolin to create a protective barrier for both hair and the scalp, it's a great ingredient to repair and protect. Lavender vinegar is added because it is incredibly gentle but provides great cleansing and toning properties for the scalp.

        As I said above Forever in Bloom has a gorgeous floral aroma which is incredibly light and delicate which doesn't overpower you but manages to stay softly on your hair for hours after use even when you have finished blow drying your hair. Lush use a range of floral ingredients which all go well together. Calming chamomile infusion is added for its gentle properties but it is more widely known for it relaxing the mind. Jasmine infusion has a beautiful scent which is meant to strengthen hair and sooth the scalp due to being a water based ingredient. Honeysuckle essential oil is added purely because it is so fragrant but its also antibacterial making it great for cleansing the scalp and moisturising the hair. Marigold is added to sooth the scalp and to improve overall condition to the hair. Rose absolute is one of my favourite essential oils which has a rosy, complex aroma which is an incredibly balancing oil. The oil is used in Forever in Bloom mainly to give a base perfume to the hair. Another essential oil mainly used for its perfume is jasmine absolute as it has an intense, floral aroma which has great staying power on the hair - it's also great to relieve stress and tension.

        Forever in Bloom is one of Lush's mildest conditioners so if you have particularly problematic hair then this conditioner may not work for you but should you have generally normal hair then this should do the trick. As soon as your bottle is well shaken and you have applied it to your freshly shampooed hair, you will instantly notice the softness to your hair. I always use a comb after applying a conditioner so I can get an even coverage right to the roots. I was greatly relieved to find that I had no tangles and it was easy to get a comb through without finding a knot. Your hair is instantly softened and left tangle free this together with the gorgeous aroma for me making this conditioner great. Even though the conditioner does have a thin consistency (once thicker when shaken up properly) you don't need to use a lot in one application (unless you have particularly thick or long hair).

        Post shower and blow drying the hair my hair was left gently calmed (even more than usual) and left incredibly silky soft which is completely irresistible not to touch! Blow drying my hair was easy and I didn't come across one single tangle or knot. My hair is always left with a healthy shine which is great to manage come the next time I wash my hair. Apart from soft, tangle free hair the floral, airy aroma stays with you for hours both on your hair and skin which is lovely and refreshing compared to quite a few conditioners on the market which tend to have quite a sweet scent.

        What Lush say:

        "The name Forever in Bloom is taken from a line in The Prophet. Forever In Bloom is full of flowers. Five flower infusions all help to give body to fly-away hair, while keeping it soft, strong and fragrant. This is the lightest of our conditioners for hair which often gets weighted down by others. The St. John's wort, honeysuckle, jasmine, chamomile and marigold infusions are wonderful for keeping your scalp soft and smooth, too."


        £4.50 - 100g

        £12.00 - 500g


        VEGETARIAN, Chamomile Infusion (Anthemis nobilis), Jasmine Flower Infusion (Jasminum officinale), Honeysuckle Flower Infusion (Lonicera caprifolium), St Johns Wort Infusion (Hypericum perforatum), Marigold Infusion (Tagetes erecta), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Lavender Vinegar (Lavandula angustifolia), Lanolin, Cetrimide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Perfume, Propylparaben


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          16.07.2010 15:09
          Very helpful



          Another Bloomin Great Lush product

          Lush are a company who produce and make a wide range of bath and body products; all of the ingredients used in their products are a combination of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, pure essential oils and safe synthetics. A lot of bath and body products on the market are tested on animals; but Lush are one of very few companies whom are dead against testing their products or ingredients on animals and this is the main reason why all of their products contain safe and natural ingredients. The ingredients which Lush make their products from are also bought from companies whom do not test them on animals so you can be sure that none of the products you buy from Lush have ever been tested on animals. Lush believe that the products they make are safe enough to be tested on a panel of human testers because of the safe and natural ingredients they use in them. All of the natural ingredients in the Lush products are also vegetarian and the products contain very little or no preservatives in them. I think that the way Lush manufacture, make and package their products is fantastic and more cosmetic companies should take a leaf out of the Lush book and do the same as there are far too many cosmetic products being tested on animals.

          There are lots and lots of different products available in Lush stores or online, so you are sure to find a product which suits you. If you are unfamiliar with the sort of products Lush sell then I would advise having a look online as they sell solid and liquid shampoos, bath bombs, bubble bars, etc. Some of the Lush products however aren't available to buy in store, you have to buy these particular products online from the Lush website. The products which are solely only sold online at Lush are called Lush retro products and there are quite a few of them to choose from, some of my most favourite Lush products are from the Retro range.

          Lush Forever In Bloom is a Conditioner which is specially formulated for those whom have light, limp, dull or tangled hair types.; so basically this particular conditioner is suitable for most hair types. The Lush Forever In Bloom was one of the very first Lush Conditioners which I tried and to be completely honest it is a great conditioner and it does a fab job at sorting my tangled hair out. Like all of the other Lush products the packaging is kept to a minimal and is very plain and basic, the conditioner is supplied in a tall cylindrical plastic bottle which is see through so as you can see how much of the conditioner you are using at any one given time. On the top of the bottle there is a rather handy flip top lid which you just flip upwards to dispense the conditioner and flip back down again to close the bottle so as the conditioner doesn't leak everywhere. On the front of the bottle there is a white label which boasts the bright green and yellow lush emblem. The label also states the name of the conditioner which is Forever In Bloom, a description of which hair types the conditioner suits best, a best before date and it also states which date the conditioner was made on; lastly a list of the ingredients contained in the conditioner. As with most of the Lush products this conditioner contains a lot of fresh and natural ingredients; I would have expected the conditioner to have a short shelf life but in all fairness my bottle of conditioner has a shelf life of 2 years which is pretty good going although I don't think it will last that long in my household.

          I really like the packaging for the conditioner because it is made from a transparent plastic. I prefer to purchase beauty and cleaning products which are sold in see through packaging or bottles because at a glance I can easily see how much of the product is remaining inside the bottles, and you can also see how much of the product you are using at a time. Most of the time when I am trying out a new conditioner, body lotion or shower gel I am really disappointed by the actual consistency of the product because some of them are too thin and runny or they don't smell nice. But with the Lush Forever In Bloom Conditioner I was extremely impressed with every aspect of it because it did smell nice and it had a lovely thick consistency.

          The conditioner inside the bottle is a fairly thick and creamy like substance which doesn't slip through your fingers and down the plughole before you get the chance to massage it into your hair and scalp. I would say that the consistency of the Lush Forever In Bloom Conditioner is really similar to that of Herbal Essences or Tresemme conditioners as they have the same thick and creamy appearance and feel to them. When I was using the conditioner I found that a blob the size of a 50 pence piece was more than enough to fully cover my hair in conditioner. I have really long hair so people who have shorter hair types will need to use a lesser amount than I do. Just like any other conditioner all you have to do is wet your hair and apply the conditioner after shampooing then rinse off after a few minutes. As soon as I applied the conditioner to my hair I could feel it was a lot smoother and softer even before I had rinsed it off my hair.

          When I was rinsing the conditioner off my hair I found that it took me slightly longer to rinse all traces of the thick and creamy conditioner off my hair and scalp. This was mainly die to the fact that the conditioner is really thick and creamy plus the fact that my hair is really quite long. After all traces of the conditioner are rinsed out of my hair and I have towel dried it I can easily and effortlessly run a brush through my hair without coming across one single tangle or tug; which is really unusual for me as most of the time I always get some sort of a tangle despite which conditioner I use. My hair also looks really healthy, shiny and smooth after it has been blow dried and there isn't a single hint of any frizz whatsoever. So this conditioner really does a great job on my hair.

          The smell from the conditioner isn't really strong or over powering, it has a really fresh, sweet, floral aroma. I normally don't like really floral aromas however this particular conditioner is more of a sweet fresh aroma rather than a strong cloying floral one that has a mature scent, The most noticeable scent in the conditioner is that of Honeysuckle as it has a warm, sweet almost creamy scent; the lovely honey suckle scent is complimented wonderfully by the sweet aroma of Jasmine, and Rose and those three scents balance and compliment one another perfectly. There are a few other aromas which you can detect in the conditioner however these fragrances are undertones and very subtle. The undertones which you can detect are that of Camomile and marigold ; these scents add a little more sweetness and depth to the scent of the conditioner.

          I also noticed that the smell from the conditioner lightly fragranced the bathroom for a short time after I washed my hair. The aroma from the conditioner fragranced my hair too and the aroma from it was quite long-lasting which left my hair smelling lovely and fresh for quite sometime. I would say that the scent from the conditioner lingered in my hair for 24 hours or so after I had washed it. When my hair is dried after using the conditioner it feels and looks extremely shiny and healthy and feels really soft and smooth because of the conditioner. Since I have used the Lush Forever In Bloom Conditioner I haven't had any dry flaky scalp not has it given me any dandruff or an itchy scalp. The conditioner is really kind and gentle to my hair and scalp;

          I am extremely pleased with the condition of my hair and scalp from using the Lush Forever In Bloom Conditioner and I cannot pick out any faults whatsoever with the product or the condition it leaves my hair and scalp in. I think that this conditioner is excellent and fairly reasonably priced, you can only purchase the conditioner online from Lush as it is from their Retro Range. It isn't a cheap conditioner; however the bottle does last a really long time as you don't have to use very much of the conditioner at any one given time. A 500g bottle of the Lush Forever in Bloom Conditioner costs £11 from Lush Online. II would say that the large bottle of this conditioner would last you approximately three months or so If you have long hair like me and wash your hair everyday. However if you have shorter or thinner hair then your conditioner will last you a longer length of time.

          More information about Lush and their range of products can be obtained from the website which is www.lush.co.uk

          Alternatively you can obtain more information by the following methods ~

          Unit 3,
          19 Willis Way,
          Fleets Industrial Estate,
          BH15 3SS
          United Kingdom

          Telephone ~ (01202) 668545

          E-mail ~ customer service@lush.co.uk

          Thanks for reading
          :O) Lisa xx

          © just.bcoz / Butterfly-Wings


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        • Product Details

          A lightweight conditioner that will help keep hair soft and strong and smelling beautiful /

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