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Lush Godiva Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

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    17 Reviews
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      05.03.2014 16:59




      LUSH has come up with the amazing and unique idea of producing solid shampoos. They look exactly like soap bars, but you use them for your hair.

      The concept behind them is to avoid the waste of extra packaging, while producing a product that can last longer than regular shampoos.
      All you need to do is to pass the solid shampoo on your wet hair two or three times, then massage it into your scalp and rinse it off.
      GODIVA is one of the solid shampoos LUSH offers and it's also my favourite out of the bunch. I particularly like the jasmine scent, which is very strong. So, if you're not a jasmine lover, avoid this one!

      It is enriched with cocoa butter, shea butter and different oils like macademia and jojba oil, that help to smooth and detangle your hair.
      It is a good shampoo for normal to dry hair, as it's not too heavy but still nourishing enough to leave your hair shiny and healthy looking.

      If you don't know how to store your solid shampoo, you can buy one of the round tins LUSH sells, especially designed for this purpose.


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      20.10.2013 12:46
      Very helpful



      A product which punches above its weight in terms of luxury.

      Lush stores can be found in shopping centres up and down the country, and often tracked down by smell some time before you get there. They sell a range of tempting toiletries and skin care products, all their own brand, and with their own quirky twist, which includes a whole selection of punning names. They follow a strong ethical line on animal testing, and use a high percentage of natural products, which means that some of their products don't have a particularly long shelf life. Packaging is functional and kept to a minimum. To this end many of the soaps and other solid products are simply cut into blocks and put into bags.

      To cut to the chase, Godiva is the name for one of their solid shampoo bars, which comes as a disc, and can be stored in one of their special tins (also available for an additional cost) or in whatever container comes to hand at home. The bars are 55g and sell for £6.45 on the Lush website. I find some Lush products to be over priced, or at least to be more than I want to pay for these things, but I think that this is very reasonable as the bars last for a long time - although it's not a good idea to put it straight back into a sealed container as it tends to go soft and then it doesn't last for so long. According to the website, the scent is jasmine, although it reminds me more of honeysuckle, but either way it is a rich, heady scent, easily one of their nicest.

      As well as being a lovely, luxurious-feeling product, the Godiva shampoo bar is also very practical. In these days when you are limited to the amount of liquid product you can take in hand luggage, this side-steps those limitations nicely, and is very space and weight efficient. It will also double up nicely in the shower and can be used as body wash as well, with no noticeable ill effects!


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      28.02.2013 08:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely solid shampoo which cleanses and conditions the hair and is perfect for travelling

      I went to Copenhagen for valentines day and as we were sharing a suitcase, I had to cut down on the weight and amount of my belongings so as not to take up the whole thing. I am fussy about the shampoo that I use on my hair as it has the tendency to be both dry and damaged so I decided to purchase the Godiva Shampoo Bar.

      What does the product do?
      The product is essentially a two in one product to cleanse and condition the hair. It is perfect for travelling because as it is not liquid, it can be carried in your hand luggage and it is a lot smaller and lighter than a bottle of shampoo. It also doesn't come in bulky plastic packaging like a bottle of shampoo so it's better for the environment. The shampoo promises to come with a conditioning wash and a sweet jasmine scent. It contains both Shea butter and Cocoa butter to hydrate the hair as well as Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil to add moisture to the hair and scalp. The product claims to be fantastic for those with long hair who need to condition it deeply.

      How do you use the product?
      The product needs to be smoothed over damp hair, after dampening the product itself, and run over the hair from the root to the tip. Once you have coated the hair well enough, you can then put the product down and massage the shampoo into the hair for a few minutes and then rinse it away thoroughly. As this is a two in one product, you don't actually need to follow it up with a conditioner but I did so as to get some more moisture into my hair. You then dry and style your hair in the usual way. Once your done, the product needs to be kept in a cool dry place because it will melt away which is a waste.

      Appearance and Price
      The product is a yellow golden colour and it is circular in shape. It is quite rough because all the bits are packed into it and there are patches of other colours that are visible. The product will cost you around £6 for 55 grams of the shampoo and it can be bought from your local Lush store and from their online website.

      My experience
      If you haven't used one of these before then the first time will be an experience. The product smells strongly even before you start to use it and the overriding aroma is that of Jasmine and herbs. It is sweet and I like it quite a lot but then again, if you purchase this, you have to like it because the smell is very evident. This bar is not as solid as some of the others shampoos in the collection which makes it easier to spread but also means that it gets used up faster. You can get a good coating on the hair and then when you work the product in you a lovely rich lather which you don't usually get with the solid shampoos. It makes you feel like it's really cleansing and conditioning your hair well. The aroma is very evident at this point. The product is easily rinsed out of the hair. I do follow up with a conditioner but this is because my hair is very dry.

      Once my hair is clean again, I find that it is easy to brush through my hair and it feels very hydrated. There are no tangles and no frizz, and I have found my hair to be much more manageable. The aroma is still very strong on my hair and it lingers for the rest of the day so you'll have to make sure that you like the smell before you buy this one. It hasn't caused my scalp any irritations or discomfort. My hair feels really soft and it looks well conditioned. If your hair is normal, you could definitely get away without a conditioner and if you have greasy hair then this may be too heavy for you. My hair manages to go for almost 48 hours without washing again but this product is a little heavy even on my hair so it doesn't quite make it.

      All in all, while this wouldn't become my regular shampoo, it is perfect for travelling with being light and not a liquid. It smells like Jasmine and is very sweet and the scent lingers on your hair for ages which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. It does a good job at both cleansing and conditioning, and I think this one will probably be accompanying me on quite a few more trips abroad.


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      29.05.2012 13:18
      Very helpful



      A brilliant bar for long hair, or hair in need of a little extra help

      I have just reviewed the Lush 'Big' Shampoo and mentioned that I used this along with Godiva, and I thought it was about time I reviewed Godiva as I have been using it now for around 3 months so have had enough experience with it to give you my opinion.

      What made me try Godiva were its good reviews. It seemed to be a good shampoo bar for long hair which needs a little extra care and was advertised as a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar. I thought this would be ideal to take on holiday to save me space and weight in taking a separate conditioner. I thought it would be best to give a bar a try before I went away to check to see if it was adequate for my needs when I'm away. So I bought the Godiva a few months ago and have shelved my Jumping Juniper just for now to give Godiva a good chance.

      The Godiva bar is part of Lush's range of solid shampoo bars. They have a range of around 10 different solid shampoos' that tackle many issues we may have with our hair. These shampoo bars are usually around 55g and are often small disc shapes. Godiva is aimed to be a more conditioning bar for long or dry hair in particular. The bar includes some conditioner meaning it is essentially 2 in 1. The Godiva bar is a sunshine yellow colour and looks like it's made up of hundreds and thousands when you first look at it. You will also see lumps of coca butter in there as well. It is a pretty bar and looks great in your bathroom and left in the open will make you bathroom smell of coconut and macadamia. The Bar is designed to last around 80 washes and by being solid is kinder on the environment. This shampoo bar is priced at £6.00, so really is great value for money.

      The Godiva bar contains a number of natural ingredients that work together to create this shampoo, these include:-

      Cocoa Butter
      Shea Butter
      Jojobo Oil
      Camellia Oil
      Macadamia Oil
      Cupuacu Butter
      Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

      All of these ingredients are aimed at conditioning the hair and scalp leaving both feeling nourished. It does this without making your hair and scalp greasy which is surprising when you consider all the moisturising ingredients it has. These ingredients also make the shampoo smell great and it has the same fragrance as the Flying Fox Shower Gel Lush. The lovely fragrance of the shampoo will last for a good few hours on your dry hair which makes you want to swish your locks around

      The shampoo is very easy to use, and you simply rub the bar straight onto your hair or in your palms to work up a lather. The shampoo lathers up quickly and easily, and this lather is quite foamy but still creamy. Then you apply to your hair, massage in and then rinse. I found no need to repeat these directions as I may have done with other shampoos as, as soon as you rinse the shampoo out you hair feels really clean. The Godiva rinses out easily and even when your hair is damp you can feel that the Godiva has worked its magic. When your hair is dry fully I can always instantly see some results. My hair looks conditioned, bright and shiny! The bar is made for those who need a little extra care, so is ideal for longer or dryer hair as it feels like its treating the hair more than the other shampoo bars I have used.

      This shampoo bar has become one of my favourites; it is a nice looking bar that smells divine. If you leave it in your bathroom it'll soon fill the whole room with it Jasmine scent. It is easy and convenient to use, lather quickly and cleans hair. Results wise it makes you hair feel very clean but conditioned and smelling fab! The added benefit of a conditioner is just about enough to leave you hair feeling ok, but I would recommend still using a separate conditioner on dry hair. The shampoo bar is reasonably priced and will easily last around 80 washes


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      10.03.2012 14:50



      Saves you time!

      A store assistant in Lush recommended this two in one shampoo bar as I have long hair - past the shoulders.

      Godiva is a bright yellow shampoo bar with chunks of solid cocoa butter mixed into it. The chunks of cocoa butter are visible to the eye as they are a lighter yellow colour. The bar smells quite floral and uplifting. It's a pleasant feminine scent and it smells lovely. The bar is round in shape. It's easy to wash with. You just lather it up with a little warm water and rub the bar around your head a few times to wash your hair and clean your scalp.

      The bar foams up really well and the chunks of cocoa butter help to moisturise and condition your hair and scalp. They feel lovely when rubbed against the scalp. The bar rinses easily from your hair and it doesn't leave any build-up in your hair after use. It just leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and bouncy. Godiva is great for all hair types but I would recommend it to people who suffer from dry hair as the cocoa butter really helps to lock in moisture.

      The bar needs to be kept in a tin when it's not in use as it melts easily. Also, as you come to the end of the bar the cocoa butter tends to separate itself from the rest of the bar. This is a little frustrating as you end up throwing the last few remainding chunks away.

      A nice shampoo bar with added conditioning cocoa butter.


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      22.01.2011 10:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A brilliant shampoo bar, great smelling, but lacks a little in the conditioning area

      I've tried many different shampoos over the years, but the Godiva shampoo and conditioning bar from Lush is one that I probably use the most frequently, as I find it does the job well and lasts me ages! For those that don't know, shampoo bars are basically solid circles of shampoo, made out of Lush's shampoo 'squiggles' and a whole host of lovely smelling ingredients depending on the type you buy. Having them in solid form means there's no need for fancy packaging, which is a nice environmental touch.

      In terms of looks, Godiva is a yellow flattened circular shape and is designed to fit into one of Lush's shampoo bar tins, though you don't have to use one of these. It's easy to see lumps of cocoa butter in this shampoo bar too as it also has conditioning properties, making this a 2 in 1 product.

      I chose this particular shampoo bar, not because of my hair type (although as it happens it works well with it) but because of it's smell. Godiva has a lovely, floral scent, containing lots of jasmine which gives it an exotic appeal. If I combine this with the jasmine Flying Fox shower gel in a morning then I smell lovely! The scent is sensuous and when you use the bar the aroma floats around nicely.

      To use this, and other shampoo bars, you just rub the bar onto your wet hair in circular motions 4 or 5 times, and in my case I also give it a wipe down the length of my hair as it's long, and then lather. I've found shampoo bars, including Godiva, don't give a very rich lather, it's more a case of them making the hair literally feel squeaky clean. Again, I suppose it depends on how much you use, if you want more lather, rub more of the bar on, but you really don't need to do this in order to get an excellent clean, honestly. Plus you'll use the bar up quicker.

      In terms of conditioning properties, the few times I've used Godiva without a seperate conditioner, I've not been overly impressed. Maybe I wasn't using enough, but the cocoa butter didn't seem to condition or de-tangle my hair at all really, so I now always use a seperate conditioner to make sure my hair stays easy to comb afterwards.

      Despite the lack of conditioning skills, I really like this product. I don't buy it because it's a 2 in 1, I buy it because firstly it lasts me god knows how many times longer than liquid shampoo does, 3 or 4 would bars probably last most people a whole year; and secondly, it's lovely smelling, and I love the way my hair smells of jasmine for hours after use.

      Godiva is usually £4.50 per bar. That might sound a lot for a relatively small product, but considering how long these bars last (I've had a bar I started in Christmas last til Easter before - freakishly long lasting!) these are amazing value in the long run, and I can highly recommend Godiva as the best smelling shampoo bar around.


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        13.04.2010 11:40
        Very helpful



        Solid shampoo and conditioner in one

        I tried my first ever Lush Shampoo Bar with the Fresher's Kit that came out last autumn. I always thought the concept was rather odd, but seeing as it came with the kit anyway, I thought why not. The shop assistant, who was helping me choose the right products for me, suggested either Godiva or Seanik for my dry hair. I chose Godiva this time. It is supposed to be a shampoo and conditioner in one, and though I normally prefer to use separate shampoo and conditioner, I decided to try this as I thought it would save space in my suitcase when I went on holiday!

        This particular shampoo bar is a bright yellow-orange in colour and has a lovely smell of jasmine (it's the same scent as the Flying Fox shower gel). I found the smell lasted on my hair through the day which was lovely. Jasmine is supposed to improve the mood and I've noticed I do feel in a better mood after using this shampoo bar - it may be all in my head or it may be the scent of this shampoo bar doing its work! There are a few jasmine leaves enclosed within the bar which don't serve a great deal of purpose but don't really get in the way either.

        I took this bar on holiday with me and that's when I realised how good shampoo bars are for this purpose: I was able to take it in hand luggage without putting it in a clear plastic bag, it took up hardly any space (normally you need a larger shampoo bottle when you're going away for a week, this lasts loads of washes) and there was no risk of it leaking all over my bag.

        Using the shampoo bar takes some getting used to, but once you do it's easy. Just wet your hair under the shower and then either rub the bar between your hands like soap to create a lather which you then apply to your hair, or (my preferred method) rub the bar once or twice down your hair and then work it into a lather. The bar lathers surprisingly easily. After use leave the bar to dry thoroughly (you might want to consider patting it dry with a towel) or else it will disintegrate and go gloopy and henceforth useless.

        My hair is normally quite dry, which isn't helped by the fact that I colour my hair and straighten it every day. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results after using this bar. My hair was soft and shiny and pretty manageable. I did find that after using it for a few days or a week my hair seemed less soft and a bit dry, but for short-term usage it's great.

        I definitely recommend shampoo bars in general, but probably wouldn't buy this one again simply because my hair is a bit dry and I do prefer separate shampoo and conditioner. This particular bar was fine for my hair for a few washes but isn't ideal to use longer term. I do think it would suit someone with 'normal', or perhaps even slightly 'oily', hair. It does make hair smell lovely and conditions well considering it's a two-in-one.

        At £5.50 Godiva is one of the more expensive shampoo bars, but it still lasts longer than most ordinary shampoos, and if it's suitable for your hair type you won't need to buy separate conditioner either. The bar seems to last ages - I've used it 25 times so far and still have half the bar left!

        I do recommend this shampoo bar, if your hair type is suitable this could be perfect. It saves space, lasts loads of washes, works well and smells lovely. Nice one Lush!


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          28.10.2009 16:40
          Very helpful



          Give it 7 out of 10.

          This is my opinion on the Lush product Godiva.

          Firstly, what is Godiva? It is a yellow small solid disc packed full of Lush's famous 'shampoo squiggles' and lumps of conditioning cocoa and shea butter. You can see very tiny remanants of jasmine flowers pressed within the chunky yellow disc. It is one of about a dozen solid shampoo bars Lush do, they have made them small and ciurcular I presume for ease of use and also for holidaying and travelling with.

          In this case Lush do a small tin which fits these perfectly and if you buy 2 bars you get a free tin, so me and the OH split a tin in half betwen us, he had the one that smelt of tar and cade oil which is for flaky scalps, whereas I had Godiva due to the smell (don't think the OH liked his that much). you will find all the different varieties of bars stacked up in little piles and they look really good in the shops.

          Godiva is one of a couple of so called 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioning bar due to containing the shampoo squiggles and also conditioning butters which give much like a softening effect like a liquid conditioner due to the butters being soft and coating your hair.

          I've never personally got on with liquid 2 in 1 shampoos and not happy to use them, due to very processed hair I have never felt like they offer decent enough conditioinng properties and therefore have always used seperate shampoo and conditioners because of this.

          It is quite a deep floral scent which is quite heavy. I do like this but upon seeing other reivews the opinions seem somewhat split. But I think the smell is intoxicating and very very good indeed. Godiva has the same powerfully sensual, jasmine scent as Flying Fox and Youki-Hi so good for fans of this fragrance! Your body and your hair will all smell amazing and lovely!!

          This is by far the best smelling thing I've ever found for hair. The smell does linger on your hair for a number of hours and is very fragrant whilst it is in use.

          Usage is extremely easy. Rub around your scalp until you have an adequate supply of lather. The product gives a very satisfactory amount of lathery bubbley stuff so you really do feel like you are getting your hair clean. In fact it leaves your hair squeaky clean after just one shampoo. I personally like a lot of lather for my hair to feel truly clean and this really does the trick. I recommend just doing your scalp and roots with it and rinsing down and this will be enough to clean the ends and lengths of the hair. I just do it this way as I feel it is enough and do not want o overdry my hair by using too much shampoo and rubbing it into the hair, it doesn't need it.

          The actual bar itself lasts quite a long time and I bet it will outlive your liquid products anyday, this is due to the concentrated shampoo squiggles. It is not as long lasting as some of the plain old shampoo bars which tend to be a lot firmer due to the fact they will not contain any conditioning products like cocoa butter as Godiva does.

          The conditioning properties however I just cannot trust due to my overall fear of 2 in 1 liquid shampoo and conditioners, I really don't think it provides much conditioing for anything past 'normal' hair i.e. anything slightly dry or more and I always find myself using a seperate conditioner after using my Godiva bar. I just cannot feel or see the conditoning effects and the though of not conditioning my hair quite frightens me so therefore it is a neccesity for me.

          The after effects of the product on the hair, well it does leave squeaky clean and fragrant but I cannot see any extra shine or conditioning to my dry blonde highlighted hair.

          The bar itself can get rather mushy and this has put me off using the thin circular bit left behind after using it for so long, as it feels cold and damp and generally rather 'icky' and not at all pleasant to put on your bonce!! So do keep it in the driest place possible to stop sloppiness.

          Combing the hair after the use of the product is ok, not the best I have ever experienced, but then again not particularly tangled, you can smell your hair as you are combing it though though which is a lovely and whiffy bonus!! Again I like to use a spot of leave in conditioner whilst combing to boost the hair's strengh and of course do not use a brush on wet hair it is very damaging!!

          I would more recommend this if you have no problem with dry hair, as the conditioning of the product leans on the very light! Or buy it but be prepared to use an extra conditioning product.

          The item can be purchased for currently £4.50 at your local Lushie shop or the mail order service I found to be brilliant, always a quick delivery and items come very well packaged so they do not get damaged (due to the fragile nature of some of the Lush items!). Items packaged in strong boxes and placed inside strips of paper and shredded cardboard so lovely for the environment :D

          As you can see the ingredients list is rather long. Naturally there are some synthetics to be found but a fair chunk is natural butters and oils which is a nice thing to see.

          Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Cetearyl Alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerl Stearate & Peg - 100 Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Perfume, Hibiscus Extract (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Stearic Acid, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimide, Camella Oil (Camella japonita), Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Macadamia Nut Oil (Macadamia ternifolia), Coconut Butter (Cocos nucifera), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Cypress Oil (Cupressus sempervirens), Palmarossa Oil (Cymbopogan martini), Jasmine Flowers (Jasminum officinale), Lanolin, Cocamide DEA, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Benzyl Alcohol, Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

          *Naturally occurs in essential oils

          So my summary today is= buy if you like gorgeously deep floral yet modern smelling hair, if you need light conditioning and deep cleaning, it is the one to go for in the range. I would say best for slightly oily hair or hair that needs washing every day.

          Remember riding naked on a horse is the most environmentally friendly way to dry your hair!!


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          27.07.2009 17:53
          Very helpful



          A good shampoo and conditioner

          Lush Godiva solid shampoo and conditioner bar is handy to throw into a swimming bag, taking up little space and fitting into a Lush shampoo tin. I like the simple paper packaging, no plastic for the eco warriors to worry about.

          Godiva has a strange smell, Lush claims the predominant scent is Jasmine but the chamomile stands out more. You can see the lumps of oily conditioner nestled within the bar.

          The yellow bar lathers up nicely and rinses away easily. Under normal conditions you only need to wash once but after swimming I need a second application to get the chlorine out. My hair feels like a birds nest after use and it is a real effort to brush the tangles out but once my hair is dry it feels nice and soft and looks really shiny.

          A two in one never performs as well as separates but Godiva is great for occasional use. Lush claims it lasts for 70 washes which is true so at £5.37 a bar it is an economical buy.


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            16.04.2009 22:58
            Very helpful



            try out a new shampoo with Godiva.

            People will know by now i absolutely adore lush. I am never out of that luscious shop. Whilst on a little trip down to London, my friend recommend i buy this Godiva Shampoo and Conditioning Bar when i had ran out of my usual stock.

            Lush do so many different shampoo bars of all different scents and colours. This particular one however is my favourite. It's a rounded bar and yellow, with little Jasmine flowers and coca butter. The scent is a gorgeous strong Jasmine. The bar is wrapped in the famous Lush bag, with the product name on.

            Standing at £4.50 it is quite pricey but then, loads of the Lush products are, but really worth their money. When talking with the lovely Shop Assistant who i must say are fabulous with assisting youwith their products, she told me this Bar gives you up to 80 washes.

            When applying the first thing i noticed was how nicely it lathers, you get a good lather. You also get a nice strong smell of Jasmine Flowers. When massaging the shampoo into your hair i was amazed athow nice and silky my hair became, i could run my fingers right through without pulling on knots. When you dry your hair you can see the nice shiny tint afterwards. The conditioner im not a fan of, so i tend to buy my own. There isnt much shampoo to it and doesn't lather much at all, so that's your only let down.

            Me and my friends dry our hair differently, they say do NOT bend over with the hairdryer under your hair and blow dry it under because it leaves your hair sticking up and quite static, whereas i do just that and there's no problem so everyone is different.

            So overall, Godiva left my hair feeling strong, soft, silky, shiny, feeling clean and smelling gorgeous. I don't see why it shouldn't work for you guy's ? I recommend you buy this product and try it out. Except for the coca butter melting everywhere, the shampoo itself is amazing.


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            15.04.2009 14:13
            Very helpful



            I have been delighted with this and have enjoyed the freedom it brings.

            Recently I have been trying a little experiment. The idea came to me because I do a lot of travelling on shuttle aircraft between London and Scotland, and for convenience and also for price I don't take hold baggage if I can avoid it. Due to the restrictions on liquids allowed to be carried on board in hand luggage, now pegged at 100mls, I had grown tired of constantly buying small shampoo bottles, or decanting old favourites into little plastic bottles, which I found messy and a bit of a tie to be honest. Having seen some shampoo bars in Lush a while ago I decided to treat myself to a few of them to see if any could possibly be effective as well as convenient for travel. It's no good having handy things if they are useless.

            Lush shampoo bars are about 6cms in diameter and about 2cms deep and they have several to choose from. They also do chunks of solid shampoo and conditioners which are more difficult to transport as they are not compact like these, and of course they do some more conventional bottle based versions.

            The compact ones include.

            Godiva which Lush describes as being "Sexy jasmine-scented two-in-one shampoo and conditioner bar" this one really spoke to me and is a beautiful summer yellow.

            Hard-a lovely pink roses coloured bar- perfect for those of you living in hard water areas (I picked that as my kettle furs up quicker than you can say it has!)

            Hybrid -hair-softening liquorice two-in-one bar. This one doesn't talk to me as it looks grey like granite-maybe a bit manly! Reputedly great for long hair.

            Jumping Juniper this is lilac, and contains lavender and juniper to control oily hair. Not a problem I have but might buy for my son.

            Karma Komba- this is a green one and claims to be sleek promoting! Might try that soon.

            New -stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. This one is brick red and smells of cinnamon

            Seanik -softening sea salt shampoo scented with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom.-a gorgeous blue

            Soft- for soft water areas. This is a pretty blue and contains sea salt and citrus. I might try this for when I am in those areas outside Essex!

            Squeaky Green is an herby one and looks like a Petra dish growing moss. Quite interesting.

            Ultimate shine- a lovely simple rosemary shampoo with sparkles. This has my name on it.

            Soak and Float. Effective anti-dandruff shampoo bar that smells like tar. This one is perfect for anyone who has dandruff.

            The first one I decided to try was Godiva because it claimed to be a shampoo and conditioner in one. I have to say I approached this with more than a modicum of scepticism, as to be honest, I have never found any all in one products which work for more than two washes on my hair. I have dyed blonde hair with weaved highlights, and it is long shoulder length and thick, so products which make these claims seldom produce the results I am looking for.
            Never the less I was so fed up of the travelling with little bottles and also being environmentally conscious I could no longer really justify to myself the wastage of the trial sized travel containers, and also the fact that most of my favourites just aren't available this way.

            So I purchased Godiva and also one called Hard which I will also be reviewing subsequently, as this entitled me to a free tin in which to keep them clean and dry. This is a real bonus as you have the ready made means of getting your little bar from a to b -fantastic, a little silver shiny tin ready to go.

            Godiva is a beautiful summer yellow bar which smells of ylang ylang and jasmine giving it an exotic and eastern scent. Strange this as actually it is more from The West Midlands being named after the famous woman who rode through the streets of Coventry on a horse naked!

            As well as the two main fragrances you will detect coconut oil, and jasmine flowers peep through the surface layers. Deeply conditioning cocoa butter as well as jojoba and macadamia nut oils are in this bar which smells like a summer garden in full bloom.

            To be honest using this bar is a really lovely sensual experience and I was delighted to have taken the risk in purchasing this. All you do is after saturating the hair you rub the bar either directly onto the hair or alternatively you can lather up first in your hands. There are plenty of creamy, nourishing bubbles and these are easily applied to the hair which soon becomes frothy and bubbly and smelling delightful.

            I have to say it is quick because no need to follow with any conditioner and it rinses out easily leaving no residue, but the brilliant thing is that my detangling comb slides through it easily with no resistance or knots at all.

            The real test was over many washes and it has been perfect each time.

            Lush say that each bar will do 80 washes which I can believe because I have been using this daily for 2 weeks and there is no noticeable difference in the size of the bar at all. I paid £5.14 and I estimate this will replace 6 bottles of conditioner and shampoo (three of each) I would have used. It travels like a dream in the case, and I have sailed through security with my hair care in a compact and easy to use format which has reduced the weight of my luggage no end.

            The great thing is that the smell of the shampoo lingers in your hair all day and it feels really soft. I actually tried an experiment with it this weekend as I had to leave the Outer Hebrides really early to catch a flight, and didn't have time to take my usual early morning bath so I did all that the night before using this. The hair stayed smooth overnight and was easy to manage in the morning, and you could still detect the jasmine aroma by the evening, 24 hours after I had applied it.

            The great thing about this is that it is vegetarian, has never been tested on animals, and of course you are cutting down on waste big time!

            I have been pleasantly surprised by the success of this and I am enjoying the freedom of being able to jump on and off planes without all that fuss. The shampoo is so good I am even using it at home with very pleasing results.

            This review is also posted on Ciao by myself under the user name Violet1278


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              02.04.2009 12:51
              Very helpful



              This seems to be a very controversial shampoo, but i love it!

              I travel about quite a lot because I stay away some nights of the week. As a result I keep my washbag very organised and as light as possible.
              The problem that I used to have was that carrying shampoo and conditioner around was a pain, I had a couple of those empty travel bottles for a while, but often I forgot to refill them which sort of cancelled out the reason for having them in the first place.

              After a very successful trip to lush in the new year sales (where I came away with £80 worth of stuff for £30!) I decided to try one of Lush's shampoo bars, as they claimed it would last as long as three normal bottles of shampoo and was certainly lighter than lugging all that around.

              The idea of these solid shampoos is that you wet them in the bath or shower and rub on wet hair, where it will lather up and cover your head with soapy bubbles. I find that with bobbed hair, only down to my chin, it only takes a couple of sweeps of the top of my head, and one or two underneath the back to get more than enough shampoo to be going on with. You don't need to rub hard, quite the opposite in fact. And if you don't want to rub it on your hair, you can lather the bar up in your hands and apply the shampoo that way.

              I chose Godiva on the basis that it is a 2in1, including a conditioner along with the normal shampoo. I thought it was rather a bold claim they were making, but still help out hope that they could come good, as it really would solve a lot of my troubles.

              Godiva is bright yellow, with dried jasmine flowers and waxy lumps of conditioner visible in the bar. It looks sort of grainy (as all the solid shampoos do) at first and I was worried it would fall apart, but actually this appearance melts and softens with use.

              The obvious feature of this bar is the smell, and it appears to be the feature that causes the most controversy. It is very strong! At least when you first use the bar, it is quite a sweet smell, but not as sweet as the shop's most popular scent, Karma. Its flowery and spicy, with a strong jasmine tone, and reminds me of gardens in summer. I really like it, but I know people who don't, and it does hang around in your hair for a good day or more letting you waft the scent about whenever you do the sweepy-shampoo-advert-move. (just me? ....ok) The scent does diminish as you near the end of the bar though, leaving it simply a nice smell as you shower. Incedentally, you can also use these shampoos as a body soap, as with most lush products.

              It leaves my hair very soft and quite a lot shinier than some shampoos, really the best way to describe my hair after using this regularly is 'healthy' which is nice because my hair is very fussy about what it does and doesn't like. However, it may not work for everyone, hairs are as different as people, and while it may do my hair the power of good, you may find it doesn't work as well for you.

              The big question: has it lasted as long as three regular bottles?
              Well I bought this bar just after Christmas, it's now April and I am still using the same bar, and I use it roughly three or four times a week. Although the bar is now tiny and I'll need a new one soon.

              A couple of points. You can get a little metal tin to keep your bar in. I recommend these, they're great value, but the bar wont come out of the tin easily until after you used it a few time, as the tin is a little too small.

              You should try to let your shampoo dry out a bit before putting the lid back on the tin, and try to keep it dry if you don't use the tin. Mine kept a little bit of water in the tin once and it sort of melted a bit into the component sticky essential oils, I had to treat it a bit like putty to mould it back together again, but once it dried out it was fine.

              I really recommend these shampoos, my boyfriend uses the liquorice one, and although I don't like the smell it leaves in his hair (I don't like liquorice) it does leave his (below shoulder length) hair very soft.


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                07.03.2009 19:53
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Changed the way I wash my hair

                After changing over a lot of my products to Lush I was interested in their solid shampoo bars, my sister had told me they were fantastic and she has great hair - no need for further recomendation for me!
                I spoke to the lovely sales assistant at length and she guided me through the benefits of all the shampoo bars.
                When using normal shampoo I have to conditioning with every wash so plumped for Godiva, as it was a two in one, another bonus was the gorgeous smell of Jasmine (just like their Flying Fox Shower Gel), its really strong, and you either love it or hate it. I obviously LOVE it!
                It cost £5.14, which I thought was good value as she said it lasts about 80 washes. Compare that with the last bottle of John Freida I bought at almost a fiver that lasted me 3 weeks!
                As instructed you wet down your hair, then you can either rub the bar in your hands to create a lather or just stroke the bar down your hair a couple of times. I couldn't believe the amount of lather that came out of it! 2 small rubs and my shoulder length hair was completely covered with them. The lather was soft, creamy and smelt divine, and rinsed out easily.
                Drying my hair was also easy, and lovely to have wafts of jasmine around me. I use straighteners a lot and found the straighteners glided through with ease, but also when left to dry naturally, my hair did not turn into the big frizzy fuzzy mess it normally did. It was soft, perfumed, shiny and controlled looking.
                So far i have been using this bar for about 3 weeks and it has hardly shrunk in size at all - just be careful to keep it dry between uses. I dont think I would go back to bottled, high street shampoos again.
                Only downside is you are betting getting a tin for it if using it for travelling, these cost £2.69, but if you buy 2 shampoo bars you get a free tin anyway


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                  21.05.2008 18:53



                  nice shampoo

                  Lush Godiva Shampoo

                  Where did I get it:
                  I got it as a free sample when I bought a shower bar at Lush. Before I used to shower my hair with another solid shampoo for curly hair and I wouldn't have chosen Godiva just for the fact that I was really satisfied with my one at home and also because Godiva isn't made especially for my type of hair...

                  First try:
                  This morning there was nothing left of my shampoo bar. how lucky I was when I rembered the free sample ;) using a solid shampoo is nothing new for me. I wash my hair with water and use the bar like a comb. finally I rub it in my hands to massage it into the sculp. worked well.

                  I like the smell and can't complain about the result. my hair feels and looks good - although I can't tell a difference compared to the coconut shampoo I usually buy. Another Lush product I am satisfied with ;)


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                  02.05.2008 19:30
                  Very helpful



                  Far from good, save your money for something else!


                  While on holiday our shampoo was quickly running out as well as my conditioner. I had thought it would last the holiday and that I would get some more of our favourite, I Love Juicy when we were back but it wasn't too be.

                  As some of you may know from my other Lush reviews, I usually send my other half off armed with a list and the money and he does the Lush run where he works not far from the shop, well not this time!

                  We were staying in St Austell in Cornwall and luckily we came across a Lush store in Truro. So in I went thinking that I would get our usual shampoo and I would treat myself to a small bottle of one of the conditioners I am yet to try.

                  <Making my decision>

                  Once in there I was as always dazzled by the possibilities laid out so gorgeously for my perusal. There is so much choice and lovely smells fill my nostrils and make me impulsive and a spendaholic!

                  I was one of only two shoppers in the store at the time and the shop assistant had way too much energy, happiness and general upness! It was early in the morning how could this woman be so happy! But anyway, she came over and offered her help so I said that we had run out of shampoo but that I also needed a conditioner and explained that as a Lush lover I was fine left to my own devices thinking she would go off and get on with something that she had to do but she stayed talking to me about Lush products and what she liked and recommended a few things which was nice.

                  Then the shampoo bars caught my eye. I have never really looked at these in much detail as where I have long hair I just thought they wouldn't suit me as my hair gets tangled if it isn't looked after properly. I did however suggest to my other half that they might suit him. Where he has very short hair I thought that a little swish over his head with one would be quick and easy and that it would probably last longer than a bottle.

                  I went over and started having a sniff of a few of the little bars. Being a frequent visitor to the Lush website (which I highly recommend) I know the names of most and the general premise.

                  There are ten in the range so there is plenty of choice and should be one to suit everyone's hair type. They are all rather attractive with the exception of soak and float.

                  Ultimate Shine contains small flecks of glitter and is to make your hair shine it is also meant to help balance sebum production.

                  Soft shampoo bar, which is for those in soft water areas that want extra volume.

                  Soak and Float, this is for people that suffer from dandruff, it contains anti-microbial cade oil to help fight the cause.

                  Seanik, this bar is to give you extra clean hair.
                  New Hair, this bar is to make your hair feel young again, removing build ups of styling products.

                  Karma Komba bar is for all hair types.

                  Jumping Juniper, if you have greasy hair this will help.

                  Hard shampoo bar, like with the soft version this is to do with the water for extra softness and shine.

                  Hybrid, this is a shampoo and conditioner but I don't know what hair type or hair solutions this is for.

                  Godiva, a shampoo and conditioner in one, a multi-purpose bar that can wash and condition your hair, skin and clothes.

                  As I like the smell of my Flying Fox temple balm the smell of this while I was in the store stole my heart (and nose) straight away.

                  It was hard to get the individual smell of each bar if I could smell anything at all. Where the pungent whiffs in the shop are so strong it is hard to pick up the true scent and be sure that you are smelling what you are buying and not another product nearby or a residue left on your hands.

                  I opted for the Godiva bar that way I didn't need to buy a shampoo and conditioner and the pennies saved were extra holiday spending money.

                  I took it to the till and paid the £4.75, my little bar was wrapped in the usual Lush paper and had a sticker stuck on telling me its name price the date and how to use it.

                  I was given a tester for Running to the Embassy, which was nice and made me want to slap the cheery lady a little less.

                  <My bar>

                  This little bar named Godiva is only small no more than 6cm in diameter and roughly 2cm deep. Although it doesn't look like much after being shown in the shop how easily the lather they (all of the bars are the same size and shape) will last a long time.

                  Godiva is a sunshine yellow with orange chunks obvious throughout the bar, the orange is cocoa butter to condition your hair. There are little brownish yellow bits through the bar which are Jasmine flowers. It looks rather edible but haven't tried it and don't intend to either!

                  The scent is the main thing to notice with this bar. In the shop I couldn't really smell it that easily but as I knew it had a Jasmine scent and was similar to my temple balm I went with it. Now I wish I hadn't unlike the temple balm this has more oils and extracts in it that alter the scent slightly to one that is very strong and sickly. It makes our bathroom full of the scent even though it is half the size now it still fills the air and even if the window is open you still smell it.

                  If I had been able to smell it as well in the shop as I can at home I would not have bought his as the smell now turns my stomach, to start with I could put up with it but now I am looking forward to it running out. I should bin it but hate wasting anything.

                  <How it works>

                  As well as the shampoo part to clean your hair the cocoa butter melts and conditions your hair while you are washing it in theory, saving you time and money.

                  <Washing my hair>

                  The general instructions are to wet your hair and swish the bar around your head two or three times.

                  I wet my hair and swish it round about five times and make sure I rub it back and forth once over the underneath of my hair to make sure I get it all clean. I have very long, thick hair and that is still a little too much and gives me mounds of thick rich foam and I massage it all through my hair and over my scalp as I do with all shampoo.

                  Rinsing is easy, no more difficult than with any form of shampoo.

                  I use it twice half the time but not all the time like I do with regular shampoo.

                  The bar gives a lot of foam, more than I expected even after having seen it demonstrated in the shop. Just a few swishes are all you need. My other half has found that he only needs to go around his head once to get his hair covered.

                  The scent filling the bathroom even more when it is in use.
                  The jasmine flowers are only small so don't cause any problems with the plughole or drain but they do end up being left everywhere but not in your hair, they rinse out very easily.

                  <The results>

                  I always wrap my hair and leave it for a few minutes to absorb the excess water.

                  After I unwrap my hair and try and comb it the state it is left in is easy to see and feel. The amount of knots is absurd! It is just left a massive tangle and takes me some time to comb through. Until it is dry there are constantly more knots forming and it seems like a never-ending task.

                  Even when my hair is dry it still gets tangled very easily and needs to be brushed several times throughout the day.

                  My ends are rather dry and my hair is in need of being cut but the fact this has a conditioner in it should mean that it is left in a better condition than it is with just regular shampoo but I have recently tried using a different shampoo with no conditioner at all and my hair was left feeling far better than with this bar.

                  When dry my hair was no left feeling much better and wasn't as shiny as I am used to it being with a multitude of other products I have tried both from Lush and other stores.

                  The scent did linger on my hair and at times I would be able to catch a waft of it and others did notice, some liked it some didn't.

                  My hair was certainly left clean, I cannot say anything against the cleaning power when it comes to washing out hairspray and greasiness this shampoo excels.

                  <Using on my body>

                  As this bar can be used for three purposes I have been using it as soap to use it up. If used just with my hands it lathers up easily and with a puff even easier still. The amount of foam created with a puff means that only a tiny amount is needed.

                  It leaves my skin feeling clean and doesn't dry it out.
                  The scent doesn't linger as strongly on skin as it does on hair but is subtly left behind.

                  <Using on clothes>

                  While we were away I did use it on a couple of small items and found it rather easy to use. After wetting the fabric I rubbed it over a little and then used it to rub the fabric against itself, as you would normally hand wash clothes.

                  It rinsed out of fabric quite easily.

                  They were left looking as good as with any hand wash, there were no soap marks and were left clean. The fabric seemed quite soft but not like it does at home with my usual Lenor conditioner.

                  <My overall opinion>

                  I dislike the smell and it leaves me hair looking and feeling awful, do I really need to give you any more than that?

                  There was no conditioning done by this product the chunks seem to be raising compared with the yellow part or the bar where they are not being used up as quickly as the shampoo part.

                  When it comes to cleaning hair this is a good product and I cannot say that it isn't, if you want your hair conditioned though use a separate one.

                  As a soap this is no different to any other.

                  It is fine for washing clothes and left mine looking and feeling clean so on that front I have no complaints.

                  However you end up using this bar it does last very well because you only need a tiny amount of it for everything. The amount of foam a few rubs gives is completely amazing.

                  I am now just using this as a soap and will not be buying it again but it hasn't put me off of trying some of the other shampoo bars that Lush offer.

                  <Do I recommend?>

                  This is a hard one, I have to say no in this instance. If you have short hair, which is in good condition and will use a separate conditioner then yes but as the product is meant to be a 2 in 1 it doesn't live up to the claims.

                  It is a Lush product that I am completely disappointed with and that is a first. I have had some that I am not all that keen on but never that I have really disliked, well until now that is.

                  It would be handy while you are on holiday as it saves valuable packing space.

                  I am only giving this one star because of the way it left my hair. I expect any 2 in 1 to do better than this did!

                  <Extra information>

                  Lush is a great company that makes cosmetic products that are as natural as possible, only adding chemical preservatives when they feel it necessary to make the products better or to make them last if there is not a plausible alternative.

                  They do not test on animals or deal with companies that do, or with companies that deal with companies that do. I know that just sounds confusing but it means that they take their responsibility to those who are against animal testing seriously. The fact that their products have not been animal tested doesn't mean they are any less safe to use than any others just that no animal has suffered, they still have to meet rigorous standards set out by law.

                  A lot of their products are vegan and all are vegetarian.
                  Lush has a conscience so that you can sleep easier, making their packaging as minimal as possible so that there is less waste. A lot of their packaging is also recyclable or reusable.

                  Lush has stores all round the world, to find your nearest one or to buy online take a look on their website www.lush.co.uk (or www.lush.com for international). There is lots of information about them, their products and even a forum so you can talk to other Lush lovers.

                  Full ingredients list can be found on the lush website.


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