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Lush Hair Doctor

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9 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Hair Treatment

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    9 Reviews
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      11.03.2014 23:49
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      good product but the smell is far too much.

      I've always loved Lush products, the smell of the shop always entices me to try out every product they have however the price tag has always put me off! I've had their bathbombs as Christmas gifts and purchased a few of their products however I've never tried any of their hair products. My hair is very long and thick, and at times can be very difficult to manage without the use of high quality straighteners and a truck load of serum! I read about Hair Doctor on their website when I was browsing and it has apparently worked miracles for other customers, so I thought I'd take a chance and see what the hype was about!

      Lush promises:
      "Fuller's earth, a type of clay, is terrific on hair as it absorbs oil and grease. Irish moss powder gives the Hair Doctor its thick consistency and works with the coconut and almond oils to soften the hair, while jojoba oil sinks into the scalp to nourish it. After a short while, you'll feel your head start to tingle; this is the menthol in the mask getting to work stimulating the scalp's blood vessels and allowing this doctor to truly treat your hair."

      So for £6.95 you can purchase a 95g tub which, in my opinion, is rather expensive considering there are hair masks available for much of the same price for much more product. I get the feeling that I am paying for the idea of 'organic' as the world is going crazy to be free of preservatives! The packaging is like all other Lush products, basic black tub with white writing and a quirky description of the product at the side. The product itself is an unattractive browny/green colour which actually reminded me alot like dung, obviously very appealling! The smell is the worst part about it for me, it absolutely stinks. The menthol is overwhelming and when I was applying it to my hair it was making my eyes sting and reminded me far too much of being unwell and having to smother myself in Vicks vapour rub!

      The consistency is thick however was easy to rub between my hands to apply to my hair. As suggested I applied this to my hair when it was dry. Much to my surprise it was very easy to smooth through my hair, my hair is very long and can take an age to apply products however I was able to apply this to my hair root to tip in about 2 minutes. It was also easy to wash off my hands and didn't leave any unsightly stains/marks on my clothes. After I applied the product I popped a shower cap on for a few hours and let it do it's work. The recommended time is 20 minutes but I like to get my moneys worth!

      Washing the product out was an easy task which also surprised me as the consistency reminded me a lot of clay which I thought would take an age to wash out. Afterwards I applied my usual shampoo and conditioner then I was ready to style my hair. Again, the smell was overwhelming and I felt like I'd been slapped in the face with a cold flannel smothered in Vicks. I hate the smell of menthol because as I said it reminds me of being unwell, and lets just say my nose is definitely unblocked and probably will be for the next 6 months!

      As I blowdried and straightened my hair, much to my horror the smell of menthol throughout my hair was really strong despite using my usual shampoo and conditioner. This was really disappointing because my hair felt beautifully soft and blow dried in a jiffy, and my straighteners glided through my hair. After applying my usual serum and preparing my hair, it looked and felt amazing. I'd gotten so many compliments about the condition of my hair which I was pleased about considering I'd only used it once! For the first time in about a year my hair actually felt healthy from root to tip, like a full service for my hair!

      I would recommend this product but only under a few conditions.. if you're happy to spend a fortune on hair products by all means, and if you like, no, LOVE the smell of menthol and don't mind it stinking out your bathroom then this is the product for you. I've used this twice and unfortunately it was finished, though I wouldn't note this as a negative as my hair is very long and thick and tends to require more product in it anyway. It has improved the condition of my hair but due to the smell I think I'll have another look around for the perfect product for me!


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        12.03.2013 19:20
        Very helpful



        Good but there are better ones

        As anyone who knows me knows Lush is my favourite shop and as they have so many lovely products not only is it hard not to just stick to my tried and tested favourites but it is also really disappointing when I decide to try something new and just don't get on with it. Luckily this rarely happens as most of the things that I have tried have been brilliant.

        The hair doctor was one product which I just didn't like that much. It wasn't that is was particularly bad or anything but there are other much nicer hair treatments from Lush which I enjoy using more.

        It costs £6.95 for a tub containing 95g of product. It isn't one of the more appealing Lush products as usually they look and smell almost good enough to eat and this one just lacked that immediate appeal as it brown which I suppose isn't surprising considering that it is made primarily from mud. It also contains seaweed, moss, coconut oil, almond oil and loads of other natural ingredients.

        The hair doctor is designed to stimulate the scalp and clean it deep down while adding moisture to your hair and leaving it shiny and full of life again. It is best used for damaged hair in need of a good deep conditioning treatment.

        You apply this by just slapping it on and then covering your hair. There is no other way to do it really because of the consistency but it is easy enough if not a little messy so make sure you do it in the bath or shower. Just leave this on for 10 minutes and then rinse off. It rinses off quite easy and certainly easier than I thought it was going to as it actually hardened slightly on my hair. If you have an itchy flaky scalp then you should spend some time when applying it to really massage it in to ensure that all the ingredients get to work.

        This left my hair feeling lovely and it was super soft after using it. It also worked wonders on my scalp and afterwards I didn't have even a slight flake so I think this would be great if you suffer from dandruff. When I dried and styled my hair it had both shine and bounce and the vitality was back in it. I'm not quite sure why I didn't really like this as it did everything that it promised it would but I just think it didn't do as good a job as some of the other hair masks and it also wasn't as pleasant to apply as some of the others either.

        I think this is a nice mask but I like the others better but this would be the one I would choose if I suffered from dandruff as it really made a difference to my scalp and even after using the hairdrier my scalp didn't itch.

        The pot is quite small though and I only managed to get three uses out of the mask before it was finished so it isn't the best value either.


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        14.02.2013 15:18
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        A natural hair treatment which left my hair a bit softer but not much else

        My hair can be very frizzy and dry so I need to straighten and blow dry my hair after each time that I have washed it. This leads to it being quite dry and damaged so I usually try to put a treatment on it when I have the time. My newest treat was from one of my favourite shops Lush and is called The Hair Doctor.

        What does the product do?
        The product is a hair treatment which promises to rescue your distressed locks. It claims that it will help to strengthen, condition and moisturise your hair to bring it back to its former glory. It contains Coconut oil, Almond oil and Glycerin to hydrate the hair deeply and Irish Moss Seaweed to nourish the hair. It also contains mud for this purpose and Fullers earth to absorb grease and impurities. Also included is red henna and rosemary to give the hair a healthy shine and Peppermint oil to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.

        How do you use the product?
        The product is to be applied to dry hair and left to get to work for twenty minutes. You need to use all or most of the pot depending on the length of your hair. You then need to rinse off the product thoroughly before drying and styling the hair in the usual way.

        Packaging and Price
        The product comes contained within a black plastic pot which has some writing on the front telling you a little bit more about the product. It has a pull off black lid which allows you to easily access the product. You can buy the product for around £7 for 95 grams of the treatment. It can be bought from your local Lush store and also from a range of online websites.

        Aroma and Consistency
        This product has an aroma that isn't entirely to my liking. It is quite herbal and earthy but it is mixed with mint. It's strong, very evident and a weird mix for my nose. The consistency is that of a weak and wet play dough mixed with chocolate mouse. It is quite tough and unlike any other hair treatment that I have used on my hair.

        Application and Performance
        The product needs to be applied to dry hair but the texture of this product makes it quite different to apply it to the hair. It is quite clumpy and not runny so bits of it fall off everywhere making a big mess. The product does get a bit easier to use if you warm it up in your hands first. The peppermint does make the scalp tingle and it may be too much for those with a sensitive scalp and it has quite a cooling effect. Other than that it is comfortable to use and didn't cause me to experience any irritations. I didn't feel confident walking around with this on my hair so I jumped in the bath instead for the twenty minutes. When the time is up, it does take a while to get all of the treatment out of your hair because of the consistency and you do end up with bits on the floor of your shower.

        Once the product is out, I found that my hair did feel hydrated but that it was a little tangled so it doesn't hydrate as much as I would have liked. Once the hair has been dried, the aroma of the treatment is still there but it has changed slightly and not in a good way. My hair felt a little bit soft but nothing special and it may have been a little bit less frizzy but again, nothing wonderful. The condition of my hair may have been marginally better but not anymore than a normal conditioner would have achieved. It did remove the grease from my hair as promised and it was a full 48 hours before I felt the need to wash it again which is what I would expect from a hair product.

        All in all, I wasn't too impressed with this product. It didn't have an negative effects on my hair but considering the price and the amount you get, it didn't make much difference either. It made my hair a little softer, a little less frizzy and gave it a bit of a shine but I wanted better results. It doesn't smell too good and it is difficult to use so I won't be repurchasing this product. This just didn't work for me.


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          22.05.2012 22:41
          Very helpful



          A nice treat for your hair

          Lush - The Hair Doctor
          Well anyone who has read my reviews over time must realise that I cannot walk passed a Lush shop without being mysteriously drawn in and about two months ago I was in the Westfield Centre in Derby waiting for my husband who was having his hair cut and had a few minutes to fill in so off I went to play in Lush.

          If you have been living on a secluded island and not read any reviews on Dooyoo or Ciao for years then you may not have heard of the wonderful cosmetic company called Lush. Lush make their products with as many fresh natural products as possible using little or no preservatives. They source their ingredients from countries where the environment is not damaged by the production of the ingredients. The ingredients used are vegetarian and none are tested on animals. There is always a date on all their products telling when they were made and often who made them as well.

          Lush started as a mail order company called Cosmetics to Go but sound became Lush and spread into a number of actual shops. You can now buy Lush products in other countries of the world as well as in the UK so the word is spreading quickly.

          I am not sure whether everyone knows that if you save five black poots from Lush and take them back washed and clean to any Lush shop you can choose a fresh face mask or this fresh hair mask to take away free.

          I decided that as I was going away soon and still had half a pot of my fresh face mask in the fridge that I would ask for the Hair Doctor instead. They didn't have a fresh mixture and so my lovely assistant in the Derby shop gave me half a pot and I kept my cleaned pots to use another time.

          As usual with Lush products it comes in the recyclable (take 5 empty clean pots back and you get a free fresh face pack) black pot in the smaller size of 90g for £6.95 so it is well worth saving your pots for this one . The pots have good screw top lids so they are air tight and liquid tight so things don't dry out nor do they leak in travel. I always use Lush pots to carry things in when travelling as they don't break and they are light and don't leak either.

          Lush always describe their products in a light hearted way and this one they say;
          " If your hair could dial 999 - this is who it'd call" and then "Give Hair Doctor a go - you'll love his bedside manner."

          This is one of Lush's original products from when they were 'Cosmetic To Go' and at that time it was called 'Strandlooper'.

          On the top is the name and all the list of ingredients and of course you get a date sticker and who made it sticker as well.

          WHY BUY THIS?
          This is designed for those with itchy scalp or hair in poor condition or if you jest fancy giving your hair a bit of a pampering.

          The goodies in this are irish moss seaweed which is simmered to make a clear gel, Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, lanolin, almond oil, vegetable glycerine, soya lecithin and brewer's yeast are all thrown in to the mixture as all these are known to help condition, strengthen and moisiturise your hair.
          As well as the conditioning ingredients Lush have added red henna and rosemary absolute which help hair to shine. Finally in order to help the scalp fuller's earth takes away excess grease while peppermint stimulates the flow of blood.

          Well I damped my hair a bit then applied this through my hair; I used my scalp brush to ensure coverage all through. I then put on a throw away shower cap and left it on my hair for about 15 to 20 minutes while I read my book. If you are feeling very decadent you can add a fresh face mask at the same time and then put your feet up and hope someone comes along to give you a foot massage.

          After leaving this on my head for the time I felt I wanted it there I then washed it off with just a little shampoo followed by conditioner. I did wonder whether to just rinse it off and not shampoo it but I felt it might leave my hair rather heavy. There isn't really much guidance given on what to do with this on the pot so I guess use it as you feel suits you.

          I loved the fresh minty feeling on my hair it really made my head feel cool and tingly. I also loved the smell which is slightly medicinal and reminded me of a poultice my Mum used to put on us when we had splinters to get out. It does smell minty and kind of eucalyptus like. It is a bit like a medicated shampoo smell. (Vosene or similar). It is the sort of smell in a product that makes you feel it must be doing some good. It certainly feels lovely and cool on my head.

          It rinsed out far easier than I thought and I did wonder whether to shampoo first next time then do the hair mask then just rinse it off and dry as usual.

          My hair felt nice and normal after using this and my scalp did feel pampered. I can't say my hair was soft or specially shiny as my hair is NEVER soft or really shiny unless I use a shine serum or similar and even then it isn't really shiny.

          My scalp wasn't particularly itchy nor do suffer from dandruff so I can't really say if it would help with that. I do however have a very eczematic patches at the back of my neck near my hair line and it certainly didn't aggravate this at all in fact it felt nice when I had the mask on as it was cool and i didn't scratch at all there for a few days.

          I have described some of the ingredients and the benefits but we do have some more chemical sounding ones which required some investigation.

          Cetrimonium Bromide is an ammonium salt used in hair and skincare products. It prevents static build-up that causes flyaway hair. Apparently it can cause skin and eye irritation.

          Propylene Glycol some internet sites say it is toxic and dangerous while other say it is safe in food so not sure who is right here. Apparently it can be used in are used in applications ranging from cosmetics, household detergents, paints and automotive brake fluids which is slightly worrying. It is added to toiletries as a penetration enhancer so apparently it "alters the structure of the skin by allowing chemicals to penetrate deep beneath it while increasing their ability to reach the blood stream ". I'll leave you to decide on that but according to many websites this is in so many products we buy regularly.

          Glyceryl Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate are there as humectants and emulsifiers and so allow water and oil to mix together. Not sure about their harmfulness as once again some sites say yes while others claim they are okay.

          MY OPINION
          While some ingredients are somewhat questionable there are some really good ingredients in the mixture. I found it to be a nice treat for my hair but there was nothing really wrong with my hair prior to using this. Would I buy this again? Well, probably not if I had to pay the full RRP but if I had my five pots and could get it free then yes it is a nice product that makes me feel I am pampering my hair. My scalp felt lovely and tingly while it was on and that alone felt like it was doing some good.

          I would say that if you have an itchy scalp or dandruff then go and ask for a sample first to see if it works before you spend £6.95 on this. If you have five pots spare then like me, you might feel you want to try something different then this is one option.

          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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            22.02.2012 18:24
            Very helpful



            Great herbal stuff!

            I was recommended this treatment by a Lush store assistant. I paid around £6 for it.

            Hair Doctor looks a little strange. It's a herbal paste that needs to be stored in the fridge at all times. I don't mind storing it in the fridge but it only has a shelf life of THREE weeks so you need to use it up fast otherwise it dries out and it becomes virtually impossible to use. I left mine in the fridge for six weeks once, thinking it'd be okay, however it become a dry sticky mess and I ended up throwing a third of the pot away. I now use it up before it's expiry date. It started to smell too!

            I use Hair Doctor on my dry hair and scalp. If you suffer from dandruff, like myself, this is a great remedy to cure those flakes. I apply it to my dry scalp and rub it in gently. It can be a little difficult to rub in at first but you soon get the hang of it. The smell is quite herbal and menthol, I think I can detect a hint of mint in there too. I leave the treatment on for around an hour before rinsing it off. I once left it on overnight but I ended up with bits of paste all over my sheets and pillows, which was a nuisance! An hour is enough time for it to work anyway. The recommended time is only twenty minutes.

            Hair Doctor needs some rinsing off but you have to shampoo your hair after using it anyway so the shampoo usually gets rid of anything that has been left behind. After use my hair is dandruff free, my scalp is less itchy and irritated and my hair looks healthy and shiny.

            A great dandruff remedy!


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            18.08.2011 20:42
            Very helpful
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            another amazing product from lush

            I have never really been a fan of Lush's range of hair products, as I don't understand how they can work. I usually tend to stick to the bath, body and face products instead. Although on a trip about 4 months ago my friend brought this and ever since it is always in her house!

            Lush claims that this product.. Cleansing, stimulating, reviving hair moisturiser for mending poorly heads. Hair Doctor will make house calls to inspire sad scalps and revive hair in need of help. There's Fuller's earth, a clay which degreases your hair and scalp, stimulating peppermint and rosemary, and chamomile to soothe sore scalps.

            As my hair was feeling pretty lifeless and dull, I thought this would be perfect. After all the stress I put my hair through, the claims of this product seemed to answer all of my wishes and it was used immediately when I got home.

            Hair Doctor comes in a 95g tub which costs £6.25. In my opinion this is quite expensive but I am willing to splurge on Lush as I know it is all natural products. The pot is the usual Lush black with the logo and product name on the top. All of the ingredients etc are listed on the tub (remember to stock up 5 pots and you will get your free product!).

            The product itself is a very thick clay like substance. The clay is a greeny beige colour and to be honest, it isn't exactly the most eye catching of colours (but I wouldn't expect it to be bright green or pink!). It has a slightly gritty feel to it and is not gooey or greasy at all.

            On the pot, it advises using half the pot for short hair and all of the pot for long hair. I have to admit, I wanted to save myself some pennies so I used half the pot for my hair which is just below my shoulders. It was definitely enough to give my hair a good covering.

            To use the product, you need to wet your hair and wring out all excess water. Smooth the product through your hair and rub it in, massaging if you want a bit of a relaxation time too. I left the product on my hair for 30 minutes while I read a magazine (had to catch up on gossip!). The product did itch a little while it was on my hair, but the itch I'm sure is just because I knew I could not touch my hair - but who knows!

            I expected the product to smell very clay like and herbal, although is very much like mouth wash! It was very minty and fresh, it made me quite awake and I loved how relaxing it is. Once it is actually on your hair, it does not smell as strong which was good, if it was over powering then I might of gone mad for that half an hour.

            After rinsing this off my hair, I didn't need to use conditioner which surprised me. I have long, tangly hair but this product made it so incredibly smooth that conditioner was not needed. My hair once dried felt smooth, nourished and almost like I had a wig instead of my once troublesome locks. My scalp also benefited greatly! I usually get quite an itchy scalp the day after washing my hair, but after using this it wasn't irritated at all. I had no dandruff in the first place so I couldn't comment on this but on every other aspect it is amazing! The effects lasted about a week and I washed normally every other day.

            In my opinion, this is the perfect product for giving your hair some life and helping you with hair/scalp issues you once thought impossible to change! Its also suitable for vegetarians.

            Water (Aqua), Irish Moss Powder (Chondrus crispus), Fullers Earth, Cetearyl Alcohol, Perfume, Irish Moss Decoction (Chondrus crispus), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita), Rosemary Absolute (Rosmarinus officinalis), Chamomile Blue Oil (Matricaria chamomilla), Soya Lecithin, Glycerine, Yeast, Red Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Lanolin, Cetrimonium Bromide, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate & PEG 100 Stearate, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool *


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              16.08.2011 23:47
              Very helpful



              A great hair and scalp treatment - highly recommended :)

              Lush Hair doctor pre-wash hair and scalp treatment

              I watched youtube reviews/demos of this product before I bought this product and it did look good (but there did seem to be some flaws with it) but I bought it to try. But does it work?

              Lush's description

              "Cleansing, stimulating, reviving hair moisturiser for mending poorly heads. Hair Doctor will make house calls to inspire sad scalps and revive hair in need of help. There's Fuller's earth, a clay which degreases your hair and scalp, stimulating peppermint and rosemary, and chamomile to soothe sore scalps."


              Water, Irish Moss Powder, Fullers Earth, Cetearyl Alcohol, Perfume, Irish Moss Decoction, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Soya Lecithin, Glycerine, Yeast, Red Henna, Lanolin, Cetrimonium Bromide, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool.


              I expected the scent to be very herbal as in my experience a lot of lush products do smell quite herbal and I also expected the scent to be not very nice, if I am honest. But it smells really nice! It smells to me like mouthwash - minty, fresh and clean - it does not smell herbal really to me and it does smell really quite pleasant (which was a little surprising). The scent is fairly strong but it is not overpowering and while the product is on my head I can not really smell it too strongly.

              Consistency/Texture of the treatment

              The consistency of the treatment is quite strange. I expect it to be fairly hard and difficult to apply but it wasn't. If you have ever had an Aero chocolate mouse then you will know the consistency and texture of this as it has the exact same consistency/texture as the Aero chocolate mouse. It has a really smooth soft texture, which I did not expect.


              It looks like the concrete to me - it is a dull grey colour so it is safe to say that it does not look very nice and if it wasn't a product from lush then I would not be putting it on my hair as it does look a little bit disgusting - but if it works I don't mind! The colour of the product does look quite uniform, all of the same colour, but it does have some slightly darker/ lighter grains mixed in.

              Storing the treatment

              In the lush store this treatment was sitting in a bowl of ice, as this treatment has to be kept chilled/cool - I think this is because of the natural ingredients within the product and also to make the treatment feel cooling/soothing on the scalp when it is applied. I keep mine in the fridge at the top with a label on so no one mistakes it for a new chocolate mouse at eats it!

              Applying the product

              Before applying the product I brush my hair thoroughly, as the treatment makes my hair quite matted so the smoother it is to start with the easier it will be to apply the treatment (although it is not difficult to apply anyway). The first time I used this product I changed into an old t-shirt but it was not really necessary as I did not really get any on my clothing - although you may want to put a towel over your shoulders just in case. I then take the treatment out of the fridge at the last minute, as it has to be kept chilled and I then start to apply it to my scalp and hair.

              I start applying the product where my parting is. I just take a small amount (about a 20 pence size amount) for the length my parting and then I just run the product using my fingertip along my parting and then I rub it into my scalp gently. If there is any treatment left in my hair after I have covered that one section I just rub the product into my hair at the sides of my parting to make everything a little bit neater and tidier. After I have done that parting I take a tail comb and make another parting about 1cm or so away from the one I had just covered (or you can just use your finger to make a new parting - you don't really need a tail comb but it does help).

              I repeat this process until I have covered all of the area I want to cover - I do not do a full scalp treatment as I do not need to use it everywhere. I just covered the areas of my scalp that can get flaky, dry and slightly irritated - mainly the top of my head and the front, near my hair line. The process of covering my scalp with the treatment does not take very long, it probably only takes about ten minutes to cover the areas of my scalp that I want to cover and then I just massage it in (which probably takes about another five minutes or so).

              After I have finish the application of the treatment to my scalp I then move onto my hair. I don't put a lot of the treatment onto my hair - as my hair is really long so I would probably end up using half a tub on my hair alone! So I just use it on the areas of my hair which get really dry, I use it on the mid lengths and the ends of my hair. I just take some of the treatment, a lot more than I use on my each section of my scalp, and I run it through my hair until it is smoothed through out the mid lengths and ends of my hair. Applying the treatment through my hair does not take too long as it is very easy to do and it probably only takes about five minutes.

              When all of the areas of my hair/scalp are covered with a thin layer of the treatment I then just massage the treatment into my hair for a couple of minutes - which makes sure that the treatment is smoothly evenly through my hair/scalp. Also scalp massage increases the blood flow to the scalp which is supposed to make your hair grow longer - my hair is long anyway but I would like it longer so this treatment is a two in one fix for me.

              Then it is just a waiting game, it is stated that you should leave the treatment on your hair/scalp for 20 minutes, I did this the first time and this time I have left it on for about 40 minutes. While the treatment is on my head I can smell it slightly but it is not too noticeable and it is quite a pleasant smell any way, in my opinion. Also while the treatment is on, it has a cooling/soothing effect on my scalp which is great as my scalp is a bit sunburnt from holiday and this treatment does feel really nice on my scalp as it is cool (a positive point for keeping the treatment chilled/cool). Also the treatment does not burn, string or irritate my scalp while it is on.

              I gotta wash that...treatment...right out of my hair

              When I used this treatment the first time (I used it the first time about two weeks ago, a day before my holiday) I thought it would be really difficult to wash out. As while it is in my hair it makes my hair feel quite matted, a bit stiff and not very nice but I was wrong - this treatment is very easy to wash out.

              It does not say on the tub if you are supposed to wash your hair with your shampoo/conditioner after using this treatment, so I just didn't as it leaves my hair really smooth and mostly tangle free. I just rinse the treatment out of my hair and it only takes about five minutes - although it will take longer to wash out if you do a full scalp treatment. I just did the areas of my scalp and hair which needed the treatment so it would not take as long to wash out.

              It was very easy to wash out in a few minutes, the water did not change colour as it passed though my hair and I did not shampoo my hair afterwards (I did shampoo my hair the first time I used this treatment but I did not really notice any difference when compared to not shampooing my hair after the treatment really). If you are unsure I would just shampoo my hair as normal after using this treatment.

              Overall, this treatment was very easy to apply and it was also very easy to wash out, which I was not expecting. It does not leave any residue in my hair (it will do if you don't rinse the treatment out fully though) and it only takes about five minutes to wash it all out of my hair - if you do a full scalp treatment then it will take longer to wash out (if you do this it would probably be best to shampoo your hair after too).

              Lets see how it worked out...

              I have long hair and it gets tangled really easily so I always have to use a conditioner after I wash my hair but after using this treatment I did not have to use a conditioner as it makes my hair incredibly smooth! I did not expect the results that I got with this product. It makes my hair really smooth, fairly soft and it makes my hair look and feel healthier too.

              As for my scalp I find that it completely stops any irritation that I get and it also stops any flakiness that I get too. I used this treatment the day before I when on a cruise (about two weeks ago) and through out the eight day cruise my scalp was irritation free and I did not get any dandruff too! I am really impressed with this results from this scalp and hair treatment, I did not expect it to work out as well as it has done. And I did not experience any irritation after I used this product and when my hair is wet I can smell the treatment but only very slightly - and when my hair is dry I can not smell the product at all. Overall my hair just feels really nice after using this product, although I find that my hair gets greasier a little bit quicker than normal after using this treatment - but the positives effects for the treatment last for about a week (for me anyway).

              How long will one tub last?

              I am going to keep using this as a treatment only on the areas that I need to apply it to - I use it only on the front of my scalp and at my hair line and I also use it through out the mid lengths and the ends of my hair too. I have used this treatment twice and I am not even half the way through the tub - so if you were to use it like me then I would say that one tub would last you a month or two depending on how often you use the treatment. But if you are going to do a full scalp and hair treatment I would say that you could get two uses out of it. I have long hair and if I was going to use it all over my scalp and hair then I would probably end up using about half a tub in once use.

              Additional information

              One thing about this product that was a pleasant surprise is the expiry date. On most lush products there is an expiry date, as a lot of the ingredients are natural, but in my experience the expiry date runs out before I use all of the product (this was the case with the angels on bare skin cleanser - which is amazing but I was left with product after it had expired). This product lasts for three to four months, so the expiry date is quite long for a lush product. Also if you collect five black pots from lush (you don't have to just have five cleanser pots, they can be from any lush range) you can take them back to lush and get a free fresh face mask!

              Overall positives

              The main positives about this product, for me, include: the ease of applying the product as I thought it was going to be hard to apply it to my scalp but it was very easy to apply (as the treatment has a soft, smooth and mouse like consistency). Another positive point is the ease of washing the treatment out - again I did not expect it to be as easy as it was. The scent and soft/smooth consistency was another unexpected bonus.

              Overall negatives

              I can not really think of any negatives for this product really - but I guess one negative point could be that when the treatment is in my hair, it makes my hair look and feel quite matted/stiff but this effect washes away easily. I also find that after using this treatment my hair gets greasier a little but quicker than normal.

              Price and availability

              I bought this product about three weeks ago and I love it! I bought it from a lush store, but it can be bought online too (link below) and one 95g tub cost me £6.50. This product can only be bought from a lush store or lush online. Lush says that "If you live outside of the UK, you might prefer to pop to your local Lush shop to pick up your fresh mask to make sure it lasts as long as possible."



              *Natural ingredients, no animal testing, suitable for vegetarians to use (I don't think this product is vegan friendly though as I think it contains milk)
              *Easy to use and apply to my hair/scalp
              *Cooling/soothing feeling - great for sunburnt scalps like mine
              *Smells really nice, to me anyway - a peppermint/spearmint scent which is very refreshing
              *Easy to wash out and the scent does to stay in my hair (this last point could be a positive or negative, depending on whether you like the scent or not)
              *Leaves me with a flake and irritation free scalp
              *Makes my hair incredibly smooth, fairly soft and mostly tangle free


              *None really for me

              Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita

              For more information: www.lush.co.uk


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                06.03.2011 17:45
                Very helpful



                A decent hair treatment from Lush - expensive but worth every penny!

                As I style my hair from time to time and switch shampoos depending on what good offers I can find my hair has been prone to being a little bit itchy and greasy from time to time lately, however, this seems to have increased over the last few months and is something that my partner has been noticing also. While browsing in Lush we spotted this Hair Doctor product and decided at £6.25 for 95g that we would treat ourselves and give it a try.

                This product comes provided in the usual Lush little black pot (return 5 clean washed pots for a free fresh face mask). The product looks like a very thick clay and it's a grey/biege kind of colour and there is nothing particular wonderful or appetising about it to look at. As soon as the pot is opened I can smell peppermint instantly and while it doesn't look so nice the smell is quite overpowering and it's fair to say that this does contain lots of essential oils just from the first smell!

                It is advised on the packaging that you use 1/2 this pot for shorter hair and the whole pot for longer hair. I must say that I have shoulder length hair and I ended up using about 3/4 of the pot and saving 1/4 for my partner to use on his very short length hair. I felt that 3/4 was more than enough to give my hair a thorough coating. It's very easy to use this, I just wet my hair and then set about rubbing this through my hair, root to tip, and then massaging in to my scalp. It took just a few minutes to apply the 3/4 of the pot and it was simple to do. I could feel my scalp and hair beginning to tingle as soon as I started massaging in the product and while it was not uncomfortable the smell was quite strong and I felt a little like I was going to sleep, probably because of all the relaxing Lush products! I left this on for 30 minutes as stated before I began rubbing my hair under running water and really massaging everywhere to ensure that all the Hair Doctor was removed. I then shampooed and conditioned my hair as I usually would to see if there was any difference in results.

                I must say that my hair felt a lot healthier and shinier and a week on from using this new treatment (well, new to us anyway!) I have noticed a lot of difference in how much I am itching. I am probably just itching my head a normal amount now and it's only when I think about it that I seem to end up doing it (psychological I'm sure!). I've been very pleased with the results that I've received using this Hair Doctor and it's fair to say that I would be more than happy to buy this again even though the price tag is a little bit steep for what you get out of it. My other half was very shocked that you were supposed to use either 1/2 or the whole pot depending on the length of your hair but he too was very pleased with the results that got from his 1/4 of the pot. My hair seems to be less greasy meaning I am not washing it every other day now, every third instead, which has got to be better for the condition of my hair anyway as it means less blow drying and straightening.

                I would happily recommend this to anyone who has problematic scalp and my main advice would be to get past the colour and smell of the product and allow it to work it's magic. Also, if you aren't using this all as soon as you get home from Lush then ensure you keep it refrigerated for freshness.


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                  06.07.2009 21:53
                  Very helpful



                  Hair Doctor helps to inspire sad scalps and revive hair in need of hel

                  Like your face, body, legs and arms, your scalp needs attention sometimes and mine is no exception to that rule. I not only have blonde hair, I have highlighted blonde hair which I like to be styled poker straight hair and that means using my hair straighteners, sometimes on a daily basis and in order to be able to do that I have to use heat protection spray of some variety in order to protect my hair, so adding all of that together my hair and my scalp often go a traumatic ride to make me look and feel good. Taking all of that into account, I am often looking for a new product to take care of my scalp to stop the itching, dryness and the flaky bits of scalp which are often confused for dandruff.

                  Now I know you all know I am a Lush fan, but it doesn't hurt me to remind you all of the fact, especially given it is my birthday in less than 2 weeks! Anyway, I happened to pop into Lush a few months a go as I wanted some shampoo and conditioner to take away with me for a few days away and I asked the women who was stood at her little stall if there was anything new in to try. I was quickly given a demonstration using the back of my hand of a product called The Hair Doctor which was described as being "Hair Doctor is here inspire sad scalps and revive hair in need of help with Cleansing, stimulating and reviving hair moisturiser" and that was exactly what I was looking for, so I bought it paying £14 for a black tube containing 250g of the product. It was a little bit more than I had expected to be paying, but if it worked then it would be well worth its money.

                  The Hair Doctor is sold in the usual black Lush tubs which has a pull on and off lid which is easy to remove and replace and it seals really tightly to ensure no moisture escapes and it does not allow excess air into the tub which leads to the drying out of any product. To look at The Hair Doctor looks like sand t a first glance, only when you touch it the actual feel is much smoother on the skin and it is more of a clay like texture and given that clay is one of the main ingredients it wasn't really much of a surprise. When it comes to using the product, firstly Lush advise you to keep it in the fridge to ensure it stays fresh every time you use it, secondly before you actually wash and condition your hair, you should use Hair Doctor. Then you take a small blob and place it on the palm of your hand and gently rub it between your palms and then apply it directly to your scalp only. In doing this you need to ensure that you use enough to cover your entire scalp, including your scalp at the back of your neck, once you are satisfied your scalp is covered you should then massage your scalp for a good 5 to 10 minutes to ensure you have given the essential oils time to work themselves into your scalp but before washing it out from your hair, I would suggest leaving it on your head for a further 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it off, again massaging your scalp as you do this. Washing off the excess product is a really easy task and you should be able to feel how soft your hair is as you wash your hair.

                  Like all Lush products, this one comes with a significant aroma and the distance smell with this product is peppermint and a mixture of Chamomile both of which are slightly strong smelling but work well together and the peppermint becomes really nice as you rub the product into your hair. So what makes the aromas I am describing? Like many Lush products, they are awash with essential oils which have been specifically chosen with a particular reasoning and Hair Doctor is no different to those other products. Firstly there is the Clay which I have already briefly mentioned, the clay is used to degrease your hair and scalp a problem which left untreated can lead to the dryness of the scalp and therefore creating that dandruff look I so want to avoid. Next we have Coconut Oil which for the hair is one of the best natural nutrition as it helps with healthy growth and a shinny complexion whilst helping to ensure that your scalp is free of dandruff. Following on from that we have jojoba oil which helps to unclog pores and helps to life dirt and grime from the skin and scalp allowing your skin to breathe much more freely on its own and it also helps nourish the hair from root to tip. Peppermint Oil is a cooling oil which is really kind to the skin and it creates a tingling feeling to your scalp as you rub it into your scalp and working alongside the Chamomile oil they are used to help relieve skin irritation and itchiness which is often caused by a dry scalp. Finally there is Rosemary Oil which on the skin, it helps to deal with both puffiness and swelling and it also increases the circulation to the scalp and is effective for promoting hair growth. As always with Lush this is just a few of the extended ingredients list and more information can be found on the Lush website.

                  After using this Hair Doctor treatment on my scalp and hair I was more than impressed, not only was my hair instantly softer and much shinier it was also much easier to style and brush once I had let my hair dry. The smell of the Hair Doctor also lingered on my hair for a few days after using and wasn't masked by the aroma of my shampoo which again really impressed me. The one initial reason I looked forward to using this product was because it promised to Cleanse, stimulate and revive hair moisturiser and since using this twice a week for the last four weeks my scalp has never been looked and felt healthy. Usually at this time of the year when we have had a heat wave and then the temperatures begin to dip again my hair and scalp would usually become quite dry, but having a healthy scalp means that my hair has remained in a healthy shiny way and I haven't felt the need to buy any other product.

                  So do I recommend this product? Well you won't be surprised to learn that I would recommend this bar to anyone who loves a good Lush product and one that is quite unusual. It does what it claims to do but on the downside, because of the ingredients that are contained within it Lush say it should only last for a maximum of 4 weeks, even though you should keep it in the fridge to preserve it for the length of time, I have had my pot for 5 weeks and although I am coming to the bottom of the tub it has in my opinion lasted really well and I do use it twice a week, I just wish for the price tag of £14 it was longer lasting but being impressed with the results after using it I wouldn't hesitate in buying it again.


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