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Lush Hard Water Solid Shampoo Bar

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Brand: Lush / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2011 14:41
      Very helpful



      A really nice shampoo bar

      If you read my reviews regularly you'll know that I'm slowly trying to work my way through every Lush product available. Lush is a natural ethical cosmetics store that produces a weird and wonderful variety of bath products, shower gels, cleansers, moisturisers and other goodies, as well as an incredible range of soap, and I'm a huge fan of the range.

      Among the range of items are a number of shampoo bars. These are shampoos made in solid form, which saves on packaging and are easier to carry when travelling, as they take up much less space. If you buy two then you get a free shampoo bar tin to keep the bar safe.

      Last year I bought two shampoo bars, Soft and Hard. They are designed for use in soft and hard water respectively. I wasn't able to use the Hard shampoo bar until recently, as I have only just moved to London, which is notorious for hard water! Different areas of the country have different types of water: London and the south tends to have hard water while the north normally has softer water. Hard water tends to contain more calcium and magnesium which can cause scale build-up and, pertinent to this review, problems with soap and other cleansing products in terms of a lack of lather.

      This particular shampoo bar is identifiable by its salmon pink colour. It is made up of tiny 'noodles' of shampoo with little rose and cornflower petals added. It contains soya lecithin, free range eggs and chunks of cocoa butter conditioner which help to condition and moisturise hair and take the edge off hard water. It smells very fresh and floral - the scent isn't exactly unpleasant, but it does remind me a little of an old lady's bathroom! You can see the lumps of cocoa butter in the bar. Geranium oil and lavender oil add to the scent. The shampoo bar is suitable for vegetarians, but sadly isn't suitable for vegans as it contains egg.

      There are two ways to use the shampoo bar. One is to wet your hair, rub the shampoo bar between your hands to release a lather, and rub the lather all over your hair. The other is to wet your hair and rub the shampoo bar straight on to your hair. I prefer this method as I find it easier and quicker.

      The shampoo bar lather up very well and my hair feels clean after using it. I can smell it on my hair straight after use, but once I apply my conditioner, the smell of the conditioner takes over. The shampoo rinses out very easily, though the little flower petals in the bar were quite annoying at first.

      I've nearly finished using the bar up, and I've enjoyed the experience. My hair, which is straightened every day and has been coloured, is normally slightly dry but it has been noticeably softer and more shiny after using the bar. I put this down to the cocoa butter in the bar. I certainly haven't yet experienced any negative effects from living in a hard water area!

      About two-three weeks after beginning to use the bar, it did break in half and subsequently into smaller pieces. The bar is softer and less long-lasting than some others in the range I've tried. I've nearly finished the bar, and I estimate it will have lasted a total of four weeks. This isn't too good considering it cost £4.65, which is more expensive than normal shampoos.

      Overall, I enjoyed using this shampoo bar and would consider repurchasing if I go on holiday and need a solid shampoo to take with me. However it probably won't replace other shampoos for general use as it is a bit expensive.


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        30.04.2009 14:36
        Very helpful



        A brilliant product in every way!

        If you live in a hard water area and your element in your kettle is always getting covered in scale then read on....

        Recently I have been on a quest to try and reduce the number of items I buy in plastic bottles, and to try and be a bit more eco friendly. I'm not going as far as one of my daughters, who is not only doing a degree in sustainable development, but is absolutely passionate about saving the planet, and will even pick nettles before the sun goes down for her evening meal. Having said that each day that goes by I find myself looking at her lifestyle and trying to emulate parts of it, because I really feel she is heading on the right track.

        So I have recently stopped buying shampoos from conventional stores and have started to buy the solid bars from Lush. Initially I was very sceptical indeed and was buying them as an experiment, but as time has gone on I really feel I have stumbled on some really amazing products, which have left my hair a million times better than any thing I have got in my cupboard to use up from the days gone by.

        One of the first bars I bought is called "Hard". It's a strange name really, and it is designed for anyone who lives in a hard water area. This is me, as I live in the heart of Essex, and our water is literally lethal. The kettle firs up in a moment, and the lime scale which builds up around the taps is a major problem, and I get through so much lemon juice and vinegar treating these issues. However there is worse, I have succumbed on many occasions to the dreaded renal calculi, or kidney stones, which in my case were almost certainly triggered by the water composition, as well as a genetic tendency and a lack of fluid intake. I was put on a special diet a few years ago based on Glasgow tap water which is some of the safest in the country for this condition as it is soft water. My daughter went to buy some of the Soft shampoo in Glasgow (Lush also make one for these areas!) last week and it was all sold out, but they had plenty of "Hard", which of course is not suitable for their water.

        So if like me you live in a hard water area try this shampoo bar as I think you will be delighted with the results. The bar is a lovely oval shaped compact little soap and it is a lovely pink colour. It will cost you £4.40 which is going to last you in the region of 80 shampoos which is quite a stunning fact. This is a two in one bar so you may not need to add conditioner depending on your hair type and general condition. Just a note the picture on this page Dooyoo have is now slightly out of date, and they have assured me they will soon replace it as it currently shows it as a slice which it used to be.

        As this soap has no preservatives and no packaging it really is as eco friendly as you can get, and if you buy two of their shampoo bars you will receive a free tin in which to store this.

        The bar is made with cocoa butter and nut oils, which really condition the hair, and the scent of this bar is really beautiful as it contains geranium oil, lavender oil, rose and cornflower petals, as well as lots of coconut oils. These coconut oils are obtained from remote islands in Indonesia where the purchase is helping isolated communities to make a decent living. It is a floral scent and I have to tell you that using it is a really lovely treat.

        To use you simply lather in your hands and then apply to hair which is wet. Try to cultivate a little patience here as it lathers up quickly, but not in an instant like a dollop of shampoo would. You can also rub the bar on your head as well, so both methods work really well. Having done this I usually lie in the bath for a few minutes and enjoy the lovely fragrance, as I have discerned that doing this also allows the conditioning effect of this to have maximum time to smooth and tame any hair like mine which is prone to frizz.

        Then I just rinse off. At this stage most times it does not need a separate conditioner, and I find my detangling comb glides through my hair easily. Occasionally if I use this in situations which are more of a challenge where, for example, I have been out in high winds, or sometimes on a bad hair day, I will just do a separate conditioner, but you only need a light one, if at all.

        The brilliant thing is that this soap is so easily transportable to make holidays easy and carefree, and by using the tin you can keep it secure and dry in your luggage. Just one note, the tin is ever so slightly too small for the unused bar so I normally use it a couple of times before I set off. Of course it is useless for soft water areas as for example in The Outer Hebrides, where I spend a lot of time, this would be just too soapy, and you would be forever rinsing it out in that soft water.

        After using this I have noticed that my hair is so much easier to style and to straighten and people have been commenting on the shine which is really noticeable. I am quite pleased about this as I have weaved highlights, and these are picking up the light more and showing through the dyed blonde hair underneath.

        Lush have been making this for a long time. It used to be in a block where you had to ask for a slice, but now it is a dinky little bar which is so easy to pack and to store.

        The smell of this lingers on your hair all day and you will find that it has never been in such good condition. It's a fantastic product and I wish I had overcome my scepticism a long time ago. You can even use it as a general soap for washing as well, so it is an all purpose treat which smells absolutely divine.

        This is a great buy and one of several of their solid shampoos I have now sampled, and with the results so far I doubt very much that I will be bothering to buy many more conventional shampoos again.

        Just a final note about this Hard shampoo, it is not suitable for vegans which is a shame as I know my vegan daughter would love it, but they have added free range egg . If you are vegan they have several you can pick from in the range which are perfect if you follow that way of life.


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          08.06.2007 12:26
          Very helpful



          a great new concept

          Lush Hard Water Shampoo Bar

          I am a bit of a Lush fanatic and when I find myself at their online store or indeed in one of their smelly shops I invariably find myself buying a lot more than I should. This Lush Hard Water Shampoo bar was just one of my recent purchases. I mainly bought it because it looked so good. It is meant for people living in hard water areas but I don’t really think this applies to me. However I hastily added it to my shopping basket and was looking forward to using it.

          The whole concept of a shampoo in a bar is very strange and this is what also attracted me to this particular product. Apart from the fact that it is wonderfully girly pink I thought that such a novel idea should be tried and tested and I thought I would let everyone know exactly what I thought and how I found using this product.

          For the price of £2.95p this shampoo is about the same price as I would spend on a bottle of shampoo from Tesco or Boots. You get a 100gram slice of the shampoo and it rather resembles a nice slice of cake. However don’t be fooled eating it is certainly not advisable!! The good thing about using this bar as apposed to buying a bottle of shampoo is the fact that there is not a lot of waste. You see this bar comes wrapped only in clear plastic and therefore you do not have to throw away another empty plastic bottle. Very ingenious of Lush if I must say!

          Lush claim this bar can counter the effects of using hard water on your hair and the ingredient
          Sodum sesquicarbonate is what does it. This is a main ingredient in the shampoo bar, I am not too sure exactly how this is done but if they say it does it I am sure they are right on the mark.

          To look at the bar you will see a large pink lump of product that has a few dried out flower petals sitting on the top of the slice. These are more of a hindrance really as getting one of these stuck in your hair may take you some time to get it out again! Plus they do get stuck in the plug hole so I would advise picking these out before attempting to actually use the bar itself.

          The bar is fairly soft to the touch and I found myself just breaking off a little to use on my hair instead of putting the whole bar to my head. You can really smell the freshness that the bar emancipates from the get go and the fragrance is very appealing to the nose as it smells like roses and fresh flowers I would say a very womanly smell.

          The best way to use the bar is to get the lather going before in the palms of your hands and then when a few bubbles have appeared then being to lather up your hair with it. A little bit of this bar seems to do the trick and I found that a little really does go a long way! After using the shampoo and finding that it bubbles up nicely and seems to get all through my hair in a good manner I still used conditioner as I do with what ever shampoo I am using.

          After the shower my hair really seemed to be cleaned well and have a good look to it. I would say that it was really no different from using any other shampoo and I don’t think there was any marked improvement in the condition of my hair as a whole. The feel of my hair was perhaps a little softer but of course I had used a conditioner as well.

          The bar seems to be lasting a good while and I have about another 1 or 2 washes that I can still get out of it. As I said before a little really does seem to go a long way and this bar is lasting the distance. The trouble with storing it is quite difficult because it only comes in this plastic wrapper you have to be careful not to get it too wet otherwise the bar seems to melt into a bit of gunk being as it is so soft in the first place.

          My hair after washing still holds on to the wonderful aroma that the bar itself smells of. The aroma is still strong even after I have dried my hair and this pleases me somewhat as I find the aroma much more pleasurable than that of say Herbal Essences.

          I would recommend this shampoo to anyone and say give it a go. The idea really is a strange one and one that I enjoyed using. The bar itself smells good and looks great. The shampoo worked well cleaning my hair and making it seem somewhat softer to the touch. The smell is something really amazing and I do love the freshness that comes from using the shampoo. The bar lasts for quite a while and again a little goes a long way. The price I would say is pretty reasonable and I for one will be buying this again.

          Take a look at Lush’s website I am sure there is something on there for everyone!! www.lush.co.uk


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