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Lush Ice Blue Shampoo

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Brand: Lush / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      27.05.2011 11:07
      Very helpful
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      An effective if slightly drying shampoo

      I made an order from the Lush Retro section recently and decided to sample a number of products from the Haircare range. One of these was the Ice Blue shampoo.

      ***What is Lush?***

      Lush is a store that makes toiletries and cosmetics, using natural and organic ingredients where possible and minimising packaging where they can. It started out as a mail order company called Cosmetics to Go, but this failed and the new store, Lush, opened in Poole, Dorset. Later branches of the shop opened in London and beyond, and there are now Lush stores all over the world. As well as in store, you can also buy products from the website, www.lush.co.uk. There are similar websites for many different countries including the USA, Japan and Germany.

      Lush buy ingredients only from companies that do not test on animals. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians and many are suitable for vegans.

      Lush say: "We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.
      "We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again."

      ***What is Retro?***
      The Retro range is only available online or via mail order, as it is made up of products that have been discontinued from stores, but were deemed popular enough not to be discontinued completely. Retro products are often more expensive than the normal range of products, as they are made in smaller quantities, but there is some interesting stuff to be found among the products!

      ***About Ice Blue Shampoo***
      This shampoo is designed to be refreshing, to revitalise your hair and stimulate your scalp. It is designed for normal to oily hair (though my hair tends toward dryness, I hoped that this shampoo would be good in other ways). It contains spearmint and peppermint oils to perk you up and stimulate the hair follicles. The shampoo is suitable for vegans.

      The shampoo comes in one of Lush's traditional clear plastic bottles, which means you can see the product inside. The label and lid is white, as with other Retro products. The shampoo itself is a beautiful jewel blue colour. The bottle came taped up with sellotape as I ordered it online. When I removed the lid and smelled the shampoo, it had a lovely minty scent, rather like the Softmints I used to eat as a child.

      The shampoo is available in two sizes: 100g which costs £4.20 and 500g which is £12.45. I chose the smaller size as I wanted to try the shampoo out, but if you know you like it the larger size works out more cost-effective.

      To use the shampoo, I wet my hair under the shower as usual, squeezed out a blob of the shampoo just smaller than a 50p, and rubbed it onto my hair. I found that the shampoo lathered up really well and it smelled refreshing. I've never got it in my eyes so I can't say whether it stings, but it doesn't appear to irritate my skin or scalp. There was a light tingling sensation, but nothing major. The minty scent was stimulating and refreshing: it was really pleasant and helped to wake me up. I found the shampoo covered my thick, almost shoulder-length hair really easily, and it rinsed out with no problems. I did worry that it seemed to make my hair more tangled, however I applied conditioner as usual and this feeling went away.

      The first time I used this shampoo, I was extremely worried as it seemed to cause serious dandruff! I do suffer from slight dandruff from time to time but on this occasion I could not only see it on my scalp (which I can't normally do), but every time I brushed my hair, flakes and flakes of the stuff kept flying out!

      This must have been a one off though - perhaps the shampoo was purging my scalp - because this didn't happen again and in fact I seem to get even less dandruff since using this shampoo regularly.

      The shampoo isn't the most moisturising, and as I have quite dry hair I would prefer if it was, to be honest. I have to be sure to use a decent conditioner so that my hair doesn't feel like straw!

      The minty scent of the shampoo doesn't seem to last on my hair. Of course I use conditioner and the smell might overpower it, but even when I use one that's only lightly scented, I still can't detect any smell. This doesn't bother me as I don't particularly want my hair to smell minty - smelling it while I'm in the process of washing my hair is enough for me - but it may disappoint some.

      Overall, this is a pretty decent shampoo with a refreshing and stimulating mint fragrance that is suitable for use by both sexes. It's even had a positive effect on dandruff, though I wish it was more moisturising. I feel it might be better suited to normal or oily hair. I estimate my small 100g bottle to have lasted around two weeks, which is pretty good going I think. I probably wouldn't repurchase it as there are shampoos I prefer (particularly more girly-smelling ones!) but I do recommend this.


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        01.07.2008 22:51
        Very helpful



        A strong minty shampoo

        Im a huge lover of Lush soap and whilst making a purchase reccently and knowing I would get into trouble for buying yet more soap to put in my big bag of Lush stuff, I decided to buy a little something for my partner in the hope that he would forget about the fact that I had bought yet nmore Lush and just think how nice I was for buying him a present ( it didnt quite work but there you go ! ) .

        The product I bought for my partner was Lush Ice Blue Shampoo from the retro range and of course I had to test it myself too !

        Ice blue comes in a 510g bottle and costs £10.95 , as with all Lush its pretty expensive ! I dont think I need to say much about its appearence - its blue !

        It works out slightly better value when you realise that you really only need a very small amount to get a full head of bubbles and a strong aroma.

        Whilst in the bottle this product smells okay, but when you have it on your head it can be a bit overpowering, the fragrence is mixed mint and it really does give you a cool blast ! Its definitly one to use in the morning as it really wakes you up.

        I wasnt overly keen on this, which is a first for Lush, I usually love their products, the smell of this was just too much for me, I do like mint, but this was too mingled and strong, they need to tone it down a bit in my opinion. The mints used in this shampoo are spearmint and 2 types of peppermint ( I didnt know there was more than one type of perppermint ? )

        After washing, my hair felt very fresh and clean, but I did still have to use a conditioner as it wasnt as soft as I would have liked, the minty smell overpowered my fruity conditioner so I was walking around with minty slightly fruity hair for the rest of the day.

        The cool minty smell stayed in the bathroom for ages afterwards too, but after a couple of hours it smelt kind of stale to me and it wasnt very nice.

        My partner likes that its a good wake up for the mornings but he also find that its too strong - I would definitly say its more of a mans shampoo.

        The ingridients of thisa shampoo as given on the Lush website are -

        Water (Aqua)
        Sodium Laureth Sulfate
        Lauryl Betaine
        Cocamide DEA
        Lactic Acid
        Spearmint Oil (Mentha viridis)
        Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita)
        Fine Sea Salt
        Colour 42090

        I am usually very positive about Lush, but this really wasnt for me and I definitly will not be buying it again.

        Id only reccomend this shampoo if you really like strong minty smells which are extreamly overpowering - any mint lovers out there ?

        A word of caution! I accidently knocked over a bottle of this which had a broken lid, it went all over my dresswer and it stained, the stain will not come out and now I have a horrible blue mark all over the top of my dresser !


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