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Lush Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze

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8 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Conditioner

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    8 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 17:37
      Very helpful



      Really does what it says! 100%


      First things first .... My apology ... I am sorry! Yes, it's another Lush Review!

      I actually popped into Lush the other day to purchase a new lipstick and on that particular day the weather outside was awfully clammy, you know like when it's about to pour down but is warm and the air is really sticky and moist? As someone who has naturally fluffy hair this type of weather is my arch enemy, it can turn my finely smoothed hair that took me 30 painstaking minutes to achieve into a poodle perm in less time than it took to achieve the lovely straight locks.

      This was such a day, I caught a look at my hair in a mirror and was miffed to say the least, now one of the staff came over and asked if I was alright at this point and I jokingly told her I was unless they sold something that would calm this frizz mop down. That I looked more like two poodle ears than a hair do at this point. I thought she was joking when she said that they made a product called fluff-eaze. But indeed they do, it is a pre conditioning product that you put on your hair in their words "For when you don't want to look like a poodle. A pre-wash treatment to get control of fluffy, untamed hair." - not even kidding, is it any wonder I thought she was joking?

      THE PRODUCT ....

      So what is this magic poodle tamer? Basically this product is a hair mask! Short and sweet. As with nearly all Lush products this came in a small black pot with a twist cap lid.

      HOW TO USE ....

      The product is really simple to use, basically you need to comb out your dry hair and work the product through the hair. It says to use ¼ of a pot for short hair, ½ for medium hair and a full pot for long hair. The sales staff told me that I would need to use a full pot on my hair.

      If your hair is long, it is best to clip it up, then you need to wait for 20 minutes while the mask works it's magic. You then simply shampoo your hair as normal and follow with your usual conditioner.

      I was advised that it would be best to use this when in the bath because the steam would open up the follicles, but I have not done and it has worked fine without doing.

      DID IT WORK? ....

      So the first time I opened my miracle pot I was hit by the really lovely scent coming from it, I lathered about ¼ of the pot through the ends of my hair and worked it through, I know this was not the instructions but this stuff costs an arm and a leg and there was no way I was plastering a full pot on. I pinned my hair up and carried on with my normal daily life, after about 35 minutes I headed for my bath. My hair was lovely and soft as I rinsed the shampoo out, being naturally fluffy it is normally a huge tangle at this stage but it was really smooth and now smelt the same as the product, divine!

      My hair dried and straightened much faster than normal and was visibly less fluffy. Whilst it did not fully tame my fluff, I doubt even a lion tamer could achieve this so the product has managed really well. The divine scent stayed in my hair for over 48 hours and was really nice. My hair has definitely improved in condition, it has more shine to it and I do feel that it has been straightening easier than normal.

      I noticed someone online posted to say that she found that if you wet your hair prior to applying the product that it worked better. I am yet to test that but certainly will be when I buy my next pot.

      INGREDIENTS ....

      So what is in this product that is causing the lovely scent? The mask contains olive, wheatgerm, almond, brazil nut, coconut, hemp, soya and castor oils, which Lush claim will help improve the strength of the hair. Jojoba oil to help the condition of the scalp and Henna to provide the shine. I really am not an expert in scents but I think it is the Jasmine that is the most prominent scent in this mask.

      Below are the listed ingredients

      Quantitative Ingredients
      Red Henna Infusion, Water, Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Wheatgerm oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Soya Oil, Castor Oil, *Benzyl Salicylate, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Farnesol, Geraniol, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Methyl Lonone, Benzyl Alcohol, Isoeugenol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
      *occurs naturally in essential oils


      The cost if this mask is £11.95 for a 220gram pot.
      This can be bought in any Lush stores around the country or online from www.lush.co.uk

      This product is Vegan and as with all Lush products has not been tested on animals.

      SUMMARY ....

      I really liked this product, whist it really is expensive my hair really has improved in condition. I do not think this is something you need to use to often but just to maintain your hairs health and with hair as long as mine, it really is important to keep it in good condition.

      Has my poodle look gone? Not totally but it does now look a little more like the gentle waves of spaniel ears now rather than fluffy poodle ones, so it gets a thumb's up from me!

      I will definitely be replacing this with a new one in the next few weeks and would happily recommend this to anyone with similar fluffy hair. I do note on the website that it does say that this product is also particularly suited to red and dark hair due to the Henna content. My hair is red to even better!

      I would give this 5 out of 5 without the slightest hesitation.


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        22.08.2012 08:36
        Very helpful



        Hair treatment from Lush

        I was in Lush a while ago and decided to purchase a tub of Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze. This is a hair treatment product designed to reduce frizz and add shine to hair. My coloured, processed hair is often frizzy and isn't in the greatest condition, so I decided to give this a go to see if it would help sort it out.

        The product comes in a large 220g tub and costs £10.90. It is suitable for vegans and contains Persian red henna for shine, jasmine absolute for fragrance, soya, extra virgin olive oils, wheatgerm and coconut oils, ylang ylang and almond oils, hemp, brazil nut oil and castor. The description on the pot states that it is a "Jasmine scented, supremely calming hair moisturiser with brazil nut and olive oils". Opening the tub, I was greeted by the strong smell of jasmine, which was rich and intoxicating. A word of warning - do not buy this product if you don't like jasmine. It smells strongly in the pot, on your hair, and even after being washed out of your hair. I love the smell though - it's distinctive and sexy and I find it helps to improve my mood!

        Inside the pot, the product is a thick substance with a slightly thicker consistency than yoghurt. It has a pale pink tinge to it. As it is described as a pre-shampoo treatment to calm and shine fluffy hair, I decided to use it in the morning. The instructions state that you should pile it generously onto dry hair, work it in and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing off.

        The pot states that you should use a whole pot for very long hair, a quarter of the pot for very short hair, and corresponding varying amounts for hair of different lengths. This is absolute rubbish. I used around one tenth of the pot for my thick shoulder-length hair, although I didn't apply it right to the roots. I don't think I could have got any more onto my hair if I'd tried - the product really stuck to my hair well. It was so thick that it didn't drip, so long as I was careful, and I was able to coat my hair with no problems just using my hands to scoop the product out of the tub. My hair looked wet and greasy with all this stuff piled on it, but this was to be expected. I lazed around for around half an hour, enjoying the smell of jasmine.

        After the time was up, I washed the product out of my hair. This wasn't a particularly difficult task as I had no trouble getting it all out. I conditioned my hair as usual.

        After drying and styling I could see and feel a definite difference to my hair. It was softer and there were fewer visible split ends. I found that it was easier to straighten my hair and drag my brush through it. My hair also had added shine and looked much healthier. In addition, I could smell the lovely scent of jasmine on my hair - it still overpowered any shampoo or conditioner I used!

        The effects of the product, though they weren't as dramatic after that first day, remained for a few days. Over time I feel that this product has helped to improve and maintain the condition of my hair, albeit in a more subtle way, though this is quite hard to measure.

        My pot of Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze has lasted around three months and I'm only just coming to the end of it. I've used it on average once a week (though I've missed a couple through lack of time). Overall I've been impressed with it: it's had a definite positive effect on my hair, and at around £1 per application it's better value for money than the initial price would suggest. I would certainly consider repurchasing.


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          30.05.2012 01:24
          Very helpful



          A nice hair mask treat that smells really gorgeous but not cheap.

          Lush - Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze hair moisturiser

          Well anyone who has read my reviews over time must realise that I cannot walk passed a Lush shop without being mysteriously drawn in and about two weeks ago I was in the Westfield Centre in Derby and had a few minutes to fill in so off I went to play in Lush.

          If you have been living on a secluded island and not read any reviews on Dooyoo or Ciao for years then you may not have heard of the wonderful cosmetic company called Lush. Lush make their products with as many fresh natural products as possible using little or no preservatives. They source their ingredients from countries where the environment is not damaged by the production of the ingredients. The ingredients used are vegetarian and none are tested on animals. There is always a date on all their products telling when they were made and often who made them as well.

          Lush started as a mail order company called Cosmetics to Go but some time later it became Lush and spread into a number of actual shops. You can now buy Lush products in other countries of the world as well as in the UK so the word is spreading quickly.

          After trying several different creams on my hands and arms and playing with the bath bombs and chatting with the lovely member of staff who was sharing her excitement for the perfumes with me I asked about hair products and she recommended this conditioner and hair moisturizer. She sorted me out a sample that filled one of Lush's 100g pots so I was well pleased.

          As usual with Lush products it comes in the recyclable (take 5 empty clean pots back and you get a free fresh face pack) black pot in the larger size of 220g and is the rather whopping price of £11.50. The pots have good screw top lids so they are air tight and liquid tight so things don't dry out nor do they leak in travel.

          The name and ingredients are on labels on the pot as well as the use by date and a picture of the person who made the product.

          LUSH SAYS
          "For when you don't want to look like a poodle". And also "A pre-wash treatment to get control of fluffy, untamed hair.

          We have packed this full of ingredients to bring your hair under control and make it easier to comb, but we also haven't forgotten shine and condition."

          WHAT IS THIS FOR?
          This is a pre wash hair treatment. The idea is that you get a dollop and spread it through your hair. I use my special hair and scalp massage brush to ensure it is evenly and thoroughly spread through. I usually put a disposable shower cap on and either lieback in the bath or find myself a good book and sit back and relax. I often also pop on a face mask too so that I feel well and truly pampered.

          After about fifteen to twenty minutes you can either rinse this off in the bath while you are in there or fill a bath or even have a shower to rinse it off shower. Then shampoo and condition as usual. You then continue to dry and style your hair as you normally do.

          I confess I have also used this as a conditioner after shampooing and found that gives a pretty good result too.

          Because curly and dry hair needs moisturizing Lush have included a number of ingredients known to 'feed' hair and improve the strength of your hair. The main ingredients to do this are various oils including olive, wheatgerm, almond, brazil nut, coconut, hemp, soya and castor as well as jojoba oil which also helps to improve the condition of your scalp. The henna infusion is added to gives shine to dull hair. I was a little concerned about henna as I know some people can be allergic to it and also it tends to be for those with dark or red hair and mine is blondish.

          I just love the smell of this the jasmine is so strong and heady and that is the predominant smell. If you like 'Flying Fox', one of Lush's shower gels then you will love the smell of this too.

          I have used this both as a normal conditioner after shampoo and also as a hair mask as recommended by Lush. Both methods work very well but my conditioner method is better for those with less time to spend on pampering.

          The other advantage to my method is that the wonderful smell stays longer on your hair and people then comment on how nice my hair smells.

          It washes out really easily and leaves my hair feeling quite soft. I also find that after drying my hair feels softer and easier to straighten. It sits nicely, feels healthy and smells lovely too.

          Despite having sensitive skin I have had no nasty reaction from using this product and if it was cheaper I would buy it regularly. I think I will try and see if I can get another sample in a few weeks time.

          IS IT ALL GOOD NEWS?
          Sadly despite my love of Lush I am quite concerned with the inclusion of some questionably safe ingredients. Once again Lush has included the 'safe' ingredients Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Laurel Betaine, methylparaben and propylparaben. These are marketed as safe and used in many toiletries that lather but more and more ethical and products created for people with sensitive or eczematic skin are avoiding these as they are chemicals. They are used in factories for cleaning grease and are really harsh on skin and the environment. I think that if companies like 'L'Oreal can create a product with SLS or parabens then Lush need to try a bit harder.

          WHAT DOES IT COST?
          Well being a freshly made Lush product it is not cheap. The 220g tub is a whopping £11.50 but if you get four treatments from the tub it becomes more reasonable and I got three from my sample of 100g so you could possibly get up to seven if you have short hair like me.

          I do like this product and especially love the scent but despite the fact it works really well and can be used both as a conditioner and a hair mask treatment I am disappointed that it has got some not very friendly ingredients. I will use this again but I really hope Lush do make an effort to find alternatives to these which are more skin and environmentally friendly. I think that this is expensive and a product that I would buy only once in a while for a treat. I love both the scent and the way it makes my hair feel and smell but wish it was a bit cheaper and also had no parabens etc in it.

          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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            31.07.2011 12:39
            Very helpful



            A hair treatment to revive and nourish dry and damaged hair

            As I am due to be a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding in just a few days, over the past month or so, I have been experimenting with every hair treatment that I can lay my hands on in a bid to transform my dry, damaged hair into silky bouncy locks that even a princess would be proud of. Yes, I'm aiming high! I bought two hair treatments from Lush as a starting point. One was H'suan Wen Hua, which I've already reviewed and the other was the Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze.

            What is the purpose of the product?
            The purpose of the product is to intensely moisturise dry and damaged hair to leave it stronger and in a better condition. Lush promised that this one would smooth and soften my hair. Not only this, but the product claims that it can stop my hair from becoming tangled and transform it from being a frizzy mess to a sleek delight. The end result should be soft and shiny hair that is nourished and beautiful.

            How does it work?
            Red Henna is present in this hair moisturiser and this substance is not only as a natural way to maintain the colour of your locks but also to improve its overall health. The inclusion of this ingredient suggests to me that this product is only suitable for those with dark hair but I could be wrong. The Henna works itself deep into the hair, strengthening the strands, reducing snappages and stopping the formation of split ends. The substance leaves the hair with a glossy and beautiful shine.

            There are enough oils in this product to ensure that your hair will never ever become dry again! Firstly, the product contains Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is swirled into the moisturiser in order to hydrate the hair and to leave it in a better condition. Coconut Oil is a very welcome addition which coats the hair with a beautiful shine. It nourishes both the hair and the scalp and encourages the growth of healthy new hair cells. It is rich in protein too so it strengthens the hair. Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil is present for much the same reason.

            Ylang Ylang Oil is included to nourish the hair follicles and to stimulate healthy hair growth. Jasmine Absolute serves much the same purpose and in addition, it covers your hair with a protective coat. Wheatgerm Oil also stimulates hair growth and as it is rich in many vitamins and minerals, it will strengthen and nourish your hair too.

            Almond Oil is present in order to hydrate the hair, while also nourishing and smoothing the strands. It makes hair stronger, coats it with a lovely shine and prevents it from becoming brittle and snapping. Brazil Nut Oil is included for the much the same reason and it hydrates the hair deeply. Obviously the inclusion of these ingredients means that this product will be unsuitable for use on those who have a nut allergy. Organic Hemp Oil, Soya Oil and Castor Oil provides dry hair with further moisture and helps to leave it in an all round better condition.

            How do you use the product?
            The way in which you apply the product is fairly strange and it is different to most other hair treatments which I have tried. The reason for this is because you have to massage it into dry hair. After taking a generous amount of the moisturiser from the pot, you smooth it into the hair from root to tip until the hair has been completely coated. The product is a lengthy treatment and it needs to be left on for between twenty and thirty minutes.

            If you don't have that much time to spare you can apply the product and then wrap up your hair in a warm towel and do some jobs around the house for half an hour. If you do have the time to spare, you can lie back and relax in the bath for the whole thirty minutes. Once the time is up, you need to thoroughly rinse out the product and follow this up by shampooing and conditioning your hair in the normal way.

            Packaging and Price
            This product is contained within a small black tub and it has white writing on the front and some additional information about the product. This form of packaging is frequently used by Lush and I find it is convenient as it means that you can access every last drop of the product so there will be no wastage. The product costs around £11 for 220 grams of the conditioner which makes this one slightly more expensive than the H'suan Wen Hua, which I have also tried. It can be bought from your local Lush store or from the online website.

            Extra Thoughts
            This product is a pricey one and at £11, you are only looking at getting two treatments from the pot if you have long hair like mine. The treatment needs to be slathered on thickly so you use a lot of product each time so it will be gone in a flash. The product is designed to be used once monthly though, so it will technically still last you two months.

            As the hair moisturiser has been created using so many lovely natural ingredients, it comes with a use by date of a few months after purchase, but I don't suppose anyone would have trouble using it up in time. To ensure that the product is kept at its best, you should try and store the product in the fridge if you have enough room. Just make sure no one tries to eat it!

            When you first remove the lid of the product, the smell hits you quickly and it is fairly strong. The smell is incredibly floral and quite sweet and I assume this aroma is caused by the Jasmine Flower. The smell isn't my favourite scent but I knew from the name of the product that it would have this scent so I can't complain. The smell is evident the whole time that the product is on your hair but once you have washed it away, there is only the faintest aroma left on your hair which I can live with.

            If this is the first time you have used a product of this type of your hair, you may find the application technique fairly unnerving. As you smooth the product onto your dry hair, it makes you look like you've washed your hair in an oil slick and I was wondering how I would ever get the product out of my hair again. Despite the consistency of the product being thick, it can still plop off your hair as you are rubbing it in so I would say it's best to stand in the shower or over the sink in order to apply the product.

            The hair moisturiser gives really good results from the very first time that you use the product. Once I had dried my hair, I was really happy with how soft and bouncy my hair had become and I was over the moon with how much the condition of it had improved. As I said before, I was worried about the cream making my hair look greasy and weighing it down but thankfully it did neither of these things. My hair was voluminous and full and it no longer looked dull or dry. My split ends are less noticeable, the frizziness has been massively tamed and I have fewer breakages when I brush it or tie it up.

            There are other intensive conditioners that you can try if you are not a fan of floral aromas. There is the H'suan Wen Hua which has a spicy cinnamon aroma, Marilyn for those with blond hair or The Hair Doctor which revives and restores tired and damaged hair back to its former glory.

            All in all, this was is a fantastic floral hair treatment that is actually quite fun to use. Although it is time consuming, the results are well worth waiting for and your hair will be transformed once it's been washed off. It has left my hair looking sleek, feeling soft and it is free from tangles. It is also shiny and in a much better condition that before. I am very impressed with this product.


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              28.08.2009 00:43
              Very helpful



              One Lush product I would definetely not buy again.

              Now it seems like I am in the minority when I write this review unfortunately. I say unfortunately because I absolutely love Lush and almost all of their products work wonders for me....apart from this one.

              I bought this after reading reviews about it on Lush's own website and as everyone was raving about it and singing it's praises I thought it had to be worth a try, anything to help calm my fluffy hair! It isn't cheap at £10.10 for a pot, but if the reviews were anything to go by then it seemed well worth the money for such a wonderous product....how wrong was I!

              I didn't get off to a good start when I opened the tub, a sweet sickly overpowering smell of Jasmine wafted out at me, I usually quite like the smell of Jasmine, but this was just too much. I persevered and slathered it generously all over my hair and wrapped it up in a towel to leave for the alloted time, went down stairs and snuggled up to my OH on the sofa who virtually recoiled in horror straight way and uttered a few choice words about "Smelling like cat pee" Charming! About half an hour later I had to go and wash it off, for both our sakes, it really was that overpowering.

              To top it all off it had actually made my hair even frizzier and fluffier than before and I looked like a poodle who'd just stuck it's paw into an electrical socket....not a good look!

              Sorry Lush but this is one product I won't be buying from you again :(

              I've given it a 2 star rating purely because it seems the majority of people do seem to like it but as it didn't work for me I can't give it anymore than that.


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                21.07.2009 20:46



                Good, so long as you like jasmine!

                I have dry/frizzy/fluffy/wavy hair and it is a nightmare. I used this because I thought it would calm my fluff, and even after one use it has done so significantly. I quite like the smell, but it is very strong. Jasmine is quite floral, if you don't like that type of smell, sniff this first!

                My hair is thick and just past my shoulders, I used about a third of a pot but could have used about a 1/4 and been ok. The henna in it won't change your hair colour, if anyones worried about that. I think you can safely dye over it too.

                I conditioned afterwards with American Cream, if you don't want the jasmine to linger, use this (smells divine!) and it will overcome the jasmine/floral smell.

                The price (as always with Lush) is the downer, it is £10 (more or less) for one pot, but you will be able to use this quite a few times! Use less than Lush recommend you to, a little goes a long way!


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                10.06.2009 14:42
                Very helpful



                Go get a pot or two today- or order from Lush MO!!

                Is your hair dry and a bit of a frizz bomb? Do you like the scent of Jasmine oil? Do you have a spare tenner? Get to Lush today and BUY THIS PRODUCT...

                As an avid lover of all things Lush, there aren't many items from this store that I haven't tried. I only use Lush hair products due to their amazing quality and effectiveness, and I am quite the keen-o when it comes to Lush hair treatments...

                My hair is quite dry, bleached, and shoulder length; quite manageable with the use of straighteners but without them, it is a big old fluffy afro. Not so attractive on my head. So imagine my delight when I saw the words 'Fluff-Eaze' amblazoned across this black pot of goodness...and the smell of Jasmine is one that my nose is a very big fan of...

                With a lovely bit of red henna infusion (to bring out any redness in the hair), olive oil for mega strength, that beautiful jasmine absolute for a fine fragrance that lasts for days, coconut, brazil and almond nut oils for uber shine, strength and condition, this is a mega natural lovely containing only the most expensive, high quality oils that your hair deserves.

                Easy peasy to use, you pop a generous amount this lovely creamy liquid onto dry hair, massage into hair and scalp, leave for 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse. I have been known to leave it on all night for extra benefit and to really inject the beautiful scent right into my hair.

                At £9.74 you might think that was a tad steep, but in a salon you'd be paying upwards of £20 for a one- off treatment made undoubtedly with chemicals, preservtives and water- ick. Remember, Lush's haircare products are designed by a herbal trichologist, so this guy really knows his stuff, man.

                So get to Lush now (or Lush online at www.lush.co.uk), and buy a pot of this beaut- one pot will do for one treatment on mega long, thick hair, two goes on my length hair (shoulder) and about 3 or 4 on uber short hair. They will give you a sample if you ask, but its a tad pointless as you will only see results if you treat yourself to a full treatment!!!


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                03.04.2008 10:12
                Very helpful



                A pre-wash hair treatment from Lush

                Not that I need one but I wanted an excuse to go into Lush because it had been a long time since I had been in there, Bomb Cosmetics has caught my attention for far too long and I wanted to try something new and something different. Something that didn't come in the shape of a bath bomb or soap. So I started looking at the Shampoos as my last venture with 'I love Juicy' was favourable but then I found the hair treatment section and found a product that caught my attention.

                My hair can cause me a lot of problems if I don't treat it with love and attention. It is like it suddenly starts sulking and no amount of styling; lotions and potions will make it look even half way decent. My hair also gets used to shampoo and conditioners with relative ease, so I do find myself chopping and changing quite frequently and I am always looking at hair masks and treatments which might sort my hair out and give it a really good conditioning.

                So with that in mind I came across "Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze" which sounded ideal, not only was it designed to control the type of hair I have which is light fly away hair but because it is marketed as a pre-wash conditioner, not something I have tried in a very long time and something I would prefer to use. There is nothing more irritating than having washed your hair whilst you are in the shower and then having to wait around for a further 5-10 minutes for your treatment to work. So this way, I could apply the product before stepping into the shower, thus helping the environment by not using so much water.

                So Lush 'Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze' can be found in the familiar looking black Lush tubs with a pull off lid and around its middle with the writing 'Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze' followed by the Lush logo. The pot itself is a 220g one, so it is larger than other products and it retails at £9.99 which a lot of people might say 'ouch' and think it is quite expensive but trust me, it is worth every penny. The treatment itself is a off-white creamy colour and the first thing to notice about the cream is that it is quite thick in texture but when it comes to using it, you only need to use a small amount to completely cover your hair. The second thing you will notice is the smell which I have to admit is divine and that is due to the ingredients which are contained within the cream.

                When it comes to ingredients, I have learnt a lot from Lush as to why they choose natural and essential oils and the benefits they have upon your hair, skin and body and this product is no exception to that rule. One of the first things you will smell when the lid is removed from the pot is the cocoa butter smell which reminds me of Easter Eggs and Palmers Cocoa Butter which is used to keep the skin balanced and soft. Within this product not only is there cocoa butter but there is also Almond Oil which combined with Cocoa butter work together on your scalp to eradicate any problems with dry skin or over oily roots. Then we have Ylang Ylang oil which is a used to balance the secretion of sebum and in this case it is used because it is well known for the stimulating effect it has upon the scalp which helps to promote more luxurious hair growth. Closely following this oil we have Jojoba Oil which has become a common ingredient within many shampoo and conditioners of late and that is because it is on damaged hair that tends to break easily, split or tangle will often respond very well to jojoba oil. Jojoba is a very healing and moisturizing and is so versatile it is said to work on all hair types. Finally we have an ingredient I wasn't expecting to find and that was Hemp Oil. Now to most people Hemp or to give it the proper name Cannabis sativa has another meaning and this is not an ingredients I have come across before, so I did some research and found that it is easily absorbed into the skin and has very good moisturising properties on the skin and for the hair it is very nourishing. So there you have it.

                There are as always a lot more ingredients used within this treatment and details of which can all be found on the Lush website.

                To use your treatment in which you do not have any real instructions, you firstly only need a really small amount because a little really does go along way and you use it from root of your hair to tip making sure you have given your scalp a good rub and then once your hair is entirely covered you leave it upon your hair for 5-10 minutes depending on how good a treatment your hair needs. When I used this for the first time, I did leave it upon my hair for 15 minutes because it had been a good three months since I had last used any sort of treatment upon my hair. Once the time is up, you simply wash the treatment out using warm water and I immediately noticed how soft and smooth my hair felt to the touch as I was rinsing my hair and the smell literally was divine. Once I had finished rinsing my hair, I carried on with my usual showering routine, washed my hair as I would normally do and then left it to dry naturally on its own. Usually, my hair would become a frizzy mess and I would literally run for the hair straighteners, but as soon as my hair began to dry the frizz effect just wasn't there at all. Having naturally wavy hair, you expect a little frizz but now i'm frizz free with gorgeous smelling hair. The effects of this treatment last for about a week and a half on my hair before I feel the need to use it again, however, every one has different hair, and so the need to use the treatment again may differ.

                I found that 'Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze' was easier to use than I had expected and it did leave my hair smelling wonderfully of cocoa butter and almonds, which is the type of smell I love and also one which lingered for a good few hours after use. My hair was also much softer than I expected it to be and also very shiny and healthy looking when dry and I am pleased to say that my scalp also had a good massaging and the effect of that was very impressive because I do sometimes suffer with a dry scalp due to the thickness of my hair and it is something I have to constantly watch and combat and for that I have used an array of products, of which most of them worked very well, but with this product it is like having two products in one pot.

                Now the question is did it work? Well from the praise above yes it did, since using this product I am pleased to say that my scalp is no longer dry, I have no frizz which means I don't have to use my straighteners daily and overall my hair feels a hundred times better. Success again!!

                Overall for me this product has proved to be very cost worthy because I bought it well over two months ago and I use it possibly every other week, living and working in London your hair is never going to be clean for long with all the pollutants and I am quite paranoid about having dirty hair, so I tend to wash it every other day, and I would estimate that it has the life expectancy of three to four months at least and for £9.99 it is much cheaper than the cost of all the other products I would use in its place.

                Do I recommend this product? Well if your hair is like mine then absolutely without a doubt, but if you hair isn't like mine and you would still like to try a similar product then log onto the Lush website and have a look around, there are a lot of options to choose from.

                ** Extra Information **

                www.lush.co.uk is the Lush website address and it is here that you can find out further information about this product including the ingredients that I did not mention.


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