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Mark Hill Straightening Balm

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3 Reviews
  • Silk protein
  • Helps to get poker striaght hair.
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    3 Reviews
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      11.01.2015 13:22


      • "Helps to get poker striaght hair."
      • "More tamer frizz"
      • "Silk protein"


      Poker straight hair

      Please note this is a cream not a balm as stated, they have improved the product and relaunched it a while ago.

      I know this sounds weird but when I had short hair I could not live without this product.
      I have poker straight hair anyway but when I had it cut short during one summer the ends of my ahir kept curling! It was really frustrating and annoying that's why I chose the Mohawk product from BED HEAD to get those ends straight [ reviewsed under TIGI BED HEAD] this calmed by hair escpecieally in the summer.

      They recommend to use this alongside the range of 'STRIAGHT PRODUCTS SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER' but I used this with other brands and it worked fine. Only tip I can give that helped me achieve those great straight results was to towel dry my hair and not blow dry. I applied this and let it dry naturally and then I used straighteners and it seemed to work better than when I blow dried my hair and nothing tamed the curl.
      This has bamboo extract in to help give the struture your hair needs to remain striaght and the silk protein adds the shine.
      Honestly was not expecting this to be so shiny and fresh looking when using products it can make hair sometimes dull or limp and you have to use a glossy spray to perk your hair up but this was brilliant and I would highly recommend to those thinking of trying to go for it.


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      20.01.2010 18:32
      Very helpful



      Good results - does what it is supposed to do.


      Please note on the product it says "Mark Hill Sexy Straight Cream" and not balm as in the product list.

      COST - £3.49 for 150ml from Boots

      AVAILABILITY - This product is widely available from stores like Boots and Superdrug. It is also available on line direct from Mark Hill at a similar price however postage costs may be added to this.

      PACKAGING - The product comes in a transparent cerise coloured bottle with a flat front and citcular back. There is absolutelt no writing on the back so it can clearly be seen how much of the product is left. All the usual details, apart from the name which you can see from the picture is clearly on the front, have instead been printed up and down the sides of the bottle. This writing is just far too small for me to read and as the directions are here this could potentially be a problem. However the website also gives you directions on how to use the product.

      USING THE STRAIGHTENING BALM - You are recommended to wash and condition your hair in the usual way then towel dry. Then you apply a good sized blob to your hand and massage through your hair then dry and straighten as you usually do. I find when used like this the product works reasonably well but iI feel my hair still needs something to aide the straightening process when starting with dry hair.
      The product recommends only using on towel dried hair however as well as doing this I also use it my dry hair. To do this rub a pea sized amount into your hands and coat them completely till they are glossy. If your hands are creamy coloured with the balm then you have too much on your hands. You only need a very tiny amount or your hair well get greasy. Then i tip my head upside down and starting at the roots I scruch my hands through them then run my hands right through the rest of my hair until my hands are dry and the balm has transferred to my hair. I then straighten as normal and I find the results are much better. Putting it on my dry hair does not make it greasy of feel weighed down with products however this can happen if you apply to much balm.
      I have very thick and frizzy afro-like hair and so I need to do this every day. If your hair is fine you may get away with just using this product on your wet hair.

      FINAL THOUGHTS - I would definately recommend this product. If you have fine hair, use as the product directs. But if you have thick, unrully hair like I do you may need to apply it to your dry hair as I suggested.
      It is slightly more expensive and you probably are paying more for th name but in my opinion it's the results that determine whether a product is good value or not. I think this is most definately a good buy.

      Highly Recommended


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      31.10.2009 22:02
      Very helpful



      8 out of 10

      I have this product in the mini version but it is the same stuff.

      I used it for the first time today and I am quite pleased with it.

      To dispense the product is very easy you push down the inner lid and therefore it dispenses a little at a time. This prevents waste and it os a good feature of the bottle, an outer cap fits well onto the plastic bottle, it has contents and usage instructions.

      Appearance, smell and texture of product=
      The product is a very pale yellow cream colour which makes me think it might smell a bit lemony. In fact it does smell very slightly of lemons, is very fresh and smells quite nice indeed. Much better than products which smell just of nasty chemicals. It makes it very pleasant to use.

      The texture is smooth but slightly textured, it is hard to describe, it is not a perfectly smooth cream but goes on quite smooth. It is just the right thickness.

      I pop a small amount into hands, rub together a bit then smooth down the last 6 inches or so of my hair, I would never use product near the scalp due to weighing it down making it limp and looking greasy, not to say this would do this it is just my opinion. Use on wet hair and blow dry, I blow dry on the coolest setting on the highest speed as I do not normally blow dry my hair but I wanted to use this product and I was in a rush so I thought I'd do it to puff my hair up a bit and thicken it up.

      It left the ends looking smooth and flattened down, it added a small amount of shine, did not leave any smell behind, after using straightening irons I was pleased with the results.

      Will definitely use again, it makes your hair look in better condition than without any product on, flattens the cuticle and smooths the outside. Pretty good stuff. Unfortunately it was a gift so I do not know the price.


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