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Mark Hill Sun Protection Spray SPF6

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Brand: Mark Hill / Type: Hair Spray / UV Protection Factor: SPF 6 / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2010 17:54
      Very helpful



      Glad I won this otherwise I wouldn't have known about this great product

      A sun protection spray isn't something we normally think about when it comes to our hair, especially in the UK summer months, but don't forget the UK has sometimes been hotter than our European Unions. After all you're more worried about applying sun cream to your skin and protecting yourself that way than you are thinking about your hair and the effects that are happening without you realising. In away thinking back I was naive to think like this, yes you spend a lot on skin care and looking after your skin but you also spend a lot on hair products, making hair shiny, healthy, bouncy, clean etc so why would you want to waste all that effort and money by not protecting your hair? Your hair a thought of like an sponge absorbing water and all things harmful to it.

      The same UV rays that cause you to burn and heighten the risk of skin cancer, it is just as important to protect your hair as it is your skin, after all your scalp is skin. The suns UV rays penetrate the hair cuticles making your hair burn, makes it weak and brittle, dry, damaged, frizzy and unhealthy. If you have chemical treated hair the effects are worse as your hair is all ready damaged.
      The sea and chlorine from the pool also damages hair in the same way UV rays do, only difference is chlorine is penetrated into the hair shaft in the cuticle like a sponge and not burnt upon. Chlorine removes the protective natural oils of your hair and scalp making your hair dry and your scalp itchy and flaky.
      A SPF product like Mark Hill Sun Protection SPF in SPF 6 helps to block chlorine and UV rays from entering the hair shaft, making it dry, brittle, weak and damaged.

      I came across Mark Hill Sun Protection Spray SPF6 when I won a competition in a magazine and I got this sent for free. It came just at the right time with all the beautiful weather we've been having and I couldn't wait to give it a try and see if it does what it claims to. To purchase you can get it from Boots.com for £3.42 for a 100ml bottle, although I received 150ml.

      The first thing that struck me is the packaging; the plastic see through bright orange bottle is very striking, with the front straight and the back of the bottle curved. It takes you straight back to your last holiday and summer months in the UK. The front tells you what the product is with palm trees with the sea underneath. When you take off the see through orange lid the spray action is also in the same colour. As it is bright orange you will never lose it. It is good it is see through as you can see how much product you have left, the bottle is also very light so great for travel.

      With the hotter summer months I first applied it when I knew I would be staying in the garden as I didn't know what it would be like. As directions on the back stated spray before going into the sun and spray onto my hair 10cms away and re-applied regularly when in the sun.
      As soon as I sprayed it onto my dry hair you can smell the scent whiffing over, it smells very fruity and tropical, another flash back to my last holiday. The spray was also light and covered a nice area and not a big blob in once place. Because I sprayed it lightly over my hair and around 10cms away when, I combed my hair through and was surprised it didn't feel greasy at all like you would expect from an SPF product. In fact it smelt lovely and with a great shine, plus I knew my hair was protected at the same time. When I spray it I also gently rub it into my scalp for extra protection of my skin.

      As this product is only an SPF6 it does need re-applying throughout the day to keep the protection in your hair especially if you go aboard or the weather really heats up. Reapplying the product throughout the day left my hair feeling a little greasy but not as much as I expected. My hair still felt clean and looked shiny, as well as smelling beautiful without weighing it down, which was another one of my worries but best of all the product actually felt like it was conditioning my hair at the same time.

      I continued to use this all through our warmer months and with great results. Even with the summer in the UK my hair does take a battering and feel a little dry at the end of the day, if you feel your head/head while in the sun you can feel it is so HOT especially if you are a brunette like me, that is not good and it is burning. With Mark Hill Sun Protection Spray your head and hair will still feel a little hot to the touch as your skin would with protection on but the difference is it actually is protected.

      Not only is it a good product for your hair I can see it being great before stepping into the pool as well, but make sure you rinse your hair afterwards to get some of the chlorine off your hair.

      Washing the product out of your hair at the end of the day is very easy with your usual shampoo and conditioner, there is no greasy residue left and your hair is left feeling soft, looking shiny and healthy and ready for the next day of sunny sun.

      After the entire lovely weather we've had (and hopefully will have some more) and spraying my hair throughout I am glad to say I still have over half a bottle left.

      This is a product I will happy purchase again, although when I go aboard I think I will want a higher SPF product as I think SPF 6 is a little low for aboard so for this I have given it four stars.


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