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Mark Hill Ultimate Shine Moisturising Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mark Hill / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes, Protects

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    3 Reviews
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      07.03.2013 19:19
      Very helpful



      i would not use this again

      Ok so i bought this product because, guess what i was going on holiday! Antigua to be exact. I thought, hot hot sun, sea, san, this is going to be hell on my hair! If you have very kindly read any of my other reviews you will already know how prone to frizz and untamed, unmanageable hair i am! So when i saw this product i thought great, all moistening, all singing, all dancing, this was not the case. I use a number of other Mark Hill products and am really very pleased with them. those little baby was a real let down.

      Think, horse hair, think...that wiry bit on the top of elephants heads (you must have been to see them at the zoo!), well thats what this did to my hair. My hair is very thin so i dont really have trouble with tangles and knots, a bit of conditioner and im fine, the brush just glides through. With this conditioner it made my hair wiry and sticky and i was so disappointed.

      The scent:
      Honestly, really not very nice. Smelt like a combination of cheap sun cream and the 'taste' you get when you walk past Lush. not at all nice. But the scent didnt put me off, i was already in teh shower so i tried it anyway. I had to rewash my hair with my regular conditioner as it was giving me a headache pulling at the knots. Genuinely surprised as, like i said, i am an avid Mark Hill user.

      This product is inexpensive, and I believe that, in this case, you get exactly what you pay for.

      I would not recommend this product.


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      26.01.2009 19:06
      Very helpful




      I bought this conditioner after my friend advised it to me as she got it for christmas and I must admit her hair looked like it was in great condition and really shiney.

      The Cost
      I got a bottle of this for around £8 in Boots, there were deals on in the 3 for 2 at the time I purchased it, which I think is a good deal.

      The Application
      You apply this product like you would apply any other hair conditioner, there is no extra steps to follow.

      I found when I was applying this to my hair that there wasnt a great smell that came from it, Im not saying that it was un bareable but I just didnt think it was as nice as other hair product smells.

      The Results
      I think though now after using it myself that it is not the conditioner for me, it left my hair looking nice after a wash but I found that it would get greasy really quickly when I used this product. I like the Tony and Guy products much better than the Mark Hill products as I never have that problem with them.

      My Opinion
      In my experiance this conditioner works great for a while but then your hair quickly gets greasy and it isnt long before it looks lifeless again. I dont really recommend this conditioner, I think that other top brands are better if you want a treat like Tony and Guy products or even the John Frieda range.


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      20.11.2008 17:45
      Very helpful



      A brilliant conditioner not sure it's the best for dry hair types though!

      I do like what I consider to be 'posh' conditioners. By which I mean little tubes, pots and bottles I find and I keep them for occasional use for if I'm going on a date or somewhere nice. Basically most days I use a matching shampoo and conditioner of some kind that's in the bathroom kind courtesy of my Mother and don't normally buy that sort of thing unless it's something really great that's on offer somewhere.

      This I spotted in BodyCare and I'm familiar with the Mark Hill brand as it's one stocked in Boots (where I live if I'm not here lol). This I bought as the trial size at 49p (expect to pay about £1.99 for this size normally). They had lots of different little products by this brand on sale and as I say I have seen this on my travels in Boots and places like that in this size and in the full size and with the corresponding shampoo and styling products. Anyway I bought just this as I fancied a bit of bling and couldn't believe the price of it and I do like to think I'm getting a bargain!

      About The Product.... According To Mark Hill....

      Mark Hill Mini Ultimate Shine Moisturizing Conditioner injects maximum moisture into hair leaving it shiny and healthy looking. It combats dull and unmanageable hair transforming it into beautiful glossy hair.

      Mark Hill Mini Ultimate Shine Moisturising Conditioner is a gentle moisture rich cleanser especially designed to deliver outstanding shine to all hair types. It contains a light infusion of Silk Proteins, Shea Butter and Sea Silk. These ingredients leave hair wonderfully smooth and shine reflective. Mark Hill's lightweight formula gently detangles hair and smoothes the cuticle, detangling hair without overloading or leaving hair heavy and lank. Now available in a handy travel size.

      For optimum results use Mark Hill Mini Ultimate Shine Moisturising Conditioner as part of a regime of Mark's Ultimate range.

      The Packaging....

      Well as I have already said mine is the trial/mini size which is 75ml though it isn't a mini size really in my opinion! It's half the size of a bottle I normally have in my bathroom and I get the same amount of uses out of this as I do a larger size as a little of this product goes a long way. It's a squarish see through recyclable plastic bottle with a flip top opening yellow lid at the top and has a matching lid that pushes fully over the top. On the front in matching yellow writing I'm told length-ways down the middle that it is 'Little Gems' (referring to the size), Mark Hill, Ultimate Shine Moisturizing Conditioner. On the bottom of the bottle there is a white sticky label on there telling me the size (as I've stated already) and there is a bar-code and that it's as in the way of information on the bottle which is simple and looks nice enough.

      My Experience...

      Well I've used this loads and I've always used it of course on damp/wet hair after washing my hair with any shampoo a couple of times and rinsing it through thoroughly afterwards. There are no instructions of course on the bottle on how to use this and this as far as I'm aware is an everyday conditioner and not a once a week intensive one or anything so I gently apply a good 10p dollop on my hair which I have gently rung out with my hands a little bit before applying the conditioner onto it.

      The conditioner itself comes out of the bottle with a gently squeeze. It's white in colour with a creamy consistency and has a light unisex smell to it. I can smell a hint of Shea Butter to it but that's it as the smell otherwise is very hard to pin point so all I can say really is it is fresh, clean and very pleasant indeed. Although you can smell it quite alot when applying it to the hair the smell really fades so even if your not keen on the fragrance for any reason you really don't need to mither about it.

      Applying it is easy. It spreads on and into the hair really easily and evenly as it has a slightly greasy feel to it and so it absorbs in quickly. The white of the cream vanishes and hair seems to drink it in leaving it invisible to the eyes.

      Now I leave it on my hair from anything to a minute to five minutes before rinsing it. It purely depends on the time and patience I possess really lol I've noticed though no difference in the end results and would say leave it on for at least a minute before rinsing to get a result.

      Rinsing it out is simple. You can feel the conditioner coming out in the way of a soapy feeling and it only takes a minute or so with warm water. Now I know when this is out of my hair because my hair feels drier than normal! Yes! Not dry as in really, really brittle or anything but although it feels smoothish and clean just overall my hair doesn't feel glossy and hydrated.

      However don't be fooled. As soon as I brush/comb through my hair it starts to feel smoother to the point of normal and once I've dried my hair and straightened it and everything my hair is totally back to it's normal hydrated and moisture ridden self.

      Shine? Absolutely! Like you wouldn't believe it! After using this my black hair really is amazingly shiny in a really natural way all over it and it really does attract comments from people. It doesn't make my hair feel dry or greasy (I do normally suffer with greasy roots and this don't make them spit up grease) and my hair feels stronger and just radiates health. It's marvelous!


      Apart from the bit where I get out my bath or shower and feel for a few minutes my hair is quite dry this is the perfect conditioner for me. Bear in mind though that this dry feeling does go through styling and it doesn't last once you start working on your hair.

      This for me is my going out and partying conditioner and I shall definitely purchase a bottle just for over the party season! The smell is pleasant, it doesn't upset my hair and the shine is pure gorgeousness! I love it and I think it's a must buy for anyone wanting to revive tired hair in a really easy and straightforward step! Me I think I feel some more Mark hill reviews coming up for me in the future on here!

      Try It!....


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    • Product Details

      A light moisturizing conditioner that helps to protect the hair and re-hydrate the shafts /

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