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Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm

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4 Reviews

Brand: Matrix / Subcategory: Treatment / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Balm / Hair type: damaged hair / What it does: regenerates,

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    4 Reviews
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      24.02.2009 00:19
      Very helpful



      recommended to anyone who loves their hair.

      **** Introduction ****

      After a friend started working at my local hairdressers, I was called in as a model so she could practice her colouring skills. As it happens she did a really good job and my colour looked great, but as I am always changing my hair colour it was looking and feeling very dry.

      She recommended this Biolage conditioning balm, as it would hydrate and moisturise my hair, usually I would turn my nose up as it costs 6.50 for a 150mlbottle, but as I got my haircut and coloured for 20.00 I could not say no as she would also get a little bit of commission for selling it to me.

      **** The balm ****

      This is a conditioner that is extremely thick, It is so thick that i have never used a conditioner like it. You only need to apply a small amount as it works itself into the hair really well, I feel that if you used to much you would struggle to remove the conditioner and end up with greasy hair.

      This was not at all runny and seemed to weld to the palm of my hand when I squeezed it out of the tube, so actually putting it in tomy hair was a real effort but after applying it and rinsing it out my hair felt instantly smoother and much softer to touch.

      I was impressed after rinsing but as it had dryed my hair it had a fantastic shine that gave my hair a nice healthy look, so it appeared healthy even though it was very dry.

      This was expensive for a conditioner, but I do have to say it is one of the best ones i have ever used, so it just goes to show that you get what you pay for.

      **** My Views ****

      I would recommend this for anyone with really dry hair, that is in need of a good conditioner, I promise it is something that will not disappoint you.

      I have seen this online at places like ebay and amazon where you can get it a bit cheaper that buying it from a hairdressers.

      As i said it is expensive but worth every penny.


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        16.09.2008 16:11
        Very helpful



        Great for over worked and stressed hair.

        As many of you may have noticed I am a real sucker for hair and beauty products, and over the years I have tried and tested hundreds of different bands. So yet again I am writing another review on beauty products, this time I am going to tell you about Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.

        About three years ago I went to a hairdresser to get my hair highlighted, I had never used this hairdresser before and she used bleach instead of colour. This was over processed and left my hair all stretchy and to the point of breaking off at the root areas.

        I had to take action to avoid getting a number three clipper cut all over, I tried this Matrix conditioning balm for dry over stressed hair.

        This really helped my hair, although it didn't repair the damage it controlled it so I didn't have to get the boy cut.


        Matrix was first founded in the USA by a husband and wife team, who wanted to provide hairdressers with good quality products that would hake the customers come back for more. Now twenty five years after this was first introduced Matrix are still going strong and constantly improving their products so suit all types.

        Matrix have become the top distributor in the USA and is creeping its way up within the UK, soon it will give GHD, FUDGE, NU: U and TIGI companies a run for there money.


        This Matrix conditioning balm is designed to nourish and repair dry damaged hair, I have to say it didn't repair my overstressed snapping hair but it really did help. I feel if your hair is dry and split then this would work but mine was beyond repair, it did help me grow my hair without loosing it so that was a great bonus in my book.

        The conditioner is very thick almost like a cottage cheese consistency, so large amounts are needed to treat all of you hair, I found that a 250ml bottle was only lasting me 6-8 washes so I would only use this once a week, as I used it by the truck load.

        I have on problem with the conditioner as it is so thick, I found that I really struggle to rinse it out properly I would have to shower my hair for about 10 minutes to ensure it removed all of the conditioner. This was probably down to me putting so much on but if I didn't I would not have even got a brush through my hair.

        To get an intense condition I would put the tube of conditioner into red hot water for 5 minutes then apply it to my hair and leave for another 5 minutes before rinsing it off, this worked wonders and my hair then started to look like it always had before the visit to the bad hairdresser.

        This conditioner comes I a 250ml squeezable tube with a flip top cap, when you are running low you can stand this on its cap to ensure you get every last bit out.

        If you like me you need a lot of conditioner then you can buy a 450ml tub of this hydratherapie conditioner, this come I a large plastic tub with screw off lid. Yes you get more product but as you need to dip your hands in to get the conditioner out I feel that you use more than is really needed.


        To buy this conditioner you will need to buy it from a professional hairdressing salon and it will cost you.

        7.95 For a standard 250ml tube or 11.95 for the large 450ml pot.

        To find your nearest stockiest visit matrix at www.matrix.com

        I have also noticed that you can pick up these conditioners online or even on eBay and they do tend to be a lot cheaper than buying from a leading salon.


        Biolage hair extended its product range over the years and they are currently stocking over 60 different products just within the biolage range.

        HYDRTHERAPIE is this range I have reviewed and is designed to help dry over processed hair by add moisture to the hair.

        FORTE THERAPIE is designed for weak very dry hair, this is very similar to the hydra therapie range but it is not as intense.

        COLOR THERAPIE, is designed to protect and enhance colour treated hair.

        SMOOTH THERAPIE is designed to tame frizz and unruly hair types, if you like smooth straightened hair then this product works well.

        VOLUME THERAPIE, this is for fine limp hair, it adds volume and bounce to any hair.


        TRIX, this is a range of styling products to suit both men and women.

        SLEEK, this is designed to help achieve nice sleek and straight hair.

        AMPLIFY, is designed to add volume to any limp hair style.

        CURL, is a range designed to care and intensify natural or chemically produced curls.

        COLOUR SMART, is designed to hold and protect any colour treated hair styles.

        VAVOOM, is the newest addition to matrix and caters for all hair types, personally I really like this new range but it is not a patch on the Biolage range.

        All of the above ranges consist of four steps so you can buy, shampoo, conditioners, protectors, masks and a wide range of styling products within each of these ranges. Currently matrix stock over 50 different products with the ranges listed above.

        MY VIEWS

        This is very thick and hard to remove for your hair so I would only recommended it if your hair extremely damaged as it really helps, as I have said I don't think it actually repaired the hair but it did make it manageable.

        I found this benefited me as it made my hair shiny and healthy looking in appearance even though it was damaged and needed to be cut off. I managed to grow my hair down enough so when I did cut it out I could get a style that didn't look boyish.

        For the price I thought it was very good but I was slightly disappointed that I could only get a few applications out of it.

        So if you need to restore your hairs natural moisure, give this a go to regain the softness and the hairs elasticity. This will deeply condition dry, thick, course and extremely damaged hair types.

        This has been tried and tested, and i personally fell that this saved my hair even if is was just for a matter of months.


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          23.10.2007 16:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Well Worth the money.

          The Biolage Botanical System is inspired by Nature. Biolage uses botanical extracts to revolutionise modern haircare. Biolage is one of the top selling haircare brands in the USA.

          Price: £10.50 from http://www.salonlines.co.uk/hair-products/

          The conditioning balm provides deep conditioning on dry or damaged hair leaving it beautifully soft and smooth without weighting it down. I have used a lot of different conditioning treatments over the years and have found the Biolage Conditioning balm to be one of the better products out there.

          This product is a weekly conditioning treatment from Matrix designed as an intensive-conditioning system that deeply replenishes hair using the basic elements hair needs to moisturise and restructure.

          The smell of the products is ok, neither particularly pleasent or unpleasent. The balm is very simple to apply and easy to use. I noticed a difference in both the look and feel of my hair after the first application.

          The packagings recommended directions for use say to apply to clean, damp hair. Wait for 1 to 3 minutes and then rinse throughly. I tend to apply a very thin layer onto my hair following shampooing, I leave it on for a minute and then rinse off. I tend to do all of this is the shower, but i would warn you to be careful as once you have rinsed it off it can coat the bottom of the shower or bath and become pretty slippy.

          After blow drying and styling my hair I notice it is tangle free, soft, healthy, and looks and feels beautiful. I love the end result this conditioner gives my hair.

          The tub lasts for several months and so although it is a little more expensive than other brands it is well worth the money.

          I will be honest and admit that I use this product less now a days as I have found other conditioners, however every now and then I come back to this and I have many friends that believe nothing else can compare to the end result that Biolage conditioning balm can give hair.


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            21.08.2000 07:01
            Very helpful



            Matrix Biolage - Conditioning Balm Biolage is the range I used all the time before I discovered Aveda, which, nine times out of ten I now prefer. Every range has some gems, however, and this is certainly one of the brightest in the Matrix Crown. Biolage is Matrix's all natural, higher-end range. For anyone with sensitive skin or scalp or 'problem' hair, it's certainly worth checking out. What makes this conditioner so good is that it's the only one I've ever found that actually does offer real conditioning/repairing benefits in an instant (ie put in, rinse out immediately) conditioner. Most of them rely on silicone to give the illusion of conditioning. For those who try to avoid the stuff, this is actually silicone-free. It has a nice 'clean' smell and is suitable for any dry/damaged/coloured etc hair. It can also be left on a bit longer for deeper conditioning, but it's still quick, with maximum effectiveness gained in three minutes. My tip - use about half the amount you think you'll need - then halve it again. I've been using this for years and still find myself using too much!


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        • Product Details

          An intensive-conditioning system that deeply replenishes hair with the basic elements needed to moisturize and restructure / It's formula combines pure botanical extracts of rosemary and golden seal with deep conditioners that rejuvenate dry, damaged hair /

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