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Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother

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3 Reviews
  • doesn't leave hair greasy
  • protects hair
  • expensive to buy from salons
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    3 Reviews
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      26.01.2015 11:30
      Very helpful


      • "no residue"
      • "doesn't leave hair greasy"
      • "easy to apply"
      • "smells nice"
      • "protects hair"


      • "expensive to buy from salons"

      An impressive straightening spray.

      PRODUCT: I recently read two reviews about this particular product on Ciao and as both users seemed to say positive things about it so I thought I would give it a try to see what it was like. I only straighten my hair once or twice a week due to the damage straightening does to your hair in general so when I do straighten it I like use to a heat protection product. This product helps to protect your hair against heat damaged when using straighteners. It leaves your hair straight and sleek and hydrated unlike some products which can dry your hair out.

      PRICE: I decided to look for this product on Amazon to see if they had it there as I had a £10 Amazon voucher which I thought would be more than enough to buy a bottle of this product with. I managed to purchase a 250ml bottle of this for £4.14 which I thought was very good considering this product is apparently around £8.00 in hair salons.

      IN USE: This product is designed for use on dry hair. I simply section my hair and then clip the upper sections of hair up so that I am able to get to the sections underneath easily. I pressed down on the button once and a fine mist came out and landed on my hair. I tend to hold the bottle a couple of inches away from my hair. I noticed that the product had a rather nice smell to it which I liked. I normally spray the section of hair that I want to straighten twice ensuring that I have sprayed some near the top section and another spray nearer to the bottom. After spraying my hair I simply ran the straighteners carefully through my hair. On most sections I only needed to do this once. I felt happy using my straighteners knowing that I was using a heat protector spray before hand to minimise damage to my hair.

      RESULTS: After straightening my hair I looked in the mirror to look at the results. The heat protection spray seemed to have done a good job of protecting my hair and making it look sleek. I could smell the scent of the spray in my hair every now and again which was nice as my hair smell clean and fresh. My hair seemed to stay straight during the day/evening or for as long as I wanted it to anyway. When waking up the following morning and brushing my hair, it didn't feel greasy and there was no residue from using the product the previous day. I did need to straighten my hair again the following day but again I applied a little of this spray and my hair was nice and straight again.

      OVERALL: A fantastic spray that I highly recommend to others.


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      10.04.2009 02:00
      Very helpful



      Recommended for fuzzy hair.

      **** Introduction ****

      Having very fuzzy hair that is very flyaway can be a very big problem for me if I leave the house on a damp day, which makes the forty minutes washing and straightening my hair pretty pointless.

      After hearing how highly regarded matrix har products were, When I found a bottle of this matrix iorn smoother at a car bootle sale I just had to try it.

      **** The Iron Smoother ****

      This iron smoother is a product that is produced by Matrix, a highly ragardable hair product brand in the USA, the brand is also available in the UK but I think that the availability is limited compared to brands such a TIGI.

      Anyway this iron smoother is designed to stop hair fromm frizzing and going curly after straightening, the best bit is that it help fight aganst humidity so going out on damp days is not longer the bug bear of my life.

      This comes in an orange clear plastic bottle with a pump action nozzle that submits small burst of fine mist on to you hair, making the whole styling procss alot easier.

      This is applied to wet hair before blowdrying but I personally only use it on dry hair before straightening as I find it to heavy on my hair and it can become very knotty if I also apply it to my hair when it is wet.

      I find that this really helps making straightening my hair a whole lot easier to do and the effect afterwards are also remarkable as it keeps the hair prefectly straight and smooth.

      **** My Views ****

      I got this on a car boot for 50p which is a brilliant price as it had not been used and these usually retail for £9.50 a bottle from websites such as hq hair, so I got myself a real bargain although I would have still been impresed at paying full price as it is such a great product.

      This has really helped me manage my hair without much hassle and I am now able to go out without having to worry about my hair going frizzy.

      I recommend this for everyone with uncontrollable hair that needs help with straightening and taming.


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        25.10.2008 13:05
        Very helpful



        A good all round product, for keeping hair perfect.

        I have to spend a fortune on my hair to make it look nice and thick, after a disastrous bleaching incident I now have fine, fuzzy and very brittle hair that needs to be cared for correctly to stop if falling out.

        I have tried many products for damaged hair over the years and as my hair improved it got pushed aside, until recently. I have now dug out all of my older products to try and save my hair.

        After my hair has been blow dried, I always straighten it so I was now in desperate need of protection. Luckily I had a bottle of Matrix sleek look iron smoother in my stash of products to save the day.

        I now use this every time I straighten my hair and it works wonders, leaving my hair looking smooth, shiny and most of all healthy in appearance.


        Matrix Sleek look Iron Smoother is a Step 4 Professional Smoothing System, which is designed to protect hair from heat damage, caused by hair dryers and hair straighteners.

        This fantastic spray will help protect hair from heat damage up to 240°C, so even if you use the hottest straighteners this will help.

        Not only will it protect but it also battles against humidity leaving you with a sleek smooth finish that will not go frizzy in the damp weather.

        The iron smoother also maximizes performance of drying and straightening appliances, making it much easier to style and straighten.

        The product seals in your hairs natural shine as well as depositing shine components, therefore it eliminates frizz, helping you get nice straight hair when straightening your hair

        This protector spray is a weightless fine mist, which shields and protects the hair. Unlike most thermal styling sprays this will not leave your hair greasy and weighed down, it leaves it feeling and looking clean so you yourself will be unaware that you have even used the product, but you will still reap all of its benefits.

        This has a really nice fruity smell to it and leaves your hair not only looking nice, but also smelling fantastic.


        For the best results you will need to spray this sleek look iron smoother throughout your hairs mid length and ends, then comb the product through before straightening with irons.

        You will find you get a better finish if you section you hair before straightening.

        The product can be applied to wet, towel dried hair before blow drying to get a better finish and then again before you straighten your hair. I would only recommend you apply the product twice if you have very thick course hair.


        Matrix Sleek look Iron Smoother offers a unique mix of styling polymers to help protect hair from heated appliances, plus silicone for shine and panthenol to strengthen and condition your hair.


        This iron smoother comes in an orange 250ml see through bottle, with a pump spray application nozzle that disperses a nice fine mist. This ensures you don't use too much product and helps you apply it evenly throughout your hair.

        I like the fact that you can see through the bottle, this way I can keep an eye on how much iron smoother I have left.

        All applications guidelines are listed on the reverse of the bottle, as well as the ingredients contained.


        This sleek look iron smoother comes in a 250ml slandered size spray bottle, and matrix are currently offering this one size for retail sale. Although I know they do 50ml sample bottles that come part of kits, which can cost p to 30.00 as you get the shampoo, conditioner, styling crèmes and finishing products.

        The last time I bought one of these, I paid 10.75 a bottle from www.Hairsupermarket.com. This was very reasonable as the postage costs were free.

        In professional hairdressing salons you can expect to pay 10.95 a bottle.


        Matrix also offer these sleek look products in four different steps. Step 1 being shampoos, step 2 conditioners, step 3 gels and sprays and step 4 finishing products. All of which are designed to smooth, soften and keep straight frizz, curls and basically wild hair.

        Matrix is currently offering ten different products across this sleek look smoothing system range.

        Sleek Look Conditioner, This is used after the shampoo and is a step 2 product, I would highly recommended this is used after the shampoo to get the best results. For a 250ml bottle you can expect to pay 6.50 and 11.95 for a 400ml bottle.

        Sleek Look Moisture Mask, this is an intensive conditioner that is left on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing, and you can expect to pay 8.20 for a 150ml pot.

        Sleek Look Styling Crème Lite / Extreme, this is used as a step 3 product and is used on towel dried hair before styling. These will cost you 8.65 for a 150ml tube.

        Water free Lock Down, is a spray that is designed to lock moisture out of your hair if you go out in the rain you can stay straight with this. This will cost 8.45 for a 150ml spray bottle.

        MY VIEWS

        Although this will not help my hairs condition, it certainly prevents it from further damage, by using this daily I can continue to straighten my hair on a daily basis without damaging it further.

        This product really works beautifully to create sleeker, smoother hair, and protects against heat damage at the same time, making washing and straightening my hair a much easier process in the morning.

        I personally feel that this Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother lives up to its name, it gives my hair long lasting shine, frizz control and it also protects against humidity. So those wet rainy days no longer force me into staying in the house all day.

        I am amazed how healthy my hair looks after using this, because it is so dry and brittle it had no shine what so ever, now the light just bounces off of it.

        Now I will continue to use this, at least until my hair has grown long enough for me to get the dead bits cut off, as I am not willing to cut it off just yet.


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      • Product Details

        Protect your hair against heat damage and tame frizz and unruly hair for a sleek finishing style /

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