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Matrix Sleek Look Sealing Serum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Matrix / Type: Styling Serum / Subcategory: Styling Products / Suitable for: curly hair / What it does: Smoothes,

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    4 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 21:51
      Very helpful



      Good hair serum

      This was recommended by a make up artists / hair stylist that I have worked with as being a product that would help control my hair which can be a bit boistrous and prone to frizzing, she gave me a quarter full bottle that she had to try and I have been so impressed with it that I have since gone aout and bought my own for £8.99 for a 150ml bottle.

      It comes in an orange bottle with a pump dispenser on the top. You can see through the bottle so you know how much of the liquid you have left which is always useful to be able to do. It is a thick gel like liquid so you only need to use a little at a time, you pump a small amount into your hand and then run your fingers through your already dried and straightened hair. It is important not to apply too much in any one go, I made this mistake the first time I used it despite my friends warnings to the contrary and my hair looked rather greasy and heavy which meant I had to was and dry it again. You really do only need to use a little at a time.

      It has a fruity smell to it however it is not very strong. This product certaionly helps to maintain hold in my hair leaving it with a nice healthy shine and it is very effective at preventing any frizzing. It nourtishes my hair and controls it at the same time which is very useful indeed. It seems to work well after straitening my hair which is the only time that I apply this product hence I expect the bottle to last an awful long time as I do not straighten my hair on a daily basis just when want a straight look.

      I would certainly say that the effects of this product is pretty good, I have also seen some reduction in the problem of split ends which is something I get now and again especially when I grow my hair out before changing style.

      I would have no hesitation recommending this product, it is not cheap in the shops but can be bought quite reasonably online.


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      31.12.2012 15:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Fantastic and recommended

      I always like to add a finishing product to my hair when I have finished styling, whether it is to try and keep my hair looking smooth and silky or to add the extra shine. Having naturally curly hair means that when I straighten it, I tend to have a lot of flyaway bits or within and hour of leaving the house, the frizz starts to set in. Last year when I visited the hairdressers, they recommended the Matrix range to me, normally, I tend to make a polite excuse and say no but this time, I decided to treat myself.

      I have since re-purchased from the hairdressers, but have found that the Matrix range is also available on Amazon and EBay, prices vary dramatically so best to shop around. The product costs around £8 for a 150ml bottle, although this sounds really expensive compared to similar products on the market, I must say that this bottle lasts me around a year and really does deliver the best results from any product I have used in the past.

      The bottle is see-through orange in colour which is great to see how much of the product is left. To remove the product from the bottle, there is an orange pump dispenser on top. To be honest, the bottle didn't really inspire me with confidence as I found it a bit plain looking, if I had just spotted on a shelf in the supermarket, I probably wouldn't have brought it.

      Using the product is really easy, once you have blow dried and straightened your hair, dispense a pea sized amount into your hands, I then like to rub into my fingers and run my fingers through my hair, concentrating particularly in the ends. The liquid is quite thick, I would describe as a little thicker than hand gel and you only need a small amount to get the desired effect. If you apply to much, you hair can look a little greasy. I have applied too much a few times (when I first had and another when I had my hair cut into a short bob) but have found that if I blast my hair with the hairdryer and brush it a few times, this seems to sort the 'greasy look' out.

      The product has a fruity smell, I couldn't pick out exactly what but it is definitely sweet. It isn't too overpowering though which I like as it then doesn't clash with my perfume.

      The are 4 different step to the Matrix Sleek range,
      - Step 1: Shampoo (a 300ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 2: Conditioner (a 250ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 3: Pre Styling products (oils, serums, and hot iron spray priced at around £8 for 150ml bottle)
      - Step 4: Finishing touches (as well as this serum, they also have a moisture lock out spray which is similar to a hairspray which has a RRP of approx £9 for a 150ml bottle)

      Matrix also does ranges for coloured hair, volume adding, strengthening etc which have a similar price tags to the Sleek range.

      The product boasts that it targets frizz where it starts, at the ends, I would give 4 out of 5 stars for this element, if my hair gets slightly damp, it doesn't turn into a ball of fuzz as quick as normal but it isn't no miracle worker so eventually, the frizz does come!

      It boast to have a light, non-greasy formula instantly smooths frizz and flyaway as it polishes hair with a high shine finish - 5 out of 5 stars for this, my hair does look and feel sleeky smooth when I use it and I don't have any flyaway bits.

      The final boast of the product is that it helps repair damage and protect against split ends - I would only give 3 out of 5 stars for this element as no matter what product I use, straightening my hair does damage it and I haven't noticed any difference to my split ends using this range.

      Overall, I would really recommend this range, I don't use the shampoo and conditioner everyday, simply due to the cost, but whenever I straighten my hair, I always use the serum and it really does work. When I use the whole range, my hair can (if I spend the time) actually look like I have been to the hairdressers.

      Based on the product performance alone, I would give the product 5 out of 5 stars and I would really recommend.

      Thanks for reading.

      Certain product specifics obtained from http://www.matrixhaircare.co.uk


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        20.02.2009 14:42
        Very helpful



        Recommended for those with fuzzy hair.

        **** Introduction ****

        I have recently been to the hairdressers to get my normal trim up, the hairdresser straightened my hair, which is something I would never normally do on a regular basis as i have very curly hair and I find it near on impossible to keep it straight when going out in humid conditions, as it always kinks out and goes very fuzzy.

        I told the hairdresser and he recommended that i try this matrix serum, as it is used to tame and control hair that has a tendancy to go very frizzy.

        **** The Product ****

        This is a serum very similar to the John Frieda frizz ease that is on sale at the moment, it is clear in colour and very greasy once it is pumped into you hands.

        The serum comes in a bright orange 50ml bottle with a small pump action dispencer pump, which only allows a small amount of product out of the bottle at any one pump. I found this pump very handy as I always apply to much product to my hair making it very greasy, with this i only use one pump and I have found it is enough to control my hair.

        This is a matrix sleek look product so it is a little bit expensive at 9.45, but as small amounts are only used at any one time it will last a while.

        **** My Views ****

        I came away thinking this would be something that would get chucked in a draw, but after trying it i am suprised at how good it actually is, I tend to apply one pump of the serum to wet hair and style it as normal, then once I have dried and straightened it off i apply another pump to the ends.

        I never put this on my root area when it is dry as i find my hair goes very limp and greasy, if i use just the right amount my hair looks great if is instantly hydrated and looks very shiny and healthy.

        The best bit it the fact that i can also use this when I leave my hair curly, I just apply it to my curls when i have already dried my hair and it tames, separates and defines the curls making it look like i have just been to get my hair done.

        This is very expensive but I would buy it again as for me it is a universal product that can be used on all of my current hair styles.

        I would recommend this for anyone who straightens their hair, or leaves it naturally curly.


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          26.11.2008 12:39
          Very helpful



          This is a perfect product that manages spit ends, adds shine and defines all at once....


          My hair has never been very thick it is more fly away if anything, when it comes to styling I really struggle to control it as it seems to have a mind of its own. So I am constantly on the look out for new products to help me cope.

          I don't like products to be sticky or that make your hair really hard in texture, so it can be very difficult to find the perfect product.

          This Matrix sleek look serum has to be, well basically perfect. It does everything is claims to and leaves my hair nice and smooth with a fantastic glossy finish, with out leaving it wet of greasy looking.

          THE PRODUCT

          This Matrix sleek look sealing serum is step four in a four pieces range. It basically means that it is a finishing product.

          This can be used on either dry of wet hair, if your hair really suffers from split ends you should apply this to towel dried hair. Apply a small amount of product to your hairs mid length and ends and then style as normal, you will instantly notice the difference.

          If you just want the product to define and style hair, then apply an even smaller amount to the ends of you hair once it has been dried, this will define and add instant shine to any hair style.

          As this is a serum is can be very greasy it to much is applied, so you are best adding a small amount at a times, on a number or occasions I have used to much and had to wash my hair all over again.


          This serum comes in a 50ml, see through plastic bottle with a pump dispenser that only allows a small amount of product out of the bottle on each press of the pump. This is very handy and helps get the right amount of product on to your hair without dispensing to much and wasting it.

          This can only be purchased from Matrix or Matrix approved salons, it costs 8.85 for each bottle. But I have to say it is worth every penny.

          You may thing 50mls is a small amount, but as you use less that a peas size amount on every application, this will last you months.

          MY OPINION

          This has to be the best hair serum I have found to date, as it is a lot lighter in consistency than many other brands which helps eliminate a greasy wet looking situation. Which I have encountered many times before.

          I love the look I get when I use it on dry hair, it seems to separate and define the hair perfectly leaving very shiny indeed, and it is amazing how such a small amount can have such a drastic impact on my hair.

          I would recommend this to everyone, I am sure this will work wonder for people with very thick unruly hair.

          Yes it is expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.


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          Transform curly frizz or unruly hair into a salon smooth style!

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