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Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Conditioner

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Brand: Matrix / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Smoothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 20:46
      Very helpful



      Does what it should!

      Straightening my hair on a regular basis means that my hair gets in quite a bad way and this, combined with frizzy hair means it can be a bi of a nightmare to keep straight. In the past, my hairdresser recommended a brand of products called Matrix, particularly the sleek range and I have used it ever since.

      The first time I brought it was from the hairdressers itself, but it is also available from Amazon and hair specialists. The cost of a 250ml bottle is around £6 but prices tend to vary quite a bit so I would recommend shopping around before purchasing.

      The colour theme for the Sleek range is orange and the conditioner comes in a bright orange bottle, which has the brand and range detailed on the front in black and white writing. It comes with a flip top lid which is a slightly darker orange colour.

      The shampoo costs around £6 for a 250ml bottle, this is a bit expensive compared to other brands out on the market, but I do find that I don't use as much when using this shampoo as I would cheaper brands and a bottle lasts me a good couple of months because I don't use it every time I wash my hair, just at weekends, special occasions or when we go away.

      The conditioner is quite thick, creamy, and a pearlessent white. The fragrance is nice and fruity, yet not too overpowering and evident as soon as I open the lid on the bottle. My hair is about should length and I normally use a generous amount of conditioner (a little bigger than a 50p sized amount), patting it down my hair and massaging through. You don't have to leave the conditioner in for any length of time but before I rinse, I like to comb the conditioner through to ensure it is evenly distributed, not only to ensure all my hair has been treated but to make sure I haven't 'overloaded' any are either. I find that the comb easily glides through my hair.

      When I have dried my hair, it looks and feels fantastic, it is a lot smoother, softer and shinier but more importantly, it looks amazing! It is a lot earlier to style and straighten but more importantly, I find it stays this way. This is the only range I have found that makes my hair look, feel and smell like I have just come from the hairdressers!

      What I love about this conditioner is it is also advertised as being suitable and cares for coloured hair (now I am in my 30's, the hair dying is becoming more of a regular occurrence!)

      There are 4 different steps to the Matrix Sleek range,

      - Step 1: Shampoo (a 300ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 2: Conditioner (a 250ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 3: Pre Styling products (oils, serums, and hot iron spray priced at around £8 for 150ml bottle)
      - Step 4: Finishing touches (as well as this serum, they also have a moisture lock out spray which is similar to a hairspray which has a RRP of approx £9 for a 150ml bottle)

      Matrix also does ranges for coloured hair, volume adding, strengthening etc which have a similar price tags to the Sleek range.

      Overall, I would recommend this conditioner, for best results, I find it is better when I use alongside the shampoo from the same range. My hair looks and feels great when I use and therefore I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.

      Certain product specifics obtained from http://www.matrixhaircare.co.uk


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      02.05.2009 11:19
      Very helpful



      Not recommended

      **** Introduction ****

      This morning I was in the shower and thinking about what I could review today, so I decided to have a root around and I found this half full bottle of sleek look conditoner so I thought I would use it up and review it at the same time.

      **** The Conditioner ****

      This conditioner in made by an American firm matrix, I know very little about the company as it was a brand I had never heard of until I bought this on my last visit to the USA.

      Anyway this conditioner was bought on impulse on holiday, it comes in a very appealing 200ml orange bottle that really stands out but the branding design on the front is a little bit bland, considering this is an up and coming brand in the UK.

      The conditioner is designed to smooth and de frizz, unruly hair that can be difficult to straighten and keep smooth. This does actually help with the frizz but it really does not help keep my hair nice and straight.

      The conditioner smells similar to Daz washing powder, so in my opinion it is not very nice at all but this does not linger on your hair after it has been applied so that is a problem I can personally get past.

      Unlike many conditioners this is very thin and runny, so you do use excessive amounts at a time and the bottle will not last very long, for example I used it this morning and not word of a lie I used 1/4 of the bottle just to ensure my hair was fully covered.

      This is expensive and will cost roughly £6.95 in the Uk, but it can be bought online at a much cheaper price.

      **** My Views ****

      I really did not like this conditioner it was so thin that it just slipped out of my hand when I was trying to apply it and I did waste a lot, so therefore I feel like it was a complete waste of money.

      I did help the frizz and smooth my hair for a short period of time, bit it didn't last so I was not overly impressed as this did cost a bit and I could have got a better finish with a value range.

      I personally would not recommend this as it nothing to tame my hair.


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        02.11.2008 16:42
        Very helpful



        works really well, but if you require lots of conditioner this will be expensive......

        I have used many of the Matrix hair products in the past and overall I have been very impressed with all of them until I tired this Matrix sleek look conditioner.

        I bought this as part of a package from my hairdressers, as my stylist highly recommended it after I had had the opti smooth chemical straightening done. She told me that this Matrix sleek look shampoo and conditioner was the best aftercare product I could use to maintain my newly straightened locks.


        This conditioner is designed to deeply penetrate hair and hydrate it, it also has a heat protection formula that is ideal for anyone who washes and straightens their hair on a daily basis. It has the same features as the shampoo from this range and eliminates fuzz and frizz, and protects against heat damage.

        The problem being if I didn't know better this too was a shampoo, the only difference being it did not lather up and form bubbles. It is a very thin conditioner that is pure white in colour and smells very sweet like peaches.

        Yes this does hydrate and condition the hair beautifully, but my hair is very dry and damaged so I need a really thick conditioner as I would never get a comb through it after it had been washed. This did work really well alongside the shampoo, but as this is an expensive product I could not afford to buy a bottle a week, as I would only get four applications out of the one bottle as I use so much conditioner every time I wash my hair.


        This can be used every time you wash your hair, after your has been shampooed and rinsed apply to your hairs mid lengths and ends.

        In normal circumstances you will only need to use a small amount to get great results, but as my hair is always tangled up after I have shampooed my hair, large amounts are always needed.

        To use this to its full potential I would recommend that you apply it to your hair and leave it to soak in for 10 minutes before rinsing it off, this way you will get a deep conditioning treatment a swell.


        This conditioner comes in a 250ml or 400ml bright orange bottle with a flip top cap, which can be fully recycled after use.

        The packaging is very bright and appealing to the eye, but very basic at the same time.


        This can be purchased from www.matrix.co.uk for 6.95 for a small 250ml bottle and 11.95 for the large 400ml salon size bottle.

        You can also purchase this from many matrix salons, to get a full list of salons in your area check out the web site at www.matrix.co.uk.


        As I have said I have tried many matrix products and this is the only one to let me down, it is a good product but it is no good for me as I need to use excessive amounts. Here are some other sleek look products that are very good for fuzzy, frizzy dry hair.

        Sleek Look Moisture Mask, this is an intensive conditioner that is left on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing, and you can expect to pay 8.20 for a 150ml pot.

        Sleek Look Styling Crème Lite / Extreme, this is used as a step 3 product and is used on towel dried hair before styling. These will cost you 8.65 for a 150ml tube.

        Sleek Look Iron Smoother, this is a great product it is a heat defence spray designed to product hair while straightening and blow drying. This will cost you 8.85 for a 250ml spray bottle.

        Water free Lock Down, is a spray that is designed to lock moisture out of your hair if you go out in the rain you can stay straight with this. This will cost 8.45 for a 150ml spray bottle.

        MY VIEWS

        I feel this would be a perfect product if my hair was in normal condition, but unfortunately it is not. Yes it did tame the fuzz and add a superb shine while keeping it soft and smooth, but as it costs 6.95 for a bottle that only lasts me four washes I can't justify using it.

        Once my hair is in better condition I would not hesitate in using this again, as I would not need excessive amounts.

        I liked that it was not too thick in consistency, as it applied and worked really well through my hair, the results were great and I would recommend this to people with normal to dry hair. If you need to use a lot of conditioner then I would stay away from this or take out a bank loan.


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